53 The Plot Never Stops

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"It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story."

-Bast, The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 1: The Name of the Wind


Recap: Previously, after the ending of the visit in the X-men Mansion and after watching the waves caused by his fight against the Juggernaut, Hector decided to slow down a little and do some small good. He ended up meeting Mary Jane and starting a friendship that he had not expected to be worth having initially.


Hector P.O.V., Midtown High

Lunchtime, but I'm not in the cafeteria. While taking my helmet from my locker I feel someone approaching.

"Hello, Tiger." MJ1 greets me with a smile.

"..." Despite myself, I still look behind me to see if she is not talking with Peter

"I'm talking with you..." She says fast and gives me a light tap on my arm.

"Well, hello." I answer finally "But please don't recycle your ex's pet names on me..." I comment half-joking and half-serious

The fiction of my former life still affects my reality in this one.

Tiger is her nickname for Peter, so obviously is weird to me to be called that.

"I don't have exes and I never called anyone else Tiger." She huffs.

Oh. So okay, that's better.

"You can use my name though."

"Are you gonna stop calling me MJ1 then?" She asks raising an eyebrow

"Nope" I say popping the 'P' "Just own it already, MJ1. I could call you MJ Red if you don't like numbers."

She groans "Only Red is better, many call me that."

"No can do, I can only call you MJ Red, like a Power Ranger. There's already another Red... So I would stop confusing MJ's to start confusing the Red's. Exchanging six by half a dozen." I say. Jean is the other "Red".

She gives me a pointed look "To someone that said that don't receive girl's attention you are so full of women that you need to change their nicknames..."

"A coincidence, really. I'm friends with like 4 women. Is not my fault that all of you are similar in some way. Same initials, same hair color..."

"Maybe you attract the same type of girl."

"Oh~ I attract, you say?"I answer cheekily

And she laughs "Look at you, be careful to not get a big head." She says and I just shrug. She then continues "I came to ask if you do not want to eat with us."

"The 'us' that you're talking about involve Flash, Harry, Elizabeth, and the others?" I give her a side glance while going back to take my things from my locker.


I sigh. Closing the locker I turn to her again. "I know what you're trying to do, I appreciate it. But is not necessary." I say


"Really, there's no need to try to bring me to the 'popular table' in a way to repay me o get ridden of your guilty." I say.

She fidgets a little but still looks at me in the eyes "Is not like tha- Is not only that." She says pointedly "I think you're cool, people will like you, and you will make friends."

"..." To her high school girl mind, this is a big deal... But to me... "I really don't care... Seriously, I'm good the way I am right now." I say to her

"...okay. I expected that in some way." She says. But you need to try right? For yourself and for me.

"By the way is not like I'm gonna stay in High School much longer. I'm even going to my interview in college right now." I comment

"What? You already going to college? Already?" She asks surprised

"Didn't I tell you?" I ask. I think I really do not tell her. I have the talent to say a lot about myself without saying anything about myself.

"No. You are really going to college?"

"Yep. I'm already emancipated, I will graduate early if everything goes well. This is one of the reasons that I couldn't join you to eat right now... I'm already going home to do my interview later." I say

"Oh..." She looks.. sad?

Maybe is because she will lose a friend that she just acquired.

"Well, I need to go now. Bye~" I say while passing by her.

"Good luck with the interview!" She exclaims after some time

"I don't need luck... But thanks for the good wishes anyway." I say without looking back

"And comb your hair!" She advises


I loosen the tie on my neck after the successful interview.

Obviously, it went well. Absolutely flawless.

But while I enter my car and mess with my hair to go back to normal, I think about morals again.

You know the saying... "Power corrupts". But is not like I will wake one day and suddenly have the urge to commit mass murder or start a Holy War.

Now I understand that the corruption of power is subtle and small.

As an example, and why I'm thinking about this now, is the use of power to gain some small advantages in life, like using telepathy to make my acceptance in college smooth.

Is not like there's any reason for me to be denied my entrance, but... Nepotism or bribing can happen and my spot can be given to another. And this would delay my life a little. Halfway though the interview I thought of "Convincing" them more subtle with my powers, just to save me from the annoyance and unforeseen trouble

A small thing really, is not like I don't deserve the spot, right?

Well, is in this way that starts. From there, things go downhill.

Again, is not like a teenager that just awaken his power will have big ambitions of world domination. I can see a normal guy using a electric power to steal from an ATM, or reading his crush's thoughts to seduce her.

Small advantages, small consequences... With time he could sink lower.

I can't judge. I'm a guy with many opportunities. I don't need to steal to have money, use my powers to get a girl or even kill anyone to gain power. So is easy for me to be good. I literally have no reason to be evil.

But I know that a necessary evil is a must, and is better that this role falls in my hands.

And because of this, I despise the ones that fall into the bad path without reason, like rich second-generation kids that buy drugs. Bunch of pathetic low-lives...

Well, any case is a case. Let's just continue to reflect to not fall for the trap and be "corrupted absolutely".


Helena P.O.V.

"Having money really makes life easy." I can't help but say out loud while choosing my battle gear for this mission.

Right now, I'm on my personal jet, letting the thing on autopilot, while gearing up in the back. A huge locker opening as a small armory to me. All types of bolts with the most diverse effects. Explosive, gases, poison, drills, EMP, with nanites that could track the enemy, and much more.

Really, why would I want a bolt that ricochets in walls? Hector can be childish sometimes.

"No shit, Sherlock." I hear Shego's voice on the co-pilot seat. I look at her lazily lounged on her chair, her feet on the control panel "Happy to have Hector as a sugar daddy?"

I almost growl at her provocations. But I learned that do no good in falling into her trap "He is not my sugar daddy. Don't project yourself on me." I answer while taking a little of everything. Who knows if I will need it, right? Even if is an easy mission...

Hmm... Maybe Hector's cautiousness is rubbing on me.

"Oh, please... Just admit it. Everything that we have was provided by him." She says relaxedly

"This can't be helped." I exclaim "We literally have nothing to our name here."

"Yeah, yeah. But you can stop to try so hard, you know? I know that you want to prove something to yourself by... You know, using the jet instead of asking Isabella to help. But... just enjoy the advantages. Is not like Hector thinks that you're taking advantage of him." She says while polishing her nails

"Maybe I just want to be more independent and I trying to achieve it step by step instead of being accommodated like a certain someone." I bite back

"Pfft. Independent..." She rolls her eyes "I'm independent... I just choose to not be when I don't want to be. I'm so independent that I'm free to decide where to draw the line of my Independence." She starts speaking

"I can't argue with your bullshit logic."

"Having someone to provide for me makes life so easy and good. Sincerely, you simply look a little childish. With this misplaced pride..."

I roll my eyes at her. This discussion is useless. She has her views and I have mine. And we won't change it.

And there's no reason the get angry at her, she is not even saying it in a bad way, I know now. In her mind, she is giving sounding advice.

Shego is a carefree person, to not say lazy. In Hector's own words "She likes power without none of the responsibilities" and because of this, she prefers to be a right-hand woman or sidekick.

I know of her past, the expectations of her family in being a hero. She simply had enough and started living her life at her own pace.

But this lifestyle is not for everyone. Not for me, at least.

She knows it, but she will never stop talking about it. She is an annoying friend.

Yep, she is a friend now. How far I've fallen. Well, I befriended weirder in the past.

She didn't press the issue after I ignore her. I go back to focus on the little armory.

There are two new things that Hector asked me to test. The first is a prototype hard-light floating shield. I take the two discs the size of my hand and I stick them in on my belt. According to him the discs will float close to my body and react to anything that approaches me at more than 100 miles per hour, entering in the way and activating the shield.

The second thing is also something of hard-light... Hmm. I'm not that knowledgeable about science stuff. But weaponize light is a big deal, right?

Anyway, I take the two high-tech fingerless gauntlets. A little bulky to my taste but is a prototype.

"Cortana, release a dummy, please." I say to the air

"Right away." The voice of the A.I. replies. Another nice addition to our little group.

And damn if was not funny when the hologram body appeared to Shego. Haha, the look she gave Hector.

A wall opens slightly and a floating target appears. Maybe Shego is into something, an A.I., for example, spoils a person on how easy it makes life.

Pointing my arm to the dummy, my hand opened slightly, a flex of my fingers made the upper side of the gauntlet change and then a purple hard-light bolt is charged on it.

Hector is really creative about these things, huh? But I still don't know why the files of my weapons are tagged as PROJECT: Vayne by Hector when everyone else has their own codenames there.

Pointing at the dummy, I pull my index finger like a trigger and the purple bolt flies to it.

The balance is good.

Hm.. The power is not so bad, but hard-light can't add properties like explosives and electricity. But the selling point of this gauntlet is...

I start to pull all my fingers in order and the thing shot bolts very fast.

