Meta Essence Gacha in Marvel

Waking in a strange yet familiar room the main character now will rise to the top of one most dangerous worlds of fiction with his new cheat.

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First Summon

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This history have no interest in offend any party. Having the sole objective of only entertain the readers. Enjoy~


"I can't do anything alone. Everyone has their flaws and imperfections, but that's what drive us to work toegether... To make up for those flaws. Together, we make the perfect Main Character."

-Gintoki Sakata, from Gintama


A.N.: Hello.

In this chapter let's see how the summons will work.

I don't know why so many people appear be surprised to have summons in this story, I'm saying it will have from day one.

I worked hard on developing Lady Nagant as a training for future summons, let's see how it goes.

I hope you all like my approach in the subject. I know that many don't like. Believe it, I don't like too much either. But Gacha is this. The assimilation part is created by me, btw.

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Now for the chapter.



"Summon" I use Isabella Card.

[ Do you want to use a Background Customization Card(04)?]

This time I say "Yes".

Seeing the number of Background Customization Cards decreasing to three, two screens appear in front of me.

To be more exact, two holograms, perpendicular to each other, that seem to mimic the function of a computer. The one horizontal to the floor shows a regular keyboard, and the one facing me shows a text.

In the text it seems to have a default background for Isabella.

Um... Isabella, 33 years old, born in england, orphan, graduate in London Academy for Household Staff Training...

Maid's schools are a real thing? Damn...

So... she would be hired by my relatives to work here.

That would be her identity... I have to say, it suits her.

Let's try to change some things. To test the limits of this Background Customization Card.

'She's a princess of England' I type.

The text turns red, declined. It seems like it has to make a little sense.

I wonder if Valentine could be the president of the U.S.A. If I summoned him.

Do Background Customization Cards have these reality powers to this level? I will maintan this thought in mind to the future.

'She has various degrees' Accepted.

Um... Isabella is super smart. A genius indeed, so it's not uncommon for her to have a high level education.

Oh. I can change her age a little... Only up to 21 minimum. She has to be an adult, huh? I'll keep 33 for now. I have the [Logevity] quirk anyway...

I don't want to change it too much, because maybe it will change her memories... If she has memories.

I think I'll just add a few things to her resume.

The text is very basic.

Oh! Let me test...

'She loves Hector' huhu. I write jokingly.

The text turns red. "So I can't change her personality. Background only. Fair." I think with my chin resting on my fingers.

I didn't write this last seriously, it was just a test. I have no intention of having any romantic relationship with her.

Well, I think that's it.

Pressing 'Enter', the floating screens close and motes of light appear again, just like when I summoned Cathulhu.

The difference is that the particles split, and begin to form two figures. One of them is a large brown suitcase... Her luggage, I conclude.

Honestly, I was half-expecting to the summon to appear naked. I don't get an item or clothes if it's not a "Package", when I assimilate the characters.

But it seems that summons have their own items. An advantage for summoning... I will also keep that in mind, to always assimilate the "Package" because otherwise it will be a waste.

Anyway, I move my eyes to the second form that's materializing, Isabella.

Isabella was a fair-skinned, tall woman with a pair of deep purple eyes. Her dark hair was tied into a bun that hung down onto the back of her head. She wore an attire which consists of a black dress with a white blouse underneath it and a white apron over it.

She looks around a little, apparently confused. Until her eyes located me. She starts to stare at me.

I don't move or say anything. I just remain seated with Cathulhu in my lap, stroking his back.

I want to gauge her reactions.

None of my powers, be it the Force, Haki or otherwise, point out any ill intentions coming from her.

She keeps staring at me, but I don't even care... just continue staring back. She seems to expect me to speak first... Um, submissive much? Don't speak if her superior don't talk to her first?

But it looks like she understands the power play here. And she decides to "lose the game"... She is the first to speak.

She first bow a little, with her hands together in her front.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Master." Ohoh...


I still don't say anything. And she doesn't lift her head. And Master? Hmm... Is this natural to all summons? Or just because Isabella is that kind of character? I honestly doubt someone like Huntress will act like that. At least in the beginning...

"Master...?" I decide to speak.

She lifts her head slightly to look at me. But she doesn't respond.

So let's press a little. But at the same time it's not good for me to reveal my low knowledge about the situation itself, for now at least...

"What's the last thing you remember?" I ask. This is important...

She looks unsure on how to answer.

"I...I died." She replies, it looks like this strange situation is finally sinking in.

And also the fact that she died opens up two possibilities. The Essence always picks up some alternate version that always dies. Perhaps to facilitate detachment from the former world.

