63 World Of Pirates: Part 01

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"Just walk the path you believe in. And don't forget, you're the main character of your own life."

-Glenn Radars, Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records


Recap: Hector renewed his vow at his parent's grave. Rolled the Gacha receiving bad and good things and made a trip to the Jojo world where he acquired many powers and awakened his own stand, Mr. Blue Sky.



Hector P.O.V.

I blink and I'm back to my Space Station.

I stretch a little, as an act of habit more than to relieve some stress. I did a lot in such a small time. And controlling four bodies is tiring mentally!

And the arrow also tired me spiritually a little too. Well, a birth or awakening of a new power is always a tiring event...

"Are you gonna do the other travel now, Master?" Cortana asks me

"Tomorrow... Let's recharge a little." I answer her after thinking a little "I will start big, so is better to relax for now. Contact the ones that I will take with me to make their own preparation too. I will personally meet Saeko." I say before teleporting away.

I hold myself back from stopping time for fun, I will test this power in another world tomorrow.

Till now, most of my powers affect me or my surroundings in a limited way. [The World] can bring... unwanted attention.


New York

After having a small talk with Saeko about tomorrow, and giving her the Miyamoto Musashi card, will be good to better her foundation and I want to test a theory too, I teleport to Shego's penthouse.

Acting sneaky pays off because I'm greeted with the nice sight of her bending over the kitchen counter waiting for the microwave apparently. She is wearing booty shorts... I know what I need to do...

As my right and obligation as a boyfriend, I roll up my long sleeve and pull my arm back to give her a meaty smack in the buttocks. It's the law!


"Ah!" She straightens herself up immediately in surprise "Ain~" And releases a sultry moan while slowly turning to give me a side eye over her shoulder. A provocative smile blossoms on her lips "You slap me and I turn the other cheek..." She says shaking her booty from side to side


I slap the other cheek too, but don't let go this time.

"Don't quote the Holy Scriptures in such a heretic act, wench!" I say like a paladin and then I hug her from behind and kiss her neck and shoulders

"Hmm~ Are you gonna punish me now?" She simply doesn't stop, huh?

I turn her around and easily lift her up to sit at the kitchen counter.

"Some punishment would be fitting to such sinful body..." I whisper while appreciating her in her sleeping clothes.

"Mister, I was just led astray to the wrong path." She bats her eyelashes and acts coy "I'm a good girl."

"To not fall for your deceitful words, I will shut your mouth now..." And I don't waste time kissing her lips, she reciprocates fast and eager.

Our long make-out sessions end and she pulls back to recover her breath, but continues to hug my neck and have her ankles around my legs.

"Someone is hungry today..." She comments with a predatory grin "And what is that?! That kiss was... electrifying! New power?" She asks with surprise in her eyes.

I tried to use Hamon, like Caesar in part 2. It can stimulate the body part in contact, good for the health too.

No problem in being creative with powers... Not everything is only to be used as countermeasures against enemies.

"I missed you... I made a one-day trip to another universe. Thought about some things and realized that I'm a little distant those last days..."


"That was not so nice..." I confess.

She kisses my cheek and smiles at me "Relax~ I knew where I'm getting into from the beginning." Then she rolls her eyes "Hah! You're one of those guys that the world can be ending and if I ask if is something bothering you, you would answer with an 'I'm fine'..."

"...Okay, that's a pretty accurate analyze." I confess making her laugh.

I'm not the type to go venting in any way... I mean, venting can help but I'm more the type that meditates in introspection. It's funny that I'm good at helping people with pep talks but I never go talk with anyone for help or counsel.

I mean, there aren't many that can help me anyway.

I give a peck on her lips "I appreciate the space, my love." I say gratefully "I'm getting better too. The world where I went is a little funny... " I chuckle

But she raises an eyebrow at me "Had fun, huh? Any girl?"

"Pfft. In Jojo? Only met macho and sexually ambiguous men with their flamboyant clothes." I say laughing

"..." She continues to stare at me, to see if I'm telling the truth

"It's the world from where Bucciarati come from..." I deadpan

"Now I believe in you." She says immediately "Is everyone weird like that there? And those clothes..." She cringes

I laugh again "More or less... Don't be fooled. It's just that people there are so mainly that they're almost gay. Hm? Or it's the opposite? They act so gay that reach the pinnacle of manliness?" I start to think about that.

"Should I be worried that you're thinking about macho men while you're with me?" She raises her eyebrow again

"Pfft. No." I say and go to shower her with smooches on her face.

After I'm satisfied and she is out of breath in giggles, I stop "What are you doing?" I look around the kitchen

"Late night snack to watch TV..." She says

I look at what is in the, now-stopped, microwave with my X-ray vision "Not very healthy to this hour." I say

She rolls her eyes. Her training and usage of powers allow her to eat a lot of junk food without a problem, so she is never worried about that.

