MCU: Druid’s Adventures

Oaks Woods, blessed by the power of nature, was reborn in the Marvel world. But this world is on the brink of danger... Facing the three paths of destiny— Technology, mutation, and magic. So, shall I become a scientist who appears to be a mutant but actually uses magic? … "Dread It. Run From It." Confronting the army led by the Avengers, Thanos raised his tyrant's blade: " Destiny Arrives All The Same. And Now It's Here. Or Should I Say, I Am!" "Submit before the Destiny!" –Flutter-flutter— “Stop, Roar!" "...Redirect the fire!" Thanos turned around and slashed through Captain America's shield with a single strike: "You said you can fight all day?" … This is a story of a druid posing as a scientist, and his survival in the Marvel world. (Background: Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU) ************** This is not my story and is written by a Chinese author. This is a Machine translation. I have cleaned all the chapters I publish to the maximum of my capabilities. It's not perfect, but it's still an enjoyable read. **************

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Chapter 236: Unexpected Incident in Brooklyn

Following Steve's warning, the S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel in the Insight hangar had evacuated as much as possible.

At the same time, they inevitably engaged in intense firefight with the Hydra operatives.

However, unbeknownst to them, three control chips had silently been inserted by Oaks into the server array of the Insight helicarriers.

Hill, who had already infiltrated the control room, had gained complete control over the three Insight helicarriers.

"Steve, it's done. Inform the personnel to evacuate as much as possible."

Oaks's voice sounded through their internal communication lines.

"If the Insight hangar explodes, I don't know if it will affect the entire building."

"I still need five minutes."

Natasha's voice came through.

"Disabling the security protocols and uploading all the classified information onto the internet is not an easy task."

"So, how is Pierce doing over there?"

Steve was leading the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents gathered behind him to clear the way from the communications room downwards.

"Has Fury not arrived yet?"

"Pierce is being held at gunpoint by the council members... Fury just arrived."

Natasha's voice sounded somewhat surprised.

"Oh, I didn't expect it. So, Fury's fake eye also has an iris authentication? Pierce couldn't outsmart him after all--

he only deleted the iris data of Fury's right eye."

"Heh, the director of a spy organization who doesn't trust anyone, but only trusts himself."

Oaks took down the last Hydra operative in the Insight hangar and snorted.

"Agent Hill, get ready to open fire--eliminate all three Insight helicarriers!"


In the next moment, the three undeployed Insight helicarriers raised their main cannons toward each other.

The Insight hangar was engulfed in a continuous barrage of artillery fire and self-destructive explosions.

The explosions even flipped the top cover of the hangar, causing a massive influx of river water--

Now, it was no longer just a "leak" level.

"All information from SHIELD and HYDRA has been transmitted... It's about to go viral on YouTube."

"Be careful of Pierce's backup plan. You should know what kind of organization Hydra is."

Just as Oaks was about to run out of the hangar, ready to witness the final act of Hydra leader Pierce on the rooftop:

"Don't forget to use what I gave you--"


Suddenly, Steve's urgent voice came through the channel.

"Peggy is in danger!"

"What did you say?"

Everyone on the channel was shocked.

The Peggy Steve referred to could only be one person.

"You mean Agent Carter..."

Nick Fury looked sharply at Pierce, but the leader of Hydra seemed a bit bewildered at the moment.


"Peggy and I have a single-line emergency communication device. Just now, the device sent a signal--

Peggy was forcefully taken from our residence!"

A scream came through from Steve's end of the communication. It seemed that he was consumed by anger.

"Damn it! Has Pierce stooped so low..."

"Captain, Pierce seems to be unaware of this."

Fury's voice came through.

"Otherwise, he wouldn't miss this opportunity for a comeback."

"You guys continue the mission. I'll investigate."

Oaks had already transformed into his swift form and headed straight to Brooklyn.

"Don't worry, they won't escape!"

"I'm counting on you, Oaks!"

Steve exerted force from his hand, punching away the Hydra agent blocking his path.

"Better not to let me find out it was Hydra's doing!"

The existence of other leaders within Hydra was no longer a secret.

Since Pierce wasn't responsible for this, it wasn't impossible for other factions within Hydra to be involved!

First Bucky, then Peggy. Truly, they were the arch-nemeses of Captain America. Hydra, damn it!

Oaks was getting closer to Steve and Peggy's old house in Brooklyn.

Indeed, there were signs of a fight here--

Though Peggy Carter was still a ninety-year-old woman, she was not without strength.

While she couldn't match the physical abilities of a true young person, she was still capable of normal movement.

With her extensive experience as an agent, it was only natural for her to put up a strong fight.

This should theoretically have bought enough time.

However, with the large crowd flow in Brooklyn, it wasn't easy for Oaks to find her.

But Peggy Carter had one distinct characteristic that set her apart from ordinary people--

Her life form was in a state between extreme aging and youthful beauty.

This was an unparalleled and unique life form.

Oaks released his life perception, and his powerful soul power carefully distinguished the unusual life forms among the crowd in Brooklyn.

"Hmph... Found her!"

Expanding the search range with full force, Oaks finally sensed a peculiar life force moving rapidly on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge!

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was located in southwest Brooklyn, spanning the Verrazano Narrows to connect Staten Island and Brooklyn in New York City.

By crossing this bridge, one could drive directly through Staten Island, all the way through New Jersey, and reach Washington.

"Seems like Brooklyn's terrible traffic conditions helped quite a bit."

Soon, Oaks locked onto an ordinary-looking box truck that had already arrived on Staten Island.

The truck had been modified to appear like a regular cargo vehicle, but its cargo compartment was actually a prison.

A few individuals wouldn't be a match for Peggy Carter, so the assailants sent an elite special forces team. It seemed they had done their homework on her.

Peggy Carter, with bloodstains at the corner of her mouth, was being closely guarded by eight fully armed special forces members inside the truck.

These eight individuals were all injured, and their gaze towards Peggy was filled with fear--

They were the ones who leaked the information about Captain America and Nick Fury, causing the beautiful woman in front of them to be mentally shaken, otherwise they wouldn't have had a chance to capture her!

With Peggy's insight, she naturally saw that these guys were truly deadlier-level combat units, and wasting time talking to them would be of no use in the current situation.

Although she had sent a distress signal, she had no certainty about Steve's current situation.

Just in a few days, Captain America, who was on an undercover mission, had become a fugitive of S.H.I.E.L.D.?!

Nick Fury was confirmed dead after being assassinated?!

What in the world had happened to S.H.I.E.L.D.?!

Why hadn't Sharon, who was at Headquarters, sent me any messages?!

The matter of her rejuvenated appearance should have been at Level Ten classification!

As she rapidly pondered these thoughts, Peggy Carter's gaze suddenly froze.

She saw a small, inconspicuous flower bud sprouting at her feet!

Before she could react, the small flower quickly bloomed, emitting a sweet fragrance...

"It's poisonous!"

Peggy Carter instinctively held her breath, but the special forces members who hadn't noticed the small flower fell asleep within three seconds.

Well, they even started snoring, sleeping soundly as if dead.


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