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Waking in a strange yet familiar room the main character now will rise to the top of one most dangerous worlds of fiction with his new cheat.

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Time Waits For No One

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This history have no interest in offend any party. Having the sole objective of only entertain the readers. Enjoy~


"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional."

- Jonh C. Maxwell


I open my eyes because of my alarm clock. I see it's 5:30am, so early because my dad had started making me join him on his morning jogs. "Start living a healthier lifestyle," he said.

I reach my arm to the ceiling and flex my power. A ghostly pale blue hand leaves my arm.

"It wasn't a dream, and I didn't go back." I whisper. As I put my forearm over my eyes.

"Damn it"

I allow myself to stay in depression for a minute, until I realize that nothing will change. I get up without batting an eye and go get my glasses. I get them right away, without even fumbling a bit. My movements are more precise, in fact my vision is great!

I open my "status" or "character sheet", because I'm not a Gamer.


Hector Bellucci de Carvalho

Race: Human

Character Assimilation

Fully Assimilated:


In Progress:

- [Funny Valentine - 16%] [Batman - 12%]

It made progress while I slept. Did I assimilate memories or something during R.E.M. sleep?

I'll look at myself in the mirror and... wow.

Muscles began to show.

It wasn't a Tobey-Magueire-like transformation like in the first Spider-Man movie, but I'm more defined. And taller...? My hair is softer and the pimples are gone a little too.

Huh... neat

I think I'll run alone anyway, physically I feel great and full of energy.

I need to move. And I didn't even look at everything I won yesterday in more detail, I'll analyze it as I run.

I quickly put on my running clothes and realize that my movements are actually more efficient, more precise… Batman, huh?

Maybe even the fact that I'm strong-willed enough to go out for a run so early instead of staying in bed has something to do with assimilation.

Leaving the house and realizing how cold it is this morning doesn't stop me and I get moving. And I start to think...

How far do my card assimilation gains go?

Initially I thought I would gain their status, skills, powers...

But maybe I earn more than that. Earn their talents, traits, willpower, hobbies, more subtle things...

"I have to be careful not to assimilate the Joker, or someone similar... until I'm sure I only get good things from his personality."

Having Batman was very lucky. The truth is, I'm not this amazing guy who would be perfect as a protagonist in some story. I'm pretty ordinary. With an ordinary life.

Bruce Wayne, despite not having a cosmic-level strength, can help me correct several problems that would probably be the cause of my eventual early death in this world.

Genius level intellect, hardworker, unbreakable will and various skills he has learned over the years. I'm not a genius, not even in my old world, let alone this one. I'm very smart, but not a genius.

If I were to catalog Einstein and Hawkins as 10/10 geniuses in my old world, I would be a 8/10. I was the top of my class, but I didn't have a brilliant, revolutionary or inquisitive mind. And in the world of Marvel... where characters break that scale.

Reed Richards and Thanos who are probably 15/10. And even Tony Stark and Peter Parker who must be 13/10. I'm still one of the smartest in school, but it's more about knowing how to study, good memory and stuff. I know I wouldn't be in the future on any history book page as someone who changed the world.

In fact, that was one of my concerns and reasons of lack of confidence. Disappointing my parents, who are very intelligent and respected in their field of competence.

So I'm very happy to be among the smartest people on the planet now. Thank you very Much.

"Too bad I didn't get the full Bartman package, as well as Funny Valentine's... Would I get the Wayne Enterprises? Huhu... I would be happy with just the suit and batmobile. Maybe the Hellbat Armor too..."

Now I have a wardrobe full of pink clothes and coats, and a USA flag, because it came in Valentine's package.

"Speaking of Valentine I haven't tested that thing..." I mutter to myself and start looking around. And quickly spot another fellow runner coming down the path to my right.

I change direction for him, and start running towards him. Nothing strange.

When I'm close enough I make D4C appear quickly and in front of him. A jumpscare to be exact. But he doesn't even react, and crosses D4C as if he wasn't even there.

"So normal people can't see you...nice..." I say looking at D4c, who floats beside me.

But one test is not enough...

I spot a hobo sitting against a wall and start moving towards him. I take a granola bar out of my pocket and hold it out to him.

"Hey dude... Here..." He looks at me and takes the cereal with a grateful nod.

Not even looking at the pale blue head a few inches in front of him. Coming out of his torso. I wish for D4C to come back and when I turn my back to go my way, I make D4C grab his arm.

"Whatahell!!" He screams and starts trying to escape.

"Are you okay, man?" I ask pretending to be worried ...

"My hand... my hand.. is paralyzed!" he says

"Yeah, it's really cold out here... You should find somewhere else to sit." I say narrowing my eyes and make D4C hold on tighter.

"Fingers?! FINGERSS... They're fingers... somethiN' holdin' ma arm.. G-g-ghostt!!" when he starts to despair I make my stand release his arm.

