62 Notes (It's a rant)

"I can't be canceled... My pronouns also are They/Them, but not because I'm part of the LGBT+ Community. But is because I can be literally 4 people!"

- Hector, probably.


Hello there, seizing the momentum with this joke let me talk about some things and answer some questions and doubts of you all.

It's not that bad of an idea to have a big author's note every 20 chapters or so. And we're entering in another important arc after all.

First about the senseless complaints...

It's annoying. Do you know there are people that even complain about my notes at the end of the chapter "It ruins the immersion", and "The author gives spoilers of his own work".

I rolled my eyes right now, you guys didn't see.

First, last talk about the last chapters. I was prepared from the beginning from the divided opinions. Since the whole Mary Jane slice of life, to the revenge chapter and even the Gacha.

I'm not surprised, only disappointed.

Normally, reading the comments of my chapters and one of the high points of my day. The reviews.The memes, references, chains, the valid opinions and suggestions. Even a simple "Tks" makes me smile.

I'm not feeling this way recently...

I click on the notification with a sigh already.

Calling the chapter useless, a filler, and bad.

Again, I was prepared for that. Even with the increase of this type of comment and review recently, the positive ones still outnumber them by a lot.

But... There are so many dumb things that people say. It looks like they didn't read.

It's my work even reaching you guys? What's the point then? This is a hobby... I like to write. I can continue to myself without a problem.

Allow me to be a little specific.

I already commented about Mary Jane and the importance of her character and that chapter to the emotional development of the MC and the way he sees people and women from the Marvel world.

Okay, I will not dwell on that. The ones that had their opinions changed are already convinced and the ones that hate MJ and think everything with her is useless will not change. Okay. Ignore when she appears.

But let's move forward to the Revenge Chapter.

People still called that chapter "filler", dude. *Sigh*

Saying that the first part is useless, it doesn't even look like a Marvel fanfic. There's no world development...

See? That chapter was not even for that! It's not for world development. It was to character development. Can people think?

Stupid is me that accepts these complaints and puts an effort into giving a little of world development in each chapter. Making the chapter longer and tiring myself, just to please you guys.

A certain reader suggested that I used things from Marvel if I wanted to show the evil of humanity in that chapter. To make things interesting.

That was a valid suggestion. It's okay. It's not only distilled hate.

And I thought about that. There are a lot of evil people in Marvel. There's a therapist that gaslighted her patient in suicide so she can take the powers that it comes from a stone.

There's Bullseye and many other horrible characters. I could have used that.

But it would lose the impact.

The thing is everything there was real. Close to us. This put us closer to the MC and his hero work, right? You can feel it more than if he catches a falling plane?

This cements him as more than a "reactive hero". We see the good that he is doing close to the little people, like Spider-man but in a global scale.

He is doing what no one else can or want to do. We're seeing why he is Earth's Greatest—the foundation of his incredible reputation that we will see in the future. We are seeing how he is earning the admiration and respect of the public. He is more than a showman that saves and says a cheesy line.

We are seeing him going through the worst and still keeping with his ideals. We all know that he has a dark side, and we saw him winning against it. Little by little.

But... Did you guys really saw that? Doesn't look like it.

Anyway, it's okay... That chapter is the foundation for many others in the future.

Trust the process.

Now, the most recent chapter...

I'm sighing again.

You know, after all that "ugly feels bad" chapter of revenge, I did that chapter with care in my heart.

First, we have the cemetery visit. The closing of a circle. From the naive boy worried about surviving alone in this new and dangerous world to the now somewhat seasoned guy. Reinforcing his promise even after everything. He matured but kept the child alive. We will still have the guy that has a bucket list of weeb things to do but he is more serious now, he matured without losing a positive outlook in life.

Even after seeing the evil and ugly shit he chooses to continue. That's great in my opinion.

But well... "Cringe" I guess, right?

"Author if you're planning to make your MC a goody two shoes from the beginning you should have told us".

Look at this... Didn't I already tell you about his duality? He will not start acting like Superman out of the blue... Didn't I already establish that?

The next scene of that chapter is the MC literally checking the corpses of the people whom he experimented on. And someone says if he will be a "Superman"... Frankly...

This is a problem with you guys. One paragraph... ONE paragraph and you guys forget all the build-up that I did before.

It was the same in the BNHA arc.

I made a lot of chapters showing how he will try to be good, but not be naive. And he ahs a dark side.

In the chapter, before he steals [All For One], he LITERALLY says "What I will do is downright evil, but will be worth in the end. I can repay them..."

I literally spoiled the whole arc.

But when you guys saw his actions FROM OTHER PEOPLE PERSPECTIVES all hell broke loose.

You guys know of all the negative reviews at that time on how that was out of character.

The reviews are still there by the way, you can go check. I don't delete reviews. It's a good deterrent to stupid people... The first line of defense, I guess.

