44 The Road To Heaven is Paved With Evil Actions

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"Nothing discloses real Character like the use of power. It is easy for the weak to be gentle. Most people can bear adversity. But if you wish to know what a man really is, give him power. This is the supreme test."

-Robert Green Ingersoll


Recap: In the last Chapter Eidolon has met the Black Cat and released Jessica Jones from the clutches of Killgrave. He has a small talk with Jane Foster. And goes to Mutant Town with the Morlocks, stopping a plot of the two gangs there. Eventually, he discovered the actions of The Workshop, an offshoot of Project X. Meeting and capturing Deadpool Eidolon saved the victims and is ready to put some plans in motion.

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S.H.I.E.L.D, or how they present themselves nowadays, the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division is, to the public, an extra-governmental counter-terrorism and intelligence agency tasked with maintaining both national and global security.

Well, even if it's mostly an American institution, they theoretically act in defense of the whole world.

What most people don't know is the true origin and purpose of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Initially created to oppose the remnants of the group Hydra, the organization is jumpstarted by Howard Stark in the 1960s.

"If a head is cut off, two more shall take its place," The Hydra's motto has no falsehood on the difficulty that is to destroy the organization. They have branches in many countries, making it hard to move against them.

Starting with the USA, many countries began supporting and funding S.H.I.E.L.D., facilitating the creation of the World Security Council, the only group that S.H.I.E.L.D answers for.

In no time S.H.I.E.L.D. is taking care of all "supernatural" things of the world like mutants, mutates, vampires, werewolves, magic users, and most of the alien-related stuff.

Fun fact: S.H.I.E.L.D. shouldn't have to take care of all these cases. Originally it was supposed to have the creation of a sister organization together with S.H.I.E.L.D..

The S.W.O.R.D., the acronym for Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department, would take care of the extraterrestrial threats while S.H.I.E.L.D would protect the nations from the inside danger. Especially of terrorist supergroups.

Due to a lack of funds and support, the S.W.O.R.D. never got off the paper. At that time few believed that aliens would really threaten Earth, so it would be a waste of money to create something that big at that time.

Technology is also not as good, would be a herculean task to create space stations and other things to help to monitor the stars.

So now S.H.I.E.L.D. carries in its back this whole workload of responsibilities and duties.

And there's one thing that is a certified red flag to the spy organization... A thing that is directly involved with the founders... A thing that will take all of the S.H.I.E.L.D. attention and make them act seriously... Is the creation of super soldiers.

Or at least the attempt to do it.

Ross Project that ended up creating the Hulk? S.H.I.E.L.D was there.

Oscorp and their genetically modified animals and attempts to merge with human DNA? There too...

So when a call from Eidolon, reporting that he found a lab where someone is trying to manufacture metas is received by the police... S.H.I.E.L.D is on the case in minutes.


Lady Jade and Huntress already finished on their side too.

Lady Jade steps over an unconscious soldier and arrives which is probably the main room of this facility.

When Lady Jade enters the room she sees Huntress overseeing the capture of the main culprits of this whole scheme.

Black mist takes over half of the floor and scientists and some high-level security guards are taken away.

"Already called him?" Lady Jade asks

"Yes…" Huntress answers without looking at her. Her eyes are fixated on the unconscious people on the floor.

"So we just need to wait." Lady Jade gives Huntress a look "You know, there's all types of fucked up shit that I'm okay with... But damn, what these guys did to that people is truly low, even for me." She comments

This building where they are right now is the secondary lab. Where the Workshop keeps the surplus of lab subjects. There are just so many "torture chambers" and space, so many subjects stay as prisoners, waiting for their turn

"Yes, Eidolon said that he has a use to the others, so..." Huntress says darkly while she points her crossbow tied to her wrist to a low-level henchman on the floor.

But a hand stops her from shooting.

"You don't need to do this." The newly arrived clone of Eidolon says while holding her forearm.

Yanking her arm away Huntress says "Isn't better to end all of the scum already?"

Eidolon looks at her before looking at the man on the ground.

"Alex Miller, 19 years old, orphan, raised in the St. Patrick orphanage, he knew a little about how to fight, and start making a livelihood of it on the streets. Start with some gangs, then start taking some unsavory jobs as a debt collector, hired as cannon fodder here 15 months ago. The pay is good, if he gets out he is killed... Don't have much of an option." Eidolon describes all of the guy's life.

"Before entering, he is up to his neck in debt with a shark loan. His girlfriend and mother were kidnapped and they ask him to choose one of them to live and say that if he doesn't pay in the next time, they would kill the one that is spared too."

"Some people simply don't know other lives... Let him go to jail." Eidolon says shrugging his shoulders. And then he looks at another guy on the floor.

"That one on the other hand..." He points his index finger and 'Bang' a hole appears on the guy's head, his body spasms a little before going completely still. Dead. "...have a favorite pastime of visiting the cell where they keep the female prisoners..." He doesn't elaborate further and looks at Helena.

"Huntress... In the past you were weak." He states bluntly "You couldn't show mercy because any weakness would be exploited and your end would have been ugly..."

"..." She can't answer that.

"Why do you think Superman can show mercy to low-level crooks? Because even if a million of these guys get out of jail they can never hurt him, you're on this level now. You're in the big leagues now."

Eidolon also says "We can also differentiate who really deserves to die" He points to the guy that he just killed and then he points to the guy he saved from Huntress "And those not so bad. We have the means, so there's no need to drown yourself in unnecessary blood. I know that you don't like it either..."

Huntress huffs but relents. "You have the means. Not me..."

"Just let these things to me then. Do nothing that you don't want or will make you lose sleep a night. That's my job..." Eidolon says while start taking evidence and research results. "By the way, that guy strangely chose his girlfriend over his own mother..."

After some time, Eidolon's clone takes everything he needs and is ready to disintegrate.

"Take this and give it to my main body." He says giving a black cube to Huntress "You guys can go back now."

"Eidolon..." Lady Jade calls "Let me ask you... Hypothetically, if someone captures me and Huntress. And make that you can only save one. Who would you choose?" She asks with a mischievous smile.

'Ugh...Women and their hypothetic questions...' Eidolon thinks. Even Huntress looks curious.

"The two, obviously." He answers without hesitation

"Tch. You can't..." Lady Jade starts saying.

"No, I can." He interrupts "I can because I'm strong. Only the weak need to make hard choices. If I'm strong enough, I need to sacrifice nothing." He says seriously.

"Well, maybe only myself. Huhu" He chuckles

[Plot Checkpoint: The author will remember that]

He approaches the two and pat their heads. "I'm a greedy man. That wants everything without losing anything. So I would absolutely save the two of you. That's my final answer." He smiles before start disappearing

'Hm ~ I really gained this habit of giving head pats on the anime world.' He muses to himself while he looks at his hand.



"This guy... Acting cool like that..." Shego murmurs.

"Are you blushing?" Helena asks with a smirk "Wait, you blush red too? I thought would be totally green..."

"What do you think I am? A monster? My blood is still red!" Shego huffs in indignation making Helena laugh. "Racist... I'm telling Eidolon."


Eidolon P.O.V

After I give a good slap on the bald head of Francis(Ajax), I move the main perpetrators and the worst of the soldiers to Infinity Castle with the help of Isabella.

Checking out the mind of the guards I decide whom I will take away.

Yeah, I normally don't enter into people's minds, but criminals lose many privileges.

Finally, I find Mikhail carrying a very beaten-up woman by the back of her collar like she is a bag.

He unceremoniously throws her at my feet and says with his heavy Russian accent.

"She is a meta..."

I just nod and send her to Isabella too.

"Mikhail, after I get a clue about kidnappings we come to investigate... We entered the place but many scientists and other people escaped because they threatened us with the hostages... We were never in Mutant Town tonight..." I say giving him a look.

He understands the assignment and nods.

"Let's check the situation of the prisoners, the cops already arrived and S.H.I.E.L.D is coming too..."


Now, outside the building I supervise the police arresting the criminals that I let off the Hook.

Mikhail is by my side and Wade is still grounded in his bubble, and now he is singing some pop music that I don't recognize.

In my hand, there's a vial of liquid that I found in the lab.

"What coincidence..." I mutter to myself while I play with the vial throwing in the air and catching it again and again.

Listening to the noise of several car engines getting close I focus to see who the sent..

Finally, there are already many S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the vicinities observing in secret, but now they are officially coming.

Oh, I see why they take so long. Captain America and Black Widow just arrived.

Deadpool goes to speak "Wow, if he is not one of the great asses in the world... Oh, and hi to you too, Black Widow."

His comment makes the two stop and looks at him strangely.

"Captain... Black Widow..." I greet while turning around to take a look at the Avengers.

After Steve's arrival, there's a change in the mood of the area. The police officers are acting more respectful... Almost reverently to the guy.

They don't act like that even to me.

Well, I can't blame them. The guy is a legend. Even I grew up listening to his tale.

Make sense that S.H.I.E.L.D. wants Cap here. Hm, maybe they think I'll play nice with him, huhu... Heh. Not happening. Business is business, friendship is friendship.

"Eidolon..." Captain America extended his hand and I give him a firm handshake.

"Good to see you, Cap. I wish is under a better situation..." I say

"Is it not good to see me too?" Natasha asks at the side while smiling.

"I already greeted you early, Black Widow." I speak evenly

"You can call me Nat. Everyone close to me calls me that." She says giving me a once-over.

"Black Widow..." I repeat. These types of people if you give an inch, they will take a mile. I have one at home too...

She pouts like she has been wronged, but I ignore her.

And probably the situation is too strange or awkward for Steve that he decides to change the subject.

"What happened here?" He asks eyeing the building and the people being arrested.

"You should already know... Same old, same old. People experimenting on metas to make soldiers." I say avoiding saying the term "Super-soldier", so he doesn't feel bad.

Steve is too nice, he would probably blame himself somewhat.

These guys with a hero complex...

