73 World Of Pirates: Part 09

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"You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain"

- Miyamoto Musashi,


Recap: In the last chapter Hector finally defeats Kaido and the Beast Pirates to free Wano. But he was confronted with an unexpected question that make him rethink a lot of things.



Kozuki Hiyori P.O.V., Some days before

I think I'm in love.

That... That can only be the only explanation.

I never felt like that and maybe I'm wrong... But it should be something close. I can instinctively feel it...

There's this throb in my chest when I think about him and a surprising urge to treat him well so that he has a good impression of my person.

I never cared about that before. I, many times, said Sweet nothings to stupid and evil men. But if worked, worked. If not, I go to the next... There's no lack of stupid men out there after all.

But I never failed, even if I never tried hard.

But now I'm nervous about failing to make him like me.

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, I only had some talks with him after all...

But watching him take those lashes made my heart go to my mouth, I almost could feel the pain too.

At that moment I knew that this was not a transitory feeling.

Especially when I went to give him some medicine for his back and we talked a little. Just a little talk was enough to confirm my feelings, but... there's a problem.

Another woman. Busujima Saeko is her name... A Wano name but I never heard of her.

At that moment I felt like she saw right through me, I think she was his lover, but even so, she only smirked for an instant at me before following Hector-sama like she always does.

Was that a display of superiority? A challenge?


"You look exactly like your mother..." I hear an aged voice behind me.

Turning around I see the old friend of my father, Rayleigh.

"Rayleigh-san right? I'm sorry that I can't recall you very well..." I confess regretfully. I know that my family embarked on Roger's ship in the past.

"Hahaha. No problem at all!" He laughs "You were just a baby after all."

"..." This is a little awkward but... "I would gladly hear stories of that time, Rayleigh-san. I can't remember anything after all, only that I've been on a ship."

I see some sadness flashing through his old eyes.

"I'm sorry for everything that you've been through, Hiyori." He finally says "It's no excuse, but we only knew about Oden death years after it happened... And everyone was already separated. It was the second saddest day of my life."

I bit my lip to hold back my tears.

"I... I remember when I was a little... My Father was always a strong man who could hold the world on his shoulders. But when he read the News of Roger's execution, he cried like a child." I will never forget that, I remember crying too even without understanding why. "But he smiled too, between the tears."

"..." I watch this old and battle-hardened warrior take off his glasses and hold his eyelids.

Yes, my father lived a good life if he was loved by so many. A pity was too short...

"Haah~ The problem of getting old is that you leave so many behind..." He sighs heavily before looking at me "I can say for sure that Oden and Toki would be proud of the woman you became. And I only heard a little about you." He gives me a warm smile.

"..." I nod slowly, once again holding some tears. Words like that coming from people who know my parents always hit deeply.


But we don't have time to continue our talk when a hashi flies in Rayleigh-san's direction like a Hidden Weapon, but is caught by him between his two fingers effortlessly.

"Oy~ Oy~, save some tears for later. Tonight you should be happy!" Hector-sama's voice hits us while he shouts from the distance, below him a huge pot while he cooks something "Oden himself said that there's no need to cry or remember him like that... Just talk about him over a sake cup should be enough."

He is surrounded by a lot of people while adding some things to the giant hotpot.

"Now, come savor my oden... I'm sure it will make all of you forget how to cry." He exclaims while adding some seasoning by rubbing his fingers strangely.

"Hiyori-sama, come! I took a bowl to you." Kawamatsu calls me showing me the empty bowl.

The rest is around Hector while he finishes his dish, almost in line to taste it.

For some reason, that oden tasted like a happy memory.


I have fallen for the right man.

After the Fire Festival, Hector-sama personally visits all of Wano. The decrepit villages, bandits hideouts, factory slums... He also forced the ex-subordinates of Kaido to apologize to the people there personally.

And he, true to his way of taking responsibility, knelt together with them while asking the people of Wano to forgive and try to create something better together.

He is more than simply strong, even if he acts brash, confident, and carefree sometimes, he has that sense of responsibility and acts humble and selfless too.

A little like my father when he humiliated himself all these years ago, thinking that Orochi would keep his word.

"I'm strong, so I can shoulder what you weaklings can't." Hector said to the pirates "But remember that I'm still investigating you all... Better confess your wrongdoing now. When I discover that any of you did something outrageous like mess with women and children..." He threatens while looking at them coldly.

He at least is not naive like my Father... Or maybe the word is optimistic? He must have seen a lot at such a young age.

The days passed and he even cleaned the rivers and lands of toxicity and pollution using a green pearl.

And even cured the people that are affected by the Smiles!

This only made him even more loved by the people here and eventually, the temporary position of Shogun fell to him.

His annoyed face at that time made me giggle, fufu.


"So it should be here..." Hector-sama says in an area full of debris.

The graves of my family and the rest of the Red Scabbards close to us.

Right now we are in the Kuri region, my previous home and Hector-sama is explaining something of utter importance to us.

"In more or less two years, they should appear here, so this area must be free." He says "The Toki Toki no Mi(Time-Time Fruit), has time-based powers(Duh!) but is limited to traveling forward in time. You all better than anyone must know that Toki-san is someone from the past."

We and the rest look between ourselves. The only ones who truly know everything are my mother and father. Mother never talked much about her power or past.

"In less than two years, huh? What a relief~" Denjiro didn't doubt Hector-sama's words and sighs in relief

"All of of them?" Inuarashi asks

"Yep. Momonosuke, Kin'emon, Kikunojo, Raizo, and... the traitor Kanjuro." Hector says heavily

He already revealed this piece of information but...

"It's still hard to believe, Hector-san!" Kawamatsu exclaims

"We've been through a lot together." Inuarashi says in a low voice

"We ate, fought, and cried together." Nekomamushi adds

Hector-sama on his part shrugs his shoulders "I don't care if you believe in me. When he appears, he should send some animal paints immediately. This can confirm it."


"I'm not surprised that is hard to believe... But scrap your brains to remember. The times when the enemy always appears to be one step ahead of you guys." Hector-sama says nonchalantly


"Anyway, it's not that weird that you all haven't noticed anything. The guy was a psychopath and an actor. He lived that role wholeheartedly. He would have died with your guys if Orochi hadn't said anything to make him stop. Attitude is the mask of the heart... And someone without a heart can act whatever they want. I know a guy like that..." Hector-sama adds while he walks around the place, he appears to be searching or at least waiting for something.

"..." Everyone is silent. I think some are already accepting it in their heart, but find it hard to acknowledge it loudly

"You know someone like that?" I can't help but ask

He turns to me for a moment before going back to stare at a certain point "My sensei... He was an evil guy who saw the whole world as a story where he was the ultimate villain. Similar to how Kanjuro sees the world as his stage, but different from Kanjuro, my sensei had a god-complex."

"This... Strange that someone like that is your sensei..." Inuarashi says

"Yeah... It's complicated..." He doesn't say more about the subject "Oh, found it... Now multiplying [Mr. Blue Sky], and using an illusion to cover them so that everyone can see and with [Moody Blues]..." I hear him muttering "Let's watch how that day went, shall we?" He turns to us.


I'm wiping my tears again. I've been crying a lot these days... I need to control myself, I'm a samurai, Oden's, daughter.

Hector just used some power to show an illusion of that night 18 years ago.

"Poor Momonosuke-sama..." Kawamatsu is also crying a little

"He suffered too much at such a young age!" Nekomamushi can't hold it and cries to the sky.

"Yes, and he will reappear as a traumatized brat again. So you guys must know what to do, right?" Hector-sama intervenes and says strongly

"We need to start making a better Wano when Momonosuke-sama inherits the Shogunate." Yasuie-sama confirms Hector-sama's words with a strong nod. He is not acting like a fool anymore, except with Otoko-chan.

"We should reform this castle." Hector-sama comments while looking at Kuri below us "A Symbol is good to boost morale. We don't have Momonosuke, the male heir, so this should be enough for two years..." He advises before turning to us.

A discussion about the theme develops between them but an idea suddenly strikes me...

No male heir... Kuri... Kuri was the region of my Father, of the branch of the Kozuki family that my father created after being exiled. My brother will inherit the position of Shogun of all Wano...

There's no one to inherit Kuri...

I give Hector-sama a sideglance while he creates a circle where my brothers and the others will reappear.

His illusion showed the exact moment when they simply vanished.

But for some reason, Hector-sama's gaze continues to narrow while he looks to a certain empty space close...

But I don't care about it now, the idea continues to grow on me and the more I think about the more sense it makes.


I talked with the retainers of the Kozuki Family and Yasuie-san about my plan. They are the people closer to me and the ones who can give me guidance.

Surprisingly, or not so, they agreed that it is a good plan from a pragmatic point of view... And teased me a little when they made sure that it was a good plan from an emotional point of view too.