I think you guys don't trust me. Maybe is because is simple fanfic. You all are waiting for me to mess up in some way. It's the whole Hrem thing too... The harem haters are waiting for the novel to become filled with smut or something like that.

Trust the process.

Continuing about that chapter. Afterward, there's the scientific part, talking about the Serum which is something big and important in the future. See, I squeezed some development there.

The same thing in the chapter on revenge, the stalking of Hydra to show the world a little, and the building of the Raft. I put in an effort. But if you are expecting big plots of movies every chapter... Hah. Not even Oda can do that.

Now, let's talk about the last gacha.

Tsk Tsk.

I was surprised when people called the gacha useless and hated on it.

I guess it was because of the ten initial girls. Hehe. A person can't even joke... I predicted it and even said at the end of the chapter that most of them would not be summoned. Chill out.

But I think some people forget about a simple detail... It's small. You guys must forget all the time that the Gacha... Is a Gacha.

It's not a reward!

It will eventually have "Miss". It's normal.

Don't be surprised if one day he only receives Power Boost cards. It's a gacha!! It will happen.

Well, with the exception of the guaranteed good card of the batch, obviously.

The truth is, you guys couldn't even keep track of so many things that he gain. Be real.

So instead of giving him a bunch of generic stuff, I decide to make a joke with a bunch of hot characters to celebrate the start of his harem.

What's the problem? Some are good too...

That was the Gacha where he gained Mana. So important, and you guys focused on the joke.

Focus on the mana and on the Dauntless card. That is the prize. Only these few cards make the roll worthwhile.

Heh, you guys will freak out when he eventually gains nothing good. Very entitled, you know?

And another important thing. HE CHOOSES IF HE SUMMONS SOMEONE.

You all say a lot of girls and is already thinking everyone will be summoned and the mc is a horndog. Did I already establish that he is not like that?

About the Jojo part. There's not much to say. As usual, people call it filler. Even if is a good way to slowly make the MC and the readers get out of his depressive mood.

Having a little fun with the references and he gained a huge power boost with his stand. But is a filler I guess. Everything that is not an epic battle deciding the fate of the universe is filler.

So here we are.

I explained step by step what I'm writing. Meta writing. The inception of writing.

Now I ask, it's really necessary?

You know guys. I put a lot of thought into this story. Believe in me.

Since the beginning... Do you want me to prove it right now?

The first gacha has a lot of clues on how this story would develop. It was there.

When you read a story, you can see where it's going or what type of story is from the beginning. Let's use "Harem" as an example.

In the first few chapters, you can guess if there will be a harem in a cultivation novel.

The first Gacha gave the MC Shego, and he commented on it. Heck, I even make him think about this after his parents died just to prepare you guys and make things clear.

It looked a little out of the moment, but I think is realist to think about this shit as a coping mechanism. Many still complained.

But let's be real... it's a gach fanfic. Did you guys enter without expecting a harem?

I talked about summons because I know many didn't like it.

I showed his morality by giving him Funny Valentine and making him kill the invaders of his home,

The D4C stand also makes clear that there are other versions of him in the multiverse, but he is the main one. Another thing that concerned you guys.

I gave him the stand Made in Heaven to already show the limitation of the Gacha so that no one can complain about it being nerfed.

Everything was there! From the beginning. And comes a guy that read till the moment of Shego to give a 1-star review of Harem is trash. Make me a favor and get out in chapter 3, please...

I made a lot clear from the start.

Going on...

The next arc will be good to really took our MC from his depressive streak. Will have some parallels with the BNHA arc, will be possible to see the difference between "the him" from the past from "the him" now.

But then... I'm already prepared for your comments...

"Is this even a Marvel fanfic?" "This arc is taking so long?"

We spent more than 20 chapters in Marvel. Avengers, X-men, Spider-man, Jessica Jones and many others. Two arcs "Movie worth" of the plot.

So I when try to take the focus off of the "external" world to the "internal" world of the MC and there's hate.

And I bet my left hand if I progressed things fast, would have people saying "This story goes too fast, and doesn't develop things properly"

Anyway, that's my style.

There's one thing that I don't like about most of the fanfics... Is most of the development of MCs.

It's typical... The MC was a loser on his last life. But suddenly he is a gigachad handworker in this life simply after a paragraph of "I'm in a new world, I will make it worth"

That's not how people are. Change is gradual.

The assimilation process is a response to that from me. An answer...

Again, I think about my story people.

I'm doing something different. The guy already has all the power of many characters. Why don't you sit and watch "Hector" grow too.

He learns heroism and villainy in the BNHA world. He sees things that people normally don't see. He met many people with many life perspectives.

You can see him absorbing these things. It's more than the assimilation process of the Essence.

Even from Mary Jane he absorbed good things and matured.

