19 Ch. 18 - Modern era Robin Hood

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[We are here right now on a Hospital, where the 5th largest shareholder of the Stark Industries Kurt Michaels is currently recuperating. As of now, Kurt doesn't want to be interviewed as he need his privacy.

Not only that, but this is the 3rd time that a shareholder of Stark Industries was exposed of their notorious deeds! The first one started a few months ago and followed by the second one and finally today!

Our next hot news as of today is once again about Kurt! Some files and videos had gone viral everywhere in the media like what also happened by the other shareholders, that shows Kurt Michaels himself being involved in one of the largest illegal drug factories around the world and as of now, the chairman and the largest shareholder hasn't made any comment about this issue.

According to suspicion, this must be the doing of The infamous's Robin Hood's partner in crime.

During these months, Robin Hood has risen up as either a criminal to the rich or a hero for the poor as his movements were similar to the original Robin Hood that steals from the rich and gives it to the poor...]


"We're famous!" Matilda yelled in excitement as she opened a wine to celebrate.

"Anyways, it's all thanks to you. If you didn't exposed their notorious deeds, perhaps Robin Hood would be viewed in a bad light." Doflamingo expressed his gratitude as Matilda blushed in embarrassment and shyness as this being thanked by someone he always looked up to makes her feel great.

"Well, cheers to us." Doflamingo didn't bother her anymore and raised his glass for a toast.

"Cheers!" Matilda grabbed her glass and both of their glasses clanked together before gulping all the wine down.

"Oh shit. She's still 11 right?" Doflamingo chuckled and hoped that nothing bad happens to her body after drinking a mouthful of wine, perhaps nothing will happen, after all, she's not normal and has superpowers, right?

"Bleeuurrghh." Matilda suddenly realized that the taste wasn't to her liking and was about to puke herself.

"Shit." Doflamingo cursed as he immediately grabbed the bowl of ice and threw the contents before catching her puke.

"Shorryy!" Matilda apologized while still puking.

"Sigh." Doflamingo sighed.


As few more weeks has gone by, Doflamingo kept his Robin Hood persona which not only improved his physical skill, but also improved Matilda's hacking and strategical skills.

Although Robin Hood is the idol and hero of the poor, but to the rich, he is a menace and their greatest nightmare that they must take down as soon as possible.

But no matter what they did, even calling the Government to take him down and arrest him was a failure as Doflamingo is not only skilled in parkour, but with his Observation Haki, no police or FBI agents could catch his trace.

However, although Doflamingo's success rate is 100%, Doflamingo's target this time is a big guy. No pun intended.

"Wilson Grant Fisk began his life as a poor child in New York City, bullied by his classmates due to his obesity. In some unknown reasons, he became very strong guy and used his new-found strength to form a gang of his former tormentors that terrorized the surrounding neighborhoods, since then, his gang grew very fast and he became a very famous figure in the underworld under the name of Kingpin." Matilda read the data she gathered on her brand new computer.

"We don't know his personal strength yet but according to those who survived under his fists, he could bend steel with his punches and snap a tree in half with his full-powered kick." Matilda shudded at the man's strength, although there is no guarantee that all of this was true, but there was still a chance for it being true, after all, how would Wilson became what he is if he didn't have greate strength.

"Should be a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary." It's not wrong to say that this would be the first time that Doflamingo will fight someone that is known in everything but normal.

"Doffy, are you sure? If you're careless, we go say goodbye to Robin Hood." Matilda expressed her worries over Doflamingo.

"It'll be alright. I have many trump cards in my hand that could take him down." Doflamingo smiled in confidence, even if he only used his physical skills, he could still take Kingpin down.

Shaking her head, Matilda continued to read the data in her computer.

"Anyways. Besides his Kingpin identity, he also has another persona that is viewed in good light by the public and even considering him on running for President." Matilda felt disgusted by this, if this Kingpin really succeded in here, then she's afraid that she'll have to move countries.