I can't help but blush a little remembering they making fun of me.

But I will not cower away from my feelings either, so... I walk alone first to deal with the first barrier. I'm a samurai daughter after all!

"Busujima-san?" I knock on the door

"You can enter, Kozuki-san." Her voice comes from inside.

Hector-sama group is hosted in a corner of the Shogun castle in the Flower Capital. It's a small place but it has a beautiful and calm backyard where he relaxes with his dog and his... woman...

Their relationship is not a secret to anyone.

I enter and see Busujima-san alone. Good.

"A bonsai?" I start with small talk.

She was on the porch of the house, sitting in a seiza while tending a bonsai carefully.

She chuckles while I sit in front of her.

"One of these days Hector was planting rice with some old ladies..." She starts. I remember that. It was cute seeing him interact with the grandmas "I asked him why he was doing such menial tasks... I mean, he could've planted that in an instant, but he was doing it normally."

She cuts a small branch of the bonsai while talking

"He didn't answer at that time, only shrugged and continued to listen to the old ladies about how to plant rice appropriately. Later give me this bonsai..." She cuts another branch "I understand now. There's a certain appeal in doing tasks calmly like that. It's like resting, but different from simply lazing around and sleeping... Better." She says with a small smile.

Busujima-san is really a beautiful girl... But I think I'm more! Hmpf! So Hector-san shouldn't have complaints, right? Right?

"He is wise beyond his age..." I say to her story

"Yes, he is." She agrees easily "The best man in the world... and beyond. And he doesn't even notice it."

"..." She adores him

I keep my silence while Busujima-san also doesn't make an efforts to continue the conversation. She continues to tend to her bonsai, but she doesn't send me away either.

I guess it's my turn to bring up the subject. The best way is to be direct.

"I want to marry him!" I reveal

"...good luck." She takes her eyes from the small tree for an instant before she nods at me

"...is that it?" I frown at her.

"Well..." She trails off "Are you asking for permission? Advice? Declaring that you will steal him from me?" She looks into my eyes with a dead serious expression

"I... I don't want to steal him. I think... I hope we can come to a consensus and... I don't want to be ungrateful to you two and hurt the two of you..." I try to say but she suddenly laughs

"Fufu... Haha. Sorry, sorry... I was just trying to act like him a little." She smiles broadly. She was teasing me! "Let's talk from woman to woman... What are your intentions with my man?" She continues with her broad and teasing smile.

Right, I practiced it in my head "I want to marry him to secure the Kozuki bloodline... Our child would inherit Kuri-"

"No, no, no." She interrupts me "It's okay that you're thinking ahead, and is good that you're being direct but this will not work with him. Just say that you like him and don't see yourself with any other man. Isn't this what you're thinking right now?" She smiles broadly again.

I blush a little for having my thoughts read so easily

"Fufu. It's not that I'm that good at reading people, it simply makes sense. Again, he is the best man that exists." She once again laughs "A princess of the country he saved asking to marry him... Fufu. He walked right on this cliche."

"...you don't appear annoyed by it. If he accepts and he marries me, you would be like a concubine. I was thinking that we could marry him together to avoid it." I say

But she looks at me with a strange expression. Before turning to look at the yard

"Hmm~ A concubine, huh? I like this a little... It's hot." Then she turns fast to me "I mean*Ahem* We have a lot to talk about, Kozuki-san." She says acting more seriously

"About what?"

"Well... Sorry to say this but... You're never gonna be the first." She says seriously "Doesn't matter if you marry him with an official ceremony and all that. If you can't accept it now... Just go away, forget about it and I will forget that we had this talk."


"The truth is, you don't know 10% of Hector. And maybe will never know. He talked about going away in two months, right? It's much deeper than that."

"How so?"

"REALLY going away. To never come back... Being sincere, I would like you to succeed in convincing because it would tie him to this world. He created so many good connections and memories, I think would be a pity that they become just that... memories." She says with a heavy gaze

I don't understand completely, but she doesn't elaborate. This must be some serious secret that only Hector can reveal.

Why is he going away is that serious?

I'm ready to raise our kid alone for years, if necessary, till he comes back. It's not that weird.

But never coming back? Never?

I can feel my heart shattering...

I can't give up so easily like that! I'm okay for him to stay away, I can wait decades for him... But I want him!

"It appears that you've made your resolve." Busujima-san takes me off my thoughts

"Why are you helping me?" I finally ask. She is sincerely helping me.

She looks at me with a serious expression.

"Again, he is an amazing guy... And I think he deserves everything of good the world has to offer." The seriousness left her face and she gave me a sly smile "Even princesses."

Tch. I know I'm pouting now... Another one that is teasing me.

"Sorry, but you're gonna have a hard time if you have no resistance against this, you know? He loves teasing." She says "Now, let's plan how do you will approach this. First, don't play games and don't try to seduce, you don't have time, and will not work... Just be direct. And... Ah~"

She suddenly remembers something and says "He will absolutely reject you by the way."



Hector P.O.V.


Someone is plotting against me... Fucking anime world.

Anyway, let me continue fighting my greatest enemy to this day... Paperwork.

I continue to scribble orders and plans to pass to my temporary subordinates. Construction plans, execution orders, transfer of money, messages with the proofs of that guy being corrupted and this is only Wano. Tch, I forgot that Kaido has a fourth of the New World as his territory.

I can't let his subordinates go on a rampage because I defeated him.

Luckily, I have Yamato to keep these guys on a leash even if I don't go personally.

Yes, I can do everything alone. But if there's one thing I learned from All Might's mistakes is that sometimes you need to tone down your effectiveness to allow people to grow.

And now that I'm helping I'm going all the way to make this country better for that little shit Momonosuke.

Now I will make a plan to distribute the wealth of this country, the Flower Capital is literally the 1% here. First, roads then we work on the fields, I already cleaned the rivers, and I will not waste the people who learned smithing during their slavery. It's awful, but it's useful and many don't know anything more, 18 years after all... So is not good to close all the factories, but I will stop producing weapons. Ah~ I need to deal with the connection with the World Government, previously was Doflamingo that was the proxy, maybe the Cipher Poll will come to negotiate, I will periodically use "En" to check the blue nipples- Hm?

"..." I pause "Cortana, don't suddenly show me nudes of you while I'm working..."

"Sorry, Master~" She says apologetically, but not apologetically "I was just organizing my archives~ Damn~ It should've been a surprise~" She sighs and pouts

"As if I would believe you..." I roll my eyes. She is a teaser, I know now.

"But you're working so haaaard~ Master" She answers coyly "You are spending a lot of time doing boring Jobs. Isn't this a vacation for you?"

Well, in the end, Cortana Always prioritizes me

"Don't worry, it's also a learning experience." I say to her "I'm learning a little more about responsibility too..." I comment and remember my last talk with Kaido


*Little Flashback*

"...where did I start to go wrong?" The "quadrassected" Kaido asks from the ground, his eyes temptingly staring at the sky

Hector, that was already going away turns back to him "Damn, are you some kind of troll?" He asks looking at the guy who is surviving only with his head, heart, and lungs.

Surviving for 30 more seconds at least.

Hector steps on him to keep him alive a little more with some vitality "I don't know if this is a rhetorical question, but if you want to know I can give my thoughts..."

"..." Kaido stares at thim

"You became too much like the things you originally hated." Hector points accusingly "I researched about your backstory. The Champion of a country that was eventually sold by the high-ups to the World Government. I can understand why you are angry. Betrayed by the ones that ordered you, sold form benefits, treated like a bargaining chip..."


"I can also understand your anger toward these people that just stay on their thrones or behind desks ordering us to be killed while they play wars, unaffected by the horrors of it. 'War is a place where the young kill one another without knowing or hating each other, because of the decision of old people who know and hate each other, without killing each other.' " Hector quotes


"You think at least war is fair, right? If everyone participates in it... You want to drag those old bastards from their Ivory towers and throw them on the muddy shitty ground to fight for their lives too. I can understand the feeling absolutely. I felt like that sometimes."


"Your vision of freedom is the one that you grab with your own hands, your own strength. The Law of the Jungle. The fairest of them all..." Hector shakes his head "But this is not that fair too."


"There are people that are born with disabilities, even something like myopia can be a huge disadvantage. This diminishes their chances of survival. Should they die because of something they can't control? Some have great talents in other things, why should they grab a sword to stab another someone?"


"War sucks! I watched 'All Quiet on the Western Front'. War is not a place of glory. It's dirty. The ones that could fight, should fight to allow the ones that couldn't live a good life and contribute to Society in another aspect. Imagine the Waste of someone like Nikola Tesla dying on a trench?"


"People have different talents and as the strong, we should nurture and protect them. That's why I said that I will create a world where everyone at least has a chance."