"Wait a little and I will prepare something better." I say and start moving around the kitchen "A pizza bread should do the work..." I comment

"Pizza?" She asks confused by my choice of changing six for half a dozen

I turn around and point at her "The key is in the ingredients, my dear. The ingredients..." I remove the said ingredients from my Sky Poison Pearl "Don't compare whatever was in that plastic bag with my natural products kept in perfect conditions." I sniff some of them "Fresh as you would find only 5 in the morning on a farm..." I release an exaggerated satisfying breath

"Okay okay, Chef. I will never question your food." She raises her arms in surrender and with a smile on her face

"Just go choose a good thing for us to watch, I will stay with you here for tonight." I say

"Hmm~" She gives me a salacious grin

"I was thinking about cuddling..." I say fast. I do not want to our relationship be only about sex. Or give this idea to her;

"Yeah, yeah..." She says dismissively before turning around with an exaggerated sway in her hips.

Well, it will have cuddling... too...


"This is divine~" Shego moans with her mouth full of my... food.

She doesn't waste time in hooking another piece of my pizza bread between two of her fingers and pulling it, the filling comes between the bread, and the cheese stretches the exact good amount to not become annoying.

"Pizza in this shape is extremely convenient." She comments, the bread part perfectly makes a "C" to contain the cheese and the other things from the pizza. And the size of these portions it's just right for a mouthful.

"Pizza is already very conveniently shaped. This is simply more work... I cheat to make it easy with my powers." I explain

Hah~ This is good.

Eating some good food, the soft body of my hot girlfriend pressing against mine, being fed by the said girlfriend occasionally, and having a hand in the best stress-relief ball of the world... a breast.

This is for why I put a load of effort every day.

This small part of the day. This small reward that one day will be eternal and without worries.

One day...

"So, there will be hot women in the world that you will visit tomorrow?" Shego asks.

"Yes..." I won't lie to her.

"Someone that you fancies?"


"Are you gonna make a move?" She asks, her voice betraying nothing

"...I don't know... I need to meet these people personally, right? It's more than simply finding someone hot. You know that..." I explain myself. Sincerely, I'm still weirded out by the nature of our relationship.

There's no example for me to follow.

What is acceptable and what is not? I'm afraid of hurting Shego...

"Do you wanna come?" I ask again

"And spend months in a world full of unwashed men? No thanks." She answers easily "And I'm not like Saeko... That training Freak."

Yeah, Shego doesn't neglect her training. But she is not the type that will crazily go learn all Power Systems... She prefers having a strong power and training it.

"Shego..." Well, the best way is to ask directly. Communication is the key to a successful relationship after all.


"What do you think of me having a one-night stand with someone?"

"Just wipe your dick before coming back to me." She answers without a second of hesitation

"..." I pinch her side "Seriously... Let's say that in this trip I hit off with some girl. A curiosity, male instinct... I don't know. Obviously is not just anyone... She is mature and open enough to have a fun night. After this trip, I will never see her again... What do you think about it?" I ask.

Sincerely, there are a lot of girls out there in the Omniverse that I don't see myself starting a relationship with, but I'm... curious in ..."tasting". Ugh... That sounds horrible. Men will be men...

Shego pauses before answering "You will never see her again? Even better..."

"..." I... I can't understand her way of thinking. "Care to explain?" I bite the bullet

"Okay, Hector. Listen... We're together... I will not be the only one... How other will be added? Maybe these one-night stands can develop into something more serious... Are you gonna lose the chance?" She asks seriously


"Obviously, to me would be great if you don't develop feelings for anyone anymore. But I know that is too late already... And you deserve to have some wifey material or other things too."


"Sincerely, if you keep things only carnal, would be for the better... But I know you. You're the serious type that will try to wife everyone that you sleep with. Be careful to not get attached to any slut." She says "On this trip that you will never go back, it will be great to sate your male urge of tasting new things." She mocks me "Much better than doing this here with Black Cat or Black Widow..." She says the last part in a low voice.

"..." Once again I ask myself if the Essence messed with her head.

And crazily makes sense.

Not all relationships start properly with confession, a date, or another thing. Sometimes, we skip to vertical tango and then develop from there...

"You're weird, Shego." I sigh and hug her from behind "And I love you. Don't worry that no one will replace you... And I'm not a horndog that will fuck 50 people or something like that... I asked because I don't know the day of tomorrow and don't want to hurt you."

"I know... Relax... I know that I'm your favorite..." She says smugly.

"..." Seeing the chance of a little teasing I keep my mouth shut.

She catches on to that and slowly turns to me "I'm your favorite, right Hector?"

"..." I look away on purpose

Fast and brutally she turns around to straddle me and pin me down.

Hm, she is hot when she is angry~

"Who is your favorite??"

I can't keep my mouth from trembling in a smile, she notices that I'm messing with her and slowly starts to deflate.