The fire rate is truly nice. But Hector said that the bolts will disappear if they go too far away from the power battery on the gauntlet. So this is a close combat option weapon even if is a crossbow.

Can be useful. And don't waste bolts.

"We're almost there." Shego announces and I prepare to kick some ass.


So, this whole mission is simply destroying some shipment that is destined to arrive in the USA. We're now in England, the place that Hector is a little wary of for reasons of "Old bullshit magic users".

And sincerely, I can't fault the guy. In my other world, Thousand Years old people are common and these guys that cling to life like cockroaches are surely annoying. Like Vandal Savage.

The Predator, the name of my personal jet, given by Hector keeps itself above the docks in stealth mode. We are just waiting for the people that will come to leave with the ships.

"Do you know that Hector can absorb templates of people in the Omniverse, right?" I say to Shego, making small talk.

"What about it?"

"One of them is someone that I know from my universe..."

"That bat guy right?" She says disinterestedly

"Yep... A fun fact though... In my universe, Batman is a little down bad for a woman there. A cat burglar... Black leather, cat theme, steal things... Sounds familiar?" I say holding a smirk when she looks at me


"Hector said that my Multiverse and this one are like twins. I can see some similarities... There's even a cat burglar here too..." I comment offhandedly.

"What are you trying to say?" She asks with her lips pursed, a sign, that I know now, that she is annoyed.

"Nothing... Just making small talk." I shrug my shoulders

"..." She stares at me before turning to the front again.



"...He must have railed her on a rooftop at this point." I say and she turns to me fast

"You're trying to take a reaction off me!"

"Me? No, no... Just saying." I act oblivious.

"Hector at this moment is holding back, he appears to have some unsolved issues. The guy will not go to have a fling that easily..." Shego says to me as much to herself.

"Sure, sure..." I agree with her easily.

She turns to the front again but I can say that she was still thinking about it.

This is for annoying me earlier, dear. Let this thought live rent-free in your head for a while.

Some minutes later we see some cars arriving on the docks.

"That's our cue." I say rising from my seat. Shego follows me. "If it's any consolation, Batman is down bad to the villain type... You're on the right track, sis." I say before jumping


Third Person P.O.V.

Down there, the docks in England were poorly lit and mostly empty.

This is not by chance. With money is always possible for a criminal organization to set a situation to be the best for this type of endeavor.

"We will switch the merchandise now. This evening they're approved, so keep the seal intact. And then some of you stay as substitutes to the ship staff and part early in the morning." A man says to the group in a low voice.

If looked closely is possible to notice that this big group is composed of two types of people. It appears that they're allies and are working together on this project.

The big factor to notice it is that half of them have Asian features and look more organized that the others with western features.

"There's still some guards..." The man that looks like is in charge of the Asian group comments and some of the Asian groups cocked the guns

"What the fuck you're thinking that you're doing?!" The man in charge of the other group "shouts in a low voice".

"We're gonna take care of them." The Asian man says in a non-nonsense voice

"Are you crazy?? Didn't you know who guns attract attention?"The western man says with a pointed look

"..." To this, the Asian man doesn't reply. "So we will not use guns" And then some of his subordinates pull katanas.

"No killing either!!"

"What are you? A coward? If so, you should leave this line of business..." The Asian man says annoyed

"Listen here, dude... I don't care what you do on your own. But you're not killing anyone in this operation. A dozen of workers die or disappear overnight and 'The-one-in-black' will sniff around and he will set his sight on us. No killing!." The western guy exclaims

"What do you suggest then?" The Asian man relents

"Wait ten minutes and the shift of the guys that we bribed will start..." He says, after some time the Asian man nods.

That's the reality of today's criminal world.

Criminals are stepping on eggs because of the existence of a single man.

The game changed, Eidolon's influence already reached worldwide proportions. Is not that simple to a big organization nowadays.

In the past, the actions of these organizations are almost brazen. They could kill anyone, threaten anyone, do anything, and with money and influence they would get away from any consequence.

Not anymore.

The One-In-Black, like how they call him from fear of being heard, strikes terror in everyone because he can't be threatened, bribed, or even defeated. Any big wave made by these organizations could be seen by him, and because of this, they need to adapt their game.

Especially things that involve lives. Some months back, Eidolon took personally when a robber used a child's life to threaten him and he send a message.

With a little effort, he tracked down everyone slightly related to that gang and destroyed them. And even the ones that are not that related received a huge financial loss.

His actions against the human trafficking ring in Eastern Europe to this day left some scars. There's a country that is lacking in politics because Eidolon exposed the involved.

So criminal organizations changed their modus operandi and rarely take lives in grand proportions, and when taking it, take very discreetly. Is almost a non-written rule at this point, and if someone breaks this rule is ostracized like the plague.

If a goon of a criminal organization kills a non-related innocent person violently, is almost certain that he will not live to see another day. Killed by his own group.

But even adapting is still hard to keep the previous efficiency to when they could do anything. People fear them less nowadays too.

Eidolon influence again.

Police are not taking bribes that often and they can't be threatened that easily too. Normal people are the same, not always turning their heads when seeing something wrong like some goons extracting "protections fees" from some store.

Some would say that Eidolon goodness is infectious, but while this is true... This is mostly because people are not that afraid of criminals because Eidolon has their back.

Police and some politicians sometimes facilitate the actions of criminals. Are all of them bad? No. But when you enter in a police force and everyone is corrupted is hard to keep your values.

When presented with two choices between receiving some money or a loved one head, how many would keep themselves honest? When even if acting honestly nothing changes, how many would keep insisting?

People are accustomed to turn their head to evil and allowing it when this doesn't involve them. A form of protection that is not really possible to blame them.

But the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Now, that is not that easy to threaten these people they're really starting to do their job properly and make the criminal's life even harder.

"That's our people. Let's go." The western man says watching the ones that he could bribe arrive

"So we're gonna arrest them too." He hears a voice coming from above. Hastily looking up he sees Huntress and Lady Jade looking down on them from above a compartment.

"Let's end this fast. I don't like this country... There are too many British people here." Layd Jade says while twirling a lock of hair

"What's the problem with the British?" Huntress asks

The criminals just watch shocked by the casual exchange. A certain part of their brains register and simply accept that is game over so is hard for them to pull it together and act.

"Their English is wrong."

"Stop being xenophobic." Huntress shakes her head "Is literally their language."

"Bitch, they can't even say bottle of water." Lady Jade says looking down on the criminals

For some reason one of the men repeats it, the casual conversation is simply too weird

" Bo'Oh'O'Wa'Er ?" The guy repeats to himself

To this, Lady Jade throws her head back and laughs loudly.

"I can't make this shit up, man." She makes a show of wiping a tear.

Maybe her mocking laugh annoyed them, but the criminal snapped out of their shock.

"The 'guy' is not here. Only his bitches!" The leader exclaims "Let's take them."

"Hey... Only I am his bitch." Lady Jade says offended before creating a rocket launcher with her powers and shooting at their cars.

The people look shocked. Not only their escape route was destroyed, but the explosion will also attract attention.

Is truly game over.

Lady Jade jumps and shoots some fireballs at them while on it, messing even more with any formation that they could have formed.

"You bitc-" The western leader couldn't even finish before receiving an attack of bludgeon made of Lady Jade's corrosive fire on the face. Without a doubt, his face will be Half destroyed after that.

"You all haven't noticed! But you're my bitches here!" She exclaims before advancing again.

Her flamboyant style of attack is not unecessary. During those big explosions, while she was attracting the attention of everyone, Huntress becomes invisible and is inconspicuous taking down many of that who try to flee or are simply behind.

'She is really taking out on these people that talk about Black Cat. My condolences...' Huntress thinks while shooting two running goons in the back with electric bolts. 'These Asian ones are a little more trained...'

Needless to say, was a massacre.

The thirty or so criminals had no chance against the two.

When Lady jade goes to shoot the Asian leader while he was running away with a unnecessary M200 rifle, she turns around quickly and hastily makes a shield.

A purple blade crash against the shield and the attacker uses the shock to propel himself back and keep a little distance.

Lady jade looks at the newcomer.

"Well, well... Someone a little more fun finally showed up." She says while looking up and down on her opponent.

A Asian woman using a purple leotard and holding what is a sort of sword construct, also purple.

'I think I saw her on Hector files...' Shego thinks "Cortana, she is...?" She says under her breath.

"By the description, Psylocke. Meta-classification: Thinker and Blaster. Possible low-level telepathy and can make psionic constructs." Cortana answers in her ear

'Hector protected my mind, but I haven't felt anyone trying to read it. So maybe she doesn't have that good control over it or is depowered.' Lady Jade holds out her hand and three green grenades appear in it.

Even showing her grenades and taking her time to throw them, Psylocke doesn't attack and only prepares herself to dodge.

