Me in a Reversed world

After waking up Roin finds himself reborn as a sissy/femboy in a reversed world. where Females became physically strong and perverted as males, while all males became weak and sissy. This is the story of Roin's life in a reversed world full of lustful females. [Notice: Mc is a rich guy] There will be a threesome, foursome, orgy, lots of sex, incest, netori, Impregnation, pregnancy, yoai, lesbian play, loli, pedo, bisexual partner, no ntr for mc, Milf, lactation, Oyakodon, Huge breast, Breastfeeding, swinging and swapping between harem members, etc. No cuckold for mc is guaranteed. Disclaimer: Don't take this story seriously. This story is made of fiction. This story is for fulfilling your hidden desires. Read this story at your own risk.

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"But Roin-kun─

'It's Roin.'


'When we are alone you can c-call me that, O-Okay?'

"O-Okay! R-Roin."

Hearing a girl say my name and to think she is also my girlfriend. It feels really weird but I don't think I hate this feeling. In my world, I couldn't make any girlfriends and girls didn't want to talk to me...

Okay, it's decided I will live to my fullest, fulfilling all my hidden desires in this reversed world.


Yuna pov

'So, What were you saying?'

"Huh? Oh, Yes, It's about Kirishima."

'What about it?'

"Well, I did agree to you fuckin─ I mean, have s-sex with my little brother but I don't think he will agree."

'It's okay you can talk comfortably to me, and I know that don't worry. I have a plan to make him agree to get fucked by me.'

"Fucke─ that..."


"Well, it's just I didn't expect I would hear that from a boy who is also the no.1 male god of our school."

'Also your boyfriend.'

"Y-Yeah, also my b-boyfriend." I think I made a huge pervert as my boyfriend. Well, I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing.

'By the way, Yuna.'


'Give me your contact number.'

"Y-Yeah, here you go."

'Okay, thanks. I will contact you then. Shit, we forgot about class. Let's go, Yuna.'

D-Did he just call me by my name?! I heard it right, didn't I? He called me by my name and he agreed to be my boyfriend, it was like a dream come true. It is all a dream, isn't it? Yeah, It's all a dream.


'Huh? Yuna what are you waiting for? we will be late let's go. quickly.' She is like an open book, she is really innocent.

"Y-Yeah, coming! let's go."


Yuna went to her class and I went toward mine.

Fuu...haa...ha...Thank god! The class didn't start yet. Entering the class I went to my seat and sat down.

"Wow, Look it's the male god."

"He looks so beautiful, AA!"

"Yeah, He really is."

I am really popular, Huh...

"Hi, Roin-kun, how are you?"

'Y-Yeah, Hi, Misaka-chan. I am good. what about you?'

"Like always, fine too."

Misaka, She is my deskmate. She is a pure tomboy with a boy-like haircut.

"Everyone stop talking. Sense is here. Stand up."

"Sit down everyone. I am going to roll call."






Ding Ding

It is lunch break Time. Anyway, thank god, this world's and my world's history are all the same with some minor changes like all important male figures are women here. Like the president is a woman. In my world, I was really good at school so all classes were easy for me.

"Ro, Let's go to the canteen together."

"Yes, Let's go, Ro."

Sora and Kirishima came together and asked me to go with them. But I wanted to explore the school alone. Sigh...well, It doesn't hurt to go with them and I am feeling hungry too.

'Yeah, let's go.'

Said, as we started walking toward the school canteen.

When we entered the school canteen my eyes almost fell out. The canteen is so big. It looks so gorgeous. Well, It is understandable the school I read is the number one prestigious high-class school in Japan. By the way, this school was founded by my mom. But nobody knows that I am the school chairman's son except my childhood friends. The 'past me' didn't want any unnecessary attention, so he didn't tell anybody his identity. It was a good idea 'past me!' Now I can fuck girls without drawing any attention.

"It's male god! AA!"

"Male god! So handsome!"

"So beautiful!"

And here I was thinking of not drawing any unnecessary attention. Sigh... Anyway...

'Sora, Kirishima let's sit here.'


Hmm...Anyway, girls here really have beautiful faces and good figures, boys aren't an exception. Boys here have girly but beautiful faces. They have slim bodies, big asses, and thick thighs. Some Boys are so girly that even I can't tell a boy from a girl. Like my two childhood friends. They are so cute and girly that I want to fuck them right here right now.

"Huh? What's wrong, Ro? Why do you keep staring at both of our faces? Do we have something in our face?"

'No, It's just I was thinking about how cute and beautiful you two are.' Shit! Did I just say what was on my mind?! It's over, they will think I am weird.

"I-It's that's so. Thanks, Ro. It feels surprisingly good hearing that from our school male god."

"Yeah, Kirishima. It feels reliable. Thanks for the compliment, Ro. You look beautiful and cute too."

'T-Thanks...' I forgot for a sec it is a reverse world.


After having eaten our lunch we started talking about boy's stuff. I say boy's stuff but it was all about makeup, shopping, and other stuff about who likes who. I really can't take any more of those talks.

'Sora, Kirishima you two talk I have something to do. Bye.'

"Okay. But─ Huh! He is gone! Looks like it is really important. Anyway, So I was talking about..."


Fuu...Haa ha....haa...It was uncomfortable. Anyway, let's explore the school. The past me really didn't look around the school. Huh...


'Hmm? Misaka-chan! What do you want?'

"Can you come with me? I have something important to tell you."


"Let's somewhere more private."

We arrived in front of an empty classroom. Misaka-chan and I entered the classroom but then Misaka-chan locked the room from behind.

'Why did you lock the room, Misaka-chan?'

"Hehehe, why? Of course to fuck you."

'What do you mean?!'

"Look I have your naked photo. If you don't listen to me I will post it in the school forum. Then you can't show your face in school anymore."

Hmm...Isn't this like a hentai manga where a perverted pig blackmails the heroine and has his way with her? Anyway, When did she take that picture from? Huh! It really is my picture when I was in the shower!!

'Where did you get that photo from, Misaka-chan?'

"Well, I hid a camera in your school cabinet shower. This photo is from there."

'Hmm...I understand. But if you wanted to just fuck me you could have asked me and I would have let you. I was looking for beautiful girls like you to have sex anyway.'

"B-Beautiful? Me? Wait, What? I-I don't get it. You! You! you are j-joking aren't you? Yes, It has to be a joke."

'No, I not joking. It is the truth.'


'Yes, really! Misaka-chan~' saying I unzipped my pant and took out my 8-inch long dick which is standing gloriously.

"Wait, What─ Glurp..."

'Don't just keep standing there come here and suck my dick.'

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To be continued

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