MHA: I Am Tomura Shigaraki?

Zero, A Professional Assassin, That enjoyed anime in the meantime got betrayed by his organization. As a professional assassin, his instincts had already warned him of the danger in the mission, prepared for every possibility he could he was successfully able to escape the betrayal. Killing them one by one for revenge, he finally died but also detonated all the explosives he had stuffed inside him and took the leader along with him to hell. When he woke up he found out he was in the body of Shigaraki Tomura, The Villain of My Hero Academia! This is his journey of how he decides the fate of My Hero Academia! ____________________________________________ (This Is an AU MHA so there might be a few little details changed here and there from the original anime). Discord- Yuma#5368 (If any of you want to get in touch.)

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Public Outrage And Moving On!

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U.A Conference Hall

All Might had just returned and everyone there could see his expressionless face.

Nezu was feeling guilty for making him go through such a thing.

Well, Not much though.

Vlad King was one of the people in the teaching staff and a Pro Hero himself.

He was one of the people raging on the insolence of the villains.

"Then what about the Sports Festival Nezu?"

He asked with a frown on his face.

"What Sports Festival? Are you an idiot?" Nezu replied with wide eyes. He couldn't believe he was asked such a stupid question right now.

But when he looked around, most of those present seemed interested in his answer.

He understood why he was so valued by the hero commision now.

The main reason was that human's were inherently idiots. Even if they knew the answer they would still ask idiotic questions.

Nezu nodded with an understanding expression and explained "As you all know The Sport's Festival of U.A could be in a way considered a sacred event that happens every year but we can't host it this year...Not with what just happened. If they were only injured then we could use the sports festival as a way to show the populace that we don't care about such petty villains but...students and teachers have died Vlad King. If we conduct the sports festival now then the only thing that the people would think is that we don't care about our students and staff"

Even if the heroes present knew the answer they still nodded.

"Then what about their internships?" asked Midnight. She had a rare serious expression.

"Well with the current situation we have to pacify the students first. Don't forget they just witnessed their teachers and friends dying.

We have to uplift their morale first" Said Nezu

"Leave that to me Nezu." Said All Might leaving no room for discussion and left the conference hall.

Everyone glanced at All Might's wide back as he left the hall, His footsteps were heavy as he left the hall.

Nezu glanced at everyone before turning towards Midnight "I hope you could take over as the homeroom teacher of class 1-A"

Midnight agreed with it easily as she was the one that was going to originally be the homeroom teacher of 1-A but it was decided that Aizawa would do it since they needed a sharp tongued teacher.

She wasn't that close to Thirteen but she

was sad due to Aizawa's death, he was a great underground hero with a useful quirk and he was fun to tease as well.

She felt a little guilty and ashamed as she was feeling glad that it wasn't her that became the homeroom teacher of 1-A or maybe it would've been her who would've died.

She hid her thoughts as she agreed.

After a few minutes of more discussion everyone had left leaving Nezu alone in his seat as he sipped his tea as usual.

'In the end it's humans that destroy other humans isn't it.' He thought while chuckling.


After All Might left the hall he walked towards the medical centre of U.A.

He arrived at one of the rooms he asked the staff about.

He was about to push the door open when he heard the sounds of sobbing from inside of the room. He paused but silently opened it. The moment he opened it he saw Midoriya clenching the sheets covering him with his bandaged arms and crying.

'Poor Boy' Thought All Might.

Midoriya noticed as the door opened and saw All Might coming in, He panicked, he didn't have the guts to face All Might right now. He had heard Tsuyu, Kaminari and Ojiro had died protecting him. He couldn't bear the guilt and all he could do was cry while feeling worthless and useless.

'If only I wasn't so weak' He sobbed

'Is he disappointed in me? Does he regret giving me One For All?' Such thoughts appeared in his mind.

"I-I-Im s-orry All Might, Im s-sorry, Im sorry I couldn't s-save them, It's my fault I w-wasn't strong enough." His words broke up and all he could say were stuttering sounds as hot tears streamed down his face.

