MHA: Horizon (Ope-Ope No Mi)

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What is MHA: Horizon (Ope-Ope No Mi)

Read ‘MHA: Horizon (Ope-Ope No Mi)’ Online for Free, written by the author keanu_eugene, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, SUPERPOWERS Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A prodigy born with a godly quirk and forced into being a hero and living a life he despises, all for the sake of his pa...


A prodigy born with a godly quirk and forced into being a hero and living a life he despises, all for the sake of his parents. OP MC from the beginning, NO HAREM so please just don't ask. QUIRK: Hand Of God(Ope-Ope No Mi) "A what? What the **** is a 'trigger warning'? Have you ever considered just not being a pussy?"- Horizon, the MC of this story. And now you know what kind of story it is. The Art and original series don't belong to me. If you own anything here and would like it removed I'll gladly comply. Story cross-posted on scribble hub under the same title and profile name. Update Schedule: Every Weekday

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Biased review from someone who read author's previous works. I especially recommend this author's works because he writes really interesting and compelling characters (not just the MC either).


So if you've read my Elementalist In A Dungeon, which is my previous story, then you know what to expect...but this time we start with actually good writing quality XD ---The story is probably gonna be longer than I expect. ---I try my best to keep everyone in character. ---Minimal OCs. ---No Harem. ---No character bashing(Unless it's in character within the story). I know MHA stories have a tendency to do this so just saying this now. ---MC will be causing canon to change so be prepared for that. ---Aside from his Quirk nothing else from the One Piece power systems is in this story. No 6 marine powers or Haki. This is a MHA story and I'm keeping it as such. ---I read and like almost every comment and reply to all that require a response, feel free to engage with me. And worry not I keep things polite :)


Well fleshed-out world, great grammar, a unique story not afraid to diverge from canon, updating stability is not the best though it has improved. MC is as realistic as a MC with a superiority complex can get, Mc is not a hypocrite. Author is working really hard to make a great story. All-in-all a great read. Take notes from this guy if you also want to write.


Massive nerf for Mc, author has removed *most core ability* of ope-ope no mi .' "spatial cut"- from USJ arc . This is from wiki for surgical fruit powers *Inside his ROOM, Law can perform long-ranged spatial slicing to cleanly sever flesh and bone without actually hurting the victim. People separated by this ability are not killed and can still feel their separated parts, regardless of the distance* Author created bs in USJ arc as "super regeneration" countering spatial cut.


I am ashamed of myself. When I read the reviews about him being arrogant and having an insufferable god complex, I thought that's the best part and when I started reading it at first the god complex was kinda exciting for but it aged to quickly to the point of being insufferable in just a few chapters that reading it became a chore and I thought was it really me who said I would never get tired of it just before.


Reveal spoiler


Well imo the writing quality is pretty good and same with the story development but i thing that's ruining it for me is the mc. He is a hypocrite, whiny, and sometimes smart and other time super dumb. He ranted on how much he hate teenagers and the qualities that make them bad but he has exactly those qualities. plus the comments are excusing his behavior by say he just a teenager after he just ripped on them and how he doesn't want to be like them. Overall I'm announcing my departure from this plane/story.


Reveal spoiler


1. I got a dig bick 2. You that read wrong 3. You read that wrong too 4. You checked 5. You smiled 7. You are wandering why you are still reading this 8. You saw that mistake, right? (On 7) 10. But did you see that I skipped 6? 10. You checked 11. And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12. I said "saw you" not you saw 13. I also skipped 2 14. You got tricked 15. I'm just wasting your time, but if you were entertained, leave a like and happy reading!


I haven't even read the story yet, yes I am biased. And is this also going to have 2 girls like your last no harem fic, because trust me you did a really good job there and you won't see me complaining.


Boring, extremely boring. Mc is all talk, has the personality of an emo teen and behaves like a child (where's the "high iq" i was promised?) Plot is generic and well, it's a self-insert power fantasy solo mha fic, so don't come expecting much. As usual i'm surprised about the rating, if this is 4.7/5 material i shiver at the thought of a 2/5 novel.


this guy is just too much toxic to me just how can he talk to hero's like that huh even though him being a killer he is enjoying his life


Was fun at first, but after so long (ch91) I don’t think there will be meaningful character development, he actually gets worse as a person as the story progresses - and people in the comments actually agree with him… The writing quality is really good, very little grammar mistakes and everything flows nicely. Story development is also there - the story is progressing at a good pace. There is nothing much to talk about in the world and character department, seeing as this is a fanfic. They both are good, in some places expanded and worked upon so it’s nice to read about it. The problem that I have and why I stopped reading this is mainly because of Law’s, the main character’s character. From the start, he had a bit of a god complex and was abrasive - which was understandable, had a good reason for it and was fun, at first. But he doesn’t overcome his character flaws, no, they actually get bigger. With time, his views on everything become clear and in quite a few cases it borders on sexist, misogyistic and ableist. Now, touching on those things and having a character like that isn’t inherently bad, but seeing as he doesn’t change and gets worse at it I am having trouble separating Law’s views on world with the Authors. Overall, a good, quality fanfic. The MC’s character leaves a lot to be desired - not a line of (positive)growth in 90ch. An enjoyable read, but be aware that Law is an awful person and many of his views are just wrong.


From the small amount of chapters I have read, I can tell the MC is not very tolerable. At the start is alright, development is fine. But when he and his mother encounter Hawks and three other heroes the MC becomes this half assed character that suddenly lost his years of experience with assassination and escape, he became emotional too easily which should be pretty much impossible as he has to have lessons in emotional control, as that is a very important aspect of an assassin. Not good, but not terrible. While I think it would be a good read, I can't tolerate MC's that get emotional too easily even when they have a lot of experience in an area that needs a good amount of control over your emotions.


Reveal spoiler


Just trash. The MC is just extremely unlikable. The author is probably an Andrew Tate fanboy and it shows everytime a women is near the MC.


typical bait synopsis and tags. doesnt take long for him to get nerfed and then later on an even bigger nerf reducing him to like 10%. either way fake op mc and hes also a play boy so thats annoying. sucks since I liked the mc but I hate fake tags the most


The further the story goes the more I dislike the mc


I’m going to start of by saying that this novel is really good. The story is about the child of two criminals, one of the best doctors in the world and one of the best assassins. This child is Law from One Piece with his devil fruit abilities. He is trained by his parents both as a doctor and an assassin. He is OP. While following his parents paths, eventually he becomes a hero. How it happened, you can read to find out, but it was well thought out by the author. A little spoiler: ”The last supper” doesn’t mean his parent’s died. Thank god for that. Hate that cliche. Concerning the main character, he is logical and smart. His main concern is his family first. I am led to believe that he will always keep his identity secret as a hero to protect his family. I like these types of characters better than the arrogant ones. The writing quality is very good. The story progresses reasonably, with good grammar and story telling. Just shows that the author is good at writing. I recommend you check it out. Just read one chapter. You can tell from the quality of just that chapter that this will be pretty good.


My only issue here is purely the protagonist, I simply don't like it.


The mc is annoying. His god complex got old very quickly with how much he belittles everyone. He can't even have a single serious conversation without insulting anyone, he somehow acts the most childish in his class despite trying to act as an adult lol.


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