259 CHAPTER 255(Global Test)

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---Friday, 27th January 2315, Berlin, Germany...

Just as the sun was about to set, alarms began ringing all across the city.

The cold winter air was disrupted as explosions began ringing out through the city.

Lumbering through the streets, smashing buildings with each clumsy movement, a massive quadrupedal robot stomps about.

75m -246ft- and 50m -150ft- wide tall and firing off an assortment of artillery and guns.

Dozens of Pro Heroes are already assaulting this enemy, but the tough armor is harder than even modern military tanks, causing their attacks to barely do anything.

Hours nearly an hour into the battle the civilians in this section of the massive city have all been cleared out, now news choppers buzz around trying to record as much of the battle as possible.

"It seems that the Pro Heroes have made little to no progress in stopping this weapon, either manned or unmanned we aren't sure, and we'll only know when they break it apart and look inside!" a news reporter says from inside a helicopter.

"Hold on!" the pilot screams, and the man looks back at the battlefield to see a rocket heading directly toward them, too fast to be avoided.

The man doesn't even have time to scream before a bolt of electricity descends from above and detonates the rocket at a safe distance.

The purple electricity immediately causes a wave of hope to spread across the battlefield as the Pro Heroes and civilians realize what happened.

The camera looks up to see a group of Pro Heroes descending, one of them is creating a floating platform of green energy beneath his feet while two others ride on it beside him.

To his left is a woman who has her eyes closed as her black hair constantly pulses blue.

As they descend past the helicopter the camera zooms in on the man standing to the right.

He wore a skin tight purple suit with pieces of armor sparsely spread across it.

There was a purple and black lightning bolt across his chest and his mas only covered his eyes, leaving the top of his head free to show off his short blonde hair.

As they quickly descend there was already purple lightning crackling around him, and his gaze was fixed on the enemy.

"Do you sense a pilot inside?" he asks the woman beside him.

"No, its a drone, or a pre-programmed robot, either way you can hit it hard," she says.

"We need to make this quick, these things are attacking in other countries as well, this could just be the first wave," the man maintaining the platform says.

"I told everyone to give you some space, you can go in now," the woman says.

"Alright, I'm going in, stay above and coordinate the other heroes, and send me any electric types if this thing manages to get back up," he says before jumping off the platform.

He immediately goes into a nosedive, dropping over a thousand meters toward his target.

"Blitz just dove into the battle!" the reporter yells as they watch him descend, approaching the top of the skyscrapers. "With our #1 Hero here the situation is about to be resolved in a flash!"

Locking his sights onto the massive robot Blitz activates his Quirk and embraces the acceleration toward the ground.

As he falls in the dim sky, he shines brighter with every meter.

Starting off as a barely noticeable purple flicker.

Into a consistent purple dot.

And now into a massive bright ball of purple light, with electricity crackling all over it.

As he descends between the skyscrapers and directly above his target, arcs of electricity leap from him and onto the nearby buildings, melting and shattering the glass windows as well as some of the concrete holding it up.

The people present and watching at home are once again forced to sit back and take in the grandeur of their #1 Pro Hero as he uses his maximum output super move.

"Ultimate Blitz Bolt!" his voice ripples across the are, carried on the small currents that spread out from him as he suddenly absorbs all the arcing electricity and purple light into himself.

And for a moment the battlefield dims...


A pillar of purple electricity is shot downward, almost 10m -33ft- wide and descending from 100m above the road.

The robot is hit in the middle of its head and immediately topples forward.

Its large back is easily sliced and melted by the beam as it falls forward, cutting the entire thing in two as if it were pushed into a table saw.

As the attack ends and people can finally uncover their eyes, they see the robot cut in half with molten metal leaking out of it, and the road directly in the middle of it has a hole that they couldn't see the bottom of.

But the sides of it were entirely molten.

This is Blitz's peak.

His Quirk: Kinetic-Electric Conversion, allows him to convert his kinetic energy into electric energy.

No, it allows him to convert it into a vastly disproportionate amount of electrical energy.

But he cannot store this energy and must discharge it before he stops moving, this is why from the moment he left to come to this battle, the entire hour he has been storing energy on the ride here.

And when he began falling he only added more and more energy into his attack. But the downside is, the more energy he uses the longer he must wait for his Quirk to cooldown, meaning right now he is vulnerable.

These are all facts the public is blissfully unaware of, as they think he has a basic electricity Quirk, but his teammates are already at his side ready to protect him on the road.

"How long?" they ask, looking at the damage.

"At least a day after something like that, but I definitely beat my old record," Blitz says jokingly.

"Might have overdone it," the woman says. "What if they have another one?"

"We'll be alright, we aren't alone remember," Blitz says as the other Pro Heroes begin returning to the robots location. "Besides, I've got the most powerful electric attacks in the world, wouldn't look good if I couldn't fry a robot..."

Both true statements.

Blitz does in fact have the global record for the most powerful documented electric attack of all time, and on this day he even beat his previous record.

But he would not hold that record for much longer.

In fact, in 3 months it would be beaten, during the final round of this years UA Sports Festival...