'So she can't attack at long range... Is the sword her limit? Not that impressive. Maybe she is trying to make me low my guard.' Lady Jade thinks while Psylocke dodges the three explosions

'If she is not a Brute...' Lady Jade advances to close-quarter combat, surprising a little Psylocke that thought that she would need to put effort in close the distance.

Jokes on her, Shego fought in close quarters her whole life. And with her new powers...

She made another Shield with one hand to defend herself against the purple sword, taking advantage of her enemy's blocked vision Lady Jade throws a dozen of green grenades on her feet.

Psylocke tries to jump back but Lady Jade grabs her arm "Stay here with me a little okay?"


After the huge explosion, Psylocke emerges from the smoke with an injured leg, but Lady Jade is unscathed.

"This is what you gain from showing off your legs like that." Lady jade mocks "There's already a purple samurai girl on our team, so your character is redundant." She says before advancing at high speed again.

With an injured leg, Psylocke's chances look slimmer now.

"Don't kill her. She is on the gray list." Cortana says in her ear making Shego stop.

"Ugh... That guy..." She says in frustration 'Must be his Asian fetish, I'm sure of it...'

The two enemies look at each other. Psylocke is already making plans to escape.

"Don't move." A voice behind her throws cold water on her plans and she feels a cold pointy thing be pressed to her neck. "Unmake the sword and put your hands on the ground." Huntress says seriously

Lady Jade starts approaching them unworriedly while Psylocke complies.

"I'm not your enemy." Psylocke says while remaining unmoved, her knees and hands on the ground

"Don't look like it..." Lady Jade says

"I didn't try to hurt you. I'm just making a show of it. I do not really work with The Hand. In truth, I wanted to enter in contact with your guys for some time..." Psylock says

The other two frown.

"Continue..." Huntress says, but presses the tip of the bolt more firmly on Psylocke's neck to remember the Asian woman to not try anything stupid.

"My... circumstance is complicated. I want to talk with Eidolon, I can give your information about the Hand in exchange for his help with something."

Lady Jade scoffs "Everyone wants to meet Eidolon... He is too busy to the likes of you. And you're not in a place to negotiate if you haven't noticed."

"I'm not a villain!" Psylocke exclaims more strongly "Let me talk with him and I can explain myself!"



Lady jade and Huntress exchange looks

"I swear, the Asian magnetism of that guy is too strong." Lady jade comments "Listen here..."


"Psylocke, yeah I know. If you want to meet the big boss you need to tell us first what you want to talk about with him. Then we will decide if is worth it.." Lady Jade says

"Is to his ears alone..." Psylocke says stubbornly

"Let's just take her and put her some days in a closet, this will open her lips." Lady Jade says

"I can't go away for too long, I need to keep my facade with The Hand." Psylocke says strongly

"Woman you're not in position to demand anything."

"I will not run, tell him to meet me on a green industrial shed 20 kilometers east from here at Midnight tomorrow."

"He can find you whenever he wants. Just come with us now." Huntress says, trying to act diplomatically

"I can't be away for long, even more, if I don't know if he will want to help me." Psylocke tries to argue.

"If you don't trust him that much, then there's no reason to even talk with him." Lady Jade says.

This back-and-forth goes from some time

"Okay, fuck it-" Lady jade starts to say but Psylock does something tha surprises the two.

She acts fast a use her psionic swors to impale herself on the edge of her stomach to attack Huntress that is behind her.

Huntress jumps back and Psylocke takes the opportunity to run away. "I can go with you guys but I'm not lying tell him to meet me." She shouts before running away while clutching her side.

"Oh~ She has guts at least." Lady Jade comments unworriedly. "Let's follow her? She can take us to their hideout?" She turns to Huntress.

"I put a tracker on her hair. Let her go free for tonight. Eidolon can really find her at any time." Huntress comments

"I don't want her coming anyway..." Lady Jade huffs

"Worried that he would fall to her charms?" Huntress teases.

"Please, more like her fall on his dick. Did you see that leotard? Such slut... People nowadays lost all modesty." Lady Jade says exaggeratedly.

"Haha. Be nice, maybe she will Join us." Huntress says making the other roll her eyes "Let's go back. The police are here."

"Okie dokie"


Hector P.O.V., His Residence

I hummed to myself while expertly and at high speed cutting the salad. Using an adamantium kitchen knife looks like is unnecessary, but I'm still holding back you know?

I still have that Derous Kitchen Knife in my Sky Poison Pearl, using that would be truly overkill.

Shouldn't I give the Deous Kitchen Knife to Tsukasa so that he would use it more? Maybe. But I'm a hoarder and a collector. I'm not giving away my cool things like that.

When Saeko asked to hold my Gun Katana HF Muramasa, I almost didn't let it go. She needed to take my fingers one by one off the handle. You can't simply ask a man to part with his blades like that. Is not right.

Right now I'm cooking with Isabella while the girls are on a mission. Is a little late for dinner, but whatever.

I throw a huge piece of cooked meat over my shoulder, I cooked a lot because of the little beasts, and I felt a white blur pass super fast and take it before reaching the ground.

Cathulhu looks at Caerbannog with hatred in his eyes and I can see his mouth widening and the tips of the tentacles appearing.

"Don't fight. Here some more." I throw it to Cathulhu too and he grabs it easily

Taking my salad to the dining room I see Isabella setting the table.

Putting the salad on the table I look at Isabella's side profile. Hmm... Maybe I should show my appreciation to Isabella... She is literally the one that I'm the closest of my summons. And also my first. With the exception of Cathulhu...

"Isabella..." I call her

"Yes?" She turns

I go to hug her by the waist but decide against it and put my hand on her shoulder instead.

"I don't always say that, Isabella... But I want you to know that I really appreciate everything that you do for me. You really take a huge load off my shoulders." I say sincerely and she smiles

A nice smile. Ugh... Why make women smile so good?

"I know, master. I really enjoy doing everything for you." She says

"You're irreplaceable, Isabella." I say and give her a peck on her cheek.

She is blushing a little now but still keeps a calm face. Cute...

Tsk. Is this the inherent male urge to make women happy?

I also can see the Relationship Loyalty goes to 9/10. One step short of undying loyalty.

The mood is good between us now. And then I felt Helena and Shego arriving by one of the portal doors.

Aha. I knew it! The other side of the harem protagonist luck. Timely arrivals that create misunderstandings.

Heh. You can't caught me lacking this way, destiny. I'm aware of your tricks.

Separating myself from Isabella I greet the two.

"I trust that everything went well." I say to them.

"Yep. Easy peasy. Everything went as expected, except the part of the ninja-samurai Asian woman in a purple leotard jumping on us." Shego says dismissively and goes to steal a sweet bread from the table. Isabella swatted her hand and said to her go clean herself first.

"Psylocke?" I ask

Shego looks at me strangely.

"Exactly." Huntress answers "She was working to The Hand, but said that she is not really. She wanted to talk with you. Something about wanting your help." Huntress relates.

I put on a pensive expression...

Psylocke in England... I remember that there's some sort of body swap bullshit that happened with her, right? Or is body fusion?

"She says that she will be in a certain place tomorrow at Midnight." Huntress says "Are you going?"

"No..." I answer easily "In my time I will search for her. But if hasn't come to search for me and simply talked with you guys about me as an afterthought she is not really in a hurry. I had too much on my plate already."

The Hand is an enemy to be dealt after Fisk.

My answer appears to please Shego in some way...

"Is what I thought..." Helena says "You can probably find her easily with your X-ray vision or something."

I don't answer, my mind trying to remember things about Psylocke. She is hot. That's it... And she is not a villain. So there must be a reason for her to be working under The Hand.

Well, till now everyone's personality and moral compass is how I imagined it. No reason to be different with her, right? She is even a potential recruitment...

"Wait... You really have X-ray vision?" Shego asked shocked. I thought that they knew it already. "That means that you can check the piercing in my nipples at any time?" She asks

The what in what now??

My eyes unconscious goes to her chest for a second before I look at her face. She is showing the smuggest smile ever and I knew I have fallen into her trap...

"You checked, huh? Pervert... I do not have piercings." She says

I sigh "I did not check, my eyes moved by reflex..." I start but I know that is too late.

"It's okay... You're a growing boy full of hormones." She consoles me by tapping my shoulder and going away to wash her hands.

She does not give me the chance to explain myself.

Ugh... I'm one of the smartest men alive, with reflex and reaction time to watch the flap of wings of a hummingbird like it is almost frozen.

And there are battles that I can win against women.

"I want underwear coated in lead." Helena says teasing me while following Shego.

Jokes on you lead can't stop my vision, Helena.

They knew that I didn't look, but they didn't care. If I argue, will just give more fuel. See? If I don't fight I lose, If I fight I lose even worse.