"You started well, but eventually in your wrenched vision filled with hate, you started dismissing everyone that doesn't adquate with your ideals of strength as a lesser being... Exactly like the kings that you hate so much."


"Freedom without responsibility is only self-indulgence, Kaido King of the Beasts." Hector looks down on him and says strongly "And in this world, self-indulgence is a poison that weakens you. You, Big Mom, and Blackbeard... All become weaker and will never reach their full potential because you only indulge yourself."


"Roger... Oden... Whitebeard... Luffy... They are strong because they have something to fight for. They said that you grow a lot when you have it." Hector pauses "I'm still searching for mine."


"Anyway, you at some point got closer to the World Nobles lifestyle than the 'pirate path'." Hector sighs and starts to turn away "Or you die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain, huh?"

"..." He walks away letting Kaido to die finally


Back to Hector P.O.V.

"Freedom without responsibility is only self-indulgence..." I repeat myself out loud "Noblesse Oblige... Now that I saved them, they are my responsibility."

"If you're okay with that..." Cortana concedes

"More than okay, Cortana..." I smile while writing boring letters "I feel good doing that."


*Knock* *Knock*

Hiyori and the others? "Enter..."

True to my senses, Hiyori, Denjiro, Kawamatsu, and Yasuie entered my temporary office.

"Sit..." I gesture in front of my table "What is so important that all of you need to come at the same time?" And they are a little tense


"I have something to discuss, Hector-sama... Something to ask for, in truth." Hiyori is the one leading the conversation

"Go on. No need to make a ceremony, you can ask anything." I say and offer some tea to them, heating it with my powers.

I take a sip of the tea, it's good.

"..." These samurai people are very shy to ask for things... I can understand.

"Would you please marry me?" Hiyori says


"Say what?" Am I finally going crazy?

She takes a deep breath and repeats "Hector-sama... Could you please marry me and give me a child?" She goes even further, blushing.


The room is silent after that, my mouth is still open but all the tea has already fallen from it.

I glance at the other people and no one gives me anything that this is a joke, no they would not joke about that. And this is not something thought on a whim either...

The fact that Kawatsu and Denjiro, who took care of Hiyori are somewhat her closest guardians, and Yasuie the guy with the most political influence and acumen are here, is enough for me to deduce they are deadly serious.

So I will treat this seriously too.

Fixing my posture, I cross my arms and put on my cold face.

"I can understand where it came from... But elaborate." I talk business.

I was waiting for Yasuie or Denjiro to talk about continuing the bloodline or whatever but Hiyori opened her mouth first.

"It's because I like you!" She declares strongly, putting a hand over her chest "And can't imagine anyone other than you to be my husband!"

"..." Okay... I control the widening of my eyes.

This is a little embarrassing... Damn, so that is what those girls feel when I shamelessly say those things to them.

"*Ahem* This... This will not have a happy ending." It's better to explain and cut this idea on the crib "My time here is limited, I will eventually go back to my hometown and never come back. I only have two months left... After that, only a life of solitude awaits for you."

"I don't mind!" She interjects again "If is not you, will not be anyone. I'm ready to spend the rest of my life as a maiden!"

What a hell? Where does this stubbornness come from? Oh yeah, Hiyori in truth is a tomboy problematic brat. She only knows how to act like a proper lady now.

Her words shock her people too, they appear to want to say something but decide otherwise.

"You say this now..." I dismiss her with a wave of my hand "In some years you could find someone good enough..." Like Zoro... Wait, Zoro has childhood friend issues and alcohol problems too. Yep, this world is hard for women.

And the many cases of them simply abandoning the family.

"I'm serious!" She says again "What do I need to do to make you believe me?"

"..." Nothing... "I'm still surprised that you thought that I would accept that easily. We barely knew each other." I sigh

"But I'm beautiful, so you should be happy, right?" She suddenly gives a big, innocent, and bright smile. Like that was an excellent argument.

"..." Me and the others almost faceplant the floor.

"Yes, yes you're beautiful." I admit "But this is not enough to me."

She goes to say something more but Yasuie-san says first

"Hector-dono, maybe it's weird to you that we came off so strong. But considering your limited time, we decided to be direct." He says level-headed "Feelings can blossom afterward, or do Hiyori-sama has something that displeases you?" He talked like an old noble arranging a marriage

Well, he is.

"...No. There's nothing that displeases me on her." I'm not shy in saying it, but I feel weird seeing her blush astronomically at my declaration.


"Then nothing. I still need to eventually leave in two months, so you're saying to me to accept to play marriage life for two months to never again?" I interrupt a little more coldly now.

I feel like they are ignoring my feelings. Is it that common for to people think that a man would be on board to an arranged marriage just because the woman is beautiful?

I also have to consider the feelings of my other girls too...


My words shut them up a little.

"Umh... there's no way for you to come back?" Hiyori asks in a half despairing, half pleading tone.

"...It's not impossible." I admit "It's incredibly tough. It's uncertain and it would take probably years for me to return."

"Then... In two months I will make my feelings reach you! We can be married, I will raise our kid to the best of my abilities and we wait for you for as long as necessary!" Hiyori exclaims

"..." For one side, that was a very heartfelt declaration. But for another... I narrow my eyes "I think you don't understand what you're asking me... Maybe the culture and common sense of this world made your mind incapable of conceiving what you... is... asking... of... me..." I'm angry now.

"..." I don't care that they are scared.

I don't care that they flinched at my tone. I tried to reject nicely, but... Being ruthless is necessary sometimes.

I start explaining through gritted teeth and narrowed eyes "It will take years for me to return... You're asking me to give up my... first... kid... You're asking me to miss your pregnancy... Asking me to miss his, or her, birth... Asking me to not be there to hold him and hear his first cry... Asking me to maybe miss his first words, his first steps, his first birthday... Do you understand what you're asking me now?" I glare at them


I stand up to look down on them "Maybe is normal in this world, but is not for me. I have a plan for my life... I'm working hard, acting like a maniac to be strong and solve many problems so that I can create a better future for others and my future family."

I take my time to look at them one-on-one "My life is dangerous... When I have my children, my family, I plan to dedicate my everything to them." I don't wanna be like those superheroes that juggle the hero's life and personal lives.

That's why I'm going 300 mph on this road, without even enjoying the scenario, so that I can reach my destination and stop there with my loved ones.

"Well, don't bring this topic ever again..." I say before walking away.

Leaving them with complicated expressions.


Hmpf... Having a child. Now? I'm only sixteen, almost seventeen if counting the months spent using Travel Tickets, but nonetheless, I'm too young.

I walk through the backyard of the castle.

The garden is nice and relaxing. Cherry Blossom petals fall while I stop over a small bridge.

Wano is a funny country, each region is perpetually in a season. There's a region where it always snows, one that is eternally in summer(The one where Luffy appeared). The Flower Capital is always in spring, hence the name.

"I'm too young..." I repeat to myself while leaning over the bridge parapet, looking at my reflection in the water below

I'm too young... I'm not wrong in not wanting that responsibility. They have no right to get sad over it.

"Bad mood?" I hear Saeko's voice at my side.

"Something like that..." I say and pull her closer by the waist.

"The people here asked me to marry Hiyori and have a child." I say immediately.

I can be a bastard in having a harem, but at least I'm an honest and transparent bastard.

"Hm~ I know, Hiyori-san approached me earlier..." She hummed under my caressing but her words made me give her a double take

"She did?"

"Yes... She is serious, you know?" She gives me a look

"It doesn't matter..."

"You stole the poor girl's heart, aren't you gonna take responsibility?" She asks with a teasing smile.

"She is 24. And I don't control other people's minds and hearts." I can... But I avoid it. Beyond some healthy misdirection and manipulation "And shouldn't you be jealous, mad, or maybe happy that I refused?? Why do I feel that you are on her side?"

"If I was the jealous type I wouldn't be with you now." Fair "And I don't see the big problem in your giving in... Wouldn't she be a good wife? This is another universe and will only affect your 'main life' as much as you allow it. Could be a good experience... Aren't you all in for new experiences?"

"...it's different. I know myself, I can't ditch the responsibility like that." I shake my head. Having separate lives is something that I thought before, but everything is so uncertain. "It's simply not the right time for it. I want to have more free time before having children... I want to get stronger so that they can be born strong too."

"Not everything needs to be planned to the minute details, Hector." She grabs my cheek and looks at my eyes "Even your power is something based on luck... We being together is something born from chance too, right? Is it bad?"


"Then... Maybe will be good for you. The perfect balance in experimenting with it without affecting 100% your life." She argues.

"But it's my firstborn!" I shot back "I don't want to be the cliche anime dad." I joke

"Fufu... People here are very accepting of this... cliche anime dad behavior. Either Hiyori-san or your child will not resent you." She laughs "Isn't this the best world to do it?"