Nothing is useless. Maybe is boring to you.

But life is a roller coaster. It goes up and down and goes fast and slows sometimes.

That's the story I want to write.

If is not your cup of tea... You can always delete it from your library.

The next chapters will be out of Marvel. Already giving a warning.

Will be good to settle the more positive outlook of the MC. The act of being a hero is slowly becoming the truth.

But he will not be a goody two shoes that don't kill or can't do evil things when necessary.

I will finish this next travel arc and then...

I don't know.

Maybe take a break. Maybe stop...

Maybe give up on the many non-MCU arcs and just push forward Thanos invasion and end the the novel.

Anyway, to the one that like my writing.

Thank you. I appreciate all the love and is what keeps the story here in this website.

.I plan to release a chapter tomorrow, but it will be short. Stay warned.

Ah, most of you guys complain about waiting two weeks.

Please, in other sites with this length would not be weird to wait a month.

Talking about that, this is a recurring comment on the reviews.

Saying that the update stability is bad. Whatever...

Let's talk about the reviews and the rating. I think it's 4,6 now.

I'm okay with that. I would give my story 4,5. Nothing is perfect, re-reading I think about things that I should have approached better, some wanky dialogues... These personal critiques. The grammar has issues too. I know.

I read all reviews. All. And there's surprisingly a lot. 540 while I writing this.

Thanks for the support, love you all.

There are a lot of low-rating reviews obviously. A bunch that are a legacy of the BNHA arc and a bunch about Harem.

Yes, literally... "It's a harem" and the 1 star.

Okay, I guess... Not gives much to work... Funny how actually the MC is in a relationship with only one girl... But okay.

This is the thing about not trusting me again. Waiting for me to mess up.

Trust the process.

But ignoring the people that simply hate harem.

A certain reader commented on his worry about many female characters around the mc.

I think that was after the introduction of Madelyne Pryor.

Okay, a valid worry.

Let's talk about that.

First, we already settled that the guy will not fuck everyone, right?

But you guys must understand that he will live eternally. Off-screen... He will probably have an infinite harem that you guys will never see. So I keep these things open.

Don't worry, I will develop things properly if there's a romance.

But let's talk about one-night stands...

It can happen, right?

Can our MC and She-hulk or Lady Sif have some night of passion without strings attached?

In the past, the answer would be an obvious no.

But after his development... See, the importance? If he was sure that things will not get weird, that the partner has maturity, and he will not be cloned... I see no problem in him having a one-night stand if the mood is very good.

We will have examples of that in the next Travel arc, by the way. Again, to prepare you guys.

The thing is... This is my first fanfic. I want to experiment a little with all types of romances. High school romance, normal romance, hero-villain romance, alien, god...

Again, he will not bang everything. He has better options at home. But if the man is far from home and cold... Can happen.

Now, remember that this doesn't mean that the woman in question will enter his harem. Not immediately at least...

Just keep your mind open. Sex is part of life and very common in Marvel between super heroes. The guy has his own reputation to take care of, so he will not be a Johnny Storm, but there are some select few that are worth his attention.

And he has a bucket list, right? But he can do it in another universe.

Now, continuing... There's controversy.

There's some... Interesting reviews. Let me show you the shit I deal with it...

"warning the author is an incel he's attracting freaks like him so they can suck him off and validate his unhinged world view i give 2 months before this turns into a disgusting swamp of an echo chamber for now he's trying disguise his bigotry by hiding in half truths he's been escalating i'm afraid he will shoot a gay bar may god protects us all"

They even offended you guys...

There's always a white knight, huh?

Let me talk about it. Apparently, I'm a women hater. Probably because of the last chapter of the Interview and the many jokes in the story. I sincerely made that thing to be the foundation of the conflict between the MC against Captain Marvel. My little protest on how the woke culture is ruining comic books.

And I put some personal experience down there, maybe can help some of you guys. Who knows?

First of all, dude... It's not that deep.

There's a joke about everything in thsi sotry... Not only the woke culture. Joke about Asians, British people, america, brazil, Karens, police officers...

But the guy focuses on the woman part, huh? What I said about always there's someone to protect them. Sincerely, I make more fun of men than women. But okay,

And what about shooting a gay bar??? What? There are gay characters in Marvel and here and they're cool. Like Iceman.

These snowflakes, dude.

Wait for the confrontation between Eidolon and Blue Marvel. I will finally complete the Bingo and be called racist too...

Let's go to another funny 1-star review

"MC is nothing but a monologue loving beta letting any women to walk all over him. Sharing his powers with strangers trying to act cool helping X-Men for nothing in return. He is a japanese goody two shoes and nothing else. Do not waste time."

Okay. You guys need to decide... Or he is a misogynist that beat women o keep them in their places or he is a beta that lets women walk over him.

He can't be the two.

Or he is?