How can someone win against the women that he cares about? Now I understand married life.

I look at Cassandra that was watching the whole exchange in silence

"Don't become like them, Cassandra." I say and she nods in silence. Cute... You're my Oasis here dear, receive some headpats.


Third Person P.O.V.

Emma Frost returns to her mansion after a long day. Manipulating people is a chore, even when using her powers facilitates her life. As someone that doesn't trust anyone and works alone is hard to have free time.

She sighs and rubs her shoulders after dropping her purse on the couch of her office.

She still has some things to do before going to sleep. Being a CEO is not only a luxury after all.

Only when she turns on the lights in her office that she notices that she is not alone.

Imagine her surprise seeing Eidolon standing in front of her desk holding a picture of her and her brother in his hands.

"Ms. Frost... Sorry to barge in, but taking into consideration your methods to try to enter in contact with me, I think I'm still being very civil." Eidolon's smooth and deep voice reaches her ears while he finally looks at her while putting the photography on the desk.

She reacts instantly and almost by reflex, and uses her powers to invade his mind...

"Oh... I expected this from Xavier, but okay... Come." Is the last thing she hears before she finds herself in another place.

She looks around, not on her office anymore. "This must be his mind... Shit, that is not good. I invade it instinctively." She says to herself.

As someone that has many enemies, she is always on edge to use her powers to defend herself. She is not a combatant, so she can either activate her diamond form or invade the enemy's mind to take control and guarantee her safety.

"What... is that...?" She looks around in amazement, seeing the huge pillar/tree of light and the starry sky.

This is the first time she has seen a mindscape like that.

She found herself on a mirror-like surface, that reflects the starry sky and herself, but when she walks, her feet make small ripples.

"Am I in water?" She muses to herself "His mind sounds surprisingly... unprotected..." She looks around. There was no landscape and she felt trapped.

When she is in someone's mind is easy to her to manipulate the mindscape as she pleases. But here? Is like she is in her normal body...

She can't even float or travel fast. She could barely move the water under her feet. With much concentration, she can make the huge lake moves a little but nothing more.

'What type of mind is this? Is he really a human?' She thinks and decides to walk to the only noticeable structure in this place... The pillar of light.

She starts walking...

And continues walking...

Continues walking...











She walks for what looks like hours or even days but the pillar of light doesn't seem to get close.

She is already panting and sweating even if this is not her physical body. She is forced to stop and crouches down.

"What *Huff* in *huuf*..." Her words are interrupted by a voice.

"Are you finding it hard?" Eidolon's recognizable voice is heard from everywhere and at this moment two tentacles of water latch on her ankles.

She raises herself quickly, but she can't move anymore. Another two tentacles move at lightning speed and hold her wrists too.

"This is oddly familiar... If I'm another type of man, this would be going in a very strange direction..." Eidolon says with a deep chuckle.

Emma Frost watches in amazement as a small part of the starry sky coalesces in a male form in front of her. Like Eidolon but made of stars and black matter.

"Now... This wasn't the way that I wanted to talk with you, but you need to admit that is your fault." He says lightly

He doesn't sound angry, so Emma Frost decides to quell her prideful side and admit her mistake.

"Was not my intention to invade your mind..." She says Half-glaring at the cosmic construct in her front.

"This doesn't sound like an apology, but I will take it..." Eidolon shrugs "Is not like is your total fault. If I had not allowed you to enter you would never have the chance." He says


"But I want to test..."


"Yes, my mental defenses. You are a very skilled telepath, so I thought and make you a test subject to my first mental barrier." He confesses

"...I didn't see any defense." She says

"Oh, is not to see..." Eidolon appears to smile "There's no problem in telling you. My first defense is... this open field." He says opening his arm.

"..." Emma just maintain herself in silence

"Don't following, huh? Good..." He says in a low voice that only he can hear "The first barrier is you simply walking... I made the first barrier a resistance test. Only someone with a mental power greater than mine could ever hope to invade my mind. And let me say, there isn't much of them out there. So... If even you, I gifted telepath, that even if not on Omega-level is very experienced can't cheat on my first barrier..." He finishes here because there's really no need to say more.

"..." Emma Frost just looks at this man like he is some sort of monster.

Wasting this much mental power to create a big empty space to be a resistance test. Such waste. How can he even live normally if his mental power is focused in maintain this huge space?

"By the way, you're on the easy mode..." He comments and then uses his right leg to stomp the ground strongly.

The shockwave makes huge waves. The waves make the lake lose the reflect propriety and finally reveals what is inside the water.


Emma's eyes widen in shock and almost fear at seeing the appearance and quantity of the creatures swimming under her feet.

Having the mental powers suppressed, being trapped in his mind, losing strength with every step and still being attacked by these monstrosities... Must be a nightmare.

And this is only the first barrier.

"Anyway, thank you for helping me Ms. Frost" He says with a smile. "Now... Get out." He says and Emma feels herself being yanked away off his mind.

Back in her office, Emma finds herself in her real body. A good thing, if not for a little problem.

Eidolon holding her by the throat.

"Even if I'm not mad, I would like to remember you to never do that again..." He says in a low voice.

His eyes bore into Emma's blue orbs.

At this moment, Eidolon's eyes, which are always changing, have settled in a grey-white tone that looks like some sort gem.

Emma's brain faintly registers that she likes his eyes and remembers some discussions on Tv and the Internet about the eyes of Eidolon representing his mood. But nothing was ever proved about that.

Still, with Eidolon's hand around her neck, Emma shifts her body to her diamond form in a way of self-defense.

Eidolon chuckles at that "I think I understand... You're too accustomed to using your powers and getting away. No consequences. And having a diamond form makes you think that you're invincible. Tsk Tsk... Rookie mistake." He says shaking his head

He continues "A common case of small powers in an even smaller place. I hope you know that I could break you even in this diamond state and if I think is too much trouble I can simply throw you away in space..."


"You don't need to breathe this way. But can you imagine yourself floating aimlessly in the infinity, maybe being found by some space pirates and having a horrible fate?" He "Tsks" again and gave her a look, as if waiting for her

Slowly the diamond recedes and Emma reveals herself again in flesh and bones.

To show his approval Eidolon take his hand from her neck and smiles through his eyes "There, there... Let's talk like civilized people." He says and turns away to sit in a coach in the office.

Emma massages her neck even if it doesn't hurt. She wants to gain time. Time to think. She doesn't say a word when she crosses the office and goes to pour a drink to herself.

The pace of the conversations was in Eidolon's control from the start, she doesn't like it not even a bit.

"You can say what you want from me now." But it appears that Eidolon would not give her any chance.

She slowly drinks her whisky to gain time to put her thoughts together. Eidolon is not even looking at her overall direction.

"If you're gonna start with your power plays I will go away..." He says calmly

'You're the one with the power plays...' She thinks to herself while leaning on her own desk. She prefers to not sit down, maybe even hide her face from him. From this angle, he can't see her.

"How do you know that I wanted to talk with you?" She starts

"..." Eidolon maintain himself in silence.

After an uncomfortable moment, Emma talks again.

"I just thought in offer a partnership..." She drawls "I'm part of a certain group of people that have much-"

"If you're going to invite me to the Hellfire Club I will respectfully decline." He says standing up and moving to the door.

Emma bites her lips, she can't let the opportunity pass like that. So she decides to put the cards on the table.

"You're not even interested in the members of the club that are making certain projects against the metas?" She asks

And Eidolon pauses and turns around.

'Bullseye. This man can't be baited by money, status or power... But there's something that he cares about too much. The meta question is the way to having him...'

"Selling your friends? Shame on you..." He says with mirth in his voice.

"I have no friends there..." She says with a smirk

"As meta yourself, why didn't you give me this information so that I can protect us all..." He says approaching till he is looming over her

"I'm a businesswoman, I never give anything without receiving anything back." She says while reclining a little too much on the desk, showing a lot of her cleavage to him.

"A good friend is worth more than gold, Ms. Frost." Eidolon says slowly, his eyes never going below her neck.

"As much I would... appreciate your friendship." She says slowly while blatantly staring him up and down and even putting a hand on his pecs "I want something more... substantial." She says with certain innuendos and looks up at him.

He chuckles. A deep chuckle that reverberates on her body. He puts his two hands on the desk, trapping her between them while approaching his face to hers "Wanting to manipulate Eidolon and using him as a spear to take care of your enemies?" He guesses her thoughts easily "Are you sure that you can handle me, Ms. Frost?" He says deeply, their faces very close

One of Emma's hand sneak in a slit of Eidolon's mantle and runs on his torso slowly "I can handle everything that you give to me, dear... And I'm sure that you will find our partnership... very pleasing." She keeps eye contact while walking with her fingers by his muscular arm till her hand reaches his face.