Or the Essence just follows the most actual character event in the corresponding fictional work. Spoiler alert... Isabella actually dies in the manga. I don't remember the details, I think she dies defending one of the children... Redeeming herself. Classic.

Stopping to think about it, she is not pure evil. Despite raising children like cattle. She just focuses on her own survival. I think she just values ​​her own life, right? Since she was one of the "children" in her childhood.

Oh... Now that I'm noticing. My three potential summons can be considered people who act more on the dark side. But the three have lined up quite different moral alignment.

Evil, Neutral and Good.

Shego is evil. But she is "cartoonish" evil. At least because the cartoon was for kids, I wonder how unrestrained she will be now. More realistic, I suppose.

Isabella is neutral. She did bad things, but it was for self-preservation and her own interests. It could be said that she was forced by circumstances.

And Helena (Huntress) is good. But she is an anti-hero. She has no qualms about killing criminals.

All of them are different shades of gray.

Like me.

What coincidence.

(A.N.: It's not a coincidence. I did it on purpose. The three summons can't be considered good people, nor bad people. But each one has a certain approach to things that will balance the MC's relationship with them.)

"My condolences... I think. But do you know how you got here now?" I keep.

"Master bought me here." Eh... Yes, but even I don't know the details. I want to know how.

She seems to understand my silence and continues.


Isabella P.O.V.

I should be dead.

All my life, since Leslie's death, I've had only one goal: to survive.

To survive, to keep Leslie's memory alive. I did everything I could. I became what I hated and feared the most.

After all, in this world, there are those who eat, and those who are eaten.

Even if you can't be one of those that eat. You can be on their side.

And that's why I have give up my freedom for the sake of my survival, living at the mercy of those demons.

Fufu. Ironically, the moment I felt most free... The moment I finally got back to making my own choices... It was the moment of my death. When I saved Emma, ​​stepping in front of the attack.

It was a good feeling, finally doing what I wanted.

But then came the feelings of uncertainty and fear... I was dying, what would happen to me?

It was then that I felt...

Something reaching for me.

A new chance. A new opportunity.

When I got this opportunity, I instinctively knew what it was about: A proposal of servitude, in another world.

I wasn't forced, but I accepted it anyway. I had seen all my children grow up splendidly. I have no regrets.

When I center myself, I no longer had my mortal wound and was facing a boy. Almost a man.

He has dark curly hair and bright blue eyes that seem to stare at my soul. He's sitting with a gray cat, watching me. The cat strangely stares at me too, as if he's smart.

Looking at this person, I immediately understand who he is. He is the person I agreed to serve. I feel relieved to see that he is human.

But my instincts say he's dangerous beyond comprehension. More dangerous than an ordinary demon. Perhaps an existence like "Him".

(A.N.: "Him" or "The One" is the Demon King/Final boss of the manga Yakusoku no Neverland)

I wait for him to speak to me. But he just remains silent.

I see. Power play... No problem. I already know I'm the one with lowest level of this relationship.

After a little chat I start to explain my circumstances in more detail.

"After my death I felt something reaching for me. I instinctively knew it was a proposition for another chance" I say honestly.

I don't feel like lying to this person.

"Um.." He seems to be thinking with his chin between his fingers. "Come here." He says to me after a while.

I approach. He extends his hand. "Put your hand in mine. And relax."

I obey.

"Tell me, Isabella. What do you value most?" He asks. His voice reverberates in my ears. I answer without thinking.

I note that he already know my name. As expected.

"Survival and freedom"

"I see." He says as he keeps his hand holding mine.


Hector P.O.V.

WHATTAHECK. The Essence is... Fucking Scary.

Listening to Isabella's story, reading her mind, using [Confession] and [Lie detector]. In addition to Haki, Force and other powers. I can get an excellent idea of ​​the situation.

And the only thing I can think about is how much the Essence is... Considerate. maybe?

I was half expecting the Essence to kidnap the characters, like the Waifu Catalog I saw on the internet in my past life.

But it looks like Essence kind of saved her? Well, it wasn't much of a choice, after all the other option was death. But even if "that" Isabella refused, the Essence would probably go on to the next "Isabella" till someone accept. In another alternate universe. Maybe she wasn't even the "first option".

But is the Essence really sentient like that? Or is in it "programmation"? Tch. It's no use thinking about these things. I can only be grateful for the benefits.

Delving in Isabella memories I can see the moment something comes to her. And give the "proposal", instinctively giving her the in and outs of the agreement.

I also know now how she feels about me. Doting, affection, fear, respect, loyalty... These things. These are feelings that Isabella herself felt for other people in her world. Fear of the demons, doting for her children...