Maybe I'm so good at creating a duality moral of the MC that I transcended.

Anyway, see why I'm not excited to read reviews and comments anymore.

How can these people read what I wrote?

But let's break down this last review.

First, the monologues... Many people complain of the monologues.

What do you want? It's a First person's pov. The guy thinks a lot, it's one of his traits.

And I explain things properly because of the retards that need everything munched up.

And I also things is a little realistic seeing his thoughts going to strange places.

Now the part where he lets any women walk over him...


Beyond his grandma, no one can command him on anything.

But maybe this is one of these guys that never touched a woman and doesn't know that there are things like friendly banter between people.

Now about the sharing powers...

I want to talk about this too. Created a little of controversy when Hector taught Rogue Nen.

Some readers even joked about not seeing anyone complaining about the Mc plans of giving One For All to Cassandra.

Most of you guys have some petty possessiveness of power. Keeping everything close to the chest. It's okay, I'm a little like that too.

But c'mon. It's not like he is giving the secrets to the heart of the universe.

Do I really, really need to spell all the advantages?

Okay, let's go...

The problem is two things. Teach Rogue Nen and the comments of the MC about spreading the teachings of Nen in the future.

Starting with Rogue. She unlocked her aura, no big of a deal. Hector teach and spend time with her and more of the X-men increases his favorability. This cna allow him to copy their powers or even bring them to his side in the future.

Remember people, these guys are his allies against anything that wants to fuck the earth. What's the problem in preparing them?

I read a comic by DC some time ago, and there shows that most of the small villains don't really want to take down the heroes. They just want to avoid them, because the heroes protect the world where the criminals live.

It's obvious.

Even if in Hector's paranoid mind everyone is a potential enemy, everyone also is a potential ally that can be important or even make the difference between victory and defeat during a crisis.

Now let's talk about making Nen common.

Some people commented about Shield and others now know about it...

Yeah... So? It's nen... Not Ki from Dragon Ball. No one will be bursting planets tomorrow after learning.

And is already established that is not easy. And there's a lot of equivalents in Marvel, you know that? Chi and all that shit. Iron fist and all...

To them, Nen is harnessing the aura like Chi. The fucking same thing.

But let's talk about the advantages. As I said, you guys act too much secretive... But to receive some things you need to give too.

Imagine 10 years from now. Hector already has his empire. Most of humanity worships the ground where he walks. Earth is progressing... Now it's time to expand to the start.

He needs people, right?

Are you gonna rely on the gacha? Impossible... Just go live on an island if you want to be taht much of an isolationist.

Nen is a good test... If people out there really put in the effort and learn, it means that they are talented, hardworking, and have some willpower.

Potential recruits. Potential space marines...

No normal person will outgrow a monster like Hector using Nen. The super soldier serum will be widespread too...

As a side note, during the talk with Emma, when Hector comments about making humanity healthy, beautiful, smarter... Someone commented about this being very similar to nazism or some shit.

There's a BIG difference between uplifting everyone and cleansing the "bad ones". Just saying the obvious here.

Back to the focus, Nen and the Super Soldier serum will be a good thing to make humans better.

Guys, magic will be widespread too. Already is... And is much more dangerous than Nen. Petty jealous I tell you all...

Another advantage will be the good PR cultivated in sharing this. Who knows how much simply being capable of controlling aura can help people daily?

This is another thing. Not everyone will be a combatant, why worry so much?

And lastly, if people awaken more powers... More powers to copy.

At that point, the guy will be full of protections to bullshit hax.

He will give a little and receive a lot. Especially in human resources. That are invaluable.

And is not he is gonna do it carelessly, right? Duh.

Next topic! What again? Wait, it's over? I'm sure there a lot of things But I'm not remembering...

Oh, about the multiverse... Ugh, I'm with headache.

I will only say some things.

There's more of Hector yes.

Yes, some of them have powers and are dangerous.

Yes, he will eventually meet some of them. Friends and foes.

He is part of the Marvel multiverse. If everyone has alternative versions, he has to deal with it too. He didn't ask for the MC protection package when he come to Marvel.

D4C made him the main one. The Linchpin Hector of the multiverse. I established this from the start... See? I think...

Anyway, any other questions put them in the comments.

I will erase this chapter eventually.

Sorry for the rant. I extracted a tooth, Maybe this is why my patience is lower than normal lately.

Once again, to all the supporters that love my writing. Thank you.

My cold heart gets warm every time I read a simple "Thanks for the chapter".

To the rest, I hope that you guys can see what I'm trying to show. I want you guys to have fun with my writing too.

Now I need to say to my mom that she will not have grandchildren because I'm on the Sigma male grindset... Not because I'm afraid of women or anything. Believe in me.

See???? Jokes.

It's not that deep.

Anyone will go on a rant defending Redpill guys in the comments? I bet not...

Live and let live.


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