Me in a Reversed world

After waking up Roin finds himself reborn as a sissy/femboy in a reversed world. where Females became physically strong and perverted as males, while all males became weak and sissy. This is the story of Roin's life in a reversed world full of lustful females. [Notice: Mc is a rich guy] There will be a threesome, foursome, orgy, lots of sex, incest, netori, Impregnation, pregnancy, yoai, lesbian play, loli, pedo, bisexual partner, no ntr for mc, Milf, lactation, Oyakodon, Huge breast, Breastfeeding, swinging and swapping between harem members, etc. No cuckold for mc is guaranteed. Disclaimer: Don't take this story seriously. This story is made of fiction. This story is for fulfilling your hidden desires. Read this story at your own risk.

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14 Chs

My first day at school in a reversed world

<p>Changing my dress to my school uniform I went and sat at the dining table.<br/>--------------<br/>'Good morning, everyone.' I greeted everyone first.<br/>"Good morning, Roin dear."<br/>"Good morning, Roin."<br/>"Good morning, onii-chan."<br/>"Good morning, little brother."<br/>After greeting we started eating breakfast.<br/>After breakfast,<br/>Mom and Miu Onee-chan went to the office hurriedly. And it was time for me, Miami Onee-chan, and Aoki to go to school. Miami Onee-chan too because her university and our school are in one place. So we always go to school with her together. Also because Dad won't allow us two boys to go to school alone, well, it is not safe for boys to be alone because they can be raped. Yes, raped, ridicule isn't it. But it's true here, just like on Earth where girls become victims of rape, here boys are the victims of rape.<br/>-------------------<br/>After 10 minutes we reached our destination.<br/>At the school ground<br/>"Roin and Aoki meet me after school is over like usual and don't wonder anywhere else, Okay?"<br/>'"Okay, Miami Onee-chan."'<br/>"Okay, Bye, and be good in class both of you."<br/>'Yeah, Bye, Onee-chan. let's go, Aoki.' saying, me and Aoki was going to enter our school but suddenly two boys stood before me. If my memory serves me right Both of them are my childhood friend.<br/>The blonde-haired boy's name is Sora and the gray-haired boy's is Kirishima. They are both my childhood friend and classmate.<br/>"Hye, Ro you are early today and why didn't you do some makeup."<br/>"Come on stop Sora. Ro doesn't need to do makeup he looks beautiful without any of that. He is the no.1 male god of our school after all. Isn't it right Ro?"<br/>Well, like the most beautiful and popular girl who becomes the no.1 school goddess or celebrity in my world, here I am surprisingly popular with girls and boys. So, I am the no.1 male god of this school. By the way, Ro is the nickname, my friends call me with.<br/>'R-Right...hehe...'<br/>"Hii, Roin." a girl's voice comes from behind.<br/>'Y-Yeah, Hi.' This gyaru girl's name is Yuna. She is Miami Onee-chan's classmate and also Kirishima's older sister. She has blonde hair and light yellow eyes. The way she wears the school dress she looks really sexy, and the way she displays her N-cup breasts looks very eye-catching and her thick thighs look so much juicy. From behind her big jiggly ass looks very sexy.<br/><br/>"Here comes the troublemaker. sigh..."<br/>"Come on Sora, you can't say things like that about my onee-chan. Even if she confessed her love for her friend's little brother who is younger than her, who is also her little brother's childhood friend. She is not a bad person."<br/>"....."<br/>"....."<br/>"You know, how you said that made it sound more of an insult than a compliment, Kirishima?"<br/>"I-Is it so? B-But I am telling you she isn't a bad person."<br/>"Yeah, yeah..."<br/>Oh, Yeah, I almost forgot she confessed her love for me around 1 month ago. But "the past me" didn't accept her confession because of a small misunderstanding. So the thing was, Yuna saved a boy from being raped by some delinquent girls and she was going to comfort that boy who got his clothes torn by those girls and was crying from trauma by covering him with her clothes. But just then "the past me" saw that and misunderstood it as Yuna was going to rape that boy. From then on "the past me" hated Yuna but even after that Yuna chased after me.<br/>"Ahem, so what I am talking about is, Ro, please don't think bad of onee-chan. Because when onee-chan fell in love with you from then on she didn't even talk with any boys other than you. She is earnest about you."