"Hey man, calm down.. you're not drunk, are you? Take a deep breath and calm down and you'll get better" I say crouching down to his eye level.

After D4C lets go of him he calms down, takes a deep breath and walks away still muttering something under his breath.

Well... That went well, I guess. Ignoring the fact that I might destroy that guy's sanity... But he'll probably be fine. And this will become a good story for him to tell his hobo friends around a burning trashcan.

Stands act exactly like Stands should act, there was no nerf on them. Good to know... but I don't know how they interact with people who are connected with mysticism and magic. After all, there is no magic in JoJo, to make a comparison. And I think ghosts in JoJo could see stands, like that girl in part 4.

Changing the subject, something I've noticed now is that I'm not tired, and I'm outpacing most other early runners. And I'm not even wearing the Thor suit. It wouldn't be training if I cheated after all. So, I think I'm instinctively running more efficiently than they are.


I have to catalog my other stuff.

I will do it while I run, my spatial awareness seems phenomenal, I feel people approaching by breathing, footsteps and even air displacement. Batman is broken. Peak human your goddamn right.

Something that was bothering me was those 500CP.

CP: CYOA points. Can be used on any CYOA document won by Gacha (All prices have been equalized)

Cyoa... I got a very weak Marvel CYOA, seems to be a jumpchain, has powers, but all low level like invisibility and shapeshifting. It has some interesting items like adamantium or vibranium weapons. But I won't spend CP for now. I will wait for the need to arise. And it seems like they stay forever. Like a store. Because a fourth tab has appeared. For CYOA documents and the 500Cp are indicated there in the upper right corner.

Regarding consumables, I have two Power Boost Cards, five Background Customization Card and a Shonen Setting Travel Ticket (Low-Tier/One-month). The Travel Ticket allows me to spend a month in a shonen anime or manga that is not so high in power levels... Time will not pass here. I can go there anytime on the timeline of that world. I cannot bring back people alive, and only objects I can carry. And some items will not work here. Like dragon balls. (But if I win dragon balls in Gacha, it will work normally)

The best option would be to go to an anime where I can learn something, like Naruto or One piece. When I go there, my body will adapt to the laws of the universe and I will be able to use chakra or haki, without having to gain a character from their world. Or maybe I should go to a high-tech world. And learn never-before-seen scientific advances there.

Well, let's leave the ticket for the future, I need to weigh my options carefully.

The Background Customization Card apparently has two uses. They can be used in conjunction with Travel Ticket, allowing me to have a background in that world, rather than arriving as a drop-in, that would make things easier.

And it's to be used by my summons. As long as it makes a little bit of sense. For example I can make Shego have been trained by the Red Room. That would give documents and a history of the world I'm in. I won't have to keep creating false documents and figuring out where my harem came from... I mean... subordinates.

The Power Boost Cards are self-explanatory... Allows you to improve a power qualitatively and quantitatively. But I don't know how big that boost will be.

I could save it for a better power in the future, but I have two. And I need to know how it works.

I can use in my founding titan power, which I don't see much of an advantage in the world of Marvel, other than regeneration.

Or in D4C, which maybe evolves into Requiem, or awakens Love Train. I can wait and see if I can upgrade Loki's capabilities, and see if I can transform him from his MCU form to his Comics counterpart.

But I will use in D4C. It's my most discreet power. Make my mind, i don't hesitate further.

I don't even need to take that card out of my inventory. It disappears after I wished it was used in D4C. AND...

I didn't wake up Love Train. Tch. "I wanted to redirect my misfortune to other people... " I whine a little.

I stop running and sit on a bench in a park, and I'm going to test out the changes.

First, D4c can go 10 meters away from me now, before the limit was 2 meters. And it seems to be 3 times stronger. One of his abilities is that in case I was mortally wounded I could transfer my consciousness to a alternative version of myself.

That was shit.

I can now transfer my injuries to alternate versions of myself.

Sorry "I" from other worlds. Is for the greater good. My greater good.

The greater good of Hector Prime. (self-declared)

There are infinite versions of myself, which means if I don't die instantly, I'm immortal.

I also feel like I could awaken a new skill. But I don't know how many boost cards would be needed. Better not use the other one for now.

As I'm seated, I start to think when I'll summon Shego, she's my only possible summon. And I don't even say that because I'm horny. I'm already assimilating Valentine and Bruce. And I can't have Loki and Miles as subordinates. It would cause more questions than I need to.

And the powers of these two I can use to increase my personal strength. Don't make a mistake. If I had gotten Power Girl or WonderWoman I wouldn't hesitate to assimilate both. Hot women or not.

My personal strength comes above my dick.

But there's nothing Shego would do, that others wouldn't do better. Like spying for Batman, physical abilities with Miles, and energy projection with Loki. So having her as my right arm Woman, it's not just because she's my childhood crush. No sir.

