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Izuku was like any other child his age. Excited about the quirk that will make them a hero. As his quirk came in his friends and peers began feeling jealousy and fear of his potential. They tell him he is nothing but a monster, a leach, a defect, all to prevent a perceived threat to their status quo. He will show them just how wrong they were. Irregular uploads. Inspired by Doomsday (DC), Carrion (Video Game), Parasyte (Anime/Manga), and What Doesn't Kill Me by TheSliverBoar Credits go to Kohei Horikoshi Crossposted on Wattpad under Adaptation.

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Chapter 6 : Reunion

All Might quickly turned around. 


The woman pulls him into a hug which is reciprocated. 

"I'm sorry I couldn't stay for a while longer to full train you. I'm proud of the man you've become."

This bring him to tears. They hug for a while as the woman looks up towards Izuku.

"I guess you're ninth."

A confused look comes across his face followed by her's. She stopped hugging All Might as Izuku asked. 

"Who are you, what is this place?"

"I'm Nana Shimura the seventh holder of One for All and this places is the vesitge realm."


"One for All? Are you related to All for one? 

"Toshinori really didn't tell you anything about One for All before giving it to you. How are you here if not by receiving the One for All?" 

"I was here before, when All for One tried to take my quirk. He failed and for his troubles my quirk decided to deal with him by removing some of his quirks and taking most of his. I don't believe that this is your vestige realm of One for All it's mine"

The orbs around Izuku fanned out and began forming into humanoid shapes. Many of them adults with some children but the most important was a clone of Nana to his right. 

Vesitge Nana gets closer to the clone. As they are about to touch the clone returns to it's previous form and flies directly into Izuku. 

[Quirk Assimilation: Float >Flight] 

The pop up appears above and in front of Izuku. Nana and All Might stare at the text in disbelief debating with themselves what the change of name ment. Izuku ponders for a moment on the same issue but decided to deal with it once he left whatever this please was. 

"Shimura do you recognise anyone else here?" 

She looked at the others she had not paid attention to. All other One for All users were there excluding the first and eighth. Out of all of them fourth was most recognizable. 


A vestige of a man with a black line across his face looks over at her. 

"How do you know of that?"

He was weary of here the only thing the was the fourth of was his responsibility, his promise to keep the key to victory safe. 

"I'm Nana Shimura the seventh holder of One for All. I had met a version of you stored in One for All as I was."

He sighs in relief knowing not all is lost. 

"Has that version of me told you of the consiqences of holding One for All?" 


All Might interjects

"What do you mean consiqences? What would happen if I had passed it on?"

"When I held the quirk I tried to hold onto it and train until I could face All for One but after years of this my body began deteriorating quickly. Thankfully I was able to find a successor. I died at the age of 40 with my body crumbling as All for One found me."

" Then why hasn't my body been deteriorating? I'm already past 40"

"Me and the other users have discussed this. There is a difference between you and fourth. You were quirkless. Think of quirks like water and a body a cup. When someone has a quirk their cup is filled to the brim and if another quirk is added to it the cup overflows and cracks as the spilled contents try to return into it."

Dread falls on to All Might knowing he would have gave his successor an early grave. 

"Which means I must find a quirkless successor." 

"or something with a quirk which counteracts the effects."

"What do you mean Young Midoriya? 

The three look over to Izuku desiring an explanation. 

"As you know my quirk allows me to adapt and recover from any harm that comes to me. If I were to receive One for All I would become immune to it's effects over time. Fourth how long were you in possession of the quirk."

"Around 18 years" 

"And since All Might has held onto it for so long anyone else who would hold the quirk would live for another 6 years."

A silence falls upon the group as All Might truly conprehends the gravity of what curse he would have brought to his successor. Izuku then realised something. 

'Wait if all quirks have vestiges then where is All for One's' 


The group looks over to the vestige of All for One and the holders ready themselves to defend Izuku but as it took a step. 

[Malicious Will detected] 


"What!? No, no no no no nooooo..." 


The group looked on shock as the vestige of All for One began to quickly disippates in screams of anger and fear, and turns into a red orb surrounded by lightning. 

"All Might, I think we should get back. They might be getting worried that we were gone for a while. 

"Yes young Midoriya, there is much we must dicuss with Nezu, Tsukauchi, and your mother" 


An older looking vestige piped up. They look over to him. 

"Who are you?" 

"Seiko Tsukauchi, I was killed by All for One after he took my quirk lie detector. You know of my descendant? What is their name? 

"Naomasa Tsukauchi."

The vestige sighs in relief. 

"My grandson. Thank god he's okay" 

The vestige returns to an orb and flies straight to Izuku. 

[Quirk Assimilation : Lie detector > Fact or Fiction] 

Appears once again. 

"OK, is there anyone else who is recognizable? 

They try to say anything to get a response from the rest of the vestiges to no avail. They return to orbs and orbit Izuku. 

"Alright, I guess we're done here. Hopefully my being here has allowed you to speak to All Might privately."

"I hope so too." 

Izuku opens his eyes, he was laying on couch and Inko holding his hand and she seeing this pulls him into a hug. 

"Izu you okay. What did All Might do to you? 

"He didn't do anything his quirk is just weird." 

Izuku looks at an unconscious All Might. He should have woken up at the same time. This doesn't last long as All Might wakes up and slowly sits up with a somber look. 

"We need to get to UA."

Nezu immediately leads the Midoriyas and Tsukauchi to a car, and the set off to the most most prestigious hero school in the country. 


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Chapter 7 : Machinations