"Stop using logic... That's my thing." I chuckle at her "And you don't know what my possible child would think. Born and raised without a Father... He could be Luffy or he could be Naruto. I'm not letting those things to chance..."

She grabs my face with her two hands now. Holding it more strongly and making me look at her

"I don't know the far future, yes... But I know that whatever child was born from you... He or she would be incomparably blessed. He would be lucky to have you as his father even if you were not present earlier in his life. Better to exist than not to exist at all..." She gives me a peck on the lips "You don't need to do everything, right? You talked about this to me before... He will be raised well in this country. Surrounded by people that will absolutely love him."

After this, she turns away and leaves me to my own thoughts.


I put my upper body over the bridge parapet again

"What did you think, Cortana?" I ask my reliable A.I. lover.

"You're not wrong, Master." She starts "But the other side has good points. It's the type of thing that you will not know for sure till you make a decision... But like you once said... 'You never know if you're ready, it's a leap of faith'."

"You two using my words and my argumentation techniques against me..." I mumble with almost a pout. Cortanas giggles at my words. "Damn, I will never win a discussion on my life, huh?" I will always be ganged up

"Yep, just accept it already."

"..." Despite myself, I chuckle again...

A child, huh? And I was shit-talking Roger and the others since day one!

Ugh... It came back to bite me on the ass... Is it karma?

And what do I say about this trip again? 'Let's have fun, no strings attached!'

I cover my face with my hands and grumble again.


I don't know for how long I stayed watching the cherry petals fall on the water and create small ripples.

But for some reason, I reached in my Inventory... The Minecraft Inventory. The one with limited slots. Where I let some weapons to "quick draw" and other important things...

... and remove a picture from it.

In the picture, there's Me, Kaina and Eri. For some reason, my thoughts went to them.

"These are?" Cortana asks

"Don't tell, Shego..." I smile while explaining

After that, I voiced my thoughts "The first world that I visited. At that time I didn't even know if I was really traveling to another multiverse or if my power was simply creating a simulation. I went there to take what I wanted and avoid some disaster as reparation...It was not in the plan, but in the end... I got attached." I look at that picture again.

"Do you regret it?' Cortana asks

"No. Absolutely not." I shake my head "I plan to visit there after some years... Initially, it was five, but now I decided to actively try to go back in two years. I can't wait that much." In truth, I'm waiting to gain some two-way portal mechanic through the Gacha, or a way to put a universe in a pocket dimension, I don't know.

If nothing appears... I will dump all my Power Boost cards in [D4C]. One of the reasons that I'm frugal with my Power Boost cards for now. I want to comfortably accumulate at least a hundred of them before starting boosting powers with potential.

And there's that America Chavez girl too, I can go copy her power.

I have a plan, I'm simply taking it easy for now.

"Then Master... Taking another one of your lines~ To solve this you just need to ask yourself..." Cortana smiles slyly "What option you will not regret in the future?"

"...I don't know."

Damn, that's hard. I'm faltering.

One part of me wants to say that I can do this later, you know? In another One piece universe... But it would be the same? No. It would not be the same Hiyori. It would not be the same circumstances...

"Aaaaarggghh! This is too hard." I shout to the sky while passing my fingers through my hair "Why I can't be a dumb wish-fulfillment MC that thinks with the dick?!?"

I can hear Cortana laugh "You care too much and take things always too seriously."

"You know what?" I suddenly say, more calmly "I will do the natural masculine response when confronted with the prospect of marriage and kids ..."


Nigerundayo this shit is a viable strategy. I will think about it away from here.


Now I'm far away from Wano.

While fleeing I took Machia and Rover on a little trip. Only the boys! No women!

"A hopeless romantic all my life~ Surrounded by couples all the time~" I sing while playing my guitar on Machia's back. He is swimming in the sea.

"Really, Master? K-pop now? Your repertoire is really vast..." Cortana says

"Oy~ Oy~ Don't criticize, I do not like the genre, but some songs are nice..." I defend "I gave a second chance to cupid~ But now, I'm left here feeling stupid~"

"If you say so..." She rolls her eyes

"Cortana, Cortana... You're having the privilege of participating in this boy's trip thanks to your short hair that temporarily gives you the tomboy status... Don't abuse." I threaten jokingly

"Wow~ Sorry~" She rolls her eyes again.

"And some songs are really not so bad... When I was 14, before Moving to America, there was this female friend of mine who showed me K-pop. I disliked more of it but some went to my playlist." I say. It's weird remembering my past before coming to Marvel.

It feels so long... ! Wait a minute!!

"She was totally on me!!!" I shot from my sitting position "I only noticed now!!!"


"Whatever... You girls are cuter." I relax again

Cortana: (✿◠‿◠)

"Now... To a boy's trip, there's only a place to go in this world!" I stand up and put my hands on my hips "The manliest place... Elbaf!" I declare.

Oh wait... Let's take Tsukasa too.

"But before the manliest place... The gayest one!!" I point in the direction Kamabakka Kingdom

I sit down and continue to sing romantic songs "Wenomechainsama~"


"HAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAH*Cough**Cough*" I can't... I can't... Ugh, my stomach hurts...

"Hector-san... Please..." Tsukasa deadpans at me while I try to support myself on a table.

Or should I say... Tsukasa-chan?

"Hahaha. Don't be like that, Tsukasa-chan. You're cute." I say to the now with breasts Tsukasa.

She still spots her short hair and her face didn't change much because he was fucking pretty boy before, but her body has the feminine curves.

Yujiro Hanma: "Hm~ Very breedable."

Down. I'm Lucky that the assimilations don't influence me this much.

"If Rindo saw me like that, she would be laughing like you too..." She put her face on her hands.

Stop acting cute, you bastard.

Anyway, Rindo is that wild redhead friend of his in his world, right? She would be a good summon to have, very adventurous...

"Well, I already expected something like that to happen. Are they bullying you?" I say and sit on the table of this pink castle.

He sighs... iw ill call him for my state of mind. "Ivankov-san said that is a good experience to be in the shoes of the other gender. To make better dishes."

"That okama bastard is simply a fucking sadic!!" Suddenly Sanji appears by kicking the window of the room. He is panting and appears to be running from something

Oh~ So that's why Sanji is so traumatized. He must have passed through something similar, as a form of training Armament Haki. After learning it he could disperse the effects of Ivan's Devil Fruit.

But Tsukasa is not a combatant so he is suffering till now.

I sideglance my subordinate.

His aura changed a little at least... Is he awakening Nen like Komugi in Hunter x Hunter? Is his exposure to me and the others affecting him? Sometimes exposure to people with powers makes people awaken power themselves.

"Sup, Sanji." I greet the cook of the Strawahats "Where is Ivan? And Bon-chan?"

"Who knows? I hope dead." He exclaims while lighting a cigarette "They left a week ago."

"So you're like this for an entire week?" I turn to Tsukasa and he blushes.

Hahahaha. He needs to go to the bathroom like that!!

"Well, Ivan absolutely had hidden intentions, but what he said is not entirely bullshit. Men and women experience taste differently. The hormones and all that... Men have a predisposition to like garlic for example." I explain.

Hm~ I want to eat some garlic bread now... With a barbecue.

Tsukasa sighs "Yes, I felt some differences too."

"Whatever, we're going on a trip Tsukasa, but before..." I turn to Sanji "Sanji, make me some bentos, I will pass them to the Strawhats too!" I shout at him who is still hiding in a corner.

"Oh! I will do my best while thinking about Nami-swan and Robin-chwan!" He shoots to his feet and goes wiggling to the kitchen.

The guy wouldn't let anyone go hungry.


Later after receiving the food and a lot of letters from Sanji proclaiming his love for Nami and Robin, I am prepared to take Tsukasa away.

"By the way, why are you avoiding looking at Tsukasa?" I ask Sanji with a grin, while he gives me the bentos

"It's too confusing... My eyes are lying to my heart." He continues with his eyes closed.

Haha. I feel you, buddy... Here there are only hairy okamas, so seeing the cute Tsukasa... pfft haha. This place really tests Sanji's mental fortitude.

"Here is the payment for the food..." I put an envelope on the table like I'm passing some illegal stuff.

"You don't need to pay anything..." He says slowly but checks it nonetheless "!!!"

His eyes widen and his cigarette falls from his mouth.

The man is trembling, his blood rushing through his body at Mach 2.

On the envelope, are pictures of Nami, Robin, and Vivi.

The guy needs to catch a break.

"Let's go." I say while watching Sanji fainting on the floor but instinctively putting the pictures at some sort of armor around his body.


"I sincerely have nothing to say..." Tsukasa, now back to being a man, gives me his incredible advice about my actual predicament.

We are right now navigating on Machia's back.