"...Cortana." I say to piss her off.

Cortana: ⚈ ̫ ⚈

What follows is a flurry of attacks while she mounts me. We laugh during the whole thing.

"Is that so? Let's see If I can change your mind..." She says before going away and coming back holding... a dark lipstick?

She starts to apply it to her mouth.

Hm? Oh... Oooooh boy.

After she is done she starts pulling the waistband of my pants.

"I will mark till the base... To all other women see that there's a better someone..." She says

I'm liking where this is going...


Third Person P.O.V.

"Hector, hear me out..." Helena follows Hector through the hallways of the Infinity Castle, annoyed by the amused smile on his face "I don't think summoning Harley is a very good idea."

"Why are you so scared? I just commented that she 'entered in the list'. The final say will Always be mine..." he says casually while entering a room and retrieving some things fast and then continuing his way "But I have to say that I do not find it such a bad idea..." He puts on a thoughtful expression. "Wouldn't be nice to have a friend?" he asks teasing her.

"She is not my friend!" Helena denies fasts "She is a wildcard, you must know that. She will give you more trouble than what is worth..."

Hector hums in agreement but ended up saying "Relatively, very small trouble. I would say..." Hector goes into another room and retrieves more things "And Harley is not that bad. What is the impression that you have of her? Evil? Pure evil? Broken evil? Or..." He pauses to look at her "...misled?"

"..." This she can't argue

Hector chuckles "I understand that you're constantly annoyed by Shego and having another someone so similar will put you at even more disadvantage and annoyance, Helena."


"But observe the similarities of the two..." Hector raises his index finger "The truth is that the two of them don't like to be in charge. For their own reasons, they have been under constant pressure all their life in doing something that... Hmm, not that they don't like... But more like eventually become a drag..."

Hector pauses a little "Shego being forced to be a hero by her brothers because this is what everyone thought that would be the obvious path and Harleen Quinzel going on such a strict career path because she is smart... It's not that surprising that the two simply want to let go of the wheel and just ride the chaos of life a little without responsabilities."

Hector sighs "But at that moment Harley met the worst possible person to be influenced on..."


"Don't be so hard on her... With the right leadership, she should do better." Hector says

"So you gonna do that? Be her... pudding?" Helena asks, smiling after seeing Hector disgusted by the word 'pudding' "Gonna fuck her in her place? Tsk Tsk, so all those tabloids about Mysognistic Eidolon were right..." Helena shakes her in an exaggerated disappointed way.

"Well, that was not that bad of an idea, you know?" Hector smirks roguishly while caressing his chin and jaw. Making a lewd expression "A little punishment on that pale clussy will do the work... I can fix that." He even licks his lips

He is interrupted by a slap on the side of his head "Be serious..." She growls at him annoyed that he hadn't brought her teasing and even turned against her

"Okay, okay..." Hector raises his hands in a mocking surrender "Let's go from the beginning. You're probably the person that better understands my power, Helena. My ability to 'reach' all across the omniverse in the infinite timelines... Where everything is true and everything is false..." Hector starts.

Yes, thanks to her own experiences from her universe she is the one that can better relate with Hector in this aspect. She knows of Superboy-Prime, knows that relatively some universes are fictional to others, and the unending possibilities that exist.

But even so, she doesn't know half of it. To her, Hector has some sort of Omniverse awareness where he could watch other universes briefly, and at a certain point in the month, he can "fish" things across dimensions. But have no control over what he brings.

"My power doesn't have empathy, but we already discovered that it was not that much of an asshole, right? It's not like it kidnapped you guys... It asked first. And..." Hector looks at her "...you all are not in so good situations."


"Then, there you have it... Every possibility to bring someone here is a chance of saving this person. What would you do if you have this power? The ability to give someone with a bad end a new chance?" Hector let her munch his words "Obviously, I'm not a saint! I will not bring the Joker here and think I can change the guy!"

She nods at him

"But in the infinity sea of possibilities that is the Omniverse, even the Joker has a sad and pitiful backstory sometimes. Jack Napier and his wife... I will tell you later..." Hector moves his hand dismissively seeing her curious eyes "What I'm trying to say is, there's a big possibility of Harley not being all that bad when I bring her here. And with a little work, she can be... 'saved'... I don't know if this is the best word to use, but I think I can do that. So I'm gonna ask you again... From what I said now and what you know about her... Are you really that much against bringing her here?" Hector looks at her.

She pauses.

"I can put a hold on it for a long time too. The good thing about my power is the freedom of choice of 'when' to bring them. Now... In Twenty Years... Or never. It doesn't matter." Hector shrugs

In the end, he will value the feeling of his actual people more than his "potential" people. If Helena was that much against Harley, he can hold on bringing her till he convince her.

Helena notices it too and appreciates the consideration.

