Max's Revelation - Orphan Trilogy

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What is Max's Revelation - Orphan Trilogy

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Max has never admitted to anyone that he dreams about his past, snippets of dreams about people he’s sure are his parents… reading him a book, raising him up in the air, calling him another name he can’t remember… They seemed happy. So why did he find himself growing up at an orphanage? Celine is always haunted by the event that changed her life forever, her sister getting taken. When her sister disappeared, she wished it had been her instead. They said she was dead, but she knew deep in her heart that her sister was still alive. Haunted by her past, she navigates her day-to-day tasks like a sleeping robot, waiting to be awakened by the right operator. Two individuals, thrown together by fate whose secrets might destroy the fabric of their existence. Will they find the love lurking in the shadows or will it remain elusive? -=- Some dialogue and instances might be familiar if you’ve read Clara’s Mystery, but this is all from Max’s perspective, and this book runs alongside the same timeline as the first book. -=- Celine swallowed the lump in her throat and touched her lips with the tip of her tongue. It was probably a bad idea because Max just moved his gaze to her lips as his pupils dilated. Her heart thumped a little faster, and she felt like a deer caught in the headlights. She could not look away. She could feel the tension in the air and could feel her control slipping. In her mind, she was kissing those lips right now while she stared longingly. The server came while they were staring at each other, too caught up in the moment, forgetting they were at the restaurant, figuring out the next thing to do. Get out of there and continue the seduction, or let the tension build until the end of the night? ‘

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Hey there! Thank you for checking out the second installment to the Orphan Trilogy. This time around we follow Max while he discovers himself and the history behind why he was left at the orphanage. I hope you like this story. Don't forget to leave me comments and reviews. Thank you!


This is a much read book... Find out what Max wants to reveal to everyone. I really love this book... the way how I love clara and sebastian in the first trilogy. I really can't wait what Max is up to.


I would say, the author has done a great job here. The flow of the story looks realistic and convenient. The world-building and the characterizations were all Supreme. Nice one...


Your story was very good. It looks like all of your efforts in making the story were not a waste. You should just keep moving forwards. Good luck with your journey!


The story is wonderful, keep updating. I like Max and Clara, also your story is easy to understand for me. 👍👍🧡🧡😊 I am waiting for next chapters.


I'm really intrigued by this book and so awed by it. this is a must read book. I love Clara and sebastian and I love how the author writes her work


The story is wonderful, hope you keep updating. I also like how you write. I have already fallen in love with Sebastian 🤭 keep up the good work.


Reveal spoiler


The book is awesome. I loved how the author depicted each emotion related to the plot. Good work. This is defiantly a worth trying book for all whoever is looking for a good story <3


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