10 Testing The New Quirks.

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Tomura slowly opened his eyes but he was immediately assaulted with a ridiculous amount of pain that spread throughout his body. He gritted his teeth and grasped his head with his hands as he slowly sat up.

'DAMN! Where am I?' He tried remembering what had happened.

If he had his body from his past life then he wouldn't have felt so much pain since his resilience was trained to be very high but this body was not developed or trained much.

'Didn't I come to get more quirks from All For One?' He recalled and slowly got off the bed he was on.

He just recalled everything that had happened and was about to check his quirks out before he suddenly froze.

He noticed his body was too lax and if someone suddenly attacked him then he wouldn't be able to react properly.

He slowly adjusted his posture and just blamed his lax behavior as the side effects of suddenly gaining too many quirks.

He discretely checked his surroundings and noticed two people at the end of the room looking at him, Seemingly observing him.

He immediately recognised them.

'All For One and Dr.Kyudai' He thought after looking at them.

He slowly got up and walked towards them.

He was about to reach them when All For One asked him something.

"How do you feel now Tomura?" All For One expected him to jump around in pain. After all he had just stuffed him eight different quirks a day ago.

"I'm fine Sensei" Said Tomura eager to leave so that he could check his new quirks out.

"Hmm Good, Stay for some time Dr Kyudai will check up on you to make sure everything is fine." Said All For One glancing at Kyudai.

Kyudai Nodded.

Tomura glanced at Kyudai and nodded.

He didn't disagree since he wasn't an expert in matters regarding quirks. He was sure they would know better than him.

After a few hours of testing on Tomura's body, Dr Kyudai came up with the report and read it to All For One.

"His Vitals are stable, No body injuries either.

Mind waves are stable and the quirks show little conflict, training them properly would allow him to dissolve this flaw by himself easily. So far there isn't any problem with him."

Said Dr. Kyudai

All For One nodded and walked towards Tomura.

"You should go and rest. Train your quirks and gather a squad of your own. I want to see All Might dead as much as you and as soon as possible."

"Yes Sensei!" Grinned Tomura.

He walked towards the door of the room and left as his stupid grin disappeared.

Outside he saw Kurogiri waiting for him.

He nodded at Kurogiri and entered the portal he created.

He reappeared in the bar along with Kurogiri.

"I'm going to my room Kurogiri, Don't disturb me unless something important happens."

Kurogiri nodded and started cleaning....clean glasses.


He entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

He was feeling a bit weird. It felt like he had extra limbs that he couldn't even control properly.

It wasn't too irritating but annoying.

He raised his hands and positioned them in the direction of the desk beside the bed.

He felt like he could.... He willed it and his hands suddenly shot towards the desk and grabbed it. He immediately used decay and the desk disappeared.

He grinned, This would be so useful in the future and once he could properly control decay he could even use his legs for surprise attacks.

He raised his palm and tried to gather some wind in it.

It worked but the winds were ....extremely messy.

'They don't look like they have much power .' He was amused but he knew it was due to his lack of control and once he trained this properly the uses of wind manipulation would be endless.

Tomura sighed. He wasn't able to properly get used to 360° View. It was very useful but at the moment it just felt weird. It would take some time to get used to it. It reminded him of observation haki from 'One Piece'.

He felt like he had two switches in his mind.

He could turn 360° View and Energy Absorption on and off as he wished.

Thinking about Energy Absorption he grinned widely.

'It's quite useless at the moment but once I get 'that' it would become my Final Trump Card'

Thought Tomura not noticing his grin becoming more wider and creepy.

He focused on energy absorption and all he could feel was some kind of energy constantly gathering inside of him. But he couldn't control it anyway.

How does he increase his storage? Because once he gets 'that', The more energy he has the better

Nevermind he would think about that later as well.

'Psyche guard should work on it's own, Let's not bother with it. Though I should check it's capabilities later, Can't have it go down after just a few mental attacks.' He thought.

He was eager to try out 'Muscle Augmentation'

He had seen that even Izuku wasn't able to harm Muscular at 100% that much and was only able defeat him with some bullshit 1,000,000%.

He wasn't sure how strong All Might's current 100% detroit smash was but he had no interest of getting punched by 'United States Of Smash'.

He tried controlling his muscles and amplified them. His muscles appeared outside his body and they wrapped themselves around his body. Even though he had just recieved the quirk, just a casual use to cover his body with muscles granted him immense strength, speed and durability.