At this moment I receive the message. I have a wrist computer that can pretty much do anything that a smartphone can do. And make holograms. I have taken inspiration from Mass Effect Omni-tool, but it is very far from the ideal.

I mostly use it as a disguise for many of my powers. I can't go around showing that I can communicate telepathically with people after all, or that I can use technopathy.

"Everything ready, Eidolon." The message appears above my wrist.

"Okay, send the bots when I give you the signal." I say

The two avengers look at me a little confused, waiting for some explanations.

"I'm moving the victims." I simply say before entering the building again.


"Jesus…" Steve says shocked and disgusted.

We are right now in the big space where they "make" metas. Is basically a huge hangar with people in chambers. The chambers can torture them in different ways.

Asfixation, electroshocks, needles, cold, heat and other psychologic tortures...

Giving the signal, a portal opens near me and many of my bots start pouring out of it.

"Take the victims. Be careful." I say and I am replied with a lot of "Yes, sir!"

"When I found them I stopped all torture mechanisms and administered anesthetics... I will help them and after this, I will see every individual circumstance and proceed from that. Providing the appropriate help." I explain before they can ask.

"We can take care of them..." Black Widow starts but I interrupt her.

"Nope. Non-negotiable. They will be under my protection until they can make a decision." I say gravely. "You guys should go arrest the people responsible..." I say nonchalantly waiting for them to take the bait.

"The responsible?" Natasha asks.

"Yes, politics, businessman... It's already on the internet." I say showing a hologram of a website. Is the Anonymous website, I scroll down and show the newest post.

"The Workshop: A factory of metas." Black Widow read it or loud and then when I continue to scroll down showing the names, and photos of the important people involved she curses in Russian.

"Do you know him? Anonymous? Are you him? Do you know what you have done?" She barrages me with questions

"After my fight with Thor, I search for him. He can't fight, but his power is useful to bring these bastards to light." I say not caring about her attitude "So... Oh great international organization that defends us, what are you gonna do?" I look at her. "Arrest them? Or look on the other way and bend forward like their good little bitch?" I ask mockingly

She just stares at me. Oh girl, you can't win a staring contest against me...

"I'm gonna give Fury a call..." She finally says before moving away.

I then go back to watch the bots work, they're moving the victims to an abandoned factory in Mutant Town.

I will not take these people to my space station or to the Morlocks place. Infinity Castle is out too. Only my allies and enemies will enter there.

The factory that they are being transported to is already being modified to be another base of mine. A disposable place that I can self-destruct at any time without big loss if the situation needs. Nothing important will go or will be guarded there.

"For a time I believed that I would be the last... But now I see that I'm naive." I hear Steve speak at my side, eyes dazed while looking at the horrors presented in front of him.

"Humans will never stop trying to improve themselves, unfortunately some take the easy way of building a path over other people's corpses." I say.

"...Make me wish that... Maybe, that day my experiment should have failed." I confess. Thinking that his success created the precedent and as a result all of this suffering. That is true, but he can't be blamed for that.

*Sigh* This guy is too good for this world.

"That's a bad thought to have, Steve. First, if it is not you, it would be another recruit... Don't blame yourself over something like this." I gesture to the place "And the Red Skull was already terrorizing the world at that time, you did well. Without you... Many shouldn't be here right now. Including me." I say what I believe.

He gives a heavy sigh, and doesn't speak anything but I feel that he is a little better.

"Yeah, Cap. There were bastards experimenting on mutants a long time ago." Deadpool chose this moment to say something "There's this hairy guy with anger issues that..."

"Shut up, Deadpool." I say stopping him.

"And this is …" Steve says politely, he should be curious from the beginning but he never asked because I never brought up the subject.

"Deadpool, mercenary, he was here killing the responsible for all this mess before I arrive." I say to watch Captain America's reaction.

He looks a little displeased, but don't look like he's gonna preach how killing is wrong and ask Deadpool to be brought in.

Huh. It's funny how Marvel, the "light" universe is more okay with killing than Dc, the "Dark" universe.

Captain America fought in WWII, Iron Man flew to the Middle East to kill some terrorists, and I don't even want to talk about Black Widow, Hawkeye and Thor...

After seeing what I want to see I finally complete the story. "He is one of the victims here." I say bringing Steve's attention to me again "He was experimented on, escaped and come back for vengeance..." I explain and I see Cap nodding in understanding.

The displeased look is gone now. More or less...

Hmm, I remember that Cap doesn't like the Punisher in the comics because he kills... Would Cap be influenced by this peaceful and modern times?

I can almost see the future conflict brewing. I'm not gonna easy on you, Steve... If you try to stop me from killing someone like Doom or another asshole, I will put you out of action for some weeks.

There are people that I can kill without having the blame placed on me and there are people not so easy to dispatch.

I don't believe that I can discreetly assassinate Doom, as an example. A big fight, if it occurs, is unavoidable.

At this moment, Natasha finally comes back.

"I spoke with Fury, let's go arrest some scum." She says with a little smile that Steve reciprocates.

It appears that she is annoyed to have to deal with politics too. Must be a pain in the ass, wanting to act and being restrained.

That's the problem... With time... Even the things created with the best intentions are corrupted by politics.

Someone needs to fund S.H.I.E.L.D. and if someone is paying the bills, this someone is the boss. And these people have connections, owe favors, have dirt in other people's hands...

Haah~ So complicated. Many things can influence a case like that. If I hadn't posted the information on the internet, Fury would probably keep it low-key and tried to deal with this situation without a great fuss.

"I will have to put your name as the one that disclosed the information, Eidolon." She says

"Do what you want..." I say not caring. I think she is warning me that maybe some people will try to take revenge against me.

The people who are being arrested- Will be arrested, are powerful politically and monetarily.

But there's no need to worry. If there's something that chinese novels taught me is that a big fist is the best type of power. That triumphs over all others.

"By the way what is that things?" Natasha asks pointing at my bots.

"My little helpers. My organization is short of personnel, I have great quality and little quantity..." I say vaguely

"Your organization? I'm curious..." She says approaching me.

Ugh... Again.

"Curious enough to bug recently tortured people?" I say stretching my hand and taking the trackers that she put on the chambers of the victims

She has the decency of looking ashamed, at least. And she is even half real, I can tell.

Even Cap gives her a look.

"Well, it's my job..." She says shrugging her shoulders.

"I know. And that's the only reason I haven't attacked you yet." I comment.

"Scary~" She says exaggeratedly "But I can hear her heartbeat increasing slightly for a few seconds.

She really believes that I will not hurt her, but she can't stay calm when threatened by a super-powerful guy.

"But I can tell a little about that..." I say throwing her a bone "Like the Avengers, I also have my own group. But I'm more focused on dealing with meta problems..."

I thought long and hard about the name... In the end, I decided on something simple that easily tells my objective and motivation.

Like Shimura-san said to me once, a name is a way to present your will to the world.

"... It's called SCP Foundation, or simply SCP." I say showing the Symbol that I also copied from the website of my last life. But the Symbol can change depending on the member.

My personnel symbol has my spiral in the center instead of the three arrows.

"SCP?" Natasha asks.

"Stands for Secure, Contain and Protect. Pretty much self-explanatory."

"Everyone was moved, sir." One of my bots reports.

"Good job. "I say and I dismiss them. "Everyone out, now!" I exclaim loudly and start walking a little fast to the exit.

Steve, Natasha, the agents and the cops started following me quickly. That's the herd effect, right? They don't even know what I'm talking about...

After exiting the building Cap asks me.

"What is happening?"

"Just smiting this place..." I say calmly.


High in the sky, unseen by people, one of my clones releases a huge high concentrated blue blast of fire on the building. I even use telekinesis and a forcefield power to create a tunnel to the fire to stop the heat from propagating.

Visually looks like that move from Enel in One Piece.

Similar attacks take place at the other hideouts from the Workshop on New York.

Is a spectacular sight in this night sky.

Humming to myself I watch the building become ashes in a few seconds and only a perfectly circular hole in the ground remains.

"What is that for?!?" Black Widow practically screams in my direction.

I ignore that question and speak one of my own "Do you know what is this?" I say gesturing to the vial still in my hand.

She appears a little confused but asks nonetheless "I'm curious at the beginning, but you never talked so..."

"Is called MGH, an abbreviation to Mutant Growth Hormone... I prefer Meta Growth Hormone though. Is being made and studied in that lab. It is becoming popular in the underworld." I say.

If I remember correctly is this thing that gives powers to Black Cat in the comics one time.

The coincidence that I talked about earlier is that myself has created something similar based on the Trigger drug from the BNHA/MHA world.

Is even a linchpin of one of my plots.

"It can boost someone's meta-abilities and even awaken a person's meta-ability. Well, temporarily and with many, many side effects." I hold the vial in front of her eyes "If you think that I will let something created using the blood and tears of my people fall on the wrong hands, you are crazier than Deadpool over there."

She looks at me for a few seconds.

"If what you are saying is true... This is already in the wrong hands. S.H.I.E.L.D. can study this to do good things and use it to track-"

"Like how you guys used the Dodecahedron?" I interrupt and look at her almost mockingly "Please, the first thing that humanity always uses technological advances is to create weapons. Cap here is an example... No offense Steve. But a serum that can bring people to a state of a healthy body and mind, makes people immune to many diseases... What is the first use of it again?" I gave her a look. "Yeah, to make a soldier."

"That was a different time. There's a war and the people who found it are milita-"I interrupt again.

"Yeah, you guys fought against the people trying to create an Arian race supremacy... Creating the perfect Arian race. Haha." I laugh "Is two sides of the same coin, Black Widow. In the past the line is more clear, there are really evil guys to fight against... And now? Where is the line? Can you vouch with your life that your higher ups are honest? For all of them? Anonymous just posted a document proving that I'm right."


"I'm not gonna discuss with you. What is done is done. Mikhail, go back early, I will drop Deadpool home." I say turning to my Russian subordinate.