Helena sighs "Okay... you convinced me." She relents "But don't expect me to get along with her." She points at him. "And if one day you decide to, whatever reason, bring the Joker here... Let me kick him in the balls... Thrice." She negotiates

Hector releases a chuckle "Sure, for you I can break the Men Code."

"Shut up about the Men Code or whatever. You kicked Loki in the balls during the invasion." She points

He raises his hands to defend himself "He is gender fluid. It's in the mythology." He defends himself making her roll her eyes. He always has an answer to everything "Anyway, I'm going now. Thank you for your understanding and try to be nice to your future colleague." He teases and pulls her in a half hug before kissing the top of her head

"..." She pauses at that and didn't move till she heard Shego and Cassandra getting closer.

"Surprising, huh?" Shego starts stopping at her side

"...?" Helena waits for her t continue

"He is surprisingly an affectionate guy when you get closer to him. Must be from where he comes from... You Latinos are all touchy with kisses on the cheek and hugs." Shego explains "You're chocked with the little display of affection early... Looks out of character coming from him. He is all broody and dark... But we forgot that we met him at a bad moment. The guy was literally alone in this country."

"...true." Helena whispers

"Well, you can give me the credit for that." A smug expression settles on Shego's face while she puts a hand over her heart "I peeled the ice from that bastard heart."

"Get off your high horse, Woman." Helena rolls her eyes, but then turns to Cassandra "What are you doing with her?" She asks suspiciously. She likes Cassandra and can't have Shego corrupting her.

"Just passing some instructions to her..." Shego says casually


"Yep!" Shego says popping the 'P' "You can go now, Cassandra. Hector must be waiting..."

Cassandra starts going in the Direction Hector went without a word, only with a nod of her head to the two.

"..." But Helena is still staring at Shego without blinking

"Don't try to imitate him. Will not work." Shego comments while checking her nails "But there's no harm in telling anyway... I'm just telling little Cassandra to keep an eye on all the women that get in contact with Hector during this trip and tell me later."

"..." Helena's hand goes to her face slowly "I should've expected something like that. Aren't you cool with the whole sharing thing? Why suddenly act like a jealous girlfriend?"

"You misunderstood. I do not care how many women will fall on his dick on this trip, I bet that I lot by the way, and there's no problem in that. He will come back to my arms eventually. No one can steal him from me!" She acts smug again

And then continues "But there also no reason to not keep tabs on them, right? 'Know the enemy'... That Sun Tzu shit."

"I thought that you would adopt something like 'Out of sight, out of mind' approach." Helena comments

"More like 'Out of reach'" Shego shrugs "I really don't care. Again, he will not abandon me for another when he can have more. Caught the scheme? And then he goes adding more and then will be I plus another against a potential homewrecker. And then more... And then more... Any woman that wants him to herself will have to bow to the strength of numbers! Comply or go away! I'm invincible!" She laughs evilly after her speech

"...I really can't even start arguing with your distorted line of thought." Helena sighs

"Hey, just a little of Harem Management... Do you want to me to explain how I will impose the hierarchy?"

"This is not an old Chinese drama."

"Naive..." Shego snorts "Anyway, if I ask Hector probably would say what happened on this trip. But even he keeps certain things a secret. So taking a page of his book, I'm preparing beforehand."

Helena decides to not say anything about the fact that if there's something that Hector wants to hide, he will hide. He only needs to talk to Cassandra and all this plan crumbles to pieces.

"You still didn't let go of his 'first woman', huh?" It's what Helena decided to say

"Nuh-uh. There's something more there..." Shego narrows her eyes

"You're thinking too deeply. A teen had his first experience with an older woman, it's normal to get a little attached and protective of the memory. Sincerely, I'm half convinced that he is so secretive about it to keep teasing you... Just act like you don't care and he will talk." Helena gives her advice.

Shego stays silent for some time. It's sounding advice, but in the end, she shakes her head.

"No. My womanly instincts never fail... This woman will be trouble to me. Write what I'm telling you." Shego says with conviction


Zeta Space Station

"It's really okay for me to be here?" Tsukasa Eishi, the chef from the Shokugeki no Souma world, asks Around. He is a little self-conscious to be here on the Space Station to go on a trip to another universe.

Saeko, Cassandra, and Gigantomachia are fighters and he is not.

"There's more to the Shonen genre than fighting, Tsukasa." Hector answers him "You are doing a good job, take this as a reward. Don't you want to go see completely different ingredients and learn new cooking techniques? What better to broaden your Horizon than going to another universe?"

Tsukasa now looks interested.

"So many fantastic creatures are out there in the omniverse. Maybe all of them can be eaten." Hector continues "And there is an island in the world that we are going to that has many weird things. Like a flower where the petals were wagyu, a waterfall of lamen, and a tree that where grows pizza."

"You convinced me..." Tsukasa says calmly.

