79 CHAPTER 075(Momo's Contract)

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---Saturday Afternoon, 7 PM...

After finishing his internship Horizon also completed his weekly appointment, and now he was ready to go home and train, now having a better understanding of exactly what he has to work on.

In the private underground garage of his Tokyo penthouse Law is dressed in a simple gold t-shirt with the Matani crest in black on the chest and a pair of black jeans.

Loading his Hero Costume case and sword into the trunk of his car he hops in the driver's seat and starts driving back to Musutafu, having to enter the city to then access the road to his home outside the city.

Placing his phone in the compartment on the dashboard it automatically connects.

"Call Nezu," he orders, and the phone begins doing exactly that.

Cruising down the street he hears the call connect.

"Hello?" Nezu asks.

"Yeah, I'm leaving Tokyo now, just wrapped things up at Endeavor's Agency."

"Oh, that's good. I'm dealing with some other problems at the moment, I assumed you call to find out about that..."

"What?" Law sounds confused. "I was calling to ask about that Support Item I requested."

"Oh, did you not see the news?"

"No, what's up?"

"Apparently during the Nomu attacks in Hosu two days ago, the Hero Killer Stain was busy, he killed three more people. They only found the bodies last night."

"While I was there? Must have been at the very edge of Hosu."

"It was, I'm currently dealing with a media nightmare because of it."

"Why? Who'd he kill?"

"Native, Manual, and your classmate, Tenya Iida."

"Ohh...so that's why the class group chat has been going extra crazy, that makes sense."

"You didn't look at it?"

"I assumed they wanted to ask about those two big incidents I resolved. I'm not gonna read two thousand messages from those people."

"Well everyone knows, and I've had a swarm of reporters at the gate ever since the bodies were found."

"Shit, Is this gonna make you close school, because the faster I get my item the faster I can get used to it."

Nezu sighs. "Well, I'm glad to hear how worried and heartbroken you are..."

"Heroes die every day Nezu, it's an occupational hazard. Plus I've only known him for 5 weeks, and we didn't exactly get along."

"Do you get along with anyone?"

"A few, mostly the pretty girls and Sero..."

"Right, well this shouldn't change anything with the school schedule. We'll offer to counsel any students who need it and your class will have a mandatory session talking to Midnight."


"There will also be a special mourning ceremony Monday morning."

"So I should show up late to skip all that crap, thanks for the warning."

"We'd appreciate it if you can say a few kind words actually, since you are the 1A Class Rep."

Law laughs at that. "No."

Nezu sighs again, "fine, but please just show up on time for the ceremony, it won't be long."

"Yeah yeah, and how is the media dealing with this?"

"It's been a long time since we've had an active student die," Nezu says. "But with how many students have been killed due to the Nomu attacks on Hero Courses the public isn't reacting too poorly, in comparison we've only lost one student and it was away from campus."

"Uh-huh, and how do they feel about you letting him go to Hosu knowing that's where Stain likely was and his brother died there just over a week earlier? They could assume that it was a revenge scenario gone wrong," Law says.

"Some of them did, but we're fighting that idea with his pristine character. Also, I'm pushing media outlets to focus on your work from this week."

Law nods in agreement. "Show off that Horizon solved a hostage situation and dealt with about twenty Nomu while other Pros were mostly useless...prop up your best student so they don't notice the dead one."

"That's the plan, it's been mostly working to prevent people from digging deeper."

"Good," Law turns onto the highway to leave the city. "The last thing I need is UA being stalled for any reason, especially because some morons can't accept being a Hero is actually dangerous. Now that we're done talking about the shit I don't care about, what's the deal with my Support Item?"

"It's mostly complete, beyond your specification."

"Uh-huh, what do you mean mostly? How much longer?"

"It'll take one month for us to get a shipment of the alloy needed for the fuel cell. It's normally not used in objects this small so they have to make it custom."

"I really don't have a month to waste, the support course is gonna be open Monday right?"

"The design and construction studios are always open, and the person that's been assigned to you always arrives early and leaves late, she should even be there tomorrow when school isn't in session."

"And all she needs is this component?" Law asks.


"Ok, can you send me the specifics of it, molecular makeup and all that..."

"If you're thinking of using Yaoyorozu, you should know that it's against regulations to use her Quirk like this because of the value of this component, and how easily it can be weaponized. You need approval, and she won't agree to help you."

"If I get it done can you handle the paperwork for me?" Law asks.

"Legally my answer is no, but good luck, I'll send you the data in a moment."

"Thanks, now I've got to call Momo..."

A few minutes later Law sends the data to Momo and immediately calls her.

"Hello," she answers on the very first ring, some excitement in her voice although he could tell she'd been crying.

Law just rolls his eyes, not having time for talking about Iida, "Momo, are you free tomorrow?"

He hears her drop the phone on what sounds like tiles before picking it back up. "Yes! I mean...it depends on what you want..." she tries her best to not seem interested, failing miserably.

And Law chuckles, he's far from an idiot, especially when it comes to women. He's known for a while that both Momo and Jiro somehow have an interest in him, there simply isn't any benefit to bringing it up.

He expects and hopes that it will fade as they come to their senses.

"Sorry to disappoint but not for a date," Law says jokingly.

"What! Why would I ever be thinking that?!"

"Uh-huh, no idea...anyway. Take a look at the item I sent you, how long until you can make it?"

"Give me one moment to look at it..."

Law waits patiently until he hears her answer.

"The mass of this, even for a two-inch cube is a bit much, it would take everything I have."

"Can you do it?"

"Yes, the material composition isn't that complex, at least for me, but I can imagine via technology getting these metals to bond in such an intricate manner is difficult."

Law sighs, "woman, the things I'd do to have your Quirk... Anyway, can you bring it to UA tomorrow morning? It's the last component I need for a support item, otherwise, I'll have to wait an entire month to get one made. Apparently, they don't fabricate that alloy in that size."

"I can understand why," Momo says. "These bonding agents work better the more mass the item has, making one of this size would cost a small fortune. But that's exactly why I can't help you. My Quirk prohibits creations such as these without permission from a relevant authority, I'm sorry but unless I receive clearance or it's an absolute emergency I can't help."

"The most fun Quirk and you've got a stick up your ass that prevents you from enjoying it...that's a damn shame."


"I got permission from Nezu, he'll deal with the paperwork, so, tomorrow?"

"Alright, I'll help you out," Momo says, suddenly much happier.

"No, this isn't you helping me, it's a trade."


"I really don't like owing people anything, so figure out something you want, within reason, and we'll make this a small contract. "

"Something I want? Like what?"

"How am I supposed to know, but this is a one-time thing so you'd better be smart about it."

"I already know what I want!" Momo suddenly blurts out.

"Wow, that was fast, ok what is it."

"Can you teach a class where you tell us all how to improve our Quirks? You said you already figured it all out right, so how about that? That way the most people will benefit!"

"You want me to spoon-feed 18 people the answers to fix their life as a Hero...no. That'll take too long."

"Um...then how about just some of us? Helping us to be better heroes?" she says in a timid voice.

Law sighs, "let me guess, you and Jiro?"

"Huh, how did you know I was going to include Kyoka?"

"Because you two do everything together, you're basically attached at the hip," Law says.

'You even have a crush on the same guy...' he thinks to himself.

"Kyoka and I are just fast friends, like you and Sero."

"Uh I wouldn't say that, but whatever. So tomorrow morning at the support department."

"We'll be there..." Law hangs up on her immediately and focuses on the road.

"Honestly, the things I do for Horizon..." Law mutters as he continues the journey home.


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