But even with the background cards, I won't summon it now. I need to be strong enough to control her in case she isn't as loyal as I imagine she will be. And I need to establish myself better in this world.

I can barely take care of myself, how will I have subordinates?

Another of my items is a compilation from Chakra Books, normally I would think it referred to Naruto (which would be really cool), but since it came from my Marvel Gacha, I know it's not.

Reading the description of the card, it seems that it talks about the mystical arts of this world, like seeing the supernatural, strengthening the body, meditating, runes, finding channels and chakra points, finding yourself yada yada. Which is great in itself. I don't want to have to rely on Ancient One or Dr. Strange to learn magic.

What I least want right now is to get attention. Stay under the radar until I have some global scale threat to deal. Or be strong enough to just not care.

I get up excited to begin my initiation into magic, I can't materialize the books in public. So I decide to run home.


Arriving home, I am surprised by a familiar face.

"Dr. Palmer... Are you looking for me?" I ask surprising the doctor, who looked worried as she fiddled with her cell phone.

"AH... Hector.. you scared me, I mean... you're here! I was worried. I come here, and no one looks to be in home... and I started to think..." the doctor starts talking quickly to me as she puts her cell phone in her pocket.

And I look at her. I really look at her. Dark circles messy hair, slightly shaky hands. Eye twitching a little. Signs of lack of sleep and excess caffeine.

She must have finished her shift by now, and she came to check on me. She didn't find me and thought the worst, that I made a mistake, maybe even committed suicide.

Strange... since when am I so good at observing details like that?

"You're a nice person Dr. Palmer. You came straight from your job to check on me, even if you don't have to." I say, smiling a little.

"EH?! What? Of course I'm gonna look for you. I really mean what I say back there. I want to help you. Your parents are great friends. Is the least I can do. That's no problem at all." And I believe this, she is genuinely nice.

Looking back at her appearance I ask "When will you need to go back to the Hospital?"

"Hmm? My Evening turn starts at 3PM." She answers without much thought.

"Damn, that's rough... say.. why don't you sleep here, eats a little and after you are appropriately rested... You go back to saving lives?" I offer, a little worried. And I really want to repay her nice attitude.

"What? No... no.. I don't want to impose. I just go rest in home." she answers.

"And how far is your home?" I ask instantly afterwards.

"... a little far." She responds after a little hesitation. Apparently noticing that she doesn't have a good reason to decline my offer.

"Look Dr. I know you probably want to look like a 'trusted adult' to me. In this difficult time..." she flinches a little, I see right through her apparently. Weird.. I'm nailing in reading her and giving reasonable responses.

"But you look really tired... maybe this is normal to you, maybe I'm overstepping, maybe it's unnecessary... But... I really don't want you to drive in this fatigued state." I say, and now she flinches visibly. Thoughts about how my parents that just dies in a car accident. "Could you please sleep a little, I will wake you to lunch. And after you eat, I will feel really better in let you go drive to 'a little far away'." After my little guilty trap. She cedes, and accepts my hospitality.

Damn, I am smooth now.

As I lead her into one of the guest rooms, and point out the bathroom, in case she wants to use it, I think how I'm really assimilating the "hidden status and talents" of some sort of the characters.

Valentine is the president. A social and charismatic person. And Bruce knows his way to navigate the high society. And they're influencing me. Or better, I am learning from them.

More attention to detail, a more critical mind, charisma, high confidence, self-esteem, the Hector of 2 days ago had none of those things.

I have none of they urges or vices, super nationalism or dislike of firearms. So I think I only assimilate beneficial things, with few, if any downsides.


Looking in the mirror again, without glasses because I don't really need them anymore, I admire myself little. I'm looking really nice. I didn't change drastically, but I did go up a notch on the hot scale.

I'll check, and I see that Valentine's increased by 1% and Bruce's 3%. There may be two explanations for this. 1- The more the percentage, the longer the assimilation will take, 2- The training. Run, analyze, test my powers, etc. I acted more like Bruce, so I assimilated more of his character.

Doing things the character would do, or using his abilities, training like him... Accelerates assimilation. I'll have to go heavier in training. Although I'm not in a hurry because there's no immediate danger.

I have to think that every minute with the slot occupied is a minute that I could be assimilating another character.

Going to make my breakfast (Dr. Palmer just went to bed, she said she would have something to eat when she woke up), I start thinking about a workout regimen, things to buy and things to do. I need a lawyer, and I need to prepare the funeral, warn family and friends. I have to talk to my paternal grandparents there in Brazil, they will be devastated.

"Tch. That's not the kind of thing someone as young as me should be worried about." I mumble as I drink my coffee.

That coffee actually looks more bitter today.

Nothing to add here.

Thanks to reading. Any feedback is appreciated.

Give ideas and suggestions. Anything to made the history better to everyone. Stay good you all.

Till next time.

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