11 CHAPTER 010(The Plan)

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Law stands in the shower, warm water flowing down his body, watching blood and water rush past his feet and rush down the drain.

He sighs, feeling his bones ache, the stress and constant worry of his body slowly fading away under the water.

After a short shower, he makes sure to get the dried blood out of his hair before drying off and stepping out of the glass shower.

Looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, palms flat on the sink, he can see the exhaustion in his own white-blue eyes.

His hair was short and messy, with not a single scar or scratch on his muscular but lean body.

He cracks a smile, the chiseled features of his face giving a wolfish, predatory appearance.

"Not a scratch on me," he lifts a hand and feels his neck. Along with where the feathers had burrowed through his legs, they were perfectly healed, with no evidence of ever being injured.

"Hawks, number three hero," Law scoffs and begins walking toward the bedroom, "what a fucking joke, couldn't even last a minute with me in a real fight."

Entering the bedroom he walks toward the bed, the simple and small one-bedroom apartment, one his family had hidden away just outside of Tokyo that was made for times like this. In case they were ever fully compromised, with no access to their accounts or contacts, all alone with a bag of clothes and cash.

Located on the third floor of this five-story building it provides no real security, but nobody would look for him here.

He gets dressed in a pair of black sweatpants, leaving his shirt off as he takes out a laptop from his duffel bag.

Sitting against the backboard of the bed with the laptop on his lap and the bag beside him, he takes another look through the phone Nezu gave him, the camera already torn out.

"One contact and my family files," he says while scrolling through the few pictures he had. Only a couple dozen pictures of them on the rare outings over the years.

Looking past his feet he sees the full body-length mirror not far away, he scowls at himself then begins typing on the laptop.

"Shit..." he mutters, reports of Arsenal and The Heart Thief being captured by Hawks are already on news websites. He checks international news sites, and only sees more of the same.

Two international villains brought down by a young top-rated hero in Japan...they couldn't get the stories out fast enough.

"No real names, or faces, or extra information. Just a basic headline, and apparently Arsenal killed three heroes in the raid," Law shakes his head. "Nezu really did pull all the strings to make this happen."

Law considers Nezu's position once more, "the most influential person on the planet outside of world leaders," he thinks aloud. "If I were Nezu, I designed defense systems and infrastructure for countries and people across the world. I built supercomputers that are nearly comparable to my own brain, I contributed more to hero society and the education of heroes than anyone else in history...I poured almost all of my money into helping heroes across the globe."

Law sets the computer aside and brings up one of his knees, resting his arm on it.

"If I'm Nezu...I can lock anyone away, or get anyone out, after the public forgets them ofcourse," Law nods to himself. "If he keeps his word this will be easy, but how do I make sure he doesn't stab me in the back, I'm just another hero-killing villain to him..."

Law holds his head for a minute, wracking his brain trying to think of a solution.

"Never break a contract," he says to himself. "So I can't hold the patient hostage..."

"I don't alter contracts," he groans. "So I can't re-negotiate if it changes, that means I'm in this for at least four years until I graduate," he moves the laptop aside and leans forward.

"Four damn years," he rummages around in the duffel bag and fishes out the picture Nezu brought him.

Taking out the picture he gently passes a hand over the paper, as if trying to feel that familiar warmth from it.

A picture of them on what looks to be an isolated beach area, him being only nine years old in the photo. Sitting beside his surfboard with both his parents beside him, their boards stood behind them. A popsicle in his hand just like them, all happily enjoying a summer day together.

He can't help but smile, feeling sadness beginning to take over, tears almost ready to begin flowing down his face.

As he feels the dam about the burst, however...

"Are you fucking crying?" His own disgusted voice ridicules him.

Law's eyes lazily drift up to look at the mirror, still sitting on the bed, leaning against the backboard, yet his reflection is standing in the mirror, pacing side to side in the room.

It stops, and stares directly at him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" it asks, shaking its head in disapproval. "We aren't some weak sniveling pussy who cries about his problems. We don't waste our time in our own head thinking in circles like some useless impotent fuck! We get active and go solve the problem!"

Law takes a deep breath, and the dam is reinforced, suddenly feeling much calmer and more steady.

"That's right," the reflection nods. "None of that crap, we were raised and trained to be perfect. We can solve this, I know what you have to do," the reflection points at him, "that means you know exactly what you have to do..."

Law sighs, closes his eyes, and leans his head against the backboard, releasing a frustrated and annoyed groan.

"I know, it'll suck, but we've gotta do this. Nezu wants a hero, so we'll give him a fucking superhero. Someone Japan suddenly can't live without because we're just that much better than the cape and spandex morons."

The reflection opens its arms wide as if a crowd was cheering for him," we'll have them begging us, all those useless, nameless, faceless, pathetic, stupid, fucks! All those damn ants that can't fend for themselves or crawl themselves out of a burning building without some retard in spandex and a cape coming to hold their hand. We'll have them groveling at our feet, where they're meant to be. They'll want to build a monument to the sky with our name on it, and do you know why?"

Law nods, a smirk growing on his lips.

"That's right," the reflection chuckles, "Because we're just better than all those morons playing the hero-villain game. Better Quirk, better training, better in every way. They're trying to chase our backs, so desperate to catch up while running with no legs, while we're on the horizon, and once everyone sees how much better we are, they'll understand that they need us, and we don't need them."

Law smiles at that.

The reflection nods, "and they will give us whatever we want. They'll give us whoever we want back."

A serious look dominates Law's face as his eyes harden, brows furrowed.

"That's right," the reflection says, standing proud to look at Law who was still sitting on the bed. "Once they see how superior we are, our family will be back together again, our mistake will be fixed. We destroyed our family, we made the mistake, and this is how we fix it, even if it kills us."

Law nods.

"And when we're all back together, we'll make sure they never have to worry about a thing again," the reflection gives him a sad smile. "We owe them that much, it's the least we could do."

Law runs a hand through his hair at the thought of that.

"Hey hey," the reflection says in a soothing voice, "everyone wants a miracle, and that's exactly what we are. People all around the world will be dropping to their knees to suck us off, we just need to make the most of it, and we've got a whole year to do it before we have to go to that fucking circus Nezu runs."

Law takes a deep breath and then picks up the phone.

"That's right," the reflection says. "Call Nezu and tell him what we need, he wants us to be a hero. We'll be a super fucking hero, so good that everyone else looks like the trash they are, and when everyone sees our value, when they all need us, they see that we're a god, that we're above them, when we show them...yeah, when we've done that---"

Law smiles broadly, and a slight chuckle escapes his lips, "then we can do whatever we want..."


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