And the Essence is slowly transfering those feelings to me. As the "Bond Realtionship" grows, the stronger these feelings for me get.

So someone like Mikasa, who has strong feelings for Eren, will be conditioned to "love" me instead of the people she cares about. In the end, putting myself at the highest level of importance for my summons.

Like I said... Fucking Scary.

Not to mention the "Loyalty" that is built into summons. I know now. It's fucking subtly... They don't even realize. They believe it's only natural to serve me. Isabella feels that it makes no sense to even consider betraying me...

With that I felt more relaxed. Looks like I won't have a problem with Summons.

I just need to be aware of the personalities. After all, someone free-spirited like Luffy will be hard to deal with. Or someone who has no relationship with anyone. These types will need a little "Tough love". That's if I invoke them...

Theses types look more trouble than they are worth.

Now let's do some subtle manipulation... All For One style.

"Your life and your freedom, huh? You know, Isabella. I really won't mind letting you go... Confessing to you, you're the first person I 'bring' here. If you want... You can be free. I will give you money and some resources for you to adapt to this new world." I say. Knowing full well what her response will be.

She looks at me a little surprised, before calming her expression.

"…I appreciate the consideration. But I would like to follow the master, to repay the second chance" She says after a moment.

As expected.

I just give her the "Illusion of choice". The only connection she has in this world right now is me. It would be weird and illogical, if she just ditch me.

But honestly, I wouldn't mind too much if she left. It wouldn't be a big loss. If she really accepted my proposal, I would just stop summoning characters... Lose Isabella here would be Worth to avoid losses in the future.

"I see" I reply "Then I'll be in her care. I know a little about you. So relax, I won't ask you to commit any atrocity, and I won't put you in imminent danger. Let's get along well from now on." I say extending my hand with a smile.

I see her hesitate, before putting again that calm smile on her face. Her Mama mask. Maybe she distrust me a little, like with every person that has been her superior... It's okay, I have time to change this.

"I will be in your care then, master." She speaks.

If I didn't see the Bond Relationship raising to 2. I'd think she's just saying what I want to hear.

[ Isabella

Bond Relationship: [2/10]

Assimilation Slot:

-Empty ]

It seems that creating a relationship is easier than I expected. It just takes a little effort on my part. But me knowing the characters. Knowing what to say and to do, is easy peasy.

And a slot for assimilation, huh? It must be because of my "Imbue Card" perk.

"Master…ugh. My name is Hector. You can take it easy, do you know?" I say.

"So… Master Hector?" she speaks.

"... Well, do what you want" If Alfred can call Batman "Master Bruce". I don't think it's going to be that weird. "But try just calling me Hector if the situation calls for it… Read the mood, okay?"

"I will keep that in mind." She says while giving a slight bow.

"I have some questions for you, Isabella. As you already know, I have the power to bring people from different realities to help me. In fact you are the first sentient I bring... That's Cathulhu by the way. Take care of him, too." I say pointing to the cat who is just rolling up on the couch right now. Lazy bastard.

Looking at Isabella's memories, only the last. I saw that she knows of my summoning power. But she doesn't know the details. She doesn't know about Gacha. In fact, she didn't even know my name, appearance, or any powers I have...

"Going back... so to understand a little about this power of mine. I want you to answer me." I keep.

She just nods her head. Understanding the importance of this.

"I noticed you don't have your number tattooed on your neck anymore…" I tell her. Her eyes widening. Unconsciously bringing a hand to the place where her mark had previously been.

"But what about another scars? Could you go to the bathroom and check your body condition? And while you're there... May I look at your luggage?" I ask. These things are important.

"No problem. I will check immediately. And you can look at my suitcase, I don't even know what's in it actually…" She says.

And after I point the way to the bathroom I go check Isabella's belongings.

Opening her brown trunk. I get to see what's inside. Clothes, documents, passport... Nothing out of the ordinary.

"Isabella Grace, huh? I didn't see the name when editing her background. Could I have altered it? Was it generated automatically? Wait... Isn't Grace the name of the fields where they raise the children to be eaten?"

After looking in everything, ignoring Isabella undergarments. I feel she returning from the bathroom. I close the suitcase, after getting everything organized again.

"It looks like you only have clothes and your documents. No other personal belongings... And what did you discover?" I turn around and ask.

"As expected. I don't have any old scars. I remember having some little scars on my knees and hands from my childhood... and others that I acquired during my training. Even my pregnancy stretch marks disappeared." She speaks to me professionally.

"Um… That's mean we can consider this a completely new body. That your 'soul' is perhaps dwelling on right now." I say.

She looks at her hands in fascination. I think these concepts are new to her.