"You know, destroying the place was really not good. There could be important evidence there, it would make investigations easier..." Black Widow says while I start to float with Deadpool bubble.

"There's none that I didn't give Anonymous to post on the internet. You can trust me on that." I say

"You say to me to trust you but you don't trust us!"


"Ugh... You're making things difficult..."

"No, I disagree... I'm making things very simple. 'Arrest the bad guys', no politics, no interests, nothing should influence your actions on this case." I look down at her "If S.H.I.E.L.D. can't do that... You guys are either incompetent or corrupt." I look at her seriously.

"Show me the answer." With these words, I shot at high speeds at the night sky.


High on the air, I ask Deadpool some questions using my [Confession] power.

His backstory is really similar to the movies. There's some extra of his life as a mercenary, like meeting Wolverine, but this is not important now.

"Dude, I'm not ready... Let me put on my good clothes first." He tries to stop me, but I'm having none of that.

Flying fast to a certain part of the city, I find Vanessa in their home sleeping.

Hm, a little home invasion never hurt any hero, right?

Phasing through the walls I arrive at their room, luckily she sleeps with clothes. Would be awkward.

"Now... Wake her." I say to him in a low voice

"No, you do this." He answers whispering

"Whatahell? I can't do this. You do this!" We start shouting in low voice to each other.

"It's your damn idea coming here on the middle of the night. Go on Do it."

"She is YOUR fiancee. Is better that you do this."

"Man up, you little bitch. You start, and I finish, okay?"

"I'm not waking a strange woman in the middle of the night on her bedroom. She doesn't even know me. I'm here to help you explain your circumstances."

"Thought that before came here!"

At this moment I hear that the breathing pattern of Vanessa has changed.


We two of us watch her slowly sit on the bed, the window gives a little light and shows our existence to her, and then ...


Yep, that's expected.

Using telekinesis on the switch to light up the room, we achieved a standstill.

I and Deadpool are with our hands in the air while Vanessa threatens us with her bedside lamp.

She looks exactly like the movie. Hm, there's a comic version of her too, right? She is blue with white hair and has some sort of shapeshifting ability.

I wonder if it's her latent meta ability. Maybe she will awaken in the future.

"What is happening?!?" She screams "Wait, why Eidolon is in my room? Is this another dream?" She asks

It appears that she is confused... Wait, another what?

"Eh... Wrong house." Deadpool says quickly "You're from Fox and we are following the MCU timeline with the comics and..." He continues before grabbing my arm and trying to pull me away to the door.

"Wade...? Is that you?" Vanessa asks uncertainly making him pause.

Before he can give excuses I say.

"Yes, it's him. He passed for some tough times recently..." I try to soften the eventual reprisal that Deadpool will receive "He tried to seek the cure with some shady people, doesn't go so well, he is tortured, is cured but became ugly, with a face that only a mother could love, goes seek revenge, I found him, bring him here. End of the story." I say quickly.

She approaches the paralyzed Deadpool slowly.

"Wade..." and then she slaps him in the face.


"I think I deserved that..." He says

And then she punches him in the face.

"And this too..."

And an elbow on her stomach.

"Yeah, maybe that too..." he says a little of breath.

And she goes to kick her crotch.

"Nononono. This I don't deserve!" He interrupts her.

"Start talking, your son of whore!" She screams with tears in her eyes.

"Hey, even if it's true... Leave her out of this." He quips but seeing Vanessa's face he stops.

Sighing in resignation he says what is necessary.

"I'm sorry… I truly am… *Sigh* Sorry." He lows his head


"For everything... For leaving... And not coming back. Like the big emo guy in black there said, I was in a bad place."


"And I want to come back to you at my best... And..."

"I just wanted you to come back." Vanessa interrupts him.

"..." This stops Deadpool's big mouth, huh?

The two hug for a time.

I'm starting to feel weird just standing here, but I have something to do yet.

"You know... I'm not the same under the mask." Deadpool confesses "I'm like...A menace"

"I want to see." Vanessa says and reaches for his face.

She slowly takes off his mask revealing ... a paper mask of Spider-man.

"I'm serious, are you sure?" He asks again.

She nods and goes to take the mask again.

And damn, Deadpool is really ugly as fuck. The movie version is a 9/10 compared to this.

In addition to his head looking like a potato that rolled down a 5km slope, he has some holes in the skin that show the muscles below, shows the bones too, and there are some parts where his skin is blackened or purple.

Looking at his face attentively I can see that the holes are healing slowly but at the same time, other wounds are opening.

His body is in a perpetual cycle of decay and reconstruction.

I see, decay... Because of this that he is not a giant blob of tumors. His mass maintains an overall constant.

The vision takes Vanessa's breath away.

She gulps loudly making Deadpool wince slightly.

"Well..." She starts "After I got used to it and many tequila shots... That is still a face that I can sit." She smiles, making him smile too.

Ownt~ That's so romantic and weird.

They kiss. Shit, I lost my moment to say something. Let's wait for them to stop


Okay, they are not stopping...

When I see the two reaching for each other clothes I decide to interrupt.

"*Cough* *Cough*"

"What?! You're still here? Isn't there some cat stuck in a tree that you have to save or something like that?" Deadpool turns to ask me.

"Wade, how do you know Eidolon? Is he joining us?" Okay, okay. Better stop where this is going.

"Don't look at him, he is secretly Mr. Steal yo girl. He just hasn't started doing it yet."

"Wade, Vanessa... Nice to meet you, by the way." I say looking at the woman "Before I go I need to tell you guys something..." I say make them pay attention to me.

"Come with me for an instant, Wade." I say making hand movements toward him to get closer.

He breaks away from Vanessa and when he's one step away from me.

"You know, I swing that way too, but I expect at least that you pay for a coffee first-" I make a barrier between us and Vanessa.

Using my perk that allows me to visually customize my powers, I make the barrier black. Blocking the vision and...


I use [Overhaul] on Deadpool, making him explode on a cloud of gore.

I already analyzed his body from him with the All Seeing Eyes of God and Inuyashiki scan abilities, so I am confident in separating him from all the tumors.

A second later a good part of the gore reassemble in the human form of Deadpool.

No... in the form of Ryan Reynolds. Completely naked and without any hair on his body.

Nice cock bro. No homo.

Making the barrier disappear I hear Vanessa screaming

"What happened here?!? Wade? Are you okay?" She goes to check on him.

She almost slips on the rest of the gore on the ground. Damn, Deadpool was almost 40% tumors.

They are ingrained in everything in him. Bone, tissues, tendons... Can tendons even have cancer? Crazy world...

Wade is caressing his face and his body with his hand dazedly before he shoots himself to his feet and runs to the bathroom.

"I'm back, Baby!!" I hear him screaming before he runs again here and goes to hug Vanessa.

The two are very happy. Spinning and laughing.

"I never thought that I would be happy to look like Neo out of the Matrix." He says. Well, it's true.

And then he looks at me... Oh no.

"Come here, you little-"

Stopping him telekinetically I say "Don't touch me naked, please." And then I throw a bedsheet at him.

"And don't celebrate so soon." I say lowering the excitement of the two.

My eyes change to the All Seeing Eyes of God and I analyze Wade again.

"You're still sick..." I say and see the happiness slip away from their face. "I've never seen something like that..."

"Go on, Doc... Keep it true." Wade says jokingly while Vanesa holds his hand from her.

"Your meta-ability is your ridiculous healing factor that kept your cancer at bay in a strange state of equilibrium. I don't know how or why... But the awakening of your ability mutates your disease too. Is like every individual cell of your body has cancer. At least will potentially have."

"I predict that between two weeks to a month you will go back to being a ugly moon again. I could repeat my treatment again and again but will never be a decisive solution."

Telekinetically I take all the gore from the ground, roll it into a ball, and store it in the Sky Poison Pearl.

"Is like your ugly form is your new 'normal' look, like some metas change skin colors to blue and etc. Let me take some samples. In two weeks I will come back regardless of whether or not I have a permanent cure."

After this, I take a little of blood and tissue.

While this I tested his healing factor, making a cut on his forearm.

The healed skin is all bloated like before I used [Overhaul] on him.

"Try to not get hurt again, it will accelerate the progress of cancer." I say while using Inuyashiki healing powers over his arm and healing his skin.

I wonder what would happen if I stole his power? He would be free from the downsides too? Or he would die. It's better to make tests before it...

And there's another thing bugging me.

In the comics, Deadpool has a little relationship with someone that I don't want to involve myself in now... or never.

Lady Death.

Hmph, She is annoying a fuck in the comics. Manipulating people, toying with everyone.

Death of the Endless >>>> Lady Death

I have this little theory now.

Wade was tortured for months. Threading between life and death.

Maybe he doesn't have the memories but the Cosmic Entity has already contacted him. Maybe she is the one that awakened his power.

A convenient power to save him, huh?

Any other power would change nothing. But is a healing factor that he awakened...

In the comics Deadpool was part of Project X. Makes sense he gained a healing factor. Wolverine, you know...

But here? Hmm. Too convenient...

For a moment I think about just asking Deadpool, but I dismiss the idea.

I'm not really sure if Death loved Deadpool or just used him to make Thanos jealous. So maybe she is watching right now.

I do not want to attract her attention.

These Cosmic Entities... I don't want any curse or blessing. Just leave me alone.

Well, till now the Living Tribunal didn't appear to erase me so... I think they don't care about me. I lived here in this world, so I'm not an "outsider" or whatever.

I send my conscience in the Sky Poison Pearl and check the 100-year bazooka shell. I'm feeling more secure with it.

If things go south I will just use it.

You can handle Cosmic Entities right, future me?

"Now I'll go and give you guys time to whatever freaky reconciliation sex you guys plan on doing." I say getting ready to leave.

"Nah, I think that today will be the traditional missionary. I'm feeling nostalgic and old school this night." Deadpool says affectionately looking at Vanessa.


"Bye." I say before disappearing


Third Person P.O.V.