---Mexico City, at the same time...

Just before people began going on their lunch breaks, a set of quakes rocked the massive metropolis.

Those closest to the epicenter got the horrific pleasure of witnessing the roads and some buildings break apart and pieces of a identical quadrupedal robot to the ones attacking all across the globe assembles itself.

Unfortunately for this robot however, Mexico's top Rescue Hero happened to be in the capital today.

In fact, she woke up in her hotel room because of all this excitement, grumpy after a long night of saving people.

And she could see the robot from her bedroom window.

"Cha," she sighs and closes the curtain. "On my day off too!"

Moments later she leaps out of the window, 5 stories above the road she freefalls down.

Wearing a blue and green hero costume, her slender figure is well hidden beneath an assortment of pouches and equipment to make her more effective on the job.

One of these items is her bulky helmet which comes with a built in snorkel and air canister, giving the appearance of armored scuba diver even in the middle of the city.

Her helmet unfolds to secure itself around her head as piece of her backpack launches itself into the air, expanding into a drop looking down at the area.

All of this happens before she belly flops into the stone sidewalk.


The stone she impacts splashes and is transmuted into crystal clear water.

Her bulky boots acts as jets and propel her forward as she dives a bit lower, transmuting a tunnel of water beneath the road and hiding her approach.

In her helmet she gets a ultrasound reading of the streets to know exactly where she can go, as the drone gives her a view from above.

As the civilians are running about in a panic and Pro Heroes from all around the city are rushing to this location, only a handful of the closest responders arrive in time to see the robot.

Because as they arrive they witness the entire gargantuan robot become gelatinous over the course of a minute, then fall apart as clear water, almost flooding the street.

As people arrive and take out the phones to record, they see Transmuter pull herself out of the road as if it were a swimming pool.

Her Quirk is Water Transmutation, it allows her to transmute inorganic material into water, or water other inorganic materials.

She can and has reached into a barrel of water before and pulled out perfectly crafted tools needed to rescue people, and her creations as so well made its as if they were always the tool they are.

And there is no time limit on anything she transmutes.

Mexico's #1 Rescue Hero, but #3 Pro Hero overall...

---Brussels, Belgium, at the same time...

Stepping onto the roof of a skyscraper hotel, a 13 year old boy clutches a crystal puppy in his arms.

Not a toy puppy at all, but a animated puppy made of green crystal was was translucent.

It nuzzles the boy as he steps out of the stairwell into the snow, and reaches up to bite the edge of his hat and pull it down properly, protecting him from the snow.

He steps into the snow protected by his winter gear and holding his puppy and walks to the edge, and beside him is a tall, thin man, wearing similar and casual winter clothes as he walks to the edge.

"Woooowwww," the boy stares out as he reaches the edge of the roof, the stone wall ledge almost blocking his vision.

"A nice view right?" the man asks.

"Yeah, look we can see it from here!" the boy puts the puppy on the ledge and points out at the giant robot causing havoc in the distance.

The man pats his head and begins fiddling in his own pocket, "yeah, those Pro Heroes are really giving it their all, I wonder how the new kids are doing down there. Everyone says that new kids Quirk is a lot cooler than mine you know..."

"Mmm, I still think you're cooler."

The man chuckles and takes his cigarettes out of his pocket, "yeah well, I'm your dad, of course you think that. But just between us, I still think I'm cooler too."

The man lights his cigarette and takes a long drag of it.

He closes his eyes and focuses his energy, and a circle of blue energy begins spreading out from his feet.

It encircles everything for 3m around him as he leans against the ledge, and his so doesn't even react.

"Alright, lets start the show," he exhales the smoke as blue crystal lions begins rising from the circle.

One of them rises directly below his son and holds the boy up so he can see better, and the others hop onto the ledge and begin running down the side of the building at full speed.

Moments later nearly 50 blue crystal lions become blurs as they rush toward the enemy.

"Wooow," his son is amazed at the sight of it, especially as in the distance the lions begins tearing into the robot.

But ever so often there would be a explosion of blue energy, causing the robot to stumble after it takes damage, but the man also winces.

"Are you ok?" his son asks.

The man takes another drag of his cigarette, "I'll be fine, just shouldn't be using this much energy with my condition...but can't just sit by and watch people die right?"

"Yeah but, you're sick."

"Yeah but I'm not dead," the man says. "Which is more than I would have been able to say for them. Besides I'll be around to bother you and your mom for a few more years, don't worry about me."

As the duo watch the robot fall, they enjoy this moment together.

The soon to be retired #1 Pro Hero of Belgium, Leeuw Golf -Lion Surge-.

His Quirk, Pack Tactics, is passed through his family to all the men. Allowing them to manifest crystal versions of certain animals from a area they determine as their starting point.

Their body begins releasing energy into this area to make the constructs out of it, and must remain within this zone to maintain them, but Lion Surge was able to overcome this by extending his senses through his constructs, and far surpassing his predecessors in the amount he can make.

Capable of stopping entire swarms of villains on his own, even if he lacks a super destructive super move, his efficiency is commendable.

And his quantity is a quality in itself.


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