What I don't talk about is my second theory. That maybe she is a copy/clone of the "Isabella" who accepted to come work for me. Perhaps she was created by the Essence alone. The Essence found a compatible "Isabella", which she gladly accepted to be transported. And then made a copy with all the memories...

This would make sense, as it wouldn't interfere with the life and death cycle of the summons' home world. In Isabella's world there is no problem.

But in high-level worlds? I feel it's much more safe and convenient just making a copy.

But I won't say that.

Another issue is the scars... Small scars and without importance is okay. But scars like of Valentine? Shanks? And others that are part of the character design.. Will they disappear too?

Only the future will answer. I will need to isummon more to know.

"I assume your body is in top condition, right?" I ask.

"Yes. I feel great. No pain or discomfort. Thank you for your concern."

"Don't think too much about it. It's good that you don't have any problems... Even if you had some old wound, I could heal you." I say and she shows a slightly confused expression.

"Right… You don't know much about me, or my world, do you? Follow me. I will give a little explanation." I say and start heading towards my basement.

Cathulhu gets up from where he was rolling around on the couch and starts following us.

"But later I will talk about the world we are in. I will talk a little about me now. In short, I copy powers, and I can give powers. That's the essential. I won't say more than that. Not because I don't trust you... But in this world there are people who can read minds and with all sorts of ridiculous methods... So the less you know about me, the better. I hope you do not mind." I say and she nods her head.

This is a caution I have to take, now that I will have people that know my identity. But I'm already working on a way to block psychics.

Telepaths being a problem would happen anyway. Far better to have my subordinates who I know are loyal on my side. The benefits outweight the losses.

"Mind reading?" She speaks a little surprised.

"Yes. This world is dangerous in a different way than yours. I will explain in detail later. We have arrived." I say after we arrive at our destination.

"I want you to help me with something, isabella." I say thinking of a card in my inventory.

Demon-blood Art: Infinity Castle – Using a room of at least 4mx4mx4n as a base, the user can use this ability to grow infinite other rooms or spaces connected with the base space. The user also possesses dominion over the space, being able to manipulate and alter it at will. The user can also spawn portals at any location to transport people outside the fortress or to anywhere within it.

I will use the Imbue Card Mechanic to give the card to Isabella. She will act like that Oni who played Biwa. Initially I thought about acquiring the card and then passing with my powers. But I want to test if it is possible to copy this kind of power.

Also, power cards give instinctive knowledge of how to use them. I remember this because I used Miss Milita Power and The Source of All Living Beings. Far better for that knowledge to go to the person who is actually going to use the power.

Using the card, it disappears and I see Isabella widening her eyes for a moment.

"This is..."

"I just give you a power. Do you know how to use it?"

"Yes. Somehow..."

"Come here again..." I say and touch her shoulder.

Yup. I can copy. Neat.

That's good and bad. Good that I can give these cards away without any problems, and bad because it means that these powers don't have any special protection that coming from the Essence.

They can be as easily copied by others, probably.

It's up to me to be careful. Well it's expected. You want everything easy, right Hector? Do you want a Petit gateau too?

"Okay. I just confirmed something. Can you use [Infinity Castle] here? Using the basement as a foundation?" I ask.

"Yes. I think I can." Isabella responds and starts walking towards the center of the basement.

She closes her eyes in concentration. Apparently nothing changes. But I feel certain changes happening in space.

"Done. I just add 64 new rooms." Isabella speaks after about 2 minutes.

"That many? Very good." I will be satisfied with about 10.

"Can you open a door to them?" I keep.

"Yes." She speaks and a door appears on the opposite wall. It doesn't look Japanese like it did originally. Has her personality changed the form of power?

Passing through the Western style door, I see it's a similar space to the basement I was in, only empty.

"You know, you can probably customize the space a little bit. You can make theses rooms became a M. C. Escher painting if you want. You can try in your spare time." I say. She doesn't seem to get a reference.

"Hmm. By the way, later I will give you some things for you to study this world. Culture, history, common sense..."

"Allright, Master Hector." heh. 'Master Hector'. Now I know what theses Isekai protagonists feel when They buy slaves. It's really weird...

Taking a tablet of my inventory, I teach Isabella how to use. To know a little of the world. But this situation makes me think...

"Um... This might be a slight problem in the future." I mumble.

Isabella looks at me and says "Are you talking about the cultural and historical shock that the people you bring may have?"

"...Yes. I should have considered it sooner. But someone from a very different world. Or even from a different era, will have trouble adapting... It might even call unwanted attention."

Well... There's the Imbue Card Mechanic, if I don't want to assimilate someone, and see that it's going to be troublesome. I will Just have some subordinate I already have a high-level relationship assimilate in my place.

