295 CHAPTER 289(2nd Year Begins)

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"Settle down," Aizawa says as he enters the 2A Homeroom, only to notice everyone was already silently waiting for him. 

He glances around the room while closing the door behind him, seeing Horizon's seat empty, but he doesn't even acknowledge it.

"Welcome to second year, the curriculum for this year will be a lot more intense than last year, so I don't want any of you complaining about it."

"And it'll be more fun right!" Mina asks with a broad smile on her face.

Aizawa gives her a bored look, "no," he turns and begins writing on the blackboard. "So have any of you noticed the changes around campus?"

"The new gym is super cool!" Kirishima yells out.

"And the new pool," Asui adds.

"And the new defenses," Shoto says. "Is UA preparing for a war?"

At this point Aizawa finishes writing 'Invasion Defense Training' on the board and turns around to face them.

"Yes, we are," Aizawa says, worrying some students. "And sadly, if it happens that UA is invaded we won't be able to safely evacuate everyone while villains with untold types of Quirks are attacking, so we'll need everyone in the Hero Courses to fight."

Midoriya raises his hand," even those without Provisional Hero Licenses?"

"Yes, since you're at UA, so long as you're within our walls you'll be free to engage the enemy."

Hagakure raises her hand next, getting a nod from Aizawa, "sensei, you said this is in the case that we can't evacuate people right, but…how would the villains stop Horizon from just warping everyone out of here?"

"Moron," Bakugo grumbles out. "The villains won't attack if Horizon is in UA, that's why his being missing today doesn't affect this lesson…"

"That's true," Aizawa says. "Every class will be running this drill today, but the 2nd and 3rd year Hero Courses skipped the opening ceremony this morning for a more extensive breaching."

"Since we'll actually be engaging the villain that does make sense," Momo says.

"Not all of you," Aizawa says. "Most of you will be more focused on getting the students from other courses to safe places or away from UA, but the more advanced students in regards to combat will be fighting alongside the teachers."

Kirishima raises his hand then immediately starts talking, "is that why that new gym was built, they mentioned something about students working together, was that so we know how to work with each other's Quirks in an emergency?"

"Exactly," Aizawa says. "So today all 2nd and 3rd year Hero Course students will be conducting this drill, after the 1st years get some initial Quirk training they'll be joining us too."

"Won't they just get in the way?" Bakugo asks, glaring out the window.

"Not necessarily, consider the fact that you, Shoto, Midoriya, and Tokoyami, are each more powerful than the average Pro Hero in any country, and one or two of the new 1st years have even more potential than you, so don't underestimate them," Aizawa says.

"No way!" Bakugo gives Aizawa his full attention. "Is that another Mystery Class weirdo here now?!"

"Nothing that crazy, thankfully, one of those is enough of a headache as it is," Aizawa says. "But one of them has a personal gravity field, so who knows what kind of surprises the others could have for you."

Uraraka looks down at her hands, 'I should find that person, maybe we could help each other train…"

"Alright, that's enough of that, go get changed into your Hero Costumes then meet in Training Ground Beta," Aizawa orders before leaving the room.

As he steps outside he sees Monoma standing in front of the 2B classroom scrolling through his phone.

Without missing a step Aizawa walks past and simple mutters, "follow me," and Monoma rushes to fall into step beside him.

"Uh, am I training with you today sensei?"

"Vlad King will be leading the second year Hero Course students through the drills, you and I will be studying a bit differently," Aizawa says as they get to the elevator and he hits the button to take them to the top floor.

"What kind of training?" Monoma asks.

"This kind," Aizawa takes something out of his pocket and hands it to Monoma, revealing it to be a black metal case with Horizon's logo on it. "Try to copy that."

"No way, last time I tried to copy Hand Of God it broke my brain."

"That's not Horizon's DNA, he just got it for me."

Monoma gives him a skeptical look as the elevator stops, and he follows Aizawa down the hallway.

Opening the case he sees a piece of purple flesh, then glances wearily at Aizawa.

With much hesitation he takes the piece of flesh in his hand and can feel the Quirk factor within, he feels his Quirk, Copy, reaching out and reshaping his own body, but before it completes his Quirk fails.

"Huh, I almost had it, but, I don't think this is enough," Monoma says.

"I thought you could copy a Quirk just by touching a single strand of hair, was that not true?"

"It can, if the hair is still attached to a person, if I could just take hair from my classmates and walk around with it then that'd make my life super easy," Monoma says as he follows Aizawa into a screening room, setup like a private theater room.

"So you need more of the Quirk Factor in order to copy it?" Aizawa says while directing Monoma to a seat.

"It's more like my Quirk scans a person's entire body, especially their brain," Monoma says. "My Quirk can't change my brain to use a Quirk if I can't scan their brain, my Quirk is 'Copy' not 'Evolution' after all."

"That's a damn shape," Aizawa sits beside Monoma and turns on the screen. "Having someone on our side with Warp Gate would have been really useful in these upcoming months…"

"Warp Gate?" Monoma looks disgusted by the piece of flesh in his hand. "This is from Kurogiri, oh yeah, Horizon captured him."

"And has been studying him, which is what you're here to do," Aizawa points at the screen, which shows recordings of all the Hero Course students training. "In the case of an emergency, copying any Quirk is better than no Quirk if it's from a Hero Course student, so you need to learn all of them."

"And improve how long I can use a copied Quirk, and how many Quirks I can copy, and my own combat ability with all of those Quirks, and who has the Quirks, and the plan for if villains attack us, and---"

"Yes I get it, you already have a lot on your plate, and don't forget your academic studies," Aizawa says.

Monoma groans, "I miss just being a side character, how does he do this crap?"

"Do what?"

"Control all these working parts and have everyone depend on him all at once?"

"He's Horizon, that's how," Aizawa says. "Now focus, I'm going to explain how the staff members Quirks work, and I'd rather not say this stuff out loud too much."

"Oooh, does this mean I get to try Principal Nezu's Quirk? I've always wanted to know what it's like to be a genius."

"If Horizon's Quirk broke your brain, Nezu's will be the same thing, except there won't be a walking miracle there to save you…"

"Speaking of which, where the heck is Horizon?"

"Being someone else's problem, so let's enjoy the peace and quiet…"

---Elsewhere, later that day…

Standing on an almost completely empty beach wearing only his new Body Glove, Horizon looks at Ryuko who was anxiously sitting on a surfboard floating in the water, waving for him to join her.

"This had better be good Nezu," Horizon says as the call connects.

"Where are you?" Nezu asks. "You're supposed to be in school."

"Don't pretend like you aren't tracking me, did you need something?"

"I need to talk to you about the sports festival, we've moved it forward a bit."

"How far forward?"

"Three weeks, will that work for what you have planned?"

"That's perfect actually, the sooner the better," Horizon says. "So what is there to talk about, I enter, I win, I smile and wave for the cameras, then I take a vacation, perfect."

"Well, not exactly," Nezu says. "You won't be competing this year…"


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