"Alright. You'll do the usual, hack into whatever he uses that hides his information and make sure that the whole world would be watching the news." Doflamingo said as he covered his head with his hood, hiding his really face under the dark shadow formed by his hood.

"I know, but this guy's firewall is much more tougher than our previous heists, so it might take more time than usual." Matilda started typing on her keyboard like a true hacker.

"It's fine. As long as you break in and steal whatever information he has about his notorious deeds." Doflamingo finally finished the last set on his outfit before jumping out of the window after sensing that there's no one nearby.

"Ugh, I need a break after this." Matilda silently complained. At first, she thought it would be fun to do this, but sitting on this chair for a whole day became so boring to her that she wished that she and Doflamingo changed positions right now.

"Sigh, I brought this to myself. What's the use of complaining." Matilda sighed for the last time before turning her focus back on her computer.


Doflamingo was travelling between the roofs of the buildings and houses, like the ninjas in Naruto.

Since he was moving so fast, he could only be deemed as a blur by the others as they only felt a gush of wind.

After a minute of travelling, Doflamingo finally arrived in front of a building known as Fisk Industries.

"I already played a loop on the cameras so you're good to go." Matilda's voice sounded out inside his ear piece.

"Thanks." Doflamingo thanked her.

"You know, if we successfully pulled out this feat, I think you and I would make a great team. I was thinking of creating our own group that will be responsible for saving the world from bad guys. Right?"

"Although you are right about creating a group, but I don't think I want it to be a superhero group. I don't like people always relying on us to save them whenever they're in danger and if ever we failed to save one, it will cause a chain reaction until the whole world will turn us from heroes to villains." Doflamingo explained as Matilda became quiet after hearing him.

When Doflamingo was about o advance, Matilda's voice came back but this time, there's something that has changed in her voice.

"I think we should spare or find someone to replace Kingpin." Matilda said as Doflamingo was confused at first and suddenly realized the meaning of her words.

"What I'm saying is that if we killed Kingpin, the whole New York city will fall into chaos as the gangs under Kingpin would revolt and possibly cause so much damage to New York. Which them, would destroy the reputation of Robin Hood. When you told me that a failure will cause the whole world to turn us into a villain, thanks to this, I realized that if Kingpin was killed and the whole of New York is plunged into chaos, the entire blame would fall on Robin Hood's head. So, we need Plan B." Matilda explained as Doflamingo was amazed at her fast and predicting skills.

"You're right. What do you think we should do?" Doflamingo asked her as Matilda is naturally more smarter than him.

"I think we should spare Kingpin and allow him to rule New York as usual, but this time, he would be under our rule and besides, he would be a great ally. With his influence and wealth, we could live without worries." Matilda explained once more.

"However, I still feel uncomfortable on the way of his ruling, after all, the gangs under him are a bunch of evil scums, but as much as I would love to force them to change into good guys under Kingpin's words, but naturally, we can't do that as it would destroy Kingpin's fearsome reputation and would increase the chances of betrayal and deception, so in my idea, we need a hero to suppress these scums until they'll hide in the dark like some rats which would then decrease the crime rates in New York." Matilda, once again, showed her intelligence as Doflamingo almost can't resist applauding for her cleverness.

"Matilda, sometimes your intelligence scares me." Doflamingo joked as they both laughed.

"So, should we proceed with the plan?" Matilda asked.

"Yeah, your plan is the best solution right now." Doflamingo agreed before Matilda continued.

"In the meantime make sure that you instill fear on him that would hold himself from betraying us and give me time to master mind control and once I succeed in controlling his mind, we could rest assured that he won't betray us." Matilda said as Doflamingo didn't feel any regrets on recruiting Matilda. She's starting to be more and more reliable to him.

"Alright then, I guess we'll have the New York underground in our hands after this." Doflamingo muttered as he finally rushed inside the premises, he already know where to find Kingpin, after all, he already sensed him on his office, right at the top floor of the whole building.


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