Well, it's not like I was expecting the guy who is a food otaku to be a love guru.

I was simply ranting and making him catch up with the News. Can't let my subordinates feel left out, after all...

"It's okay... By the way, I didn't get to you because I was busy, but later I bring you to Wano. The food there is similar but not exactly the same to the Japanese." I say to him and he nods.

"If you marry, I can cook the dishes." He jokes.

I laugh after giving him a stink eye.


"Well, that can only be Elbaf..." I deadpan while looking at the approaching island

It was never shown, but the place with a giant Yggdrasil-like tree gives some clues.

"Sounds very inhospitable." Tsukasa comments seeing the island full of mountains

"It's a place of Warriors... Must be a hardened place." I say "We obviously gonna attract attention, so let's barge shamelessly. Maybe eat in a tavern, trap a giant Wolf, have a brawl..."

"Please no brawl..." Tsukasa sighs

"Haha. No, the only brawling will be Machia."

"Me?" Machia's voice reverberates to us.

I jump on his forehead and looks at him upside down.

"Yep... Those guys are strong, so train Haki beating and being beaten by them. We are going 'dojo hunting'." I say with a smile.

Machia is not dumb, but he is the type to learn by doing... So he is behind Saeko and Cassandra in Haki. Time to remedy that.

"Can't we go in peace?" Tsukasa tries to plead with an uncomfortable expression.

"No... In a Viking setting we need to fight. It's the law!"


"See? Even Rover agrees..."


"So... You're not gonna do anything?" Tsukasa asks me while we are eating some unknown cooked meat with some unknown sauce with an unknown beer. Surprisingly there are sized tables here.

He doesn't want to drink, because he is a minor, I'm drinking only to taste it, so he is drinking the milk of some unknown creature too.

"Nah..." We can hear the crash sounds outside and the earthquakes of Machia soloing this village on Elbaf.

I throw a piece of meat bigger than a car to Rover, I ask myself if he also has a pocket dimension stomach like Cathulhu.

"I don't know a lot about this place... Why didn't you tell me a little, Old man?" I say to the barman.

I really don't know except there's a royal Family with a guy called Loki and that's it... Maybe someone here ate a Devil Fruit.

So, with the background sound of Machia trashing some Giants, I learn about privileged information.


"Oho~ There's a strong presence outside..." I suddenly say "It's the Shanks D. Snitch." I laugh

I stand up and drag Tsukasa to the outside with me.

The scene that greets us is very chaotic, with many things happening at the same time.

First things first, there's a sea of bodies(unconscious bodies, not corpses) of Giants. I think maybe five hundred giants...

Machia was there in the middle, being encircled by more Giants ready to jump my guy.

On the shore and sea, I can see a fleet. Shank's Yonko crew. His characteristic ship is already in the port.

Then there's Rover, he is pissing on an unconscious giant... Bro...

It appears that Shanks people took offense to him giving a golden shower on the giant, because Lucky Roo, that fat guy, it's above Rover already delivering an attack with a huge hammer on him.

The blow is strong enough to create shockwaves and cracks on the ground, and even make Rover Kness bend a little.

But after that, my dog straightens himself and shakes his head from side to side like he is shaking something off.

But this can't stand...

Lucky Roo wants to continue attacking, but I glare at him.

"What are you thinking you are doing with my dog?" My voice is transmitted directly to him and everyone else in this place.

My tone passes the message of "attack again and you're dead" and Lucky Roo stops to look at me.

I disappear to reappear on Machia's spiky back, looking down at the whole place I ask "So... Why are you guys jumping on my people? This is not Jujutsu Kaisen..."

Seeing the situation, it appears that the Shanks people were almost attacking Machia too.

"We finally meet, the Devil..." The man himself walks in front of his people, he shows my bounty poster.

Now my bounty is of 4B after defeating Kaido.

"Hello there, Red-haired." I look down on him, I have the high ground.

And my nickname is better.

"What are you doing here?" He asks me while making an intimidating face

"What are you doing here?" On the paper, Elbaf is not his territory. On paper, at least...

"Visiting my friends." He answers

"Fair... I'm doing tourism."

"It doesn't look like it..." He deadpans while looking around the sea of Giants, unconscious and standing.

"They are alive... And I brought my boy here to have some spar with people that can physically match him. Isn't Elbaf the land of proud Warriors?" I raise my eyebrow

Did these so-called Warriors go crying to their daddy after being beaten? Are they frauds?

"Again, the mood doesn't look like of a merry spar." Shanks says looking angry.

I look around. Yep, the Giants are angry. Did Machia disrespect them? Very possible... In the end, he is a villain.

I look down on Machia and I can feel that he grew stronger, practicing make it perfect after all.

"Well, so what?" I turn to Shanks and the rest and smirk "1V500, you all are all happy in taking the challenge in the beginning, now that he has proven much better, did he step on your pride as warriors? Boohoo" I mock

The Giants bristle at my words

"So disappointing... I expected more of the race that beat their chest and proclaimed themselves 'Brave Warriors'. Or do you guys only act brave to the ones weaker than you? This is not a being Brave, is being a Bully, you know?" When I want to offend, I know exactly what to say.

"This remembers me... Didn't Big Mom soloed some villages around here when she was 5 years old? And you guys acted like she was a monster" 'She is' "Painting a child as a monster is easier than admitting your own incompetence, right?"


So what if Machia was disrespectful and Rover was pissing on the guy... They are my people. I will admonish them later privately.

No one else has the right.

"What? No words?" I mock again

I can hear some tighten their grips on their weapons, murmuring something about how dare I mock the death of Beardfall or something like that.

I just continue to look down on Shanks.

So what that he was a character that I liked to accompany in the past. If you have different views, I will not bend over backward to him.

And I don't even know if he is a villain. I did a little research and sincerely he looks like a respectable and good guy. His Yonko's crew really protects weak countries and pirates. Much more similar to Whitebeard than Kaido and Big Mom.

He being a villain would be a plot twist bigger than Aizen. He is fooling everyone then...



"So... are we gonna stare at each other forever?" I ask with a raised eyebrow "If you want a fight, attack already." I really have no interest in his crew. No Devil fruits. "Spoiler alert: You're gonna lose."

"You come here and treat this place like your own backyard and want to go away without a problem?" Shanks asks with a frown, the people around him getting ready for a battle.

"Isn't this called being a pirate?" I tilt my head to the side


"You're never gonna win with words against me, dude. Your hypocrisy is higher than that tree..." I point to the Yggdrasil of this place "Some time ago you went to Old Man Whitebeard's ship blasting your Haki like you're hot shit, and now do you want to admonish me? Did you lose your common sense together with your arm?" I shit-talk him.

All around him, I can feel the people getting angry for his sake.

It appears that he is very respected and loved by his people.

"The difference is that I have the strength to act like that sometimes..." He says...

...And I laugh. I fucking laugh more loudly than even in this world.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!! You're saying this..." I pause for a moment and glare at him "... to me?"

*Zwwon* *BOOM*

Our Conqueror's Haki clashes at the same time.

That's literally one of the coolest things in this world.

It appears that the whole place is filled with static electricity, the clash pushes the people a little.

I'm protecting Tsukasa and I'm not going all out.

But I can confirm one thing... Shanks is strong. Maybe stronger than Kaido.

It's hard to measure with only that, but they are at least on equal grounds. What says a lot, if you consider Kaido has much more muscle mass and a Mythical Zoan.

The clash lasted for some seconds...

From a third-person perspective, it would appear that we are equal.

"..." But an observant one would notice that the clash was more like waves trying to push a rock wall.

My Haki didn't budge while his kept trying.

He knows that too.

"Still wanna fight? If not you would be a coward like these Fraud of Vikings... I bet Luffy and Ussop would be disappointe-! Hmmm?" I continue my trash talk before I remember something

Using [The World] as a shocking factor, I reappeared between the Red-haired pirates.

Stopping time and appearing so close to these guys that trust in Haki so much, has a great mental effect.

"Yassop, I have a question..." I speak to the man. Talking about Elbaf and Ussop reminded me of this guy.

"!!" Everyone turns fast to point their weapons and circle me.

I calmly continue to stare at the shooter of Shank's crew.

"So... You abandoned your family, how do you feel about it?" I say, not caring about his rifle pointing at me.

In truth, I even put my finger in the barrel like I'm in some sort of cartoon, and if he shoots the rifle would explode on his face. Hehe~ For some reason I find this very funny.

He doesn't answer and everyone's posture shifts, ready to start something...

I turn my head to look at Shanks over my shoulder "If you can see the future, you must know that this is a bad idea..." I glare at him.

I put on my mind the thought that if they attack, I will rip them apart. It's that thing that I learned from the Ancient One again, the one that I used against Shyarly.

Projecting my thoughts to increase the possibility of the future that I want to show.