Masters of any craft would refuse the opportunity to see fantastical things related to their passion.

Hector then turns to the rest "Everyone prepared? Mentally I mean... We will spend three months there. Hope that you guys brought everything."

He re-checks everything in his inventory again. He is the luggage guy after all.

After some thought the rest nod.

"Now a little speech... *Ahem* There are many reasons to go where we're going. Interesting powers, materials, fauna, flora... Many things to learn and absorb so that we can become better versions of ourselves. The people here are the ones that I judged that can take the most of the experience..."

Cassandra, Saeko, Tsukasa, and Gigantomachia stay in silence while hearing him.

"We will have to do things like fighting and involving ourselves in problematic things, but don't worry that I'm strong. Just keep the minimum of vigilance. But overall, the most important..."

Hector pauses and prepares the necessary cards. A smile grows on the corner of his mouth "...remember of having fun!".


One Piece World

Sabaody Archipelago

Tree number 11, Lawless Area

"It doesn't feel that different...". Saeko comments Looking Around like the rest.

"The gravity here is stronger." Hector analyzes "But nothing much changed really." He and Cortana are checking the air components to see if something can harm them.

If travelers between countries can create pandemics, imagine travelers between Multiverses.

"Little trivia about where we are... The Sabaody Archipelago is not really an island. In truth, we are walking in Giants roots of Giants trees that reach 10 thousand meters under the sea. Are you seeing the bubbles? They are generated by these trees and can even carry people. These are the main and more characteristics of transport here. As a downside, the bubble only last while in the region, exactly because of the humidity and other components in the air generated by the trees." Hector explains like a tourist guide to them.

Except for Machia, everyone is interested in the strange biome.

Hector looks like he is trying to feel something at a distance before he opens a portal.

Emerging from the other side, the group leaves an alley and found themselves on a busy street.

People are walking around with bubble bags and other vehicles bubble-based.

"That's the tourist part. Full of shops and things that you can only find in distinct parts of the world. Ah, this Archipelago is the last checkpoint before going to a new area. Everyone needs to pass through here, so you can probably find things from everywhere. And here is where we separate from today..." Hector declares.

"...tense." Cassandra says

"Indeed. People are Looking tense." Saeko confirms looking around

"There will be a big event in a little while. I think is starting already. A public execution of sorts." Hector states the reason "We're gonna crash it, by the way." Hector gives them a predatory smile "Oh, here is the Pawn Shop."

They enter the pawn shop, leaving after exchanging a reasonable amount of gold for belis, the currency of this world.

"Well, there's a place to go before going to Marineford. Tsukasa and Cassandra just stay there, watch the show on the big screen, go sightseeing, and buy anything that you find interesting. No need to worry about money, you guys can spend everything." Hector says while giving them the suitcase.

Cassand turns her head a little confused.

"Sorry, but I don't think will be good for you to be on a battlefield," Hector explains.

He is being considerate. Cassandra is very sensitive to other people's emotions, there's a high chance of something bad happening to her if she goes to the war.

"Go have fun for today." Hector pats her head "I will put some Shadowkhan in your guys to be sure. Ah! Get out of the way of some dumb-looking people with bubble helmets appear. They're annoying..."

Hector then opens a portal to a shore of the Archipelago. There he creates a nimbus to fly to the next destination.

Before moving, he uses the ghostly bio-fission one time. The other Hector flew at high speed to the sky. And he also makes a casual clone to keep an eye on Cassandra and Tsukasa.

"Where are we going?" Saeko asks while enjoying the breeze and admiring the vast expanse of ocean that is this world.

"Prison..." Hector answers with a smirk.


The world of One Piece is an obvious and inevitable choice for Hector to visit.

And using the same Modus Operandi from the BNHA/MHA, Hector decided to arrive during a turbulent moment. Where many people will gather and facilitate for him to accomplish his goal.

In his own mind, the only "loss" will be that arriving at this moment means that Momonosuke and his retainers didn't travel through time. So he will miss the chance to take a power that he likes, the Fude Fude no Mi(Brush-Brush fruit) of Kanjuro. The fruit that makes your drawings a reality.

Too bad, he arrived at Marvel before the big reveal of the One Piece Manga. He doesn't know of the truth of the Gomu Gomu no Mi and the fact that Blackbeard collected some interesting Devil fruits in the future too.

Otherwise, he would have chosen to arrive during the Wano arc.

He simply put on the balance.

"That's the greatest and most secure prison in the world..." Hector comments looking down in Impel Down.

"It appears that something is going on down there." Saeko eyes the confusion on Impel Down harbor.

Hector sideglances to a certain direction but doesn't move "Some prisoners escaped..." He says

He put on the balance and judged that arriving at this time when people would be less prepared would be for the best. And also... Before a lot of prisoners of Impel Down get free on the sea.