Just as he was relishing in his new found strength he suddenly felt weak and lost control of all the muscles and they slowly disappeared.

His regeneration kicked in and the feeling of weakness disappeared, He was once again able to cover himself with muscles but losing his armor even for a second in a battle would be dangerous.

He was sure if he only covered them around his legs or hands then he would be able to use them longer

'So it won't be that easy huh'

Looks like he couldn't get instantly overpowered.

He would try AirWalk in a more open area later. He had so many combinations he wanted to try and he also wanted to start training as soon as possible. But he was too tired mentally and needed to sleep.

He would make more plans after waking up.

He dropped on the bed and started sleeping.


U.A Academy.

Todoroki was currently in the dorms of U.A, He had been shifted here since yesterday after the school had made a psychiatrist question him and his mental stability.

'Must've happened with the others as well' He thought while blankly looking at the sky through the window.

Recalling the event from a few days ago and those emotionless eyes of Genesis, He shivered.

He clenched his teeth 'If only I wasn't weak' This particular thought roamed around his mind again and again.

He knew just 'ice' wasn't enough but those flames.

Once he thought of them his hand had subconsciously reached his left side and touched the scar on his face.

'No. 2 Hero Endeavour' He thought hatefully remembering his dead older brother and bedridden mother that was still suffering in the hospital.

If only he had a quirk like Genesis then he could catch the bastard off guard and make him disappear and no one would know of it.

He hurriedly shook his head and removed such murderous thoughts from his head.

He was a going to become a hero and heroes don't kill enemies.

But then again.....why was he a supposed to become a hero? It was never his dream to become one.

His hair blocked his eyes as he got up and lay down on the bed. He needed to rest, his mind was wandering towards the wrong directions.


Bakugou was in a terrible and pensive mood, he didn't feel like shouting anymore. He had been forcefully taken to the psychiatrist even though he said he was fine.

A few 'classmates' of his had died. His teacher was no more and he couldn't do anything. Deku was in such a pathetic state that he would've normally raged but how could he.

The 'useless' Deku had broken one of Genesis's arm while he, Bakugou, burnt Genesis's shirt and got manhandled himself.

He punched the wall beside him in frustration, again and again, until his knuckles started bleeding.


He ignored the injury and wiped the blood on his black shirt.

He calmed down, He needed to become strong so that something like this didn't happen again.

He was going to be the No.1 Hero.

He would start his path to become the number one hero by taking the blue bastard and his bastard group down.

Leaving those things behind, He had to join the dorm, He was sure his mother must've had a heated argument with the school.

'Hmph, I'll make sure the old hag has some protection herself, I'll ask All Might to get someone to protect my family later' He thought while heading towards the dorms.

In his view Genesis was a ruthless madman that could do anything to get what he wanted.

He met a few more classmates along the way.

Everyone was depressed or pensive by what had happened but he didn't pay them much attention.

It's not like he didn't want to get close to his classmates after everything that had happened since they were extras and his subordinates in the future but the thing was, he didn't know how to start a conversation.

He grumbled and walked away, They would include him in their discussions later anyway.

Everyone walked towards the dorms to settle down themselves.

Besides some of them having bandages on their faces or other parts, they weren't harmed too much. Besides Kirishima that is, His right eye had been bandaged completely.

But he didn't let that get him down, he was sure that some quirk might help him heal his eye to how it was before. But his friends had died nonetheless.

Though he was a little proud of being able to save Mina it was overshadowed by the grief of losing his friends. He had learnt that becoming a hero wasn't just about saving people.

It was about surviving against ruthless villains as well.

Rage and Fighting spirit appeared in his remaining eye, He promised to take Genesis down and imprison him for life, For his dead friends and Sensei.

All Might looked at the children entering the dorms with a blank expression.

He couldn't tell them that Genesis might have even more quirks that he didn't show or would gain by being at the side of All For One.

He knew some of them wanted to take revenge on Genesis and fight him again.

So how was he supposed to break those current impossible dreams they had.

He would let that anger turn into motivation for training more.

He sighed, He was the No.1 Hero, The Symbol Of Peace. He had to make sure the kids feel better and gain their drive to become great heroes again. He had promised his Dead Teacher, Nana Shimura, That he was going to make the people around him feel safe and he wouldn't allow that promise to break any further untill his Successor, Izuku Midoriya gains strength to stand at the top.



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