"Say their names..." He says huskily

"Ah~ ah~ ah~" She puts a finger on where his mouth should be "I need you to work with me..."

"You mean to take them down in a certain order and at a certain time so that you can reap the most of the benefits?" He asks with a raised brow

"My dear, we're perfect to each other... Know exactly what I want. I think we will have a great time in the future." She smiles "Promise me that you will not act without informing me and I can give you the information that you want. Promise me that you will take down a certain enemy of mine and everything will be yours." She says getting closer.

Without his mask it would need only her to move a inch and they would kiss. Her other hand would need to only move a little lower and would reach his manhood. He is basically between her legs too.

The sexual tension is thick between the two.

Suddenly he moves away from her "What Enemy?" He asks indifferently

Emma is afraid to have overreached and destroyed the mood, so she talks fast.

"Sebastian Shaw... He is a meta and is not exactly against metas but he is not a good person." She explains

"Like you then?" He says tilting his head.

Her smile falters.

"Worse... You can make your own research and give me an answer later..." She negotiates.

"Unnecessary... Shaw is in my sight for a time. Say when you're ready to swallow the hellfire club money and other things and I will act. Now, give me the information." He says extending his hand to her.

Emma almost celebrates internally but maintains a calm facade.

She turns around and bends over the tablet to reach into a drawer of her desk. She purposefully sticks her ass in Eidolon's direction.

A nice ass, he observes. In tight white pants that almost look like are painted on her legs. He decides to not comment on her arousal that he can smell.

She takes her sweet time and finally turns around abruptly, trying to catch him staring. She frowns when notices that Eidolon is turned in another direction.

"Here..." She gives a pen drive to him "Remember, come talk to me before attacking them." She says

The pen drive disappears from her hand and Eidolon turns around and walks to the door. "I will keep my word." He says before phasing through it.

Now, alone in her office, Emma thinks for herself that even if not perfect, the meeting went well.

"A man like that can't be manipulated easily... I thought that he was a bleeding-heart fool with his heroic antics. But he is no fool." She says before putting in another drink "At least, the bleeding heart part is on point." She downs the whisky in one go

"A very hot bleeding-heart hero..." She raises her eyebrow while feeling the wetness between her legs.


Hector P.O.V.

Okay, things went better than I expected.

She really gives the information for a promise...

The entire meeting was played by me.

Tiring her mentally, to low her judgment skills. Power plays. Seduction can go both ways, you know Emma?

And talking about seduction...

What heck was that??

Fuck, I almost bent her over and fucked her on that desk!

She has me acting up, fam. I can't lie.

Why? Why??

I circle the air while thinking...

Do I really have an Oedipus Complex? Can't be...

No... I know why.

Fuck Batman! I inherited his fetish for those villainous types!

Remembering all the Women in Marvel that fall on this archetype... Madam Hydra, Selene Galio, Morgan Le Fay, Black Cat, Mystique, Hela, Sin, Deathbird and many others...

Oh boy... The road ahead will be hard. Pun intended.

At least, it appears that I have standards. After all, I haven't felt even an ounce of attraction for Amora.

Good to know.


Black Cat P.O.V.

Okay, the night is not going so well.

I hide behind a pillar. The goons chasing after me. Maybe I bit more than I can chew trying to steal from these guys. Well, they're criminals and these gems are stolen anyway. Not even Eidolon would care about it.

But now I'm in a very bad situation. No escape Route, my grappling hook broken and I can't win against that many people.

"Search carefully! She is still hiding Around! She couldn't have escaped!"She hears one of the goons shout.

Fuck, they're close.

The saving grace is that they are using cold weapons. No guns. If not I would be dead already.

I think I must thank Eidolon the next time I see him, if there's a next time. No criminal organization is crazy to do shootouts in New York anymore.

Heh, these guys are quaking in their boots in fear of only one man. Serve them right.

They are even afraid of saying his name out loud... Hm?

No! This is crazy!

But I will eventually be caught...

I hear steps getting closer to where I'm hiding.

Shit... Is all or nothing. I hope luck is on my side...

I take a deep breath.. My heart is beating fast. Damn, this is exciting in its own way too.

And then I scream "SAVE MEEE!!!!! EIDOLOOON!!!!" From the top of my lungs

"Fuck! She was there!"

"That bitch is crazy, she called him!"

I look behind the pillar. Is almost funny seeing their scared faces.

"You slut, let's see if you can scream while choking on my dick" A guy shouts angrily and I hate that this triggers some bad memories

Dark thoughts flood my mind...

What if he doesn't come? What if he is on the other side of the planet? Or not even on the planet?

This bet is too risky!

"Let's take care of her and get the fuck out here!" Another someone shouts

Shit, he is really not coming.

Preparing myself to fight till my last breath, maybe even kill myself I hear... thunder? No... A sonic boom.

The whole place falls silent.

I was not the one to hear it.

I take my eyes off the ceiling and look at the criminals. They're immobile, hardily breathing... Looking up as if waiting for the sky to fall on them.

I smile smugly at them.

Then a black blur crashed on the ground, making the whole place tremble. Slowly, Eidolon straightened himself up. Even if he is only one man his presence overwhelms the whole place.

Damn, look at that back. I do not like to be a damsel in distress but damn if this isn't super hot...

He turns around to look at me with a bored look.

"I'm not your plot armor, Woman."

I smile and jump on his back. Latching on to it. "C'mon~ You need to say 'I'm here'. I want the whole package." I tease him and he sighs.

I rest my chin on his shoulder and make a show to act affectionate. Haha. The face of these guys... Hahaha.

Eidolon doesn't waste time. He raises his hand, everyone starts floating together with his movement like he is some sort of Jedi. Or should be a sith? He is all black.

He lows his hand and everyone crashes on the ground strongly.

Damn, rare footage of Eidolon P.O.V. in using his power. I need to say, is cool as hell.

"Do you have a lightsaber" I joke, don't expecting him to answer seriously.

"Yes..." He answers easily

"..." I look at him strangely "Is lightsaber a metaphor to your penis?"

"You can get off me now." He says, looking done.

"Nope. I'm so scared..." I say joking and holding even more tightly. Pressing my breasts on his back.

Sincerely, is not a total joke. Tonight I was very close to having a bad end. Let me recharge a little.

I can feel the world shift and in an instant, we're high in the sky in New York.

Nice view~

"So, in what type of trouble you're getting yourself now?" He asks

"Nothing much... tried to pull a Robin Hood... It didn't turn out so well." I answer very close to his ear. If there's some reaction, he doesn't show it.

"And where do you get the information of criminal organizations?" He asks

"C'mon, I can't snitch on my sources." I say

"... I could drop you from here." He threatens without any heat

"Haha. You wouldn't do it." I call you his bluff.

"Woman, you didn't know me."

"I dare you to do it now..." I tease him.

"Felicia..." He says in a low voice

Hmm~ Him saying my name like that... Down girl.

With a little acrobatics, I move to his front. In a very compromising position.

I'm a little annoyed to not see any reaction from him. He just stood there like a statue.

"You would always protect me Eidolon... You like me." I tease

"You think too highly of yourself. Don't think the world revolves around you just because you're pretty." He says rolling his eyes

"Oh... I'm pretty?" I smile at him

"Obviously." He answers without hesitation. C'mon man, help with the mood.

I know that he doesn't like me that way, but he is not gonna win this debate.

"I know that you would protect me."

"I just saved you from your idiocy. But my patience has limits." He says

"Hm~ I don't think so~ I think that you like little me, and can't imagine me getting hurt." Heh, his annoyed expression is cute.

"Women..." He says "You're nothing to me Black Cat." He says firmly

"Ouch... Now I'm hurt." I say to him Half-joking and Half-serious. Hear that is not pleasant for some reason. "So I think you wouldn't save me, right?" I ask

...before pushing him and jumping back first to the night.

Aaah~ This is another type of thrill. Putting my life in his hands. A bungee Jump that I don't know if the rope will want to save me.

My heart is beating so fast!

I close my eyes and open my arms. This fall is fatal. Head first on the concrete.

Falling is weird, my mind is operating very fast. Maybe because there's nothing to do.

Maybe he will really let me fall and die...

So my taste in men is really horrible...

I finally feel a hand on my waist and smile.

I feel his body hugging mine and spinning to counter the momentum.

With a huge boom, his feet crash on the ground. I opened my eyes to see his exasperated eyes. He is holding me in a princess carry in the middle of a street.

We must have made a huge spectacle but I don't care about anyone else now.

My eyes are on him alone.

"Is really hard to win against women..." He sighs

Heh~ I can't help but smile.

"My hero..." I say while caressing his cheek


Third Person P.O.V.

James Wesley watches in silence as his employer huffs and breathes deeply to calm his nerves or at least tries to do it. Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, just ended a meeting with Madam Gao, and is obvious that things are not gonna well.