"..." Apparently it works because I see Shanks frowning and not making further moves.

I turn to Yassop again "C'mon... Answer my question. You abandoned your family for like... Ten years? Never came back... How can you live with yourself being such a deadbeat father?" I ask, genuinely curious

"...I'm a man of the sea." He finally answers "A pirate. Coming back would only put them in danger." He answers finally

"..." It more or less makes sense... He is a top pirate in this world and everyone saw what the Marines tried to do with Ace and his mother. "Not convinced... Your wife died while you were partying some islands away. You didn't even send some money back, did you?"

"I did!" He answers fast and defensively "And I didn't know that she was Sick, I only learned much later... Then... Ugh, I don't even have the face to see my son anymore..." He sighs and shakes his head.

"...Well, I guess information circulation here sucks." I comment with my chin on my finger "But why delay? If you're man enough to face Yonkos and Admirals, go face your son and let him give you some nasty words."

He shakes his head "You're not a Father... You wouldn't get it. Fighting Yonkos is easier." He sighs again, my super-senses allow me to see how nervous and restless he is about this subject.

He then continues and stares directly a me with some resolve "But I know that he will forgive me."

"..." I narrow my eyes at him "How could-"

"And I know that my wife never held a grudge against me either." He interrupts me

"You can't know that..." I say, a little out of my element by how sure he looks. My senses say that he really believed that.

Or he is the most obnoxious guy on the planet or there's something I can't see.

"The truth is... I'm not ready to be forgiven by Ussop yet... One day we will meet." He says with certain "And I know that he understands because he went to the sea." He stares at me

"..." And I stare back

The staredown continues for a minute, maybe longer.

Eventually, I sigh and turn away.

"The difference in culture is too much..." I shrug "Fucking anime worlds."

No one blocks my way while I walk back to Machia and jump on his back.

I raise my palm to the sky and a bunch of motes of light are emitted from it. A combination of my healing powers, the main one being the Devil Fruit from that Tontatta Princess.

The motes of light heal the giants that are beaten black and blue by Machia.

"Well, maybe I should apply the 'When in Rome-' AAAAHHH" I was saying to myself before I pointed to a certain place in the crowd "You!!!!"

There, is a person that I recognize. But he should be dead!!!!!

"Jaguar D. Saul?!!?!" I think that was the most shocked that I have been in this world.

The orange-haired giant points at himself "Eh?!"

He is the giant that saved Robin during her childhood. The fucking "Dereshishi" guy!!!

"You're fucking alive!!" I accuse

I don't waste time and vanish from my place to grab him

"You're coming with me to see Robin now!!" I start flying away

"Wait! I'm not ready!" He tries to protest

"No one ever is!" I shout to him and I look at Yassop too "It's a leap of faith!" I repeat the words that Saeko said earlier. A leap of faith...

After giving my orders to Machia to go back(and leaving one last 'gift' to Shanks) I flow to meet Robin.


And here I am.

Aah~ I would've cried if I was not a heartless bastard...

Robin and Saul are talking. Robin cried a lot, but she was so happy.

He is explaining to her how he survives and giving some other good News like the fact Vegapunk saved the Knowledge of Ohara.

I really need to visit him.

"Hector..." Robin brings me back from my plans by approaching. "I'm really thankful for what you did..." She says while drying some tears.

"Heh, no problem... It's part of my Oath anyway." I say

"Oath?" She tilts her head in confusion

Well, the unspoken oath with all One Piece fans... Treat Robin well in the event of coming to this world.

It's ingrained in all One Piece fans' minds.

I read my fair share of OP fanfics in my other life, I think I haven't seen one that the MC did something bad with her. Even when the MC is villainous, he recruits her and treats her well too.

But I'm not gonna explain about her army of outer-dimensional simps to her.

"Nothing... If you want to thank me, I accept a hug and kiss on the cheek. The Hero Reward." I open my arms and smile cheekily at her.

And she really does it.

After a giggle, she approaches and wraps me in a tight hug and kisses my cheek.

Damn... She is soft, and her waist is tiny and she smells good... it's because of her power?

We separate and I give a mental salute that can cross all dimensional walls to my fellow One Piece fans "Mission Accomplished".

"Ah~ Sanji gave me a bento to deliver to you." I take the items from my inventory "And a bunch of letters. The rest of the Strawhats are all good if you want to know."

"Fufu. Thanks." She smiles receiving the objects.

Well, now that I'm on it. Let's complete this Side Quest and give the bento to the rest of the Strawhats.


"Why are you still performing on the streets, Brook?" I ask the skeleton musician while he eats from the bento

"Yohoho. Being close to the people is better than holed up in a studio." He exclaims

We are in the break of his little performance, he gathered a respectable crowd here on this amphitheater.

"I can understand that." I say "What about we make a duet? I'm with this song in my head all day. 'Brandy(You're a fine girl)'" This song is resonating with my situation.

"Yohoho! Then let's go!"


"You have a whole lot of plot armor in surviving it." I say to Franky

Apparently, he exploded Vegapunk's lab at some point.

Right now he is only a cyborg carcass, directly from a Terminator movie.

"It's because I'm SUUUPEEER!!" He strikes his pose

"..." I throw the bento on the ground "Whatever, and put something, I don't want to see you robotic dick."

Where's my Yuuki Rito luck when I need it? It gives and it takes, huh?


"So, I was studying Zoans lately, and different from the other Devil Fruits, they have something of a 'Will' inside them, and the method of awakening is when you enter in contact with it in some way." I say to Chopper while we eat on the big tree of this island, looking at the ocean "It makes it easier to awaken when compared with the Paramecias and Logias, but there's a problem... If you don't have a strong mind, the 'Will' of the fruit/animal will overtake you. This happened with some people in Impel Down and is what happens when you use the Rumble Point."

"So I'm forcing the awakening and because of this I lose control??" Chopper turns to my side, shocked.

"Yep, you need to have a good balance and dominate the animal side, in your case the human side."

"..." He pauses to think, Chopper always has a little of a problem in accepting himself because of his past. Considering himself a Freak.

"It's also funny how Devil Fruits latch on our genetic code but is not passed to the descendants... But I theorize that Zoan users pass a little of their strength to their offspring." I say to take his mind off the gutter.

We talked a little more about theories and his work. The guy doesn't have a sense of keeping secrets, too pure.

"I think I can make even more variations of my rumble point now." He says

That's one of the things that interest me a lot.

In this world, the Zoan fruits allow you to turn in a 100% the animal or in a Hybrid form. There's no Middle ground in the sense of using a partial transformation like turning only a part of your body.

But Chopper here created something that does this. It's incredible. Does the Human Fruit really burst intelligence that much? I have it, and the only change I noticed is that I can think even faster and my mind is more clear.

Maybe I'm already too smart. Or Chopper is special too... He has a blue nose, different from the other reindeers.


"Don't come closer!!" Nami shouts from the other side of the table while we play a game of cat and mouse.

She moves in response to my moves, trying to keep her distance.

"Heh~, You're breaking my heart, my dear Cat Burglar." I smirk at her with a hand over my chest "I even gentlemanly declared that I'm going to steal your lips and you treat me this way?"

"Your brain is rotten, you jackass! Who would stay still while being assaulted!" She shouts while we circle each other.

"You can't run and would be a hypocrite on your part if you complain. In my country is said that a thief that steals from a thief is forgiven" I declare righteously

"Shut up! Even your country is rotten!" Hey, it's true but don't say it like that. "And you already kissed me last time!"

"That's only the appetizer because I have to figure out the boundaries with my girls. Now, I have the green light to take my payment." I say

"Girls? You're truly scum!" Hey, that's also true but you're hurting my feelings.

"Don't worry, it's not assault if your eyes turn into hearts." I smile roguishly while I continue to mess with her.


"How did you arrive here?" I ask Saeko after I visit Mihawk's island.

"Long Yin..." She answers while giving me a strange look.

A totally understandable reaction because-

"Give back my body, your creepy!!" Perona shouts at my side while I inhabit her body.

She tried to sneak attack me when I arrived and acted all smug because she was in her untouchable ghost form. By the way, I could've grabbed her with Haki, but this is funnier.

So I turned into a ghost and possessed her defenseless body.

"Don't sit with your open legs! Don't smile like this with my face!! Don't touch my boobs!!!" She exclaims while trying to invade her body.

Too bad for her, my spirit is really strong.

"Relax, you don't know it but only by inhabiting your body he is being improved." It's true. Some regenerative powers are kicking in, she is even getting a little stronger. It's because I turn my real body into a ghost, Danny Phantom style. I just need to be careful to not go overboard and break her.

Oh~ Whatever, I can fix her again. Damn, I'm become even more desensitized to these things, huh?

