MCU: Druid’s Adventures

Oaks Woods, blessed by the power of nature, was reborn in the Marvel world. But this world is on the brink of danger... Facing the three paths of destiny— Technology, mutation, and magic. So, shall I become a scientist who appears to be a mutant but actually uses magic? … "Dread It. Run From It." Confronting the army led by the Avengers, Thanos raised his tyrant's blade: " Destiny Arrives All The Same. And Now It's Here. Or Should I Say, I Am!" "Submit before the Destiny!" –Flutter-flutter— “Stop, Roar!" "...Redirect the fire!" Thanos turned around and slashed through Captain America's shield with a single strike: "You said you can fight all day?" … This is a story of a druid posing as a scientist, and his survival in the Marvel world. (Background: Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU) ************** This is not my story and is written by a Chinese author. This is a Machine translation. I have cleaned all the chapters I publish to the maximum of my capabilities. It's not perfect, but it's still an enjoyable read. **************

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Chapter 237: Another Snake Head


A claw emerged from under the carriage, creating a hole. In the next moment, a little bird flew in and transformed into a young man with red hair.

"Miss Carter, long time no see... Don't worry, you can breathe normally now."

Oaks cast a detoxification spell on Peggy Carter and removed her handcuffs. She couldn't help but admire him.

"It's such a waste that you're not an agent."

"Many people say that, but I think it's a waste for me to be an agent."

Oaks shrugged and kicked aside an unconscious special forces member, then sat down himself.

"The captain received your distress signal, and he's quite annoyed right now."

"Phew... When you get old, the information becomes scarce."

Peggy sighed, feeling relieved now that Oaks was here.

Glancing at the special forces members drooling in their sleep, she shook her head wryly.

"The attack was sudden.

Chairman Oaks, thank you for the rescue...

Can you tell me what has been happening recently? I don't think Steve's mission these past few days was that simple."

"Indeed, Captain has accomplished something significant these past few days..."

Oaks's expression turned somewhat strange as he continued:

"Both of you, one created S.H.I.E.L.D., and the other terminated it. It's quite a match."

As Peggy Carter looked at him in shock, Oaks recounted everything that had happened in the past few days. He gave her a few seconds to digest the information before speaking again:

"Miss Carter, this operation to kidnap you was probably not orchestrated by Pierce... Um, Nick Fury personally eliminated Pierce.

With the help of Sharon, Captain has taken control of the situation and is currently eliminating the Hydra in the Triskelion building."

Touching his earpiece, Oaks looked at Peggy with a complex expression.

"Miss Carter, this car is still moving towards its destination, so I want to find out who has such impeccable timing.

I'll explain it to you later..."

"Chairman Oaks."

Peggy Carter's face suddenly turned serious, and in that instant, the 90-year-old woman seemed to have returned to her prime.

"Based on the information you gathered before...

Do you think it's possible that this incident was orchestrated by another 'snake head' besides Pierce?"

"... I also think so, but I haven't discussed it with Captain yet."

Oaks fell silent for a moment and nodded slowly.

"Cut off one head, and two more will grow. Pierce is dead, but it's hard to say whether the other Hydra leaders will emerge or go into deeper hiding."

"So, this is an excellent opportunity."

Peggy Carter showed a dangerous smile.

"Just the thought that in my twilight years, I have the chance to burn these ashes and exterminate these reptiles once again... I feel truly fortunate."

"Don't you have any opinions on S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

Oaks was surprised by Peggy Carter's attitude after learning about the collapse of S.H.I.E.L.D.

She didn't seem to have any regrets about the colossal entity she had created collapsing.

"Steve saved the world."

Peggy Carter sighed softly.

"But we made it a mess again.

Your actions were right; S.H.I.E.L.D. had already become a two-faced organization with ties to Hydra. It was impossible to maintain its purity and transcendence...

If we had attempted to salvage it, I have no doubt that Hydra's seeds would have been saved once again.

Let it be destroyed. Perhaps the existence of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a mistake from the very beginning."

"... I won't comment on that.

I've never been interested in Hydra, but when it comes to anti-human and anti-social forces, I can still lend a hand."

Oaks shrugged.

"After all, my career is built on the foundation of human society's peace and stability.

So, since Miss Carter is interested, I'll accompany you on this journey."

He touched his earpiece:

"Steve, Miss Carter is taken care of on this end, but we plan to further investigate this matter."

"Phew... That's great!"

Steve's relieved voice came through the earpiece, followed by Hill's sarcastic remark:

"Captain, you finally spoke. If Sharon hadn't been talking this whole time, we would have thought you were out of contact."


Steve coughed awkwardly and quickly changed the subject:

"Oaks, can you guarantee her safety?"

"Of course. Miss Carter and I share the same view. This might be an opportunity to expose other heads of Hydra because the timing is too precise...

And Miss Carter, whether it's her identity or her restored youth, is enough to attract Hydra's attention."

Oaks already had a faint idea of which Hydra bigshot might be behind all this.

However, information on this person was scarce, and they were skilled at hiding.

But Oaks was planning to further investigate the anomalies on Skye once he had some free time, and this person couldn't wait to cause trouble...

Since he had walked into their trap, Oaks could only accept it with a smile.

"Oaks, Miss Carter..."

It was Nick Fury speaking. He had just used a "life-saving device" to heal Natasha and the three committee members who had been ambushed by Pierce.

"Apologize to her on my behalf."

Nick Fury's voice sounded bitter.

"I messed up."

"The fault was ours from the beginning."

Peggy Carter's voice came through the channel, and Oaks handed her the communication earpiece:

"Nick, now is not the time for self-pity. Since you're already 'dead,' have you found a suitable successor?"

"Yes, Miss Carter."

Nick Fury's voice became calm.

"Now that I'm 'dead,' it's time to continue and give young people a chance to take charge."

"Very well."

A cold light flashed in Peggy Carter's eyes.

"So, those of us who are 'dead' or 'dying' need to provide a foundation for the younger generation. Now, with the little time I have left, I will completely make up for the mistakes I made!"


Steve seemed to be still in the midst of battle, so he sounded a bit breathless.

"I can..."

"Steve, this isn't the kind of fight you excel at. Let me unleash my final burst of energy before I enter the grave."

Peggy Carter smiled, as captivating as ever.

"Perhaps, this is my mission to temporarily restore youth!"

"... Alright, Peggy."

Steve fell silent for a moment, finally sighing.

"But no matter when, I'll be by your side."

"Of course, Steve. I believe you."

The car had started to slow down, and Peggy Carter keenly noticed it.

"It seems we've reached our destination. So, let's wish ourselves good luck from here on."

Oaks took the earpiece she handed him back and switched to the internal line mode:

"Malone, pinpoint our current location."

"Locating... It's a renowned research institution run by Dr. Daniel Whitehall. He has made notable achievements in biology and molecular genetics."

"As expected..."

Oaks smiled faintly and looked at Peggy Carter across from him.

"Miss Carter, we've arrived."


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