He almost licks his lips looking down on the prison "This is just the appetizer, the soup if you wanna call it... Before the Main Dish that is cooking on Marineford." His eyes go through the many levels of the prison, Looking at his targets. Blackbeard crews are down there, almost arriving at Level 6 and so many others

Then his eyes change. The predatory look is now gone. "Oh!" He then disappears before giving some instructions "Defeat everyone in sight."


"Any last words?" Magellan, the warden of Impel Down and user of the Poison Fruit, prepares himself to deliver a blow on the reason the Gates of Justice has been opened

"Satisfaction!" Bon Clay declares with a smile on his face while in a battle stance.

The huge fist coated in purple poison flies to meet the already injured Bon Clay, but when he is ready to meet it head-on...

... a figure emerges in his front and with an outstretched left-hand stops Magellan's attack.

The fist is stopped and the poison disperses in the surroundings.

"I'm sorry, but I will not allow you to hurt Bon-chan." Hector declares. Then he grabs Magellan's hand and throws him across the room.

"Who are you?" Bon Clay asks shocked.

"Hector, a pleasure to meet you. Can we be friends?" Hector asks casually with a big smile on his face

"Eh...?" Bon Clay instinctively takes his hand, still confused from the sudden shift in the situation.

"Your Hand! Magellan's poison!" Bom-Chan suddenly exclaims pointing to Hector's other hand that is resting on his side.

"Oh, don't worry...I'm like, his natural Enemy." Hector casually glances at the Sky Poison Pearl Hidden in his palm.

"Mugiwara already left. I'm going to Marineford after settling some business here, wanna come?" Hector asks

"Yes! Do you have a way?" Bon Clay answers immediately. He had already given up, but now I chance presented itself to him. He will grab it to continue to help Mugi-chan.

"Yep. I just have to deal with Blackbeard on the lower levels and we go." Hector comments "Oh, let me cure you. You're gonna sleep for a while."

Hector doesn't wait and puts Bon to sleep and heals him.

He then gently passes Bon through a portal to his nimbus out there in the sky.

Finally, he turns to the raising Magellan. He just freed himself from the debris, his poison growing so strong that is melting the stones.

"I have nothing against you, Magellan. I even like you. Very underrated." Hector says while calmly watching hydras made of poison be formed and coiling Around the room. "In truth, I will even help you... Blackbeard and the rest will not escape this place alive."

"You're not leaving this place either." Magellan declares and attacks

"Heh~" Hector smirks seeing the poison getting close "I will use your power well..."


Sometime later, Saeko and Machia cross another portal to the Command Room.

"Finished her-?" Saeko was going to ask but paused seeing a strange scene.

Everyone in the room was unconscious, except two people.

"Good Job..." Hector greets them casually

Hector is sitting in... someone. He is treating a woman as a chair.

"Let's go then. Call the Jailer Beasts, Sadi-chan." Hector turns to his "chair" and delivers a slap on her ass. *pah*

"Yeesh, Master~ They're coming already~" The Orange haired Woman wearing a skimpy outfit cries out while rolling out her tongue lewdly

"Good girl..." Hector pats her sore ass.

He stands up and starts to move to the exit, when Sadi starts following him crawling on all fours, Hector quickly puts her to sleep too, and continues to act like nothing happened.

"..." Saeko continues to stare strangely at the scene.

"What? She was a sadistic and wanted to do some weird shit with me, I just turn the tables against her." Hector shrugs and continues to move where he is sensing the Jailer Beasts, the ones with Awakened Zoans.

Saeko doesn't follow instantly, she glances at the unconscious Sadi, with her blissful sleeping expression. "How envious..." She murmurs

"What?" Hector turns fast


Hector "..."

Saeko "..."

Machia 'The floor is made of floor...'

Hector decides to continue on his path and ignores it for now.


Level 6

"I'll free those who survive, and let you Join my crew on the outside world!" Blackbeard declares with his arms outstretched to all the prisoners.

Clamors, shouts, and rackets echo from all the cells...


...But is interrupted when the entrance was forced open again.

Everyone looks up to the platform that is the beginning of the stairs to the lowest level of Impel Down.

Silence falls on the Level 6 while the people there wait to see who is entering.

Before the dust settles, a male voice reaches all of them. "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this little game is being canceled... None of you are leaving this place. Forget about 'leaving', you guys will not be 'living' in half an hour."

Finally, three figures emerge. A couple of teens and a 4-meter man.

Seeing his pretty and unarmed appearance, most of the prisoners fall in laughter and jeers. Screaming at him to get closer and promising to take good care of him and the girl.

"..." Hector observes them with a calm smile, unaffected by the noise.

Now, some people adopted some serious expressions, like Shiryu, the former guard of Impel Down, and other bigshots.

In this world, it's not strange to someone judge the level of strength of another person with a look. They can at least get a rough estimative.