This reminds me of how Doppio becomes muscular when Diavolo takes control. An interesting prospect...

"By the way, why did you attack me?" I turn to look at her

"Revenge for Moria-sama!!" She exclaims "You're the one that killed him. "Oh, the Newspapers and that's why she ran away from me last time, huh?

"It was not me though... And he is alive."

"What?! Is this true?" She backs off, shocked "You aren't lying to me right?"

"Why would I lie to you?" I deadpan

"Don't make those faces in my body!" She bites her sleeve in annoyance "But... Moria-sama is alive!! That's marvelous!!" She shouts and floats happily away

Wait, this could be bad... I remember now that she is the one who took Zoro to Sabaody after the time skip, if she goes away to search for Moria, Zoro can end up in another anime!

"Hey, Perona... Let's make a deal." I grab her attention "Stay here with Mihawk and Zoro till his training is completed, take him to Sabaody... And I will not kill Moria."

"You... You... You evil man!!" She points her trembling finger at me

"Please, like you is any better..." I stand up and stretch my back. Damn, what a weak body.

"Don't make those moves with my body!"

I ignore her following me and walk to where Zoro is resting.

"Hey, Zoro... Give me Shusui." I extend my hand to him. He stops eating and glares at me "Obviously, not for free. I will give you a sharper sword that you can make yours."

Then I explain the history behind Shusui. The legend of Ryuma. Moria grave robbing. How Shusui is a patrimony of all Wano.

"So it's like an auspicious item to them... Give back and I will compensate you." I say

"So that guy was really a big shot..." He comments, more to himself. That guy is probably your ancestor "I don't really care, if I receive a good sword I will give it to you."

"Great... I even will give you a bonus." I smile broadly at him

"Don't smile like that in my body!!" Perona shouts


Saeko P.O.V.

"Yeah! Beat the crap out of him!" Perona shouts while cheering for the battle unfolding.

I think... I think I should've gotten used to Hector's weird antics.

"Hey, don't do that! They are gonna see my panties!!"

But seeing Hector's Perona body beating Zoro like an unruly 3-year-old child is not something that I expected.

Apparently, Haki can be used in other bodies too.

"What's the problem 'future greatest swordsman'? You're being beaten by a gothic lolita like her discord simp!! Bark for me!" Hector mocks with a laugh

"Don't make that face with my body!!!"

I have to give it to Perona, is really unsettling...

But I think I'm a little envious... Right now he is completely dominating her body and *Ahem*.

"Anyway, Hector... Shouldn't you be in another place?" I interrupt the battle.

"Oh yeah." He turns to me "I'm gonna take Shusui with me, I have a substitute anyway." He says and gets off Perona's body.

She doesn't waste time and seizes her body back and puts some distance.

Chill girl, he probably was only copying your power, if he wanted to do something with you he would have seduced you.

"Now that the lesson was given, I'm going away. Bye." And he disappears so fast that I even I can't even say if he teleported or simply moved.

The lesson here is that Hector exchanged an adamantium katana with Zoro, and he is showing that even if the sword is strong, it's useless if it can't reach the enemy.

"Ugh... Damn it..." I turn to look at the man panting on the ground.

He appears frustrated to be so powerless against Hector, but he at least has the will to bounce back because he stands up and goes for training.

But then something crashes on the ground near to us...

"A baboon?" Perona tilts her head

This is one of the many baboons that live here, the ones that copy people's styles... But this one looks different.

The baboon turns to Zoro and smirks before making a "come here" motion to the green-haired man.

"! I thought I already defeated all of you..." Zoro says and puts a stance "Whatever, I will vent on you now."

But the unexpected happens when the baboon blitzes to him, Zoro goes for a hasty counterattack, but the baboon easily dodges and counterattack he counterattacks.

!!! What? That... And...

"You're using Haki?" Zoro asks surprised by the baboon.

The baboon smirks again and makes some stances... Yes, these are familiar stances. And the way he counterattacked...

"Fufu.... Hahahaha" I can't hold back and laugh "Don't underestimate him..." I turn to the surprised Perona and Zoro


"That's Hector's... Fufu." Oh, that is funny "He trained the baboon."

They turn to look at the baboon striking some poses again

Fufu. The indirect way of saying "Even a monkey is better than you..."

But now I'm curious... This monkey it's like a very weakened Hector. He can be a good training dummy... I lick my lips while approaching him, I will not even use Haki...

Like it's feeling my intentions, the monkey prostrates himself on the ground and presents something to me with his two hands in a respectful manner.

"..." Now I lost the will to bully- fight the baboon.

"Why it is afraid of you?" Perona asks, coming closer

I open the letter and giggle again

" 'Don't bully my outer disciple, Saeko' " I read the beginning out loud to them "Apparently Hector trained this monkey to be a training partner to Zoro. He said that Zoro should feel ashamed that even a monkey is stronger than him..." He probably bombarded the monkey brain with the teachings of Haki.

Then he made the monkey watch him fight. These monkeys have good instincts.

"That bastard likes to mock others, huh?" Zoro grits his teeth.

To this, I have to defend my man "Don't be like that... He specifically prepared the perfect partner for you. With an appropriate level and techniques... Haki grows in battle, you know?"


"Hector is the type of man that pushes you forward, by giving a dropkick on your back... If he is being rude is because he believes that you can take it. If you don't want to, I will take the monkey away with me." In the letter, it says that the monkey will obey everything I say and is at the level of that guy called Vergo.

"..." Zoro pauses, looking serious "So be it. What is one more obstacle? There are countless of them in the world." Zoro says confidently.

Fufu. He really bounces back fast.

"By the way, Hector said that the battle is in your favor because of you receiving some sort of boost when fighting monkeys... What did he mean about that?"


Third Person P.O.V.

Rayleigh was instructing Luffy on the works of Haki when he suddenly stopped and looked in the distance.

"Let's make a pause, Luffy. We have a visitor." He says and walks away with Luffy following him.

They eventually ended up in the same place where Luffy decided to start his training, the tree where the strawhat was resting while his owner went through his time-skip.

They finally get out of the trees to be greeted with the sight of Hector daydreaming while holding the strawhat.

They watch Hector leisurely put the strawhat on his head and gives a childish smile.

"..." For some reason, Rayleigh suddenly stops in his tracks at the sight.

"Hey, that's my hat!" Luffy complains, making Hector turn to him.

"Sorry, just want to feel how it is to put it on. And..." Hector removes the strawhat, still smiling "...it's smelly. Didn't you wash it?"

The two banter for some time before Hector delivers Sanji's bento, distracting Luffy completely.

He also gave Rayleigh a portion and after a talk with the Old man, something about marriage that Luffy was not interested enough to listen to, Hector went away.


"You dare appear here?!" Boa Hancock kicks Hector who in turn defends himself with his leg.

The clash makes her palace tremble while the two legs are locked in space.

"Do you think I want to see an ugly woman like you?" Hector mocks "I'm here to see Marguerite!" Hector shouts

"I'm not ugly! For what use do you have eyes if you can't see my beauty?? Let me gouge them for you!" Hancock answers

"My eyes are the best in the world, thank you very much! They can see your ugly heart and soul."

The two continue to kick each other while on the side Elder Nyon, the other two Boa Sisters, and the other amazons watch helplessly.

"Shouldn't we intervene?" Someone asks

"Who is crazy enough to do that?" Elder Nyon answers


Hector eventually puts some distance from Hancock and moves behind Marguerite.

"Protect me, Marguerite-chan!" He hides behind her

The woman in question can only tremble and gulp when she finds herself between these two monsters. Hancock in front of her, her face screaming murder.

"Please, spare me..." She mutters, didn't know to whom she was pleading.

"Don't worry, Marguerite-chan. I will protect you from this witch." Hector says righteously

'But you're the one putting her in the spot!!" Everyone thinks

"Whatever... I have my fun messing with your guys." Hector acts more seriously and removes something from his inventory

"This is... A Devil Fruit!" Elder Nyon exclaims

"A devil fruit?" Some are confused

'Oh yeah, the Boa Sisters used some story about a Gorgon's curse to make that no one look at their back, the people here don't know much about Devil Fruits.' Hector thinks

"Yes, I found it earlier, it can turn the person into a brown snake. Very venomous... I think it combines with Marguerite-chan. Explain this to her, Elder Nyon. Bye." He says and doesn't wait for the answer.

He will let them solve this issue and decide how they will explain their previous lie.

Then he will come back to copy the power. Or not...

If Marguerite didn't want to eat it, Hector would force some pirate to do it.


Cocoyasi Village

"I didn't expect the big and scary Devil to appear in this humble village to steal some oranges." Nojiko, Nami's blue-haired sister, serves Hector some orange juice at her house.

"And you're not scared of this terrible pirate? I heard that those oranges are the best in the world, so obviously I came to steal some." Hector answers easily while supporting his cheek with his arm.