"Is it wrong that I want to hit that?" Vanessa comments about Eidolon.

"Baby... I want to hit that."

"Maybe we should try to invite him to a thresome..." She smiles mischievously

"Who knows, maybe in the future... This remembers me." Wade says before searching for a paper and a pink crayon.

"'List of people that have a key to my heart...?' "Vanessa reads what is written "Vanessa, Wolverine, Spider-man and Eidolon...?" She gives him a look

"I'm sorry baby, I have a slut heart." He says going to kiss her "But you're the only woman..."

"Ah... Remember me to send some nudes to a certain guy. I owe him one."


Unknown Eidolon Hideout

Dr. Emrys Killebrew wakes up with a startle.

He is shielded by a strong light above him, strapped on a cold surface and completely naked.

The many sensations leave him confused for a while before panic starts to fill his mind.

"What?! Who'? WHERE I AM? THERE'S SOMEONE OUT THERE??" he s tarts screaming but no one answers his pleas.

When he is almost giving up someone finally talks to him.

"Emrys Killebrew..." someone greeted him "Comfortable?" The voice is male and deep, but is unrecognizable and lacks any emotion

"Who are you?! I have friends in high places, get me out here instantly!" Emrys screams before being interrupted by a laugh.

"HAHA. Damn, you're really using connections in a situation like this. Pfft. So laughable... No wonder you were kicked out of Project X to work in some unworthy side job. You're too dumb," the voice mocks.

"You-!" Emry's fumes with anger "What would you know?! Huh?? I'm working to change humanity and history-"

He is interrupted again when something clamps his mouth shut. He can't even let muffle sounds.

"Yeah, yeah... You are the greatest, your work will change everything, you are doing this for humanity, and you are going to win a Nobel... So cliché, so cliché." The voice mocks before appearing to get closer "You're just a two-bit scientist playing god in a small and pathetic lab. Pfft, please... Who doesn't know that meta abilities have a great chance of being awakened in extreme situations? Any monkey can deduce that 1 + 1 =2. You're just torturing people and hoping things go well. There's no science on it."

Emrys Killebrew can only struggle in anger, the truth in the words cut deeply that he wants to admit.

At this moment a ringing sound echoes in the room.

Killebrew recognizes that sound. He hears the voice chuckling and answering HIS phone.

"*Beep* Security Chief..." The person answers... but now using Killebrew's voice.

Killebrew's eyes widen. "Yes, we have a setback. One of our workers alerted Eidolon while securing volunteers..." The voice answers.

The horror in Killebrew grows.

The voice is talking with his voice, in his way, he is even using the term "volunteers" which is something that he himself used when talking about the test subjects.

'A muntant, a freaky!' Killebrew concludes.

In truth, he has no collection of Eidolon invasion, after all, he is knocked down instantly.

"Yes, yes... I managed to save a good part of my research. Yes... Where?... In two days I will be there." And the voice hangs up the phone.

'A trap! He is setting a trap!!'

"Huhu, it appears that you are not much liked, Killebrew. Mr. Security Chief wants to secretly end you, do you know?" The voice mocks making him blank. "I noticed by his tone... And make an appointment in a suspicious place, close to the coast... Hehe. So obvious that probably only a dumb guy like you would fall for it."

The force that is holding Killebrew finally allows him to talk again.

"You monster! Freaky! We are right to move against your kind! In no time your all would try to take the world from your betters! Just accept to be a sacrifice to all humanity! Why hold all this potential on a few, when everyone can have it and-"

"Okay, okay... I have the gist of it. You're envious and afraid of us. Simply like that." The voice says dismissively "Now that you like so much sacrifice for the greater good..." The voice says slowly with a dangerous edge on it.

Killebrew hears mechanical sounds around him. He is familiar with these sounds.


Something covers him. A chamber...

"Normally I would shut down your pain receptors, but... Nah. I just don't feel like it." The voice speaks again before pain assaults his whole body

"Let's win that Nobel Prize, Doc."


Two days later

Eidolon P.O.V.

In a place close to the coast I stand on an air platform overseeing a convoy moving. The people that came to "get" Killebrew.

At my side, Saeko stood on her new female samurai gear. There are two swords on her waist and a half oni mask on her hand.

One of the swords is a normal thing that I brought from the BNHA/MHA world. Used by a small villain. It's really usable, not a piece of decoration, so it's good to be her "beginner equipment".

The other sword is not so normal... Murasame, the sword of Akame that was collecting dust as a card finally gains use. Not that she will use it for now. But she needs to become acquainted with the thing. In Akame Ga Kill, the teigus chooses the owner too.

I plan to give her Enma or Ame no Habakiri, Oden's swords eventually. But she will probably have a hard time trying to use the two swords as she was at the moment. They really have some sort of "spirit" inside.

Thanks to the Essence I can lend any weapon and the ones that I lend will not have a problem using... But using well, at full potential... is another story.

And she is also carrying her bokken. A little useless, but using Haki or Nen could make the wooden sword as good as any weapon.

Yes, I trained her on the two power systems. Well, Correction... I introduced her to the two power systems.

And I have to say, she is good. Almost Intermediate level on the two with only one week of training.

Her own talent coupled with that of Muichiro makes her a genius at these things.

"Here's good enough, very isolated. You take care of it alone." I say to her while pointing my hand to the convoy of cars.

"I will not disappoint." She nods seriously putting on her mask.

First, I release an electromagnetic pulse destroying all their electronic devices.

Their car stops working and they need to use the terrain to stop the movement. Some cars even flipped.

Now they can't ask for help too.

Using Weather Manipulation I bring dark clouds to this area too.

And after I make a portal, Saeko jumps in it and arrives in front of the cars.

I cross my arms and watch the show.

After the momentary confusion, the soldiers reorganize themselves to defend themselves. They are at least smart enough to understand that they are under attack.

There are 22 of them that survived my EMP blast.

Saeko, we still haven't decided on a codename for her, walks leisurely but with a focus on the enemy.

It appears that she wants to test herself... She takes her bokken and holds it with both hands and takes a deep breath that only I noticed.

The soldiers saw her and pointed their rifles. They're accustomed to fighting super people so they won't underestimate a lone woman approaching them.

They don't hesitate to open fire, but Saeko moved while their fingers didn't even fully press the trigger.

She is fast as a bullet now. Tokito Muichiro is one of the fastest hashiras, he is even the instructor of the speed training on that arc.

And with Saeko's new powers and usage of Nen and Haki, she can have incredible bursts of speed.

In no time she is already stabbing a guy with her bokken right on his solar plexus, breaking some ribs.

She changes stance and gives a horizontal 360 slash taking two more soldiers with one move.

But she is encircled now. Let's see what she does.

Without wasting time she jumps to go off the encirclement.

Hm... She could've used the fact that there are enemies behind her to make the one on the front afraid of friendly fire.

She can't move in the air, in another situation that would be the end of the fight.

But these guys are using helmets that limit their visions. They lost sight of her and took too long to look up.

She already fell behind some of them and continues her onslaught.

"Without killing anyone..." I notice.

Well, she broke many bones. And that one over there will die because of a rib puncturing the lung in 17 minutes if nothing is done.

Apparently, Saeko doesn't know her own strength.

But she is holding back...

Not on the level of killing people yet, Saeko?

But damn, she is enjoying it... Only I can see, but she is smiling, her body temperature is elevated in... strange places and she has a blush on her face.

"She is making even less useless movements now..." her assimilation with Muichiro is already completed, but that is her first real fight. So her body needs to adjust to battles.

The Assimilation Process is really bullshit... Completely bypassing the years needed of training, fighting and life/death struggles in some days to make someone an expert.

"Hmm?" She stopped? I don't hesitate to press all the rest of the enemies with my telekinesis, and bring them all to their knees.

Making various forcefield domes and making them black to keep them from seeing me, I step down in front of Saeko.

She has a pensive expression in her eyes.

"You must be disappointed..." She murmurs without looking at me.

"Not really... But tell me the reason you stopped. In any other situation, you would be dead now." I say. My voice even.

"... For an instant I saw my reflection in the window of that car and... I was making a very nasty face. Something on my eyes... Scared me." She confesses.

As expected... Sincerely, I was waiting for this moment.

So... How do I do this now?

Is this the moment where I grab her breast from behind and shout some protagonist bullcrap to her?

I approach her with measured steps, stopping very close to her. She almost squirms having me this close and she continues to avoid eye contact.

Using my index finger to raise her head by the chin I forced visual contact.

"Hmm... No. I don't see it at all." I say Looking genuinely confused "To me, your eyes look beautiful as ever." I say making her blush

"Hector-san, I... I'm not a normal girl even before the apocalypse in my other life..." She confesses everything.

She talks about feeling constricted by people's expectations, wanting to use her swordsmanship to hurt others, the time that she lured a guy to assault her so she could attack him, and her enjoyment in killing the zombies...

Everything that I already know.

"I still fail to see the problem, Saeko." I say trying to show genuine confusion in my voice.

She looks at me surprised and then sighs in resignation. She thinks that I don't understand her.

"I think you're misunderstanding me." I say before she takes her own conclusions "I understand that apparently, you have issues with your... eccentricity."

She looks more attentively at me. Time to Talk no Jutsu. And I still haven't assimilated Naruto... Imagine when I do. Will I be able to convince Galactus to be vegan? And I'll have Thanos board the Sigma male grindset Andrew Tate style?

"You are not normal, that much is obvious... So what? Why are you admonishing yourself for nothing being normal? Using other people's ideas of good behavior or ideal person to measure yourself."

"Sartre once said that: 'Hell is other people'. Comparing yourself with others will only bring you unhappiness and... It is not because they are the majority that they are right."

"So you have a sadistic, violent and malevolent nature? Again... So what? Who doesn't have one? The fact that you stopped and is reflecting at least shows that you have morals and don't want to become a monster."