And even if Gigantomachia is the most eye-catching of the trio, they instantly noticed that the youngster in the Middle that is the real threat.

"Marshall D. Teach..." Hector says slowly, Looking down at the man.

He notices that Oda-sensei's ridiculous proportions are toned down a little in reality. Yes, Blackbeard still is a huge man with a big belly and small legs, but he doesn't look like a barrel with chicken legs anymore.

'He is fucking ugly... Well, Sadi-chan breasts are ridiculously big and she has a very small waist. So you gain some and lose some, I guess.' He thinks lightly.

"Zehahaha. That's me. I don't know you..." Blackbeard laughs a little nervously, but still keeps a smile on his face.

"I'm not famous, don't worry about your lack of knowledge. Before we start... Let's have a talk, shall we?" Hector says before the ground moves to make him a throne.

He slowly sits on it and turns to look down again at the pirate crew.

"So... You betrayed your former crew, killed your friend... No, no. I'm not admonishing you. Just hear me out first." Hector starts and raises his hand to not be interrupted "You cheated your way to be where you are right now. Do you think this is the right path? That you will not regret it? Hear me out first..." Hector don't let him interrupt

"You know Monkey D. Luffy, right? Ace's brother... You met him not long ago." Hector doesn't wait for an answer and continues "You two have some parallels and opposites. Trying to reach the top... I mean, I don't know if you want to govern the world, vengeance, be free, or whatever... You and Luffy don't have the same path, don't have the same goal but have the same Finish line. But he is doing it properly..."

Hector looks at Blackbeard, ignoring everything else.

"He started weak and is facing the challenges and obstacles along the way head-on and with a lot of difficulty, but every victory makes him stronger and closer to his objective. He is also collecting a lot of goodwill and karma from important people that can help him. In this world, you can't do that alone after all."

"But you Blackbeard..." Hector points at the pirate "You skipped a lot of the process through cheating. You're taking shortcuts. Your growth is sudden and without foundation. You comrades can betray you."

"Some people would think that if you two meet at the Finish Line, he will end up victoriously because he did things properly. All of your cheating and evil deeds will mean nothing. There will be no reward for your plans and actions."

Hector crosses his legs and intertwines his fingers on his lap. He is genuinely curious to understand Blackbeard's mind, but not enough to invade his mind for now.

"So, what do you think of that? The world, destiny, and everyone else against you. It's worth it? Even if you fail, you will be satisfied? You will be proud of yourself in the end?" Hector asks.

The whole little speech goes over the head of most of the people in the room. Only a select few understand how deep this talk goes.

Hector is talking about "Good and Evil", "Wills", "Ambitions" and "Dreams".

While most would dismiss this as nonsense talk. The ones on the top know the importance of those words. They're not childish and stupid words like most of the people that Luffy met in the First Half of his adventure would think.

Suddenly Blackbeard starts chuckling, a chuckle that transforms into full-blown laughter "Zehahahaha. My path is not the right path? Zehahaha. So what? It's MY path and I will not act otherwise for anyone or anything..."

He throws his hand high "That's what freedom means!"

"Oh..." Hector smiles slightly hearing him.

"So what if I'm not the one destined? Should I accept being a cabin boy to other people because of that? What's wrong with seizing the opportunity? Zehahaha" Black Beard laughs and there are even some cheers from the prisoners

"Heh, I agree with you a little. Everyone is the Main Character of their own story. Evolution comes through conflicts... There's a guy that said that no one in the world is born with enemies and that nobody deserves to get hurt. But how can we grow with conflict? What happens when Dreams collide?" Hector laughs

"Zehahaha. That man is as dumb as a rock. If you have no enemies you're not even trying! To achieve your dreams you need to crush other people's dreams. There's not enough for everyone in this world. Zehaha" Blackbeard says laughing.

"True... And you don't know the other person. What if they destroy you first? The competition never stops, you can be surpassed at any time. You need to constantly improve yourself. Give no chances. Only by being strong, you can defend yourself." Hector agrees with a nod

"Zehaha. Exactly. What if you steal their money, women, and devil fruit? That means that they didn't have the capability to keep them anyway. Zehahaha." Blackbeard laughs.

Once again dramatically throwing his hand to the sky he declares "That's what being a pirate means. That's what freedom means. Freedom to take whatever you want if you're good enough! Smart enough! Strong enough! Right, you guys?"

All the prisoners cheer with him. The man has charisma. A charisma different from Luffy Hector notices.

"To reach the top, the tough ones will try to crush each other. To keep themselves on the top, people will crush the ones below them! This is the way the world works since Forever! Zehaha. And you boy, what's your dream?" Blackbeard asks

It's strange how Hector and Blackbeard are talking like friends.

"Being strong enough to relax. Strong enough so that I can go anywhere." Hector reveals the simplified version.

Only he knows how deep that dream goes and how hard it is.