All Might was about to turn into his sickly form but decided against it as he looked at the mess of a kid in front of him.

He walked toward him and slowly put his hand on his head and ruffled his hair.

"Eh?" Midoriya was waiting for the disappointed look of All Might and regret of giving One For All to him but all he saw was warmth on All Might's face as he gave him a small smile.

"Shhh Young Midoriya it's not your fault, You're being too hard on yourself. Never forget that true heroes overcome their despair and fight to save the people. Don't ever give up Young Midoriya, Do you want your friends to feel that their sacrifice was worthless?

Don't feel that it's just your fault, I as the Symbol Of Peace had grown arrogant, I had thought the moment I came the villains wouldn't dare to do anything else and engaged the beast without caring about your and the students safety." Self mockery and guilt reflected All Might's voice as he clenched his empty hand.

Midoriya could see the pain in All Might's eyes.

The smiling faces of his dead friends and Aizawa Sensei came to his mind as a few more tears slid down his face.

"All Might Sensei" Midoriya's voice broke All Might out of his self reflection, As All Might looked at his protege he could see he had a determined expression.

'Atleast he hasn't given up' All Might secretly heaved a sigh of relief. If the user of One For All gave up then he couldn't imagine what the future would be like, That too when All For One was alive.

"I want to be strong, so strong that no one would ever get hurt around me, I want to be the Symbol of Peace All Might, For you, for my friends and sensei that protected me. I'll make sure they never regret their decision in heaven" Stated Midoriya as passion could be heard in his voice and a resolute expression on his tear stricken face.

"I'll make sure the villains 𝙥𝙖𝙮" Unknowingly a dark tone seeped into his voice at the end of his words even though he himself hadn't noticed it.

All Might noticed the dark tone of the boy but didn't say anything as he believed the person he chose as his successor wouldn't fall to the dark side and the earlier he matured the better.

"I will give you an address later, visit the person living there and he would teach you much better than me Young Midoriya." Said All Might remembering his own mentor that taught him when he had just recieved One For All.

Midoriya nodded as he layed down and tried to sleep.

All Might saw the boy trying to sleep so he went away after releasing a sigh. He was tired, too tired, he had been through too much today.

After All Might left, Midoriya tried sleeping but every time he slept, The scene of Aizawa sensei and mineta crumbling to dust appeared in his mind causing him to jolt awake.

"Go away, just go away....please" He muttered laying down again while tears again appeared on the rims of his eyes.


[ PoV Momo ]

My friends and sensei died. I couldn't understand just what happened in the last few hours.

We were happily going for hero training and then villains attacked us.

When I saw them I only thought of a single word


How dare they attack an academy like U.A, At first they didn't seem to impressive beside the weird blue beast beside them.

We were retreating when I was sucked and teleported along with Kaminari and Jiro. We were able to deal with the villains easily and besides Kaminari going a bit nuts due to overusing his quirk nothing else happened.

I could hear the sounds of a battle from a bit afar. We reached there and saw Bakugou and Todoroki fighting the blue haired teenager and at the same time All Might made his entrance.

All the subconscious worry left my body as I saw All Might coming. I knew the Villains had no chance now.

All Might started fighting the beast while me and the other students gathered over, quite a few of them had injuries.

While talking with I and the others found out Tsuyu is dead, while the others were no where to be seen. Before we could converse more the Blue haired teenager came through a portal and introduced himself 'Genesis', Leader of the group he calls League of Villains.

He got ready to attack us, I and the others tensed up before getting ready to fight.

He jumped between us and I tried stabbing his side with the spear. I wasn't worried of killing him since the tip of the spear was a little blunt.

But he easily dodged my attack, I was surprised since I had a personal trainer since I was a kid but he dodged my attack so easily.