"You know... We are similar, You and I." Haha I can't believe that I really said that. "I also have a really dark side too. And you know what I did with it?" I ask her

She looks at me curiously. I really have a dark side... After I gained my powers I noticed...

I really don't care too much about people that I don't know. I'm apathetic to most of the people suffering. And even the people who suffer from the collateral of my actions.

Different from Saeko who enjoys violence and hurting others. I simply feel nothing if others are hurt. I don't enjoy hurting others but I don't lose any sleep either knowing that someone far from me is dying.

I mean, I knew that I should feel bad. And I act responsibly, I don't abuse my powers and I don't bully others. But is more of a duty than something that spawns from my conscience.

And I feel good about helping people. It's nice. But I'm a pragmatic guy, I won't be overwhelmed with guilty if I fail to save someone. I will feel bad more about my failure than the lives lost.

You know that test where a train will kill five people and you can change the direction to kill only one? I would pull the lever without hesitation.

I would let one million people die to save one million and one.

I'm pragmatic like that.

I have the Gacha and I can gain powers easily... Sometimes I catch myself thinking about what I would do if I don't have this option. How far would I be willing to go to grow strong? I know the answer... Very far. Dr. Doom level of far...

I showed that. In my travel to the BNHA/MHA world. The knowledge that I was so weak and vulnerable in this world annoyed me greatly.

But I don't regret it. I did some good at compensation too and now I can protect my home world better.

And now that I'm stronger, don't need to hurt people easily in my quest for power.

Sincerely, it's good that I'm like that. If I hesitate, I lose. Is much better to be apathetic to these things than to have a crippling hero conscience that halts my progress and makes me depressive.

I could blame the assimilation, but no... Is all me. I'm like that.

Gaining power only reveals that. 'If you want to know a man, give him power.' Really true words.

Strangely acting as a hero is changing me a little, or maybe is the assimilation of good guys. I'm a little more empathetic. And thinking about doing more to help.

Even if my thought is evil, I f I don't externalize them is all good. I'm acting good, so what? What's the problem with having evil thoughts? Who never thought of things that would never do in real life?

Or maybe I'm being influenced by the people that I'm nearby like Peter and Steve.

Who knows? Maybe I can become a cool guy like them in the future.

It's good to know that I'm absorbing good things from them.

"I learned how to use it for my purposes and even to do good." I answer Saeko. "Look over here..." I pointed to the side.

Where I'm pointing, some kilometers away from us the wind starts to grow strong. With my powers, I make a Hurricane.

"Your urges and nature are just like the wind..." Shego is right, I really love my metaphors "Have so much destructive power, but if you can harness and channel it in good things. You can have the best of both worlds."

I snap my fingers and make a show of easily dispersing the hurricane.

"But you need to control it, and don't let it control you."

"You are sadistic and like to hurt people? Fine. Hurt people who deserve it. Do you want to be a righteous samurai? Protect the innocents. And if you don't trust yourself to make these decisions..."

I look at her intensely and slowly walk behind her.

Grabbing her hand that is holding the bokken and I raise it to point to the people trapped on my forcefield.

"Leave the decision to me. You don't need to think too much if you don't want. Let me be the one that uses your impulses." I lower my head so that my mouth stays very close to her ear.

"Trust all of yourself to me... Be my weapon, my blade. I blade doesn't need to think. Just to cut what its master wants to cut." I feel her shivering and start to pant slightly.

Let's go to the final blow. Stealing some words from the MC of High School of the Dead I will make her overcome her issues.

It's like they said. If ain't broke... Don't fix it.

If worked for him...

"You say that your face is nasty... But I think you are beautiful, Saeko. All of you." I whisper in her ear

"I'm so looking forward to seeing how much more beautiful and strong you can become. I want to see it... But this isn't gonna happen if you are held down by other people's morals."

"Just trust me okay?" Grabbing her hand more strongly I raise her bokken even more.

"Do you remember what I said about your potential? That one day wouldn't be weird to you to cut mountains?" Putting my Haki on her bokken, I swing down together with her.

Using Advanced Hashoku no Haki, which I finally learned by assimilating Oden.

Our slash makes a huge gash on the clouds that I created with my powers.

Her breath hitched.

"You can be so much more... But only you can take this first step." I let go of her hand and wait.

After some time she takes a deep breath and relaxes.

I can feel it, the hesitation and uncertainty disappearing.

"Hector, a man can't say those things to a woman lightly, you know?" She chuckles "I will hold you responsible from now on." She says simply before raising her bokken.

"Heh. You can trust me on that." I disperse the forcefields revealing once again the soldiers underneath them.

Getting invisible I watch her advance toward them.

She is still using her wooden sword and she is still holding back not kill anyone. Maybe it's a step that she's not ready for... yet.

But now she is much more violent. breaking a guy's jaw, destroying another guy's fingers, attacking someone's knees and making them bend unnaturally.

And she is laughing.

She is flushed, her eyes almost glazed and she has the biggest smile that I have ever seen on her.

*Sniff*... And I can smell her... arousal.

"Hahaha" I watch her kick someone's shoulder and step mercilessly into another one calves.

Yep, she is a yandere.

Putting my chin on my fingers I think for myself... 'Is it weird that I find it hot?'

Yanderes are cute when they can't kill you, right? RIGHT??

I'm not weird...


Third Person P.O.V, Cathulhu centered

Cathulhu arrives at dawn at his residence after a night exerting his dominance on the cats of the neighborhood.

He yawns pleased with himself after a job well done. The cats are like him but not quite the same. They're less and he needs to show them that.

He hears the familiar beep that he always hears when he uses his personal door to enter his home.

It's always like that after his master gave him his collar.

Arriving at the place to eat, Cathulhu sees ... her.

The green creature that Master brought last time.

She is just a lazy bum, even more lazier than him.

Cathulhu decides that he needs to teach his junior a lesson.

Lowering his gravity center he stalks his prey. Silent like a shadow he approaches and then he attacks!

Raising his mighty claw, the skies dimmed and pressure overlapped all creation. He strikes with a roar.

In a second hundreds of attacks are shot at Gamera. But she remains unmoved, her armor defends her from the life-and-death situation.

*Tac* *Tac* *Tac* *Tac* *Tac* *Tac*

"Cathulhu, stop bothering Gamera." He hears the voice of the first female talking to him.

Feeling merciful today, he decides to spare his subordinate.

"*Meowth* Next time you will not be so lucky..." He tosses his muzzle to the side and follows the Woman clad in black and white.

It's time for him to eat.

"*Meowth* Give me the offerings, Woman." He says even if she knows that she can't understand him. Only the master can understand him.

But she is already well trained.

She makes a door and retrieves a big fish. Even bigger than her. Cathulhu remembers that is called Tuna or something like that, but he doesn't care. Food is food.

And to a flerken everything is food.

But there is more tasty food, like fish and because of that, he remembers it well.

While he eats slowly, because he receives only one tuna per day so he needs to savor it, he hears his master approaching.

"Good morning, Isabella. Hey buddy. And hi to you too, Gamera." The master greets and scratches his neck while he eats. Even the ever-disrespectful turtle appears from her shell to see the master.

"Did you sleep well, master Hector?" The Woman asks "Did you even sleep?" She asks again with a strange tone in her voice.

"Ugh... Not at all. Some results of the experiments would be ready in the middle of the night, so I just stayed awake to wait for them." The master answers "I took advantage of it and advanced my games projects."

"You're spreading yourself too thin, master Hector." The woman says with another strange tone.

"Yeah, I know. But I need to do it, and it will get better in the future." He says "The future where I can just lazy around and where people do everything for me is not far. Haha. I will act spoiled at that time." he laughs

After this, the conversation delves in something that Cathulhu don't care, something about making a serum that will work on everyone regardless of their power level and making them have a good control of their power.

After feasting Cathulhu gives the Woman his thanks, he needs to maintain his humans happy too.

He decides to go to sleep after the master goes out like every morning.


Cathulhu is now trying to train Gamera.

Sitting on her shell he orders. "*Meowth* Forward, you lazy creature".

"..." But Gamera does not ever get out of her shell.

"*Meowth* Move, Move!" Cathulhu tries to urge the green creature onwards but again he is ignored.

"*Meowth* I'll use you as my sandbox." It threatens.

And enough is enough for Gamera.

Cathulhu felt a suction force and he found himself in a strange room.

The fur on his back stands up and he looks cautiously around.

He attacks a pillow and a couch but the enemy doesn't reveal himself.

Then he releases his tentacles and trashes all over the place.

His tentacles go to all nook and cranny of the room and are when they reach the ceiling that an escape route is revealed.

Cathulhu releases even more tentacles in that direction and when he is thinking about jumping, he is yanked out by a hand.

Outside the horrible room, he finds his master holding one of his tentacles. He retracts it and throws himself on his Master's lap.

"*Meowth* That creature is evil! Kill it!" He growls at Gamera that is just chilling on the ground.

"You will not find trouble if you don't search for it, you know?" Hector says.

Cathulhu feels wronged.

He then notices that the green female is accompanying his master now. The one that is always in heat.

"Here Cathulhu, play with it." The Woman says showing a small cylinder to him. She then points it to the wall and a red point appears on it.

"*Meowth* What?! That thing is moving?! It is invading! Kill it!" Cathulhu lunges to kill the enemy but it appears that the small red thing is slippery. He can't catch it.

"So... What are you talking about again?" The master turns to the green female.

"Ugh... You don't know how hard it is to find capable people to open the club. You don't have anyone on standby, do you?" The female asks while she moves the little cylinder, making the red thing follow.

"Nope... But maybe one of the Morlocks or people from Mutant Town..." The master put his chin on his fingers "Using illusions to make them look normal could make them tied tightly to you, but there's a whole other set of problems doing it."

"Yeah, wouldn't need to be a genius to connect me and Eidolon. And your minions are not totally loyal, right?"

"They're not my minions. But yes, it is necessary to separate things well. By the way, after the invasion, there was a crisis in New York. Are you sure that there's no one looking for a job??"