The meeting room is a mess, the table is flipped, papers are everywhere and other things are completely destroyed close to the walls. Probably a victim of being thrown at it in the moment of rage of the Kingpin.

It's rare for Wilson Fisk to have a such breakdown but is not like Wesley can't understand the reason for it. Things are not going so well for his employer, business-wise, sincerely it looks like the universe is against them.

Losing shipments, men being arrested, hideouts being raided, subordinates double-crossing him or just outright disappearing. The police, heroes and other criminal enemies appear to come together to do a joint attack against the Kingpin.

"Sir, if there's anything..." Wesley starts, but is interrupted harshly.

"GET.OUT!!!" The Kingpin roars without even looking at him

On a normal day, that would be the moment when Wesley would make himself scarce, fearing the ire of his employer and at the same time letting the man calm down and organize his thoughts.

But not this time, maybe Wesley is emboldened by the fact that the Kingpin doesn't have that many men to spare, on his level at least, or maybe is because of how despairing the situation was. But Wesley decides to stay firm and hold his ground.

"I'm afraid I can not do that, sir." He say putting in the calmest voice he could muster

Fisk finally turns to him, his eyes promising pain by the disrespect

Undeterred, Wesley continues "There's so much going on, we need to keep our firm hold and act fast. We couldn't lose time. We need to start thinking about solutions." He says while looking at his employer in the eyes



For some moments that look like an eternity, the staring contest continues and Wesley thought that maybe that was the moment that he would suffer some consequence, even if not death.

Finally, the Kingpin closes his eyes for an instant and releases a deep breath "You're right..." He says. His instance slowly loses its aggressivity, he straightens up and keeps his face calm "You're right..." he repeats. Unknown if to Wesley or to his own benefit.

With only one hand he grabs the flipped table and puts it on the right spot effortlessly. A small display of strength, a power move that was not unnoticed by Wesley.

Wesley also realizes a deep breath and go takes a chair from him to sit on while Fisk is sitting on his own chair.

"That damn old woman... Thinks that she can lecture me like I am her 4-year-old grandson." The Kingpin grits his teeth "I will not forget that..."

Wesley nods "We are in a bad spot now. Let her think you are weak for now, will give us the opportunity to regain our foothold."

"But how? If I didn't know any better I would think that some god is playing with me. Or that I have been cursed..." The Kingpin confesses "Even with Vanessa..." He mutters with a distant look

Wesley decides to focus on this last bit. To distract his employer from the whole Madam Gao fiasco and give him time to think of solutions.

"Problems with Ms. Marianna?" He asks

To this, Fisk sighs "A little mistake on my part... You remember that man that I asked you to investigate?"

"Johan Liebert?"


"As per your instruction, I discovered that most of his documents are fake. But he maintained his name strangely. Probably he wants to hide the fact that he came from that orphanage to troubled kids. He is a smart guy that takes advantage of small criminals. Jumping from one to another. You thought that he was using Ms. Marianna to approach you, right?"

"My initial assumption... But my identity is not something that a small man like him can figure out. Is all a coincidence. Vanessa said to me that he even helped her to sell some art overpriced and that he has taken advantage of some rich old ladies." Wilson Fisk huffs

"Yes, he is a con artist, a two-bit scammer. So, what's the problem?"

"We, me and Vanessa, had... a small discussion because of him. She is spending too much time with him. She said that was not giving her attention, but you know how hectic things are going on here..."

"Sir, you're not wrong on this. You two are in a relationship and she is Looking for a man's companionship. And you know that he lives from scamming people." Wesley defends his employer.

"Yeah, but he revealed this to her, she has his trust, and he hers. So he is not trying to scam her. But even so, I said that is not okay for her to spend time with a man but..."


"But he is gay!" The Kingpin gives a relieved and exasperated sigh

"..." Wesley only blinks a little

"Fucking german sissy boy. Make me look like a fool to Vanessa..." Fisk grits his teeth unreasonably

"..." Sincerely Wesley doesn't know what to say

"Anyway, that guy is no problem. Let's focus on important things. That shipment lost with the hand, that old hag is putting all the blame on me. Like she would fare any better against the SCP."

"Tremendously unfair and I remember of her boasting about having a strong meta woman to that operation, but even she failed." Wesley comments

"I don't like this Wesley. We are becoming outdated too fast. Let's put more pressure on the Doctor. We need more strong personnel urgently."

"I agree... But there's a limit to what Dr. Otto Ocatavius can do while he keeps the farce of working in Oscorp. He is a good window for us to swallow the declining company. Is better to not make him do anything that can attract the attention of... Him." Wesley says slowly while pointing to the sky. The meaning of who is talking about is clear.

"Huff... That damn idiot. installed that robotic arms too soon. He was the talk of the town. Luckily he has a good reputation as a mild-mannered scientist. But without a doubt, he is on 'his' sight now..." The Kingpin says frustratedly

"Maybe we should expand our horizons and accept another partnership." Wesley says finally, a plan forming in his head.

"...who?" The Kingpin asks

"We have another... asian option beyond the Hand, sir." Wesley says and Fisk catches up

"The Ten Rings. I remember that we talked about it but turn down the opportunity because of the high risk of involving with that Mandarin or whatever fella."

"The risk in the past is because the Ten Rings are on the sight of Stark because of the deal with Obadiah Stane. Associating ourselves with them on the past would only bring trouble with the risk of attracting Iron Man's attention, but..." He pauses to clean his glasses

"... Nowadays Stark doesn't look like a big problem, right?" Wesley says pointedly

"Yes, yes..." The Kingpin puts a thoughtful expression "We don't need to depend on that bastards anymore, but we need to be careful if they discover that we're doing we will be in trouble. The truth is that I owe them more than I'm comfortable to be in debt with someone."

"True, but with good timing and planning we could even put the Hand and the Ten Rings in each other's throat." Wesley says with a smile

"Yes, I'm liking this plan even more now. Do you still have contact with them?" Fisk asks and Wesleys is already raising himself from his chair

"I will arrange everything, sir." He says before leaving the room.


Wesley now finds himself in his car, being driven by his personal driver and security guard. The car plays a calming and relaxing tune and New York streets pass through the windows.

In the backseat, he studies pieces of information about the Kingpin business and the Ten Rings too, especially any activity of the terrorist organization lately.

He needs to prepare himself to don't go like a beggar to them. To put themselves on an equal foot with their possible new partners.

At some point on the small trip, a distinct click is heard on the car and everything is locked up. This made James Wesley raises his head from the documents and tablet, is normal for them to keep some doors unlocked to facilitate a quick escape.

While frowning Wesley was going to ask why the driver locked the doors, but a voice talks first from the speakers of the car. "Good Evening, Mr. Wesley." A neutral voice greets him, replacing the calming tune that was previously playing.

Alarmed Wesley turns and goes to talk to the driver to stop, but his voice doesn't come out. He noticed that he can't move his body. Is like an invisible force is holding him.

He looks at the rearview and sees that the driver appears to be in a similar situation. The man is shaking, tears rolling down from his face and he looks like he is fighting invisible bounds. But his body continues to drive normally, albeit a little stiff.

From how long he was in that situation, Wesley doesn't know. The only thought on his mind is in how bad the situation looks to him and how to escape.

"Is useless to scream, I want to have a little talk with you, Mr. Wesley." The neutral voice says

Wesley feels the force holding his jaw releasing him and finally speaks "Who are you? What do you want?"

"I'm vengeance..." The voice says before chuckling moments later "... and is the answer to your two questions."

Vengeance... This doesn't really narrow the options of who this person is very much. But the fact that is someone seeking revenge lowers the chance of Wesley getting out of this situation unscathed.

'Is hard to reason with these kinds of people...' He thinks

"Are you sure that you catch the right guy? I'm just a lawyer." Wesley says to buy time and to seek information.

But the voice only chuckles again "I'm very sure..." The voice says ominously

" You think you're sure. Let me tell you something, you're committing a grave mistake! Do anything to me and you and all of your family will suffer terrible consequences. Consequences that you can't afford." Wesley half shouts and the threatens with gritted teeth.

"Oh~ Threats... Cute. Already on Anger, Mr. Wesley? You're progressing fast on the five Stages of Grief." The voice says unperturbed "Even when you notice that you're in my hands you didn't believe that this was the end... In denial that something bad is finally happening to you... Too much time behind a desk made you lose touch with reality..." The voice mocks

Wesley is sweating. He can only move his eyes and mouth. The driver continues to drive forced by the invisible power. To where Wesley doesn't know.

"I can..." Wesleys starts

"...offer money. I know." The voice finishes for him "And now we're in the bargaining phase. Don't waste your time. Look around this fancy car... You're not living it alive."

Wesleys gulped loudly and starts trembling. The car moves fast on the streets of New York, no escape Route is presented to him.

