277 CHAPTER 272(Home Visit)

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---Tuesday, March 12th, 01:30 PM,...

"We're here ma'am," A stern voice says from the driver's seat, causing Pantu to look up from her phone.

The two agents with her in this car were on the highest alert, the woman rarely ever leaves Tokyo, or the HPSC Buildings, so this was as vulnerable as she's ever been.

Hearing the man Pantu sighs and reaches into her purse, taking out a small remote control as they pull up to a massive black gate built into 10ft stone walls.

With a click, she opens the gate and they drive in, seeing a large property, perfectly cut grass for a hundred meters in every direction wrapped neatly by the same high wall.

A few small dogs run about in the grass, and at the end of the long driveway, she sees a mansion waiting for her.

"When did we get dogs?" Pantu asks.

"A few months ago if I recall correctly," one of the agents says. "Your grandson couldn't decide which one he wanted, so you had us send him the litter."

"Oh, right, of course," Pantu mutters. "I suppose it's been a while since I've taken any personal time..."

The car stops in front of the house and Pantu steps out, still wearing her usual work attire, but cradling a small gift-wrapped box under her arm.

"I won't be staying long, wait here," she orders the men before getting out and walking to the door.

Taking a deep breath Pantu opens the door and steps into the massive entranceway, hearing the sound of faint music and laughter from down the hallways.

Putting a smile on her face Pantu briskly walks down the hallway toward the backyard, only to be met by a younger Japanese woman with long black hair, wearing a simple sundress, carrying a birthday cake.

"Mom," the woman says. "You, actually came."

"Well try not to sound that surprised," Pantu says. "I want to meet my granddaughter."

The woman nods for Pantu to follow her as they make their way to the backyard, "Well she's already a few months old and you've finally made time to see her, or visit us, this is your house, remember? Or did you really forget that?"

"Can we please not do this, I have to get back to work after the party," Pantu says.

The woman stops and gives her a harsh glare, "right, because after not seeing you for months we can't even get you to spend a night at home," she rolls her eyes.

"My work is important, you know this," Pantu says. "Especially with Japan as fragile as it is."

"Always concerned with your work, whatever, just spend some time with your grandkids for a change," the woman says as she pushes open the back door, leading to the pool area.

"At least you sent a gift that the kids actually enjoyed," her daughter says as they enter the party area. "And that put my mind at ease."

They see kids in the pool, some adults lounging about watching them or preparing food, and strangely some of the pool toys floating in the air.

Pantu gives it a curious look before continuing to follow her daughter.

"Yes well, he wanted a dog, and children need pets."

"Oh, no I was talking about---"

"President Pantu," A chill runs up the woman's spine as she turns to see Horizon, standing there, her newborn granddaughter in his arms sleeping peacefully.

Her expression becomes one of horror and shock for a split second before Facade takes over and it becomes cold and unreadable.

"Awe she fell asleep," Pantu's daughter says as she sets the cake down on a table with all the food and moves to take the baby from his arms. "How was it?"

"Perfectly healthy," Horizon says. "But you have my number so if anything happens be sure to call."

"Thank you," the woman says. "And I was just telling my mother about how nice it was to have you come give her a check-up, although I'm sure your schedule is so busy this must have been a real bother."

"Oh no," Horizon says, looking at Pantu. "It only took me seconds to get here from Horizon Tower, honestly, I can be anywhere in Japan that quickly if I really wanted to."


"Yes," he turns back to the woman. "But let's keep that between us."

"Right, of course," she smiles and nods along. "Now I need to get this one to bed then I'll be back," she gestures to the baby before walking away."

Pantu looks back at the pool, seeing the kids playing on the pool toys hovering in mid-air, then turns to Horizon.

"Why are you here?"

"Who, me?" Horizon asks. "Well, you asked me to come give your granddaughter and daughter a check-up, after those little medical complications they had, what a caring lady you are..."

"Follow me," Pantu turns on her heel and begins walking inside, followed closely by Horizon.

As they enter he relaxes, while she remains her usual self, leading him upstairs.

"This place is nice, lots of space, big yard, heated pool, away from any big city," Horizon goes on as he looks around the house while following her. "And the security system, it's pretty good, especially the fact that nobody knows the people living here are related to you."

"And yet you found them," Pantu says as they arrive before a pair of heavy double doors.

"Well, finding people who don't want to be found, who are worth a lot of money, was part of my training," Horizon says as he follows her into her home office.

As the doors close behind them Horizon begins looking around the office, at all the family pictures.

Pantu's daughter, her late husband, grandson, and son-in-law, no pictures with the new baby yet.

Pantu walks to her desk and turns around to face him, arms folded, wearing a frown.

"Why are you here?"

Horizon shrugs, "Just figured I'd come notify you that repairs on Horizon Tower are complete, took a few days longer than expected but it's all back to normal now."

"You tracked down my family home for that?" Pantu asks. "Was this threat really necessary?"

"What threat?" Horizon asks. "I can't visit my family, so I might as well get some family time with yours, nothing wrong with that."

"You made enough of a point with Ryukyu," Pantu says.

"Oh that, well, yeah I was playing along with the spy game for a bit, and honestly I would have kept playing...mostly because she's, well, you've seen her. But I was just not in the mood for games that day."

"I noticed, as did the thousands of people affected by a city block collapsing spontaneously."

Horizon shrugs, "These villains, they really are unpredictable, but we must always strive to help who we can, right?"

"Right," Pantu nods.

"Anyway, you really should try to spend more time with your family, they really miss you."

"Managing all the Hero-related dealings in Japan doesn't leave me much personal time."

As if on queue her phone rings, and she doesn't hesitate to answer.


"I've got another good lead, this time its big," Hawks says.

"How big?"


"I'm putting you on speaker, Horizon is here," Pantu says.

"What's going on?" Horizon asks.

"I have a time and place for where Kurogiri is going to be this evening," Hawks says.

"Send the details, I'll go there personally," Horizon says.

"Alright, if I get any more info I'll be sure to forward it," Hawks says before hanging up.

"The work never ends," Pantu says. "Now, I'd like you to le---"

There are three loud knocks on the door before it is pushed open, revealing Pantu's daughter.

"You aren't even here for 5 minutes and already went back to working?" she asks.

"My fault actually," Horizon says. "I got an emergency alert and wanted her opinion on it before I left."

"Oh, you're leaving," she frowns at that. "Can you at least stay for a minute so we can cut the cake?"

"Uh, sure, if that's what your son wants..."


Sitting in a lounge area Shigaraki and Hawks are talking, with Kurogiri standing beside them, and a blank screen on the other side of the room only showing 'No Video' on it.

"Well, that's my part done," Hawks says.

"Now we just need to wait for Horizon to stumble upon our bait, and Machia' will handle the rest," Shigaraki says.

"Assuming Gigantomachi can actually handle Horizon," Hawks says. "I mean, it is Horizon after all."

"The special modifications will be enough," a robotic voice speaks through the speakers. "It took the focus of most of our resources, but with the latest modifications to Gigantomachia and the few specialized Quirks I had to crossbreed and create for this fight, he will be more than a match for Horizon."

"I hope you're right about this thing being able to kill him..." Hawks says, and the small Nomu on Shigaraki's shoulder doesn't detect any lies.

Time until Ascension, 4 Hours 23 minutes...


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