"Is not like no one is looking for a job. On the contrary, there are too many people looking. But I want at least five people with experience. Some good bartenders, and a personal Dj. I don't have the patience to train novices. I don't even know how to train novices!" The green female says exasperated.

"Makes sense. If your standards are so high, just hold for now. It is not like you lack cash."

"True, but doing nothing is becoming annoying too... Unless you want to help me with my boredom." The woman gives the master a look.

There it is... The mating dance.

She is in it for a long time, it appears that she is not very good, because the master never accepts her advances.

After some back and forth that bores even Cathulhu, 'Mate already you two' he thinks, the Woman asks more seriously now.

"...And your little revenge plan? How it goes? I'm surprised that you already haven't flown to the guy and twisted his neck..." The green female says.

"I finally have a good idea about everything that he owns and that he is. I'm already started to slowly take everything from him... I'm not in a hurry because the guy is buying properties destroyed in the invasion a cheap prices."

The master continues "He also uses blackmail and threats, so I'm letting him do this work for me. Everything will be mine in the end anyway. And he also has some connections with an organization called the Hand... They can be problematic, so I'm investigating them carefully to make sure that my actions don't trigger some 'Bulshit demon/dragon summoning on the Middle of NY arc '."

"Forever cautious..." The Woman says.

"That's me." The Master shrughs


Eidolon P.O.V.

Strange... Right now I'm helping in China after a dam malfunctioned. Stopping the water to not hurt more of the nearby residents I analyze the damage.

"This looks criminal..." I muse to myself while waiting for the decision of the operators. I could block this easily but would let them with future complications.

*Beep* "Code: Goblin Slayer time on New York" My wrist computer alerts me.

"..." Aah~ Now I understand, Now all pieces fall in place.

Norman Osborn did this to take me away from New York. Heh~ Classic.

I look around rapidly and noticed some people looking at me strangely. Maybe they are his underlings ready to warn him if I leave.

Hmpf. You're still too green, Norman. Pun intended.

Using an illusion to hide the fact that I'm duplicating myself using Dark Danny powers is easy.

You know, even when I reveal my powers I always downgrade them or make some restrictions on purpose.

All the world knows that I can duplicate myself.

But when I did that, my clones don't have my mantle and they didn't get far from me.

So people think that my mantle is a sign of the original body. If you let people take their own conclusions, they can come up with some dumb things. hehe.

About the range though... It's true. The clones can't go much far from me. Is a restriction that no one noticed with Twice or Ectoplasm before because they never used their powers like that.

The limit is some hundreds of kilometers, which would not be a problem... If I'm not an international hero.

Dark Danny duplication though... Is the true hive mind thing. Me having two bodies. Very useful, even if I became weaker, but is less than expected.

I can duplicate to become four.

With two of me, each of them has 80% power of the original.

With three is 65%

And four of me are 50% each.

Makes sense? Not really, but it's how the thing works.

So it makes this power almost useless to fight against someone of the same level or stronger. But it's good to take care of not-so-much-weak-people-with-good-teamwork. You know, those annoying ones that are very good at abusing their number advantage.

After splitting up, I act completely clueless on China and go to New York.

Finally, I can take care of the bastard.


Third Person P.O.V, New York

After a long time of absence, the Green Goblin finally strikes again.

This time he aimed at a college-level science convention, he attacked and destroyed many projects and killed dozens of people before Spider-man appeared to engage against him.

Between the people killed are some board executives of Oscorp, his true aim. The others are just distractions.

Thankfully this is not a separate movie owned by a company, so Susan Storm that was attending the Convention too helped protect the civilians.

Now to the fight... Spider-man is at disadvantage.

In terms of power-level, Green Goblin and Spider-man are almost on the same level. With some differences between Spider-man having greater agility and Green Goblin having a better healing factor and durability.

But when Green Goblin uses terrorist tactics to distract Spider-man, the friendly neighborhood web-slinger has almost no chance.

Spider-man throws a web on a pumpkin bomb and swing it into the air, saving a group of civilian cowering in the corner. But for his trouble, he receives a tackle from the Green Goblin glider.

The two collide with a wall, Spider-man back first.

After some struggle, the two ended up in an open avenue. Colliding with the concrete the two rolls for a while before stopping.

The cars and pedestrians stop in surprise. The explosions in the place already make people act cautiously, but now a full-blown panic spreads. Green Goblin has terrorized New York for months and in many of his appearances, his civilians died.

It didn't take long for people to take a huge distance from the hero-villain duo. Running and screaming.

Green Goblin gets up first. Looking at him it is obvious to note that he is wearing a costume that tends more toward the comic version. Green with purple clothes.

His mask is made of some sort of elastic material, probably silicone and clings to his face very well. Making all of his expressions realistic. Thanks to this, many people think that the villain is really a goblin.

On his shoulder he carries a purple bag where he puts his arsenal.

Putting his hand on his bag, Green Goblin retrieves two little pumpkins that he throws on the still-fallen Spider-man.

Middle air the pumpkins open to reveal rotating blades that approach the web-slinger.

With a great show of agility, Spider-man propels himself from a lay-down position using only his arms.

When the two-bladed pumpkins collide with concrete, they explode after some beeps.

Spider-man while still in the air threw two webs in the direction of the Goblin, connecting he pulls and propels himself giving two feet kick on the chest of the villain.

They engage in a heated and familiar battle. But this time something is different, Green Goblin has no interest in taunting or making Spider-man life miserable.

He wants to end this fast. Or either killing Spider-man or running away.

When the first option looks difficult he controls his glider to come to him. He disengages from the Spider-themed hero throwing him away in a car and is ready to flee.

But it's too late...

They hear the sonic boom before they see him.

Eidolon drops from the sky into the middle of the street, his knees bending slightly and the ground shook with his landing.

While he slowly straightened himself, a pin-drop silence fills in the surroundings. Even the Green Goblin is with his mouth agape and goes to check rapidly some device in his waist. Probably something to keep tracking on Eidolon in China.

To this day, public opinion concerning Eidolon is very divided. Many still don't trust, are afraid, or simply don't like him.

But the effect his presence has on the previously terrifying situation is undeniable.

"I'm here..." he says. Different from the boisterous way that All Might would say. Eidolon's 'I'm here' is spoken calmly, but still reaches very far because of his many powers.

He doesn't shout, because there's no need for it.

If All Might 'I'm here' is a warning to civilians, allies and villains...

Eidolon's 'I'm here' is a statement. He just presented the fact. That he arrived and everything gonna be all right now.

And it works.

Green Goblin infamy is such that the mere mention of his name gives the creeps to the people of New York. But when Eidolon arrives, everyone nearby slowly calms down. Like the danger already passed and he hasn't even done anything yet.

'Is funny how Magneto is the World's most dangerous terrorist when Green Goblin kill count and actions are much worse... The potential danger must be a factor too." Eidolon muses to himself while he looks around.

"Are you okay, Spider-Man?" He asks the web crawler.

"Ah... Ye-yeah... I've been worse..." Spider-man answers groaning

"Go help the people that need it. I will deal with the goblin."

"And not having to fight the crazy green guy? Count me in. Be careful with his gases. I think it may be the only thing that can hurt you... Can it even hurt you? Whatever... I'm going." He says before jumping away.

Thinking that Eidolon is distracted, Green Goblin takes many pumpkin bombs from his bag and throws them everywhere. But before they could explode, a forcefield envelops each bomb, don't let the explosion propagate.

Green Goblin is already climbing in his glider and taking off fast.

But Eidolon doesn't even move and the glider stops midair like it has been locked in space.

The inertia makes the villain drop to the ground again. Eidolon hasn't even moved yet and the situation looks helpless to Green Goblin.

Eidolon's eyes become red and two beams of highly concentrated heat cleave the glider in two.

The villain once again goes to grab something but Eidolon blurs... The hero appears behind the villain and in his hand the purple bag of the Green Goblin.

And then he makes the thing disappear too.

Desperate, the Green Goblin goes for a punch in Eidolon's face.

Green Goblin is strong. Someone capable of tossing a bus around.


But the punch does nothing to the hero. He doesn't even move a milimeter.

Eidolon just stays still and the Green Goblin goes to deliver even more attacks. All with the same effect if he was using a feather to attack the hero.

'Standing here~ I realize~' Eidolon sang in his mind while maintaining an impassive face.

"You know... Seeing you enjoying so much using your superior strength to bully the weak, I thought of trying too..." Eidolon says and raises his hand in a well known form of a flick.


Eidolon's casual flick makes the Green Goblin fly like a rocket to the end of the street. The displacement of the wind even makes some of the civilian's hair and clothes move.

If before the people were calming down with Eidolon's presence, now they're completely relaxed. Like they are watching a spectacle.

Eidolon uses the same hand that he uses to flick the villain away, to yank him back telekinetically before he hits something.

The Green Goblin flies helplessly to Eidolon and the hero grabs him by the arm and slams him onto the ground.


"Hmm... Nah. I don't see the appeal after all." He comments while putting his foot on the goblin's chest 'Everything going according to the plan. They're close... Time to the next step...' He thinks

Telekinetically making the Green Goblin stands up. Eidolon grabs him by the neck.

"Time to see who's behind the mask..." Eidolon says out loud. 'I'm feeling like in a Scooby-doo episode... Hm~ Velma, Daphne and that gothic band... World to visit plus 1.' Eidolon mentally notes.

Grabbing the purple hat, that is in truth glued to the mask, Eidolon pulls revealing the face of...

...Obviously Norman Osborn.

Gasps and exclamations of surprise can be heard in the audience. Many people are with their smartphones in hand.

"...Norman Osborn. I would never expect." Eidolon comments.

"You... You... Damn you!" Norman grits his teeth and tries to attack Eidolon again.

But he is simply bitch slapped to unconsciousness while the audience cheers.


"Are you sure that doesn't want me to handle him?" Eidolon asks the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that have handcuffed the Green Goblin and put him in an armored car.