"Are you despairing already? Depressed of your prospects?" The voice says again "This is how all of your victims felt, you know?"


" 'Why this is happening to me?' Humans Always ask themselves things like that in despairing situations... But you know the answer, right?" The voice speaks, ingraining in his nerves. Every word makes Wesley's heart beat faster "Say it. Why this is happening with you?"

"..." Wesley close his eyes and start shaking

"Say it." The voice gives no room to escape reality


"Say it!" The voice urges


"Say it! Say it Say it! Say it!" A cacophony of voices gives no mercy, getting louder and louder.


"Because I work for the Kingpin!" Wesley finally shouts and the voice stops

He is breathing hard now, red face and with disheveled hair

"...good boy. Is that hard?" The voice speaks mockingly "Yes, is because you work for the Kingpin."


"Do you really think that retribution would never come? You and your owner decide people's lives in the comfort of your offices..."


"Unaware of how pathetically small the two of you are..." The voice slowly said "Just sacks of meat that I can squeeze at any time."


"Living on my mercy. But is only natural, right? I'm your better, so I can decide your life and death on a whim. No problem with that, right?"


"Is finally downing on you how useless your high education and money are? An above-average intelligence and you're so proud of it... Thinking that makes you special."

"...please..." Wesley mutter weakly

"... Please? Heh. I thought that you're made of tougher stuff. Did you really enter into crime and never thought that you would have a miserable death? Really pathetic."

"I will do anything..." Wesley begs

"What part of your being a pathetic lowly existence you don't get? Your life is worthless. You're living till now just to my own amusement. But tell me something, Wesley."

Wesley looks up with a glimmer of hope

"Vanessa Marianna..." The name makes Wesley perks up "Did she know about Wilson Fisk activities? How much does she know?" The voice asks

"..." Wesley keeps his mouth shut.

"Don't be like that... I can still torture you for years if you annoy me, you know?" The voice says making him shudder

"She... She knows." Wesley says, his mouth dry. Betraying his employer is not something that he saw himself doing, but is not like he is revealing secret information "My employer come clean to her. He wanted to be transparent. She accepted him. She doesn't involve herself, but she knows of his activities."

"I see..." The voice says contemplatively "Well, your death will be fast now, Wesley. Congratulations." But this is not what Wesley wants to hear.

But Wesley then feels his mouth being held shut again. He struggles and struggles but he can only let out a little more than a whimper.

"Now, now Wesley. Why don't we pass the opportunity to speak to our fellow driver here?" The voice says calmly and the driver can finally open his mouth

"C'mon, dude! Please, I know nothing of your grudge against him! Please, let me out of this! I will never talk about this to anyone and I will- Hmf mmff" The driver begs with snort and tears running down his face but he is silenced again

"I'm sorry, my dear. But you're not innocent, right? The three of us know that, Mr. Derek." The voice says surprising the driver "A pity... Truly is..." The voice makes a show of sighing " But you're a collateral Derek. Wesley here knows about collaterals, right Wesley? You ordered the death of many people as collateral, right?"

"..." Wesley shakes

"People that are simply on the way of your plans. What is their life when compared to your big plans, right? Only nuisances... Too bad you pulled the reverse lottery ticket and stepped on my toes. Too bad..." The voice says almost snarling


"Even you are collateral, Wesley. I only care about the Kingpin, but your death will bring him trouble. I want him to suffer slowly after all and your death is a good way to do this."

"Mmpf, mmf."

"I'm afraid that I don't want to hear your voice anymore, Wesley. But I can tell you about how you will die. How about that?"


"Is simple. Derek here will lose control of the car and fall on the water and the two of you will die in this accident." The voice says "I can say that is... poetic justice."

The two struggle much more while Derek is forced to make a turn to the place of their death.

The imminent final, the helplessness of the situation, the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and not having control of not even their own life make the two in the car despair.

The driver becomes unresponsive shortly after, tears still falling, his eyes vacant. The fight completely out of his body.

"It looks like Derek is already in the acceptance stage. And you, Wesley?" The voice asks, never letting them forget his presence.

The presence of the responsible for their situation. The person that has their destiny on their hand. Their demon and their god at this moment.

The driver starts silently praying to anyone to save him, even a hero. Even Eidolon...

"It's closer now... Our time together was short but extremely unpleasant, I hope you burn in a very deep part of hell and be raped by several horse-spiked dick demons, Wesley." The voice says in a cheery tone that doesn't go well with its words.

At this moment, the seatbelt starts being undone by the invisible force.

"But I'm not a cruel person. I will snap your guys' necks before you two hit the water." The voice says destroying every hope of survival of Wesley.

"... I think this is your guy's modus operandi, right? Kill before and make it look like a fall, like an accident." The voice said more to himself.

"Goodbye..." The voice says finally and goes away for real, the speakers go back to play that calming tune that is in sharp contrast to the situation.

But the car continues to move on its own.

The sharp turn that the car does at the same time only grate the nerve of the passengers, and makes a point that their lives are still not theirs anymore.

James Wesley is passing through the most horrible moment of his life. Deep down he already gave up, but his brain can't let go... The brain that he is so proud of tries to discover some way of getting out of this situation.

Even if he can't even talk, his brain can't stop thinking. And this only makes his stress hit the roof, he starts losing hair, hyperventilating, piss himself, the world around him appears to disappear and only the feeling of moving of the car and the voice exist to him.

The talk with the voice is replayed over and over in his mind. His brain intentionally overworking, tiring him mentally and at the same time his mind is clearer than ever.

The contradiction almost makes him go crazy, but is like he is not even allowed to escape from reality in a mental breakdown.

'You will fall in the water...'

'Poetic Justice...'

His mind repeats certain words of the voice, searching for clues.

'Modus operandi... Kill before making it look like an accident...'


He is so close, but he can't reach it...

'Deciding life and death... Unlucky...'

Is like he has an itch in his brain that he can't scratch. Like something is physically impeding him of reach the answer.

No good will come from discovering the answer that he believes is in his memories and in the words of the voice.

But he seeks it nonetheless. Maybe for some sort of win over the person that put him on checkmate.

"In 100 meters, turn right. You're close to your final destination." The more familiar navigator voice announces.

A final mockery of the voice to them.

A tasteful "Tic Tic" that keeps the death present on the passenger's mind.

Wesley found himself incapable of concentrating, the answer never comes to him no matter how hard he thinks.

"In 20 meters lose control and take a sharp tune to the right and you will reach your final destination... Death." The navigator spokes again.

The driver starts whimpering and crying even more loudly now. Trying to resist, trying to take control of his body again.

They can see a truck approaching, opposite to them. When they are close to the truck, the driver's arms make the car turns a little in the truck's direction, making a show of loss of control before turning right suddenly.

The muffled screams and honk of the truck are their requiem.

The suspension and loss of weight because of their fall are their last sensation.

Wesley never got the answer that was on the tip of his tongue.



Far away, in another State.

Eidolon turns his attention back to himself after he has done his job. No change of expression or signals of what he has done appears in his body language.

'The duality of men...' He thinks to himself while saving a cat from a tree and then giving it to the little girl. A kind smile present in his eyes while he pats her head.


Xavier Mansion

Early in the morning of this Saturday. Most of the X-men are in the living room just lazing around after their breakfast.

They are watching Tv and on their smartphones.

Kitty herself is watching a video on social media of a narration of a woman, she is watching without earphones to show to the other girls because she thought was funny.

"So... I never, like, understand this whole hero worship that everyone appears to have. Especially how all these girls act like are in heat on the mention of Captain America, Thor and Eidolon." A female voice is heard from her phone. A Woman with piercings and short hair is in a car talking to her phone "But last week, I was trapped in a building on fire. And was like the worst experience that you can have in your life, my ankle was sprained. I couldn't move. I was just on the ground because I remembered that is good to stay there to not inhale smoke, even if I already inhaled a lot of smoke. So... I was just there waiting for death..." The woman pauses dramatically

"... and then. Bam! Eidolon appears! In no time he is on me 'Don't worry, I'm here' " She imitates his deep voice "And took me in his Arms like I weight nothing! Hmmm" The Woman makes a whimper-like noise "Damn! Now I understand! 'Sorry, Eidolon sir. I think my throat was congested by the smoke, Can you help me with your dick? *Gluk Gluk*' " She says like she was talking to him and using her two hands to make circles in front of her mouth, making gagging noises and simulating an oral "Seriously... It was like so fucking HOT! Now I want to be a damsel in distress again... And reward my hero. I confess... Even with my hazy brain I coped a feel of him and regretted NOTHIIIIING!" And the video ends

Kitty is laughing so hard that looks like some sort retard seal having a epilepsy attack. She almost became intangible and sinks to the ground.

Other girls are laughing too.

