59 Ch. 55 - A shocking discovery

Doflamingo then changed his direction and headed towards Lawson's spaceship.

"Goose? Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Pis-Pis-Pis-Pis." Doflamingo started calling out to her before hearing a response.

"Meow!" Goose suddenly appeared behind him and climbed in his back and rested on his shoulder.

"Goose...." Doflamingo then started scrubbing her head down to her neck.

"How about we get out of here, yeah? Let's go!" Doflamingo said before stepping out of the spaceship and proceeded to enter the house.

"Looks like everything's done." As soon as Doflamingo entered, he can't help but comment when he saw them all having fun while watching the television.

"You're late." Fury told him as he turned off the television since he was the one holding the remote control.

"Since when?" Doflamingo shrugged his shoulders as he casually snatched the remote from his hand and turned on the television and the laughter earlier resumed.

Fury's mouth twitched as he was tempted to pull out his gun out of his strap and put a bullet hole to his chest.

Though he knew that it won't be effective to Doflamingo, since he's involved in the Supernatural and so far, he's the only strong person that he saw in his entire life.

"So, what are you guys watching?" Doflamingo asked a she fiddled with the remote.

"Back in the future 3!" Maria's daughter, Monica answered in high spirits.

"Hey, I've seen this one." Doflamingo said as he saw a familiar scene in the television.

"What do you mean you've seen this? It's brand new." Monica was weirded out by his words.

"Oh, I must've been confused this movie with another movie." Doflamingo rubbed his temples as he almost revealed that he has knowledge about the future.


After watching the movie and having dinner, it was finally time to end the day.

Carol and Fury were having a small conversation in the kitchen while Doflamingo was showing off to Talos and Monica.

"See this coin? I will make it disappear." Doflamingo showed them the coin and can't help but almost laugh at seeing Talos's serious expression as if he was staring at something consequential at the moment.


Doflamingo then closed both of his fists with the coin inside his left hand and blew on it before revealing his empty palm.

"Woahh! That's so cool! Do another one!" Monica urged him to show her another magic.

In the side, Talos nodded with an embarrassed expression as this is the first time he was entertained by a street magic, since the entirety of his life, was always running away a dn protecting his people from the pursuit of Kree Empire.

"Alright then, that coin I just showed you earlier will appearrrrr here!" Doflamingo slowly closed the gap between his hand and Monica's ear before pulling it back, showing everyone the coin that disappeared earlier.

"What!" This time, Talos yelled in surprise as he stared confusingly at the coin in Doflamingo's hand, drawing weird looks not just from Carol and Fury but even from his men, especially from his family who were chuckling at him.

'They must've seen a familiar magic like this too.' Doflamingo said to himself when he saw them.

"Ehem. N-nothing. Continue." Talos turned around in embarrassment and cleared his throat before beckoning Doflamingo to continue his magic.

"And this will be yours, dear." Doflamingo then handed the coin over to Monica who stared at the coin in excitement before taking it from his hand.

"Thank you, uncle! I want to be a magician too, someday!" Monica said to him.

"Well then, if someday you became a magician, I'll be your first fan." Doflamingo said to her with a smile before patting her head, not minding being called Uncle, in fact, he quite liked it as never in his life, someone treated him like a family, aside from Matilda of course.

Her mother, Maria, smiled warmly as she also patted her daughter's head. It is quite rare at seeing her daughter smile, especially after receiving a report of 'Carol's' eventual death.

"I also have a magic trick to you." Doflamingo said as he stood up and faced Talos.

Talos both confusedly and excitedly stared up to him as Doflamingo is 2 and a half feet taller than him.

"Look at this." Doflamingo then picked up an eraser and slowly waved it in front of Talos.

Just wehn Talos was about to be confused, he slowly saw that the eraser slowly but surely transformed into a small looking cube contraption with a few holes on it.

"A Cache Apparatus?" Talos uttered the name of the contraption in Doflamingo's hand.

"So, that's what it is called. Anyways, this is for you, I found it on Ronan's spaceship and after asking around, I found out that the coordinates of the Kree Outposts that holds some Skrulls as hostage is stored in here." Doflamingo said before handing him the Cache Apparatus.