"We can handle him just fine." The agent says a little petulantly.

Eidolon smiles on his head, but otherwise, maintains his poker face.

"Be sure to keep him very well constricted..." Eidolon advises kindly, but it just annoy the agent more.

"Just let us do our job, capisce?" He says before slamming the door of the car and taking off.

Eidolon can just sigh and flies away.

This exchange has been seen by a lot of people... exactly like he wants.


'Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin...' Peter Parker thinks. His mind is full of thought and conflicting emotions. 'Did he know that I'm Spider-man?'

He can only shake his head.

Norman Osborn was a kind Uncle-like figure for some time to him. While he and Harry were best friends.

And the Green Goblin is he worst villain. Everything is so confusing.

'Ugh... I will go talk with Gwen and Ned.' He thinks deciding to take the rest of the day off.


High in the sky Eidolon coldly looks to the convoy keeping Norman Osborn. He remains invisible.


For what?

Only he knows...


Norman Osborn is thinking about his current situation.

Where things go wrong.

He can only think about the bastard of a hero.

His hate for Eidolon now eclipses his one from Spider-man.

Defeated and humiliated. Publically no less ... His image was destroyed.

He can only think about the damage to his company. And the annoying stinging sensation on his neck.

'It's okay... I have friends in high places. In some months I will be out. I will pledge mental problems. Make a show that I'm cured. Maybe some good things will come from this... 'He thinks that while some changes are happening in his body.

'But I want to kill that low life... Grrr... I will tear him to pieces...' He thinks growling. Drool starts to spill from his mouth.

His eyes grew crazy and frenzy. His veins and muscles started bulging.

His skin slowly turns green...

The temperature increasing...


The agents driving the car carrying the Green Goblin notice that something is strange.

Is hot and the prisoner is thrashing around.

"Stop the Transportation, let's go check what-" *BOOOM*

The whole car explodes.


From the wreckage of the burning car, a tall and muscular figure emerges. His build is similar to the Hulk.

He is green with red eyes, and two small horns on his forehead. He is smiling crazy and drools flood from the corner of his mouth.

His hand is in flames.

He then throws a fireball at the other armored cars, making it explode too.

"Eidolon... Ugh... Grr... Avengers... Grr..." the creature that was previously Norman Osborn growls before lunging in a certain direction.

To the Avengers Tower.


Near where is the Avengers Tower, previously known as Stark Tower, a protest is underway.

Is an anti-mutant protest. A little over a hundred people are screaming and with posters.

In the posters phrases like "Protect our future", "Mutants are demons", "Make NY Mutant Free" and other things are written

There is a mannequin of Eidolon being hanged and some images of him and his group with devil horns or with "X 's" on them.

That's not the first time something like that happening. Different from the Avengers, Eidolon has no base known by the public. So they go to the Next Thing.

Stark has already spoken out about not accepting these protests and even bought the land near the tower to make it his private property to let these people far away.

But this is his limit. He can't stop people from protesting nearby.

Unknown to these people, the transformed Green Goblin is rapidly gaining ground and approaching them. They're exactly on the way of the villain to wherever revenge his muddled brain can think of.

Green goblin jumps from building to building like a monkey, his hands and feet in flames, leaving a path of destruction.

Thankfully he appears to not care too much about killing people. But many are hurt by the collateral.

Back to the protest, a guy holding a smartphone notices the explosion sounds and locates the approaching green figure.

For a second he thinks that is the Hulk, what would be bad enough with all the aggression the figure is showing... But he notices something different. The fire.

"What is this?" He murmurs and no one hears him "WHAT IS THIS??" He screams this time attracting the attention of the rest.

They slowly realize.

Takes a second for their brain to recognize the danger.. And then all hell breaks loose.

People start screaming and running in panic. Pushing and stepping on others.

And Green Goblin keeps getting closer.

Despair clutches the minds of the protesters when they notice that is too late. They will never make it.

The villain looks unstoppable. The disaster is imminent and when the Green Goblin is less than two steps close to an unlucky guy who tripped.

Eidolon quickly appears between them and punches the monster away.


The pin-drop silence falls once again on this place. But instead of fear, is relief that they felt. And other complicated emoticons...

"Are you all right?" Eidolon turns to the man on the ground. Then his eyes appear to have only now noticed the place and the situation.

He looks around for a second. To the posters and to his mannequin.

His face betrays nothing.

He crouches down to grab the poster of the fallen man and help him to his feet too.

His eyes idly see what is written.

'Mutants are the problem'

"Here." Eidolon gives the man the poster back "Is safe now, I will keep him far away. You guys can continue." He says before turning around and flying towards the villain.


The silence and the awkward atmosphere continue even after he leaves.

"I... I'm going home." Someone says breaking the spell. Making everyone go away.

No one feels like continuing the protest anymore.


The huge form of the Green Goblin crashes into a construction site close to an avenue.

He quickly stands up, acting almost feral as he jumps to the street making people run in fear. Many abandon their cars.

Eidolon lands a little later.

His eyes have changed to the All Seeing Eyes of God. He looks attentively at the Green Goblin and makes a strange expression...

"Are you still there, Osborn?" He asks.

But the only thing he receives as an answer is a bunch of fireballs.

He casually waves his hand dispersing the fire.

"Ei…Eidolon!! Grr Aargh!" The villain lunges forward. His two arms are outstretched to try to grab the hero.

But Eidolon moves faster and dodges, appearing behind Norman.

Strangely he doesn't attack.

"Stop, Osborn! I can still help you!" he shouts

But once again he gains a flurry of fireballs for the trouble.

"I don't know what you did, but your body can't handle it! Stop now!" Eidolon tries to argue but is pointless.

The situation remains that way for a few minutes until Eidolon decides to subdue the Green Goblin.

He creates an iceberg to trap the villain.

"Give up already. Go to jail to reflect. Accept your defeat." Eidolon says while walking close to the trapped villain.

But the Green Goblin starts to move crazily. All of his body ignite like gasoline has been put on him.

He moves to punch Eidolon but hits the air.

Eidolon dodges again and again... All attacks fail to connect.

The green Goblin roars angrily.

After some time his body starts to slow down. The fire diminishes. Cracks appear on his skin.

"Osborn..." Eidolon mutters and goes to subjugate the villain again.

But in a last-ditch effort, the Green Goblin burns himself even more to try to attack the hero.

And accomplish nothing.

The price? His body starts crumbling ... Slowly he disintegrates.

With many people watching, the green Goblin that terrorized New York for months becomes ashes and goo on the asphalt.

Eidolon looks at the remains of Norman Osborn and moves his hand quickly to clean the thing.

To the onlookers, it appears that he is dispersing the villain's ashes on the wind, and giving him a funeral better than what he deserves.

But while maintaining a somewhat sad face and giving a sigh of regret, Eidolon thinks.

'Good riddance.'


Later, after talking with the police and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Eidolon says goodbye and moves to the top of a building to watch the procedure and people's reactions.

'I didn't expect him to become his Ultimate Universe version...' He thinks while taking out a syringe and crushing it with his palm.

From the moment Eidolon landed in New York to stop the Green Goblin everything went according to his plan.

When Hector decided that Norman Osborn is the unlucky villain that would have his license to live revoked, he thought about the best way to do it.

His Green Goblin persona is probably the most hated person in the world, so he wants to use that as a precaution for the future.

In the Marvel world is common for people to come back from the dead. Now, even if he really resurrects, Norman Osborn's public image is forever stained.

'Even if he comes back... He would come to what? He would have nothing.' He thinks.

One of the most annoying things about Norman is that in the comics he has too much political influence.

He was director of S.H.I.E.L.D., creating H.A.M.M.E.R, mayor of New York, leader and founder of the Dark Avengers, creator of the Thunderbolts... The guy is annoying as Lex Luthor with his political maneuvers.

So to prevent that, Hector concocted a plan at that time when he decided to end the bastard.

First, he would wait for the guy to present himself. He needs the Green Goblin.

After engaging in combat with the villain he would buy time for someone to arrive and "arrest" him, thus he mocked and played with Norman earlier.

He timed his big reveal of the identity of the villain, so that the public could see it and that no one could control the news.

As expected, the authorities wanted the custody of Norman.

Even if they let Eidolon take him, the plan would be complete, because the identity of the Green Goblin was revealed.

Then, Eidolon would need to simply kill the bastard secretly.

And if someone in the future asks for him, Hector would make a clone or doppelganger, someone shapeshifting on the guy to appear.

Would be very useful to control Oscorp.

But the plan continued normally. Moving towards the Grand finale of the "Public Execution".

You see, while Eidolon grabbed Norman by the neck, he injected him with the drug Trigger.

Modified by him, and even using the MGH that he discovered to make the thing more effective.

So, Norman's rampage is orchestrated by Hector himself.

The trigger gives a boost to power with the downside of failing cognitive abilities.

Hector wants Norman to put the final nail in the coffin of his public image with his own hands.

And it's easy to deal with a brute.

Even if Norman became too strong, Hector placed nanobots that would fry his nervous system at command. He only would need to use a certain magnetic pulse with his power to activate the nanobots.

And also, the dosage is so strong that Norman's body couldn't cope with the increase in power.

Norman was destined to die at the moment that he is injected.

And even if he somewhat endured.

There's a clone of Eidolon, invisible and ready to use Setsuna Tokage's power to divide his body, and make his detached and invisible hand float discreetly and touch the Green Goblin and use [Decay].

Is check-mate in the instant that Norman decided to wear his Goblin costume today.

Now, one of the most dangerous men was dead.

His company will have his name dragged into the mud.

Hector will be able to observe to confirm that people are resurrected here without any logic.

He even prepared the public for the idea of a villain dying and being killed. A little bonus...

He can hear people claiming that they would be better if Eidolon had killed him from the beginning.

Some people are hurt. Some agents died, Hydra agents... Hector confirmed.

