MHA: I Am Tomura Shigaraki? Book

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MHA: I Am Tomura Shigaraki?


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Zero, A Professional Assassin, That enjoyed anime in the meantime got betrayed by his organization. As a professional assassin, his instincts had already warned him of the danger in the mission, prepared for every possibility he could he was successfully able to escape the betrayal. Killing them one by one for revenge, he finally died but also detonated all the explosives he had stuffed inside him and took the leader along with him to hell. When he woke up he found out he was in the body of Shigaraki Tomura, The Villain of My Hero Academia! This is his journey of how he decides the fate of My Hero Academia! ____________________________________________ (This Is an AU MHA so there might be a few little details changed here and there from the original anime). Discord- Yuma#5368 (If any of you want to get in touch.)


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