He touched my spear and suddenly it crumbled into dust after which he suddenly elbowed me in the stomach and kneed me in the face. I fell down holding my face due to the intense pain, I fell unconscious and now I'm in the medical centre of U.A.

I thought while touching my bandaged face.

U.A would have serious consequences to deal with since two teachers died along with Tsuyu and a few more students were missing.

I hope father and mother don't freak out because of the news.

While I was wondering this, another thought came to mind.

Why did he spare me?

Assuming his quirk can turn anyone or anything into dust upon touch then why am I still alive?

A shiver went down my spine as I just realised how close to death I was.

I calmed myself down, Could it be that his quirk doesn't work on humans or living things?

No, no that's impossible, Todoroki said Tsuyu was killed by Genesis and seeing that Todoroki knew he did it then he must've seen it.

Since Tsuyu's body was nowhere to be seen then that means she was turned to dust.

Then why was I spared?

Maybe I was too beautiful for him to kill me?

Nevermind that guy looked like he would kill even the most beautiful woman on earth if he felt like it.

He must've known about my background then, that's the only logical reason I can think of.

No Villain would want The Yayorozu on their ass.

'Sigh, I was saved by my background today but what about crazy villains who don't care about anything, Wouldn't I have died?

I need to get strong, no matter how strong

All Might is, He can't save me everytime I'm in danger.' I thought, determined to get strong enough to not let something like this repeat again.


Outside Of U.A Academy.

A swarm of reporters could be seen surrounding the entrance of U.A, most of them had recieved information of the U.S.J attack.

They were in disbelief, Even with All Might being there students and teachers had died, even though the teachers themselves were pro heroes.

Slowly the gates of U.A opened and as if injected with chicken blood all the reporters tried rushing to the front.

Nezu and All Might walked along side each other as they came outside.

Nezu's headache grew even more seeing the herd of reporters in front of him. He elbowed All Might's leg.

All Might understood the gesture and slowly came in front of the crowd and raised his palm.

The reporters also understood the gesture and gained a bit distance between themselves and acted a bit civilised by quieting down.

Nezu saw the crowd calm down and came in front of them. Constant pictures were being clicked but he didn't mind.

He gestured for the reporters to come inside and took them all inside a hall.

The reporters slowly followed in while constantly taking pictures of All Might.

'Well atleast they are not making much noise' Thought Nezu after taking the stage in front of the crowd inside the hall.

All Might was sitting in the seat beside him with closed eyes.

Nezu cleared his throat and said "I know many of you have a lot of questions and I as the principal of U.A will answer as many as I can."

The reporters started bustling again when a bespectacled man with an average appearance stood up.

"Good Evening Mr. Nezu, From the sources we have gathered, We found out that U.A was attacked by villains during their training. Do you have anything to say about this?" There was tiny unnoticeable smile on the reporter's face as he asked this.

Nezu glanced at the reporter and responded

"Yes, Somehow the villains knew where the training would be held and attacked us. They had a teleporter among them so they were easily able bypass the security measures of training grounds. We were caught off guard."

The reporter sat down and another reporter stood up. She had a pretty face and a serious expression as she asked "Then Mr. Nezu do you have any information about these villains?"

"Yes, They are called the League Of Villains, Two of the members attacked us and one of them claimed to be the leader of the group, He called himself 'Genesis'. The other member was the one that could teleport anywhere anytime and the rest of the villains were thugs hired by them. Unfortunately the Villains never revealed their true goal but we were able to draw out that their purpose of attack was the future generation of heroes, The students."

The reporter asked another question "We have heard that students and teachers have died. Is this true? If it is then how do plan on taking responsibility?"

"Unfortunately yes, Two brave heroes named EraserHead and Space Hero Thirteen have heroically gave their life to protect the students, We shall forever remember them and their sacrifice."

He continued

"As for the students, I feel very angry and guilty about this, Four Students have died"

The trembling body of Nezu could be seen as his eyes also appeared red.