"So even an Emperor of the Sea covets the oranges here, huh?" She smiles proudly

"Indeed, but I just discovered something even better..." Hector blatantly gives her a once over, not hiding his appreciative gaze.

"Oh~ Should I be worried that you will steal me too?" She smiles flirty while playfully covering her body with her hands

"I'm tempted... Really tempted" Hector smiles but then sighs exaggeratedly "But then there would be no one to take of the orchard! Such dilemma!"

Nojiko laughs and sits on the table, resting her chin on the back of her hands.

"Smooth... Is that the fabled silver tongue of the Devil? I'm scared that you will seduce me away~"

The two continue to flirt and laugh till Hector goes down to business.

"Here, I met you sister. So I'm doing some courier side-job.' Hector jokes while putting some letters on the table

"Oh!" Nojiko takes the letter, and a multitude of emotions goes through her face. Worry, amazement, fear...

Hector lets her take her time while enjoying his juice.

After finally putting the letters down Nojiko turns to him "So you helped them. Thank you."

Hector shrugs at her words.

"But I can't wrap my head around that my sister made the great and powerful Devil her delivery boy!" She teases "Should I feel jealous?"

Hector laughs "Don't be... I Have planned to visit the East Blue anyway. And there's enough Hector for the two Sisters." He raises his eyebrow with a smirk.

"You're so bad~" She slaps his arm

Talks goes on for some time, the mood is good and all. Nojiko then excused herself for a moment and returned with a small Orange tree, ready to be planted.

"..." Hector stares at it intently

"Here~ You liked the oranges here so you can have-" Nojiko was saying before she pauses "Eeeeeh?! Why are you crying?!" She asks frantically, moving her arms around in worry

"...? What?" Hector slowly turns his face to her "Who is crying?" He asks confused

It takes him a moment to take his fingers to his face and bring them back wet.

His face is still calm, but there are really two lines of tears running down from it as if ignoring his self-control. Even Cortana is shocked.

"What?" He looks at his fingers in amazement

"Are you okay?" Nojiko asks, worried. Instinctively putting a hand on his back and rubbing circles on it.

"I'm okay, I'm okay..." Hector said slowly while wiping the tears "It was just... So many things have been happening lately. I think I let them bottle too much. And this small act of yours, was like putting the last drop on an already full cup, destroying the surface tension and spilling it..." He rambles.

"I didn't understand half of what you talked about." Nojiko smiles wrily

"This was tears of happiness." Hector gives the abridged version with a faint smile "Lately, I've been doing a lot of fun things. A bucket list and all that... But deep down I couldn't shake the feeling that was just me childish trying to keep something broken standing. Like it was not really fun, but I act like that because it would suck to admit that I'm a bore now."

He laughs "You know? Like playing a game or doing something that you had a lot of fun a long time ago, but don't have the same feeling..."


He turns to the small Orange tree "But is alive." He smiles broadly "I'm not a bore now." He turns to Nojiko again "Thank you. It was always a childhood dream of mine having an Orange tree from here. In truth, it's on my list of things to eat in this world too." He raises his wrist and a hologram of a small list appears


Things to eat on the One Piece World:

- A Devil Fruit

- Nami's Oranges

- Sanji's Cooking

- Viola's Ass


He removes the list in a hurry.

"Wait... There's something weird on that last one!" Nojiko points accusingly

*Ahem* Hector stands up while coughing on his fist.

"Well... Thank you again, but I need to go." Hector says

"Take care." She smiles at him and pats his shoulder

"Crying in front of a girl... I really fumbled, huh?" He shakes his head and laughs

"I don't know~" She puts a hand on his cheek "I think you gained some points, really~" She winks at him and gives a kiss on his cheek before turning away with a sway of her hips.

"..." 'Damn, the unexpected rizz. Pretty people can really do whatever... Really suffering from success'


Right now Hector is on the beach of a Random island. In East Blue.

He just stopped by to put his thoughts in order.

"..." Sitting in the sand while hugs his Kness. He is looking at the ocean, as he mindlessly grabs some shells and throws them on the water.

"You know... I'm truly blessed." Hector starts. It's not known if he is talking to himself or Cortana.

Nonetheless, Cortana remains silent, giving him his space.

"So much that on some days, in the beginning, I woke up scared of all being a dream."

"A little pathetic, huh? Or it's a normal human response?" He tilts his head

"The thing is that I don't think I deserved this... blessing... chance... Whatever. I'm only a normal person like any other."

At this moment, Cortana would say that he selling himself short, but she just letting him rant.

"One small part of me shouts to me simply shut up and don't think about it and enjoy the benefits, but is hard. My mind goes to the losses... Technically I lost my life and my parents to have THIS." He gestures to everything around him

"It's inevitable that I have a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. Did I ask for this and don't remember? Did I accept this 'canon event' to gain power? Did I make this exchange?"

"I would like to say no, but... I ask myself another question... Would I give up everything that I have now to have my old life back? To have my parents back?"


"I know the answer..." He lowers his head in shame "Deep down I know the answer. I'm a fucking piece of shit... That's what I am."


"My mind even tries to rationalize saying that I can have the two eventually and all that.... But ugh... Sometimes I think I don't deserve to be enjoying myself this much."

He stays like this looking at the horizon, lifeless.

Time goes on and he starts trembling til he...

"AAAAARRRGHH!" He shouts to the sky in frustration "Fuck it... My parents would not like to see me like this!! And I have a lot of people depending on me now!" His face is much better now "Allow me to be selfish a little more!"

He stands up and looks at the horizon "But I'm gonna enjoy this life more! Now that I know that my inner child is still alive, I'm gonna enjoy all of this wholeheartedly!!" A smile starts to grow on his face

"And for my fellows of my original world too! I will accomplish all silly desires that keep us awake in bed or distracted in class!!"

"Earlier I used a Gomu Gomu no Pistol! But one day I will fuck use a Getsuga Tenshou and a Kamehameha!"

"I will be a fucking Hokage, Pirate King and Stardust Crusader!"

"I will gotcha them all! And make digi evolutions!"

"I will flirt with them and punch a lot of annoying faces!"

"I will be a Demon Lord and also be expelled from my S-rank party even though they depended on me!!"

"I will do all that I want!"

"I will fuck enjoy this ride! Like... Who enters a rollercoaster just to get out immediately??? Ups and downs, I will face them all!"

"It's not about the Destination... It's about the Journey, right?!"

"I will also stop being so scared of these threats in Marvel! Thanos? Marquis of Death? Beyonder? Pfft" He laughs.

He doesn't notice, but his change in mindset changes something about him.

"I was wrong in seeking strength thinking about retiring and living a relaxing life! I need to seek strength to surpass all the obstacles of this hard life!!"

"So I dare you Marvel Universe!! I know that you will not hold back either! I raise all the flags! Do your worst! I will surpass all of it and turn even the worst moments into important memories!" He opens his arm.

A wake of Haki is emitted from him, spreading in all directions. Harmless to anyone but encompassing everything.

His own Comqueror's Haki. His own ambition. Not from a card. His own.

"Bring... It... On!"

He shouts, feeling better than ever. Like something missing was finally in place and a fog was cleared on his mind and heart.

"Look that guy shouting alone..." A childish voice says

"He is crazy."

"Let's throw some rocks at him."

"..." Hector pauses and turns to the group of kids that spoiled his moment "Now you guys will see!"


He starts pursuing them on the beach, kicking sand away while making a scary face.



With a *pah* Hector opens the door to a room where Hiyori is sitting with her shamisen, but not playing anything.

The gives her a scare and makes her turn to the door.

"Hector-sama..." She hastily stands up to greet him

Hector with a calm face approaches her and takes her hand


"I thought about it a lot..." He starts, looking directly into her eyes "And I reached the conclusion that there's no right answer."

"..." Her heart slowly sank into her stomach, and her head dropped to look at the ground

"So... Let's make it right." He says and she looks up to him in surprise "We just need to create the right answer. That's the reason I have so much power..."

He brings her dainty hand to his lips and kisses it.

"Let's marry." He says and she throws herself at him, with tears in her eyes


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Instead of being dragged on their negative mood, I kept my cool and was attended normally. Greeted the guy by his name on his badge(something I saw no one did), wished him a good day when I left to take my new card to another bank and all that is simply the minimum. But no one did. 

Then, one hour later, when I need to come back to liberate the card. It was more or less 12:06. The guy that should do it, was going to his lunchtime, but the guy that attended me earlier went of his way to stop the guy and ask to help me for a moment.

The guy stopped and in 3 minutes I was free to go, instead of waiting two hours till the guy came back.

So, positivity is good my friends. And I'm not even talking about the good karma of being helped by the guy that I treated well. That was nice too, but...

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