I don't think Muichirou will be summoned anyway. Better I assimilate it or give it to Saeko. But I don't intend to summon Saeko for at least some months. She really isn't very helpful. I only consider summoning her because of her personality, shouldn't be a problem if I order her to do some dirty work. She just needs some power-ups.

"Well, Isabella. I'll be here for a while... You can make lunch and familiarize yourself with the house in the meantime. Call me when you're ready. I also want to know if [Infinity Castle] will be active even if you are far away." I say and with that after a bow, she left me to my own devices.

Alone, I take off my shirt and get to work.


Isabella P.O.V.

I see, this world looks similar to the human world where I come from. Before the catastrophes that happened and the demons.

I've already taken a tour of the entire mansion that is now my new home. It is quite spacious for one person to live alone. The big difference is people running around in colorful clothes, calling themselves heroes and villains.

Opening the cupboards, I see that the food is close to running out. It's only likely for another 2 or 3 days. I will bring this matter to Master Hector.

Master Hector... I can't help but be a little hopeful about my future. Despite what I left behind. I know Emma, ​​Norman and Ray will be fine.

I'm finally free. Well... more or less. But is a progress.

Letting the TV on, I start preparing a lunch with what I have on hand. I have to keep up with the news.

As I walk past the kitchen I see a paper forgotten in the corner. The sloppy caligraphy, the drawings and scratches on the paper show that it was something done in a non-serious way.

The paper reads: "Things to do to honor all my fellow nerds/weebs who didn't get the same chance as I did".


"Spanking all baldheads of the universe in their shiny heads? Grab Captain America Shield and sing his song? Webslinger with Spiderman? Punching Cyclops? Smash all alien races babes? Be crushed by She-hulk Thighs? Say 'I'm Batman' When asked 'how' something? Ride a dinosaur? Call Namor a 'Seamen'? And many others."

Fufu. There are some drawings of a man saluting the sun while crying and a dog holding a club and the onomatopoeia *Bonk* on the side.

Obviously this was done just for fun. Maybe Master Hector was bored. But it shows that for all that serious face, he's quite young.

'I will take care of him' I think rolling up my sleeves and starting to make lunch.

(A.N.:I just want to remind everyone that the MC is quite young. We've only seen him in serious situations till now, so is easy to forget about it.

There's also the fact that he doesn't have a friend at his age to act "silly". In the future there will be a little of progress when he opens up to certain people. Withou losing his personality, obviously.)


Hector P.O.V.

Hmm? The Bond Relationship with Isabella went up one more. Did she have any character development?

Oh no. Maybe she found my baby pictures and now has awakened her Maternal instincts.

Oh. Anyway, I'm relaxed now. I already understand that it's really impossible for me to be betrayed by my summons.

Shifting my focus to what I have at hand...

"And this goes here."

I've spent the last few hours using my [Creation] power to make the pieces of all machinery I'm assembling. Making the machinery complete is difficult. And much more likely to make a little mistake and screw everything up. It's better to do it little by little.

I have to say that I'm respecting Yaoyorozu Momo now. Of all my powers, [Creation] is the hardest to use.

I'm also using my hands. The force is not so "accurate". So I have to limit myself with some Minor Telekinesis powers.

Another problem is energy. This hideout of mine cannot be connected to the power grid. So I already made a generator, which I would recharge using my electrical powers.

My house will not be my main laboratory. It is dangerous in many ways. First, this is a residential area, if it explodes or worse, people will be affected.

Second, it's easy to track points that use large amounts of energy. To get more attention than that, just with a bat-signal. This is Marvel, and I know those satellites out there in space are ridiculously Overpowered.

Ah. I really want an Arc reactor. Too bad I lose my chacne, Stark must be much more careful now. After the Whipslash incident.

And later I will make my new suit.

Now that I have nanotechnology, things are going to be cooler. The nanotechnology I've studied isn't as bullshit as Tony Stark and his Bleeding Edge Suit, but it will do.

At most I can program the nanobots to have two forms. The "sleep mode", which will consist in the nanobots assembling something smaller and hidden. And the active form, which is when the suit will be operating.

Like the glove Melissa Shield made for Midoriya in that first movie.

The last machine I built is a Nano-printer. Using the materials, it will produce the nanobots in large quantities, according to my specifications. Basically, I'm making nanobots with a 3D printer.

"Lunch is ready, Master Hector." Isabella says after entering the room I find myself. The door was open so she doesn't knocks.

She takes a look around, seeing all the machinery.

