21 Danger Approaching (1)

Quinlan was forced into a long bedrest and was moved to his room after a while. He only knew of this after a full 24 hours passed, and Xiyadie, who woke up before him, relayed the information.

"So due to that quack's healing technique, I'm forced to stay in bed rest for three days?" Quinlan was flabbergasted, sighing deeply, before turning to Xiyadie. "Still, it's a relief that you're fine, Xiyadie. I was worried, you know?"

"Yes, I heard." Xiyadie nodded her head, a faint smile pasted on her face. "You even braved through the entire slums just to save me. I'm thankful, but please don't be so rash. If anything happens to you because of me, then I wouldn't be able to take it, Young Lady Yinuo."

Quinlan stayed quiet. After all, it was true that he was being rash, rushing to the enemy's hideout alone without calling for backup. If things went south, then his life might've been forfeit.

'But if Yinuo discovered I was twiddling my fingers while Xiyadie was kidnapped, I'm sure all her anger would end up pointing at me.' He reasoned.

Panic and fear attacked him back then, making him unable to make rational decisions. In the end, if not for Yinuo's forced takeover, Quinlan was sure he would end up as a rag thrown by the side of the road.

After that, Quinlan stayed in bed for three days straight. Xiyadie was staying with him 24/7 and was the one helping him to finish his "business" every time the urge came. Quinlan felt awkward at first, but after he convinced himself that "they're both girls" and that "there's nothing weird about it," he finally got used to it.

During those three days, Quinlan was convinced that Yinuo would call him and rain curses upon curses right after. However, even after the fourth day passed, not a single telepathic communication came.

On the fourth day, Quinlan was finally let out of bed. The first thing he wanted to do was head to the yard and play with the wood and tools he ordered, but Xiyadie had a different idea.

"Young Lady, you've stayed in bed for far too long, you need to take a proper bath first!"

Although his body was washed with a clean piece of cloth every night by Xiyadie, it was nothing but a stopgap measure. Now that he could move freely, taking a bath was the top priority.

Of course, Quinlan had his priorities, so he tried to dispute. "But—!"

"No buts!" Xiyadie chided him sternly. "As a woman, you should be careful of your hygiene! You're not a man that can miss a bath or two without problems!"


Quinlan shut up, feeling that Xiyadie hit a little too close to home. Back then, Quinlan took baths only when he was covered from head to toe with grease and machine oil or when he had classes the next day. That was like once every three days to a week.

Xiyadie dragged the meek Quinlan into the bath and quickly removed all his clothes. A short instant later, she also removed all her clothes, revealing her well-toned body to Quinlan once more.

After the first bath incident, Quinlan believed he had built a little bit of resistance to seeing a naked woman. However, he still couldn't let his guard down. If he did, he was suspecting his nose would bleed once more.

"Then, Young Lady, please come here," Xiyadie said, motioning to the small stool before her.

Quinlan walked to her side, sitting down on the stool demurely. His face was red from embarrassment, but Xiyadie was already used to seeing it. 'It must be puberty hitting her hard, making her feel embarrassed showing her skin to others.' Or so she thought.

It was doubtful if someone would reach 20 without hitting puberty, though. But since Yinuo didn't have any sort of romantic experience for as long as she was alive, Xiyadie thought she was a late bloomer instead.

"Then, I'll start washing your hair, Young Lady Yinuo. Don't let the suds enter your eyes."

Soap existed in their world, at least. And for those wealthy enough, there's even liquid soap that was used like shampoo to wash their hair. Although it causes the hair to stiffen afterward, adding some natural oils as a finishing touch while combing the hair works wonders.

Xiyadie took a handful of liquid soap and rubbed her palms together, letting them foam. Right after, she then began to use it to wash Quinlan's long silvery-white hair, creating so much froth that his hair became invisible under the bubbles.

After making sure that she washed the entire length of Quinlan's hair, Xiyadie took a tub full of water and poured it above his head.


In a single go, all the suds were washed away, revealing Quinlan's body with his hair sticking tight, following his every line and curve.

Xiyadie, with an experienced touch, pulled at his hair gently, letting it gather behind his head. Using a simple wooden hairpin, Xiyadie kept the long hair bundled into a single bun behind his head, making sure that it wouldn't get in the way of the next step.

"Then, I'll start washing your body now," Xiyadie said, kneeling before Quinlan.


Although he was keeping his emotions in check, seeing a beauty naked before him still made his body feel hot. Quinlan felt his Qi begin to run rampant, but unlike before, he now had some form of control over them. Before it managed to freeze the floor, he succeeded in holding it back.

Xiyadie was now holding a foamy towel. She was about to use it to wash Quinlan's body thoroughly. As her hands touched Quinlan's arms, he felt a wave of electricity run across the surface of his skin and down his spine.


A muted moan escaped his lips as Xiyadie's hand moved back and forth, going from the arm, then to the neck, and then finally, the two modest mounds on his chest.

'I'm a woman, I'm a woman, I'm a woman...'

Quinlan repeated the same phrase over and over, as if hypnotizing himself. However, despite his efforts, he could still feel a wave of euphoria wash over his mind when Xiyadie's hands moved to his chest, gently wiping them clean with a not-so-strong force.

Quinlan's body twitched uncontrollably whenever the towel brushed against the hard tips, but even then, he managed to hold his Qi back. Xiyadie, as a woman herself, was amused at seeing how her master's body became so delicate, reacting at even the slightest touch.

'I guess Yinuo's got more sensitive after she began cultivating, similar to me.'

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