Me in a Reversed world

Author: Legends124
Magical Realism
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What is Me in a Reversed world

Read ‘Me in a Reversed world’ Online for Free, written by the author Legends124, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, R18 Light Novel, HAREM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: After waking up Roin finds himself reborn as a sissy/femboy in a reversed world. where Females became physically strong ...


After waking up Roin finds himself reborn as a sissy/femboy in a reversed world. where Females became physically strong and perverted as males, while all males became weak and sissy. This is the story of Roin's life in a reversed world full of lustful females. [Notice: Mc is a rich guy] There will be a threesome, foursome, orgy, lots of sex, incest, netori, Impregnation, pregnancy, yoai, lesbian play, loli, pedo, bisexual partner, no ntr for mc, Milf, lactation, Oyakodon, Huge breast, Breastfeeding, swinging and swapping between harem members, etc. No cuckold for mc is guaranteed. Disclaimer: Don't take this story seriously. This story is made of fiction. This story is for fulfilling your hidden desires. Read this story at your own risk.

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God offers cheat?! No thanks(pause)

A man dies and is offered a cheat by god as an apology. “No thanks. Just grant me this minor wishes and I will show you how I’ll take every beauties there is with my own power” “...” And in a sudden reverse of situation, the god is offered an entertainment of sorts. ‘who knows maybe I’ll reward him if he does indeed entertained me’ And just like that the man is reborn in another world and with his power, he will achieve everything he wants. unbeknownst to him the god gave him another gift after he left, and its up to him to find out what it is, or who SHE is. (A/N) so I just wanna say this is my first time posting a light novel. I made some in the last out of boredom but didn’t finish it. I decided to read more LNs first to get a gist on how to write better, what to do in situations and almost every other things and here I am. couple of reminders for you guys: -english is NOT my main language, so if you see any grammatical errors or other stuff. Don’t hesitate to correct me on the comment section. I’m always finding ways to better myself in making LNs to provide entertainment for y’all. -this is not for kids under 18 (obvi) there will be couple of major sex scenes and minor ones to. I created this just for my own satisfaction and to satiate my boredom (and fetishes). -I will probably ask you guys for help for what I’m going to do in future chapters. -I may or may not continue this cuz I always lose motivation on anything including my own life. But if this get lots of support and much needed affection. Then I might or I will continue this LN. -cover is not mine and will never be mine. If the illustrator doesn’t wants me using it. Its fine. Just write your message with a good review *cough* five stars *cough* and I WILL GLADLY TAKE IT DOWN. -extra tag for the r-18 part (anal) (fellatio) (cunnilingus) (sole male) (sole male threesome) (oyakodon) (incest) (milf) (legal loli) (bondage) (hidden sex) thats all I can think of. MC will also be stealing wives, BUT, he will only steal the wives of those who mistreated their wives (like cheat, abuse, neglect). thats all. enjoy.

Fenrir_zero · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


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This book is very good man please continue don't drop it ***********************************************************************************************


the world of my dreams literally FemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboyFemboy


As a Author Myself! This is Well written Proper work of art! First I Would Like to talk about! Potential factors 1.Character - 10 2.Interaction - 8 3.Manupulation - 7 4.World BG - 6.5 Second Cons. 1.Slow Chap Man/Women Of Culture Supremancy!


If you like futas and femboys, this could be the book you are looking for.


Sadistic author who likes to make readers suffer waiting for the next chapter 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


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I absolutely love the story, my only complaint is your updating schedule sucks, if you can somehow get that down to like a weekly or even monthly basis I would automatically bump this up to a full score




good stuff, hope you'll continue updating


GIVE ME MORE, Saika Totsuka ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




it would be great if there would be more chapters


So far I like the story but as said by someone else if you create a schedule for this I would give it full marks


I prefer Mc as male with femboy harem , instead of femboy mc


I like this story, nice start.[img=recommend]


Is the main character going to be purely a top?


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