"Looks like you've worker hard. But it looks like you're one of those types who get too focused and lose track of time, Master Hector. I will keep that in mind in the future."

hehe. Already worried about my habits?

"Don't worry. I'm not fragile enough to get sick if I'm a little late to eat or miss a few hours of sleep." I say getting up and stretching a little. "Let's go."


"Oh. That's look great." I say watching the food on the table.

"Thank you. By the way, food stocks are low." Isabella speaks.

"Tomorrow I'll give you money so you can buy the missing things, and things for Cathulhu too" I say tossing a fish in the air, and Cathulhu catching it with his tentacles.

The scene seems to surprise Isabella.

"hehe. Sorry, I didn't explain. Cathulhu here is an alien race called Flerken. They can do this differently than other cats. The rest is the same." I say sitting down and I notice something strange.

"Have you eaten? I don't see your plate and silverware…" I ask.

"I'll eat later."



"Isabella… go get a plate and sit with me at the table. Let's eat together. It will also be a good time to talk." I say and she obeys.

While waiting for her to come back I think it's really hard to deal with people from different backgrounds. I have to be careful who I summon... for now it's fine. But I don't know if I'll have time in the future to work on my relationship with each summon.

I throw another fish to Cathulhu. It's really cool to see him catching a fish in the air.

When Isabella returns, and we start to eat. I start talking about the world she lives in now. Aliens, High Technology, Magic, Gods...

Giving a clash course about everything. Reinforcing her not to put herself at risk and draw attention. She just needs to take care of my "normal" life and be my "Teleporter". I'll make a copy of [Warp Gate] later, after all in the future I don't want to have to be the only one who can teleport, in case more subordinates need to move.

Hmm... I wonder if I should make a pamphlet to facilitate this acclimatization process. "You just have been yeeted to this world? 101 Frequently asked questions and everything you need to know to adapt."


After lunch I go back to my temporary laboratory. Time to upgrade my suit.

Before, I give Isabella a copy of [Warp gate], for her to get used to. Now she has two powers of a spatial nature, I want to see if they can combine and get stronger.

Now I'm going to focus a little on myself. Let's start with my cloak. Since I left the old one in the world of Bnha.

According to some knowledge I received while sleeping. Batman's cape is made of a material called "Memory Fiber". This material hardens when a certain electric current passes through it, so the cape can be used to glide.

As I don't need to use like this and don't even know the molecular component of this material. I will make my new mantle with high density polarized titanium. Enough to defend myself or someone I want to protect if I find myself without powers.

I doubt there's anything out there that can cancel out all of my powers, due to their diverse nature. But prevention is good.

My Unstable Molecule Uniform is now laced with nanobots to instant repair. My utility belt is made of sterner stuff too, the compartments are made of Titanium and the rest is made of High-density polyethylene.

Initially I was worried about using any kind of metal, because of the possibility that I would face Magneto. But I will make a specific costume to face him too.

And even if he tries to control my cloak or Utility Belt, he will find it difficult because of my magnetic powers too.

In the worst case, this world's Magneto is already a monster of Electromagnetism, and any precaution in not to use metals is useless. Electromagnetism is not one of the four fundamental forces of the universe for nothing.

The movies and cartoons actually downplayed the man.

I will have contingencies for him, as well as for all the powerhouses in this universe. Now that I have a lab, things can progress.

After finishing the adjustments to my suit, I decide to go visit the garage. There are some useful things, but I'm here for the vehicles.

My father's car was rendered inoperable in the accident. Meanwhile, there's still my mom's car and my dad's motorcycle. As my parents worked at the same hospital, they usually only used one car. And my father rarely used the motorcycle.

My mom's car is a white Toyota Camry. Despite the year being 2004, such a car is at the level of 2012/14 cars. I've already noticed that this world has progressed faster compared to my other one.

My dad's motorcycle is inspired by one of his favorite movies. It's a Special Edition: Triumph Steve McQueen. Just like the movie "The Great Escape". The bike is dark green, I think I'll paint it black.

I'll use the bike to go to school tomorrow.

Get to work.


Hours later I'm in front of a full-length mirror. Observing the appearance of my "Eidolon" ​​persona.

My colors are predominantly black, with white highlights. I can't be too dark if I'm going to try to be a Hero.

Form-fitting U.M.F. suit, Utility Belt, Half ninja-like mask, my mantle also now has white accents lines. My Heroic Symbol is a simple spiral with an "E" in the middle. It looks like an eye. It is an spiral to represent the gacha roulette. Not that anyone will know about it.

Now my looks… I'm a few inches taller and more muscular, especially now that I'm not wearing baggy clothes. My hair is a long Eren man-bun style, only white to be as different as possible from my normal hair. Sharp Eyebrows and eyes generally purple or red. Changing depending on the powers I use.