"Eidolon really attracts some weird woman, right?" Jean shakes her head in amusement

"Like the one with the tattoos?" Paige asks smiling

"THE ONE WITH THE TATTOOOS! HAHA!" And kitty laughs again

"What one with the tattoos?" Cessily asks

"Don't ask." Rogue advises while Kitty laughs even louder

"A weird girl with tattoos that went too far in making tattoos to Eidolon. She is also an artist that drew Eidolon... Being very creative with his body modifications." Jean explains slowly

"Let's say that her art is... bestial." Kitty says with a chuckle while looking at her smartphone

A look of disgust passes through some of the girl's face.

" 'Find someone that looks at you like Black Cat looks at Eidolon' ?" Kitty read out loud something on her phone. After some time she shows a surprised face and even whistles "She is so into him. If 'bedroom eyes' needs an image as an annex, just use her face on this..." She says and connects her phone to the TV

On the TV, a video filmed by a bystander show Eidolon holding Black Cat in his arms in the middle of a street. There's some crack under his feet. Apparently, he just saved her.

A zoom on her face shows what Kitty is talking about.

"Damn... Eyes looking up... Mouth slightly open... More obvious than this only by baring her tits." Jubilee comments

"They look like siblings..." Rogue points out, not too happy.

"Sweet Home Alabama♪" Kitty sings

The rest of the video is a little more funny. Eidolon dropping Black Cat unceremoniously on the asphalt, ass first.

From the side of the boys, Spyke says

"So... When I can start my hero work again? I'm feeling the call of justice and righteousness!" He declares puffing his chest.

"Yeah! You can be my sidekick, Spyke." Warren declares at his side. The two of them Always share the same brain cell in these things.

"Fuck off! You're the sidekick!" Spyke replies

"Bitch, I can fly."

"So what?"

Kitty admonishes them "If you're doing this for the girls is better to not even do it."

"Hey! We aren't doing this for the girls!" Spyke says outraged

"Yeah! Girls are like...The consequence." Warren shows his support

"A very nice consequence."

"Boys... Only think about one thing." Paige rolls her yes

"Look who is talking? Women are secretly thirsty too."

" We at least don't hide. We are honest..."

"You guys literally watched a video of a girl relating her thot thoughts."

"Those are not thot thoughts." Kitty says

"Please... If a man does a video telling how he copped a feel on She-Hulk or something, we all know how everyone would react."


"Against this, I can't argue..." Kitty agrees in resignation "But two wrongs don't make a right."

At this moment, Colossus arrives flustered in the living room, interrupting the light-hearted discussion.

"Piotr, what happened?" Jean asks worriedly. Is rare for the guy to lose the cool like that.

"Illyana... She disappeared..." He says sweating a little.

"What?" The information makes everyone show worry and seriousness.

"I thought that she want to sleep till late today, but then I went to her room to take her to eat breakfast... And she was not there! I went to the professor and he can't find her either!" He says, his Russian accent even more heavier now. Proof of his nervosism

"Calm down, Piotr. We are gonna find her." Scott says to his friend.

"Kitty... The professor asked you to check the cameras. Dr. McCoy is always with Logan on the X-jet." Piotr pleads

"Okay, let's go check it now." She says and everyone hurries to the security room.

Kitty types on the keyboard, making the main screen show Illyan's room. Rewinding, she reaches the point where is possible to see Illyana getting out of bed.

"So she went to the bathroom or for water..." Scott comments "Follow her." He says

"On it." Kitty replies changing the screen to the cameras in the hallways.

Controlling the monitors, Kitty follows the path that Illyana took last night.

"What... What is happening with her?" Piotr asked worried when the screen showed Illyana crouching down on the ground, seeming in pain.

Everyone watched holding out their breath.

Then, to the surprise of everyone, blue Sparks start flying off herbody and a portal appears a little behind her.

And to make matters worst, long and thin arms get out of the portal and grab Illyana with their long clawed fingers.

Most of the girls scream. And who doesn't scream was paralyzed in shock.


Seeing a little girl being pulled over on a portal by monsters can scare anyone.

"..." No one knows what to say.

Piotr was still paralyzed and can't even brink while Looking at the screen.

Is obvious that the problem is beyond what they can do.

She has been kidnapped but was not that simple.

Without a word, Piotr takes his phone from his back pocket and dials.

"Brother... Hear me. Illyana has been kidnapped..." He says with a serious face.

Two minutes later, Mikhail arrives with Eidolon.


"Hmm... There are indeed some traces left." Eidolon says while looking at the spot where Illyana disappeared.

Using the All Seeing Eyes of God he looks at everything on the scene. He raises his hand like to feel the spot "Yeah, the veil is still thin..." He comments

"Veil?" jean asks

Without Looking at her and still circling the spot he answers "Wall, layer, barrier... You can call it anything. But is what separates our dimension from the others." Eidolon comments

"Dimensions? So that means..." The Professor starts saying worriedly from his chair

"She was not on Earth anymore?" Jean says uncertainly.

Everyone looks at Eidolon for confirmation.

"Yes... This complicates things a little." Eidolon comments while thinking, with his fingers on his chin.

"I can feel some familiar scent from this place..." Kurt comments when sniffing around the spot

"Scent?" Rogue asks confused.

Eidolon gives Kurt a sideglance before turning to look at the spot.

"Eidolon, please help Illyana. I would d-" Mikhail starts to pleas but Eidolon interrupts him

"This goes without saying. Relax, I will do my best." He says with confidence "If I have to guess... Illyana awakened her meta powers. Something similar to Mikhail, but maybe stronger and with more potential. And she ended up falling into another dimension." He says

Mikhail nods, this situation is a little similar to his in the past. And now he is even more worried. His experiences are not something that he wants his little sister to suffer too.

Eidolon continues "Now two things could have happened... One: She falls at that place by accident or Two: Someone on the other side targeted her."

"Wait... How? Who would target her? She literally awakened her power last night." Piotr says worried

"The capability of seeing the future or predicting certain outcomes are not unseen. And why... I talked about the barrier separating dimensions but is more like a net. There are small holes in it. The net is to stop the 'big fishes' to come here. But 'small fishes' can still travel between dimensions unnoticed and unrestricted. Maybe some big fish that is sealed want to use her powers to free himself." Eidolon guesses


"This is good, it means that she will be kept alive." Eidolon declares, not letting their thoughts wander to dark places

"We need to go save her! Do you have a way to go there?" Jean asks

"Yes I have, but we won't go now." Eidolon says still looking to the spot where she disappeared

"Why?" Scott asks, him and many are a little annoyed by his response.

Eidolon doesn't even look at him. "From what I can say, she went to some type of hellscape dimension. So I need to do some... preparation."

"Do you know where she went? Do you went there in the past?" Jean asks

"Not this one. Don't worry, I will go rescue her still today. Give me some hours to go talk with a... acquaintance. I want information. We can't fail after all." He says with confidence

Mikhail nods. "I trust you."

Eidolon nods at him and then he takes out the Sword of Actuation.

Holding the sword parallel to the ground and close to his face he stops, as if waiting.

Everyone just keeps looking at him.

Then, he stabs the sword into the air. Literally stabs it. Half the blade sinks on the nothing, opening a little red wound in space.

Eidolon let go of the handle of the sword, but the sword stay stuck in the air. "I will let the Sword of Actuation here to... pin the dimension. I don't think I pinpointed the exact place where she fell, but is the closest possible."

He then finally turns to everyone "Needless to say, don't touch on it. You guys can't even budge it anyway, but don't mess with it." He says seriously "I will come back later"

He says and disappears.


Karthmandu, Nepal

In an unsuspecting Alley, Eidolon knocks on a door.

The door opens to reveal a man wearing monk robes.

"The Ancient One is waiting for you." The monk says with a placid tone

Eidolon holds back the urge to roll his eyes "I bet... Please, lead the way."




In one chapter, you're having a date with a sexy redhead and in another, you go to killing people, planning a raid to a hellscape dimension, cooking and then visiting an old wizard with universal-level powers... Typical Marvel.

Sometimes a bunch of small things can be contained in a chapter and in others the whole chapter is just one scene. I hope the pacing is not weird. I really want to give some depth to MJ last chapter.

Anyway, Hector went to do something that he doesn't like very much. Put himself on sight of someone strong than him. Not that the Ancient One already doesn't know about him, but must be unpleasant.

Anyway, the fact that he went to Kamar-taj not for himself but for someone else is a show of character growth, huh?

There's also the fact that he now is more sure that no one is an evil parody of themselves.

On another side note, I was studying magic on marvel. And I can only say that magic in MCU is... shit. Seriously, is visually nice with the whole "inception", portals and other things, but... Is really unbalanced and not that well thought of.

So I think I will take off the sling rings of this story. Not any apprentice can simply open a portal.

Let's continue to base this story more on the comics.

Till, next time.

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