'Hydra is infiltrated on S.H.I.E.L.D.... *Sigh* Is it too much to hope that a fucked up plot doesn't happen?' He sighs before Looking at the distance.

'Oh, they are invading Oscorp to investigate. Let's tag along~' He laughs before moving.

Feeling almost no guilt for what he did today.


Hector P.O.V

Two days later.

*Huff* Back to my Space Station, I relax.

Keeping up with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s investigation into Oscorp proved almost useless. Well, I stole some data. And I prevented S.HI.E.L.D. from get other things using technopathy.

They don't want me there but let's say that They don't have a say on the matter.

The worst? There are no spiders in the lab.

Ugh, with a little investigation I discovered that in the Explosion, mostly the one that transformed Norman in the Green Goblin, many things were damaged and Oscorp lost many projects.

The spiders were one of them.

No wonder the board of directors wanted Norman's head.

Ironic that he lost the opportunity to acquire the power of his arch-nemesis acquiring a failed power.

But now, New York is with some radioactive spiders that can bite anyone and give them powers. Ah, the headache.

Is this the way that the Spider family will be formed? I searched for Jessica Drew and she is a normal woman for now.

I didn't find Cindy moon.

I sigh. A problem for another day.

Now is the time to talk about good things.

Now it's time to GA-GA-GACHA!!! *Yu-gi-oh theme intensifies*

Yes, a month has already passed. It was a productive month. I'm surprised that no world-ending threat appeared but it is not every week that will appear one, right? Right?? Did I jinx it?

This is real life, even if it is based on fiction.

I planned to raid some secret Trask's secret labs, but I will do it later.

I'm monitoring them. And Sincerely, would be even better if they try to move.

Hehe. It's not easy to change facilities like that. Would make them vulnerable.

But I can feel that the Eidolon threat is keeping them on edge. But at the same time, they are incredibly arrogant and don't think that they will be discovered.

The world still thinks that I'm a brute that only punches things.


Time for the Gacha.

Today will be only General Gacha.

Maybe one of Anime.

But I want to know more about the Essence, about all the possibilities. And is not gonna happen if I only buy specific things.

Let's gooooo!.

What music do I put on? Hm. Let's go with Eminem's Superman.

And... Roll. 40 cards.. The first batch of 10.



1- Chun Li - Street Fighter

"..." My knees became weak.

Oh Essence... Are you testing me?

Okay, deep breaths...

All weebs know. In the world of games, there are some great wonders... And Chun Li's thighs are one of them.

2B ass is another by the way. There are more polygons on 2B ass than in some games.

Okay, she is a potential summon. She is Chinese and a police officer, right? Or an investigator? Never cared about the plot of Street Fighter.

Honestly, I'm surprised that I didn't win Blanka.


2- Ice - A Song Of Ice And Fire

Er... Meh. A little too low level for me now, but I have a collector's spirit. So it's ok.

Would be nice to have all sword of fiction in my collection.

General Grievous style...

3- Movie Travel Ticket(Low-Level/One month)

Oh, I have one of these.

Wait a minute. The one that I have there's no time limit...

So that means that I secretly gained an OP card and don't know about it because I had nothing to compare it to. Damn, I almost used it.

The other card allows me to stay during the duration of the plot. If I choose well, I can maybe stay for years. And is ANY movie.

Wow. I need to think about it later.

4- Lasso of Truth - DC Comics

Well, well. A piece of bondage equipment.

This Thing is pretty durable, right? Can be useful

5- Power Boost Card

Oh, finally a Power Boost card.

Good, good.

6- Power Boost Card

Well, more it's always welcome.

7- Power Boost Card


8- Power Boost Card

Okay, you can stop now.

But Power Boost cars are not a loss, so I'm not really mad.

9- Flora Colossus (Customizable) - Marvel

Oh, a Marvel card.

Hmm, it's not Groot. Is all Flora Colossus a Groot? I never read Guardians of the Galaxy comics.

The card is saying that I can choose what type of tree he would be.

I need to choose a cool one.

(A.N.: Hello, so give suggestions as to what type of tree our Flora Colossus will be. I'm divided between a simple Oak(Carvalho means Oak in Pt/br), cherry blossom(yes, anime style) or some of that White cool trees. Give suggestions.)

Now the last of the batch.

10- Shadowkhan Allegiance - Jackie Chan Adventures

What? I read the description

[The user will have his own pocket Shadowkhan realm. Capable of summoning shadowkhan soldiers. With time the number and type of Shadowkhan will increase]

This... This is surprisingly good.

I'm a discounted Sung Jin Woo now.

I remember this cartoon. These ninjas could go toe to toe with Jackie Chan himself, so they can be useful as minions.

Nice. I liked it.

Let's continue with another General Gacha.

1- Killer Rabbitt of Caerbannog - Monty Python and The Holy Grail

"..." This...

What a terrifying animal. This creature can't be released into the world.

This monster needs to be sealed forever.

2- Weakness Removal Card

Oh. Okay.

3- Eishi Tsukasa - Shokugeki no Souma

Hey, good. I can summon him to Helena's restaurant.

His personality is okay too.

4- Power Boost Card


5- Power Boost Card

Whatever, I don't care anymore.

6- Cassandra Cain - Dc Comics

Oh~ Nice.

A sidekick

Cassandra Cain is the best fighter of the Batfamily, even Batman himself admitted it. He would win in a fight probably because of the difference in bodies. Muscular mass and others advantages.

But is said that she is maybe the best hand-to-hand combatant of the DC universe.

And if I give powers to her.

I look forward to it.

7- Power Boost Card

I accept it.

8- Ultimate Echo Echo (Sonorosian) - Ben 10: Alien Force

Whoa, whoa.

So I can really gain aliens, huh?

Hm, and thanks to the Alt-form Mechanic I can assimilate him.

He is Strong. I just received another useful powerset.

9- Power Boost Card

Yes, give me more of these.

10- Beowulf(Devil arm) - Devil May Cry 3


Okay, stop!!

This is good. Very good.

It's not Yamato, but it's good.

Holy attribute? Useful against demons? Yes... Excellent, excellent.

And the power level is great too. DMC universe is a high-level place.

This item could be strong even here on Marvel.

Hm... I think I will try some Anime Gacha.

I received some Power Boost cards. Let's see if I can gain an isekai protagonist. I still want magic.

1- Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) - Initial D

Hahaha. Great. A classic.

That's a thing that I never knew that I wanted to gain until now.

It's come with the documents? I will check later.

2- Nakiri Asahi - Shokugeki no Souma

Another cook?

Maybe I should assimilate this one.

He is good. And don't hurt to learn new things.

3- Power Boost Card

Always useful.

4- Bruno Bucciarati - Jojo: VA


I can summon him and copy the power of his stand.

He is a gangster with morals.

But these clothes.... Ugh Have to go.

5- Anime Travel Ticket (Low Level / One Week)

Always good. But only one week?

Give me another of a higher tier.

6- Anime Travel Ticket (Middle Tier/ Six months)

Eh? Did you listen to me?


Give me Raven from DC...?

7- Hanma Yujiro – Baki

Okay, the Essence is messing with me.

I ask for a cute goth girl and receive a mountain of muscles.

But Yujiro is an excellent assimilation and summon.

Is it redundant now that I already assimilated Luther Strode?

But the Hanma bloodline can be useful.

It's like a saiyan zenkai, right?

Yujiro is always getting stronger. So passively evolving is a good thing.

8- Gol D. Roger - One Piece

Hmmm~ I already learned all forms of Haki. But he is stronger than Oden.

Now I'm in a difficult situation... I wish I had won him before Oden. Tsk

I would have given Oden's card to Saeko.

I will think about it later.

9- Weakness Removal Card


10- Tsunade Senju - Naruto


Nice! Finally a shinobi.


Tsunade... I look at her picture. Her huge badonkers. Another one of the great wonders of the weeb world.

I sigh.

Putting my chin above my two interlocked hands I pray... I pray for forgiveness.

"My fellow webs... Sorry, but I'm about to sin. I will assimilate Tsunade. Ugh."

Chakra is not like Nen. Or is it?

But Tsunade has many useful things. Hashirama lineage. Uzumaki lineage too.

Maybe I can awaken mokuton using her.


I will assimilate her.

Let's finish with a General Gacha.

1- Agent 47 - Hitman

Useful. I can use him in this world easily.

2- Power Boost Card


3- Shaed (Shadow Cloak) - The Kingkiller Chronicle

OH~ I remember this book. It's a nice read.

And this cloak...

Is the cloak woven by a fae using shadows and moonlight, how cool was that??

Time to upgrade my mantle.

4- Power Boost Card

Send as many as you can Gacha. I love it.

5- Katara - Avatar: The Legend of Aang (Book three)

Oh, another female assimilation. Finally, I can get in touch with my feminine side.

Wait, so I can grow breats now using the Alt-form...

I don't want to go in this rabbit hole.

6- Power Boost Card

Don't care.

7- Background Customization Card x03

Always good to have.

8- Power Boost Card

Seriously thinking about upgrading Power Manipulation now. I have plenty.

9- BackGround Customization Card x04

Argh! Why do I gain this thing in batches??

Now I'm depressed.

Last one...

10- Cortana - Halo 4


Jackpot. Fucking Jackpot.

Wait... I stayed up all night configuring my A.I. to receive Cortana like that.

C'mon Gacha. A.I. is always on the beginner package.

It's always come something only when you don't need it right?

Typical Gacha...


A.N.: Hello there.

Big Chapter.

Fun fact: The gacha should have been in the next chapter but I squeeze here.

Yeah, the time is progressing faster.

I want to say some things, but I will let to another chapter. I'm lazy.

Bad news, in two weeks there's a huuuge chance of not having chapters.

End of semester/year you know. Things are crazy here.

But I'm thinking in updating some extra chapters to help with your guys' fix.

Small things, will be fun.

Bye, bye, till... Maybe in three weeks? Who knows...

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