There's no way to relate Hector and Eidolon.

Giving a little clue, like a little bit of my face or height, will fool anyone who wants to find out my identity.

"Thank you" I say to Isabella as I receive my mantle, and drape it over my shoulders. Pulling the hood up to cover the upper part of my face, I say.

"Isabella, open a portal 2km diagonally in that direction." I say pointing to any point.

I have a simple goal today.

"Yes, Master Hector" She responds as she turns her hand into mist. Black and purple is her mist color, more black than purple... Differentiating a little from Kurogiri.

Turning invisible I cross the portal.


Watching New York from above a gargoyle, I can cross one of the things off my list. Huhu.

As I said, I have a simple goal tonight.

I will not find anyone, save anyone or steal anything.

I just want to recon.

One of the things the [One For All] Holders taught me is about "Know your Turf".

So I'm going to walk around New York a little bit, discover each nook and cranny of this city. Every dead end, shortcut, abandoned building, busiest places, high levels of violence. Everything.

I'm not going to throw myself head on into this hero business and just hope it all works out. I will prepare.

Today is not my official debut.

But that doesn't mean I can't give a subtle help.

While I'm invisible I've already made some muggers faint with Conqueror Haki, telekinetically protect a guy who was going to suffer an accident, deflect some bullets that would hit a policeman, damage the engine of a runaway car from some bandits, reduce the flames of a building and others.

Those things, without revealing that there's someone behind the scenes.

I've been at this for like two hours now.

New York really has problems.

I could start looking for Fisk now, but I won't. Because I'll end up killing him. Not that I won't kill him anyway.

But if he dies, he will create a power vacuum, causing trouble for ordinary people. Fisk is going to die, in the cruelest way I can imagine. But not now.

I will find out everything about him, his business, his properties, his subordinates and allies. And then I'll take everything from him. And destroy waht I don't want.

I will also use him to learn more about the other criminal organizations here in New York.

I remember that The Hand operates here too, right?

They're a bit more of a problem than Fisk.

When I discover everythin about these bastards...

Everything in its right time.

They think they are hiding, operating in the shadows.

I'm the only one in the shadows, they don't even know I exist.

And this will be they demise.

I think that I will end for today. I have a good idea of ​​the layout of New York. Time to my daily meditation.

Taking one last quick tour on the premises, I feel someone's distress, hesitating a bit I decide to head to where I feel this disturbance.

I meet a thug with a knife halfway into one woman's stomach, while another is unconscious on the floor and bleeding.

Tch, appearing in this dark alley in the next moment I already knock the criminal unconscious and I'm going to treat the woman.

I know I can't save everyone, and if I start having a hero crippling complex, it will only make my life miserable.

But I can't help but feel bad, after all I only hesitated a little, because I wanted to get home a little earlier. Not very heroic. It's a common feeling, someone trying to finish a task quickly and be able to rest at home, then ended up doing things in a hurry and in a bad way. Resulting in future problems.

Tch. I need to be better. I can't stay 24/7 being a hero. But I need to dedicate myself 100% when I put on my mantle.

Uff. The women seem out of danger now. I'll just... Tch. I didn't want to meet anyone today.

I turn around and stop the coming punch to my head with one hand.


The colison made a loud sound.

Strong. Strong enough to blow the head of a normal person.

My eyes harden.

"I think this is a misunderstanding." I say after taking a good look at the newcomer.

Dark, bald(ugh), goateem very tall and muscular. And with super strength. Can Only be Luke cage. He doesn't look like the actor.

"Oh pal, I think anyone can understand the situation very well" He says as he takes a stance.


Is this some sort of common trope of Marvel and DC? Where when two "supers" meet, is there always a misunderstanding for them to fight and have a little fanservice?

"I can understand your confusion." I start while standing still. "Guy in black, in an alley, unconscious Woman in the ground. But I just helped the two... from that guy. So... I'm on my way." I say turning around.

*Sigh* He attacks again.

Stronger this time.

And I stop the same way.

Seeing his eyes widening, I can't help but speak.

"This is the second time you've attacked me with lethal force. It means you're ready to put your life on the line too, right?" Releasing some Conquerot Haki, to stun him I move fast and kick him in his chin.

To shake his brain.

It doesn't matter if his skin is impenetrable, if his organs can still be affected by vibrations.

Or Ryou, the advanced form of Armament Haki, that can hurt the insides of a person. I'm still practicing it.

It's one of my contingencies for these "invulnerable" guys. Sound attacks are good too.

Seeing him fall to the ground I stick two fingers in his mouth and use an electrical attack.

