105 The God of the Human World (3)

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It wasn't just him.

Everyone was looking forward to the 1st place on the Immortal Path Golden Ranking.

After the Immortal Path Golden Ranking released the rewards, everyone's only wish was to see who was in 1st place.

Zhao Minghuang, for example, wanted to see who was the one who had overpowered those nine geniuses.

"If you don't pass, I'll chop you with my saber." Zhao Minghuang snorted coldly. He was filled with jealousy, and his mind was completely twisted.

For example, Xia Wuji wanted to know who the 1st place was.

"The power of those ranked before me is all very strong. After entering the Dimensional Battlefield, I want to challenge them individually and have a great battle with them. Especially the 1st place, I must have a good battle with him to see how big our gap is." Xia Wuji's fighting spirit was high, and the Ancient Fighter Bloodline within him was restless.

For example, Bei Rong and Emperor Xia did not have any thoughts.


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