<br/>'Yeah, I know. She is really a good person.'<br/>"???"<br/>"???"<br/>"???"<br/>"How are you, Roin-kun? When are you going to accept my love for youuuu~?"<br/>'I am fine. How about you?'<br/>"Hmm... Kirishima, What's wrong with Roin today? Is he sick?"<br/>"I also think he is sick."<br/>"Me too."<br/>"Yeah, I also think onii-chan is wired today."<br/>'Hey, hey. hey, stop it. I am not sick, I am completely fine.'<br/>"Then why are you greeting me like normally unlike your usual self? did I do something wrong again?"<br/>'Of course not. You didn't do anything wrong. I was in the wrong for misunderstanding you. Sorry, I shouldn't judge the book with its cover."<br/>"No, no, It's okay. Now it feels really good when you don't misunderstand me anymore."<br/>"Yeah, it's all good that misunderstanding solved between you two. Right, Kirishima?"<br/>"Right. I am really happy today."<br/>Ding ding ding<br/>"Let's go all of you, class going to start "Byeee."<br/>"Onii-chan let's go too."<br/>'You go, Aoki, I have something to tell Yuna onee-chan.'<br/>"Okay, see you later."<br/>'Yeah, see you later.'<br/>---------------------<br/>After everyone was gone leaving me and Yuna onee-chan. The atmosphere became awkward between us. So I started talking first to make the awkwardness disappear.<br/>"Don't you have something you want to know from me?"<br/>"Y-Yeah? Oh! "Y-Your answer about my confession."<br/>'Hmm...'<br/>"Can I know your answers about my love confession?"<br/>'Of course. You can but...'<br/>"But? But what?"<br/>'I have one condition. If you agree to my condition then we can start dating. What do you say?'<br/>"S-So the condition is?"<br/>'If you let me have sex with Kirishima, we can date and I will let you fuck me.' "fuck me" is it, isn't it. If I were a girl I will say "fuck me" so it is right.<br/>Anyway, when I saw Kirishima for the first time I really wanted to fuck him. He has girly looks and a slim girly body. By the way, his ass looks really big. When I saw his girly looks and big jiggly ass through his school pants I wanted fuck him right there but I controlled myself.<br/>'Hmm...'<br/>"Are you lesbo, Roin-kun?" Lesbo or lesbian is used for males here instead of gay.<br/>'Will you not love me If I were lesbo?'<br/>"No, of course, I will love you then too. I-I just want to know."<br/>'Good for you then I'm not lesbo.'<br/>"Really!?"<br/>'Yes...'<br/>"Yahoo!"<br/>'But...'<br/>"But? Glup...What?"<br/>'I am bisexual.'<br/>"Bisexu- What!"<br/>'Why? you don't love me anymore?'<br/>"No, That isn't it. I was just shocked. That's all. Hehehe..."<br/>'Is it so? then why are you smiling like that? You are thinking something lewd aren't you?'<br/>"N-No, no, of course not."<br/>'I know what are you thinking. You are thinking of having a threesome with me and another boy aren't you?'<br/>"That... I am sorry."<br/>I went near her ear and started whispering into her ears like a devil's whisper.<br/>'Hehehe... It's okay, it's completely normal. Well if you agree to my condition you can have a threesome with me and your little brother. How about it? don't you want to fuck your little brother? don't you want to do something taboo like that?"<br/>"Y-Yes, I-I want to..."<br/>'You are horny, aren't you?'<br/>"Y-Yees, I a-am..."<br/>'So, what do you say do you agree to my condition?'<br/>"Y-Yes. You can fuck my little brother." What! That was so lewd. Hearing her say that made me horny.<br/>Fuu...that was easy. well, it's understandable, If I were in her stead and a girl wanted to fuck my sister and also let me join in too. I will agree too. Who doesn't want a see a Yuri between his girlfriend and his sister and get to fuck them both too? It will be a paradise. So like that girls here also want to see lesbo scene between her boyfriend and her brother and have a threesome with them too. [The reverse theory]<br/>'By the way, can you keep it a secret from everyone in school?'<br/>"Why? Is it b-because I am not good e-enough?"<br/><br/>'Of course not. It is because if everyone knows about it they will make trouble for you.' Of course not. If everyone knows I am dating you then I can't fuck any other girls.<br/><br/>"Hehehe...It is so? then okay."<br/><br/>[Characters pic will be coming soon in the upcoming Auxilary chapter-2.]</p>

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