Leaving him completely unconscious now. Falling to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Ah. What a complication. Well... Let's test if I can copy Mutate's powers.


Luke Cage P.O.V.


Did anyone write down the license plate of the space shuttle that fell on top of me?

Blinking to try to get the groggy feeling out of my head, I start to realize where I am.

A dark and dirty alley.

The hooded guy..!

Standing up abruptly, I look around. Seeing the alley empty, with the exception of the guy using a mantle leaning against a wall.

"Took you long enough." He says "I thought I'd leave you here, but who knows who might show up to fuck your in the ass, Mister...Luke Cage." He says checking a document. My document. The fucker has my wallet...

"Chill, I didn't steal anything," he says tossing my wallet to my chest. I'm still a little dizzy, and it takes me a while to catch up.

I look around again and notice something else.

"The two Woman! Where are They?"

"Huh. A point to you, for caring about the well being of both. I dropped the two in front of the police station, along with the mugger. They woke up 5 seconds after I left. After a little shouting, the police came to arrest the criminal." The guy says.

"But... minus a hundred point to attack me without talking first." He says getting more serious.

"I-" I start but am interrupted.

"- wanted to settle with my fists because you were sure you were going to win, right? It's easy to want to get a superior position before speaking, right? Too used to not having a worthy opponent, Mr Cage?" He interrupts speaking quickly.

Every word hitting my head like a hammer.

"You need to be careful Mr. Cage. The world is a more dangerous place than you can imagine. If was someone else in my place... You'd be dead. Or worst."


"Ever felt powerless? Well, I'm also mad that you used enough force to kill a normal person right off the bat. What if you had blown off an innocent man's head, huh?"

"I don't think..."

"Yes, you didn't." He says leaving no room for arguments.

I'm sure if my head weren't spinning, I could have articulated my words better.

"Well, I'm leaving now. Seeing your strength, I doubt you'll have any trouble getting home. Farewell." The hooded man says turning and walking.

"I thought you were one of them!" I talk fast before he leaves. This guy don't appears to be so bad. Maybe he can solve that problem.

He turns around, but continue in silence.

"There are people disappearing around the neighborhood. Kidnapped... A friend saw some guys carrying a homeless man into a van. Some kids don't come home from school... Someone is kidnapping people. And I thought you were one of them."

"Um... Have you ever confronted one of these kidnappers?" The hooded man asks.

"No, but I know people that I can trust who have seen them. But people are too scared to do anything."

"I will investigate." He says before walking to the end of the dead end.

After a while I follow, and I don't find any sign of the man.

He looks like he disappeared in thin air.


Massaging my head I start to think about the cloaked man words.

Did I really get arrogant? Just because I'm stronger than the others?

I've always been such a peace guy.

But since that day, the that I gain my powers. I never had to worry about anyone hurting me again. Bar fights, muggers... I can walk away from all this unscathed.

At some point, I actually stopped trying to make conversation and just beat the shit out of opponents. This guy was right... I act like that because I knew I would come out on top in a fist fight.


I'm feeling like shit in all forms now.


Hector P.O.V.

Luke Cage... One of my favorite heroes. And he was a guy I thought I could become friends with in this world. But apparently reality is ofter disappointing.

"Never meet your heroes, huh?"

Well, I think his heart was in the right place. But he let the power go to his head.

Now the list of "guys that I could share a beer" in this world dwindles.

Honestly, the number of people here that I can trust is very low.

Using my meta knowledge as a reference... They may be different here.

But like, Peter Parker, Thor... and... and... Captain America. And I think that's all.

There's Wolverine and others, but those guys have already made their dick moves sometimes in the media.

Really, I think I'll take a page out of Sung Jin-woo's book... and just trust my back to my summons.

It doesn't mean that I will cut off any relationship with the people of this world. But I can't trust the too much either.

"Never expect anything from anyone and you will never be disappointed" My father told me one time.

Changing the subject, Luke Cage was strong. Very strong. I think almost 100 tons into the strength scale.

But only using [One For All] I am already stronger. Combined with the rest... I can defeat him in head-to-head combat at any time.

I beat him so fast because I knew him, and I had the means to end the fight fast..

But now... I have his mutate power too. Heh.

I think his mutate power came from an experiment that tried to replicate the Super Soldier Serum or something.

And now I could confirm that I can copy Mutates.

It took 5 minutes, I think the type of power influences the copy time, in addition to the level.

And... people disappearing, huh? Since this is Marvel, I can say there's a conspiracy.

I would guess: illegal experiments in humans. But who?

I'll investigate, I didn't assimilate the best detective in the world for nothing.


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