"Zehahaha. Why don't you board my ship too? When we reach the top, you can relax as much as you want and no place in the world will be prohibited to you." Blackbeard offers with a laugh.

Hector laughs too. A rare full-blown laugh. Mimicking Blackbeard's one in intensity.

After that, he releases a sigh "When I was a kid, I wanted to be Luffy... Then I grow to become Blackbeard..." He says in a low voice and with a shake of his head.

No one knows if he is sighing in disappointment or in resignation or if he is sighting to himself oro f himself.

The truth is, Hector sees himself in Blackbeard.

Wait for the right moment to take the wanted power and then go crazy on the chaos.

This is exactly what he did in the BNHA/MHA world.

He stands up slowly. "It's okay... It's not that bad... Villains are resourceful. They don't have the power of friendship. Don't rely on luck. They achieve their objectives through planning and preparation. No problem in being like a villain... Just remember of having standards." Hector says to himself

He then looks at Blackbeard "I like and hate you, Blackbeard. It's like I'm looking in a mirror remembering that I'm wrong and will eventually fail the Avengers when I try to change the Status quo. That the universe favors his chosen ones. That the One Above All will be by the side of his children."

"..." Only Saeko understands a little about the latter Half.

"I refuse your invitation, Blackbeard. Your dream is too small to contain mine." Hector says flatly.

He slowly moves to the edge of the platform

"There's no problem in telling you... I came for you Devil Fruit. It will help me grow strong to protect what is dear to me and accelerate the journey of me becoming the strongest."

Blackbeard starts to grow serious.

"This is the moment where our Dreams collide, Teach..." Hector looks at him with dead eyes. "And we fight..."

He snaps his fingers and many black vortexes made of mist appear on the ceiling.

From the vortexes, water starts to pour like a waterfall.

"This is... Seawater!" Someone shouts after being hit by it.

The water is already reaching the calf of the prisoners

Blackbeard looks around in fright and then looks up again to Hector.

His eyes meet calm blue eyes, like deep pools.

Burgess, of the Blackbeard pirates, jumps with all his strength, he is ready to deliver a punch at Hector and end this threat fast.

Everyone watches the moment when he gets too close and Hector's hand blurs for an instant and the upper half of Burgess's body disappears.


"..." Hector didn't even blink while Burgess's legs crash on the ground with a wet sound

"If you have any trump card, now is the time..." Hector says flatly while looking down on them

Saeko removes his sword from the scabbard and Machia starts growing in height.

"Are you gonna die with a smile, Teach?" He asks slowly, genuinely curious.


Half an hour later only three people left the Level 6.

Leaving behind a lake of red water.


Hector takes his time flying to Marineford.

The resting Bon Clay at their side.

"A nice surprise seeing Douglas Bullet there... That means, at least semi-canon characters are out there too..." Hector comments and then divides himself again.

The other Hector flies away to Search.

Hector then removes some handcuffs from his inventory.

"A world where a bunch of people has a weakness like that... This is so easy..." He smirks before starting to analyze the material.



Marineford falls into a pin-drop silence.

Akainu's arm just went through the torso of Portgas D. Ace.

Everyone is shocked by the sudden development.

Luffy most of all, holding his dying brother in his arms... It's a heart-aching scene...

"Okay, okay... I don't want to cry again to this again. You guys can stop." A male voice cuts the heavy mood mercilessly.

A youngster in casual clothes suddenly appears at the side of the brothers-duo. No one saw how he reached that place.

He unceremoniously slaps Ace and a golden light envelops the dying man.

"There... Fixed. You're not a donut anymore." He says casually and to everyone's surprise, the hole on ace torse closes at a fast rate. Even his back tattoo is untouched

The situation is so ridiculous that no one knows how to act now. Every mouth is agape.

The one that shakes off the surprise fist is the Admiral Akainu

"Who are you?" He asks with a frown, Magma boils on his right arm

"Damn, you're really tall..." Hector doesn't care about him and comments casually while Looking up at the man that is almost ten feet tall.

"I asked who are you, bo-" *Boom*

Akainu is interrupted by a Punch in the face that sends him flying like a cannonball.

This only works to shock everyone again.

The big shots already felt that Hector is strong, but now everyone grew serious by many levels.

"Ara ara, this became much more complicated..." Aokiji sighs

"Scary~~" Kizaru comments

Hector ignores everything and opens a holo screen to risk a line of the list of "People to Punch" and "People to Save" each. He then sideglances the huge form of Oars Jr and notices that still possible to save the guy. He sends a clone to take care of him discreetly.

He then he closes the holo screen and looks Around.

He coughs in his hand to clear his throat and shouts to everyone to hear.

"*Ahem* Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a robbery! Women to the left and men to the right! I will take what I want and then I will leave! Don't resist and no one will get hurt!!" In this world of pirates. In this war. In this chaos.

The man is in his comfort zone.


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