"The leader of the League Of Villains is a pure madman that is cruel and sadistic, He didn't even spare the students, Not even leaving their bodies intact for their respective families to mourn. He needs to be captured as soon as possible. People like him shouldn't be allowed to roam free."

Different expressions could be seen in the crowd, Some were angry, Some were feeling pity while some were indifferent.

"I believe the villains will attack the students again and So I and the teaching staff have decided to shift them into the dorms from now on.The U.A academy could be seen as one of the safest place for them."

Nezu concluded with a sigh appearing very guilty and sad.

Another reporter stood up and asked "Then what about the U.A sport's festival this year?"

"The Sport's Festival for this year will be getting cancelled, With Villains like this on the loose our first priority is to catch them. We can't endanger the lives of the students any further and nor the public that would attend the sport's festival." Replied Nezu with a sigh,

The sport's festival garnered insane amount of money, too bad it wouldn't be possible this year.

Murmurs were going on between the reporter's.

One of them stood up and faced All Might.

"What do you think about this Villain attack All Might" The crowd grew enthusiastic, In front of them was The No.1 Hero, The Symbol Of Peace.

All Might slowly opened his eyes and walked over to the stage and took Nezu's place as Nezu sat down himself.

All Might looked at the crowd and said.

"The Villains have took advantage of my absence and harmed our students and the future generation of heroes." He took a deep breath and continued "I will make sure the villains are captured no matter the cost, I swear upon my title, The Symbol Of Peace"

He took a step forward as he said "As for the students who have died...for their families, Please forgive me" He gave a 90° bow and the crowd grew flustered from the expression of guilt and shame on the face of their No.1 Hero.

"It's fine All Might it's not your fault"

"Yes All Might the villains should be captured as soon as the possible, such people shouldn't be allowed to roam free."

"Don't bow All Might, We don't blame you it's the villains fault."

Various voices came from the crowd supporting All Might.

Nezu looked at the show in front of him and secretly smirked 'Heh, Just a single person's apology and all the responsibility of U.A slowly shifted to the villains. Symbol Of Peace huh, What a useful title it is.'

After the News Reporters left, Nezu informed the extra staff to protect the parents of the students, He knew he wasn't dealing with villain wannabes, The League Of Villains were real 'Villains' and he didn't want them to succeed. Who knew what kind of means they would use and them having someone that could almost teleport anywhere didn't help either.


The News report was shown throughout Japan, as everyone felt fear and anger towards the villains.

The name of The League of Villain's grew as a lot of villains grew interested in it. The crime rates increased and while not absurdly, The villain activity throughout Japan grew slowly as the villains believed that The Era of Peace will slowly disappear.

Images of Tomura And Kurogiri Spread around Japan as people discussed them.

As some people hated them while some villains worshipped them.

For Them U.A was a sacred enitity that could never be gone against but now there was a group that not only attacked them but also killed the students of U.A and escaped without damage.


On the roof of a building, A man with a red scarf around his neck and face could be seen standing with a katana with a ruined edge in his hands. He smirked "League Of Villains huh, Interesting. I should visit them."

Bloodlust appeared in his eyes as he eyed his prey for today, White armor with engines around his legs and arms.

"Another fake" he muttered and jumped off.


In The Bar Of League Of Villains.

Tomura looked at the news from yesterday and grinned widely. He wasn't going to interfere with them for some time, he had some preperations that needed to be done.

Tomura wore a white shirt and black shorts with black shoes as he looked at Kurogiri and smirked. His hand had been healed by Dr. Kyudai and he had finally decided the quirks he wanted.

"Let's go Kurogiri It's time to meet Sensei"

He needed to be alert, He removed all unnecessary thoughts from his mind, he didn't know if All For One had some mind reading related quirk.

He appeared casual but his whole body was tense, He was going to meet an existence that fended off every other user of One For All till All Might and his age was over 150 years old.

Kurogiri didn't notice this and opened a portal up.

They both entered it as silence filled the bar.


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