You must be wondering about the word 'He asked around', right? Well, it turns out, his Voice of All Things is much more stronger than he expected. It is not limited to not just the animals and lives from Earth, but also creatures from outer-space.

Doflamingo found some caged creatures mocking Ronan and his men for fleeing like children as if they met a monster.

When they saw Doflamingo, they thought that he's some kind of prisoner, so they started roaring like beasts trying to scare Doflamingo away. Too bad for them, they instead met a true beast in a human's skin.

All it took was a small flare of his Conqueror's Haki before they all pissed themselves.

Thanks to that, they all obediently answered all of his questions without a single one of them lying to him.

Doflamingo learned many things from them, and that includes about the Cache Apparatus that he gave Talos.

The most noticeable information that he got was that there are also legends spreading across the space like the ones on earth.

For example, there's a legend in space about a man who holds a hammer and kills his enemy with lightning.

Which Doflamingo is a hundred percent sure that they're talking about Thor.

Of course, that's not the only thing that Doflamingo discovered. He even discovered a freaking Brodo Asogian. If you're wondering what that is, then it is basically the alien protagonist in E.T: The Extra Terrestrial.

The Brodo Asogian has a stout, rotund main body, brown skin, no visible ears, a large head, long arms, short legs and enormous blue eyes. He also has bird-like feet, the nose and mouth of a orangutan, the teeth of a horse, the long neck of a snake and long thin fingers of a toad.

What made him different from E.T, is that this alien could fully speak English and seems to be way more older than the one in the movie. And his robe doesn't seem to be that advance but it has its own tinge of technology on it.

When Doflamingo first saw him, he remembered about the movie and how he cried on it when E.T died.

So, Doflamingo didn't hesitate to free him and gave him the last pod of the spaceship.

"I will never forget this act of kindness, human. Me and my kind shall never forget about this." Was the last thing he said before handing him a transponder and left with the pod with a farewell wave.

"Damn. Not only I got the entire Skrull army behind my back, but even the Brogo Asodians. I don't know if their kind is strong or not but with E.T's capabilities in the future, then his kind is probably a strong one." Doflamingo felt like today is his lucky day as he has two transponders that could call an army of aliens upon his call.

After that event, nothing much happened, except for finding their Weapons Room where he found tons of Energy Guns and even a freaking lightsaber. Unfortunately, it can't cut anything except for minerals such as stones. If Doflamingo would guess, then his guess is that this 'lightsabers' are probably used for mining minerals from different planet.

But aside from that, the energy guns that he found are worth it .

"Letting Ronan go is definitely a good plan. With his ego, he would surely come back for revenge and when he does, he would surely bring the big guns, surely a much advance tech than these. Oh, Ronan, earth would always open their arms for you." Doflamingo can't help but chuckle in an evil way as he caressed the energy weapon on his hand.


"You're leaving?" Monica asked the visitors in front of her, mainly, Doflamingo, Carol, Talos and Fury.

Ever since they came, Monica's day has never been better and she always hoped that it would stay this way. Too bad that her 'visitors' has many other problems to solve and they don't have the time to entertain a child.

"Don't worry, kiddo. I'll be back in a few months or so." Doflamingo patted her head before Carol did the same thing.

The both of them then decided to talk privately.

"Looks like we'll both part ways, huh?" Doflamingo still regretted that he failed to make Carol stay and join his family.

"I'm sorry, but I really can't join you. I have to repay someone." Carol apologized before muttering the last sentence as she glanced at Talos and his family.

"It's been a good journey anyways. Just make sure you don't go around provoking people that you shouldn't provoke, you never know when there's an enemy out there that are much more stronger than you." Doflamingo shook her hands and spoke like a sage, earning a confused expression from Carol.

In fact, what Doflamingo said is true and he's referring to the Celestials that was shown in the movie, Eternals.

Doflamingo doesn't know much about them, but he has read about them in some fanfictions that he read and most of them always describes them as a very powerful being that could destroy planets with a snap of their fingers.

'Hmm? Now that I think about it, should I perhaps visit them? Some of them is a great addition to my family.' Doflamingo thought to himself as he decided to take a note to himself to visit each one of them when he has the time.


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