Master Bai! This Celestial Fox Spirit Is Asking For Divorce

Dangerous Omega Series #1 After dying in a horrific hate crime, Suki, a certified Fudanshi and a covert celestial fox spirit living in the human realm undergoes a mysterious transmigration. He was unwittingly transported into the very world depicted in "Their S-Class Affairs," an intense, hardcore and smut-ty BL manhua. The story that he was reading before his untimely demise. Suki, as the legendary nine-tailed fox, would have an easy and comfortable life if he possessed a body of a nameless extra. He could watch the betrayal and messy lives of the characters in the Manhua without throwing himself into the eye of the storm. However, fate proves harsh for a demon spirit like Suki as he unexpectedly becomes the omega husband of the enigmatic alpha and wild stallion ML, Bai Tingfeng. In the panels of the manhua, Bai Tingfeng harbors no affection for his vain and irresponsible husband. Suki, who now assumes the identity of the renowned model omega, Shen Yuan, knows this all too well. There's no way in hell that he can rely on the S-Class alpha's help in consolidating his new body. Since Suki can't acquire help, he doesn't want to be affected by whatever drama that the ML's halo would attract. Who would want to get all the trouble without reaping the benefits? No one. Shen Yuan/Suki decided to stand on the sidelines while munching popcorn, ready to watch the drama. Let Bai Tingfeng unleash his beastly nature and become the notorious f*ck boy in the city. Suki/Shen Yuan doesn't care about that. All his concern was to be separated from this difficult man! Will the husband and husband fall for each other? No one knows. Only the electronic billboard asking someone's WIFE for a coffee date would do the talk. #omegaverse #alphaxomega #MPREG #dungeons #magic #transmigration #powercouple #childraising #beast #nonhumanMC #supersmutBL #misunderstanding

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"Let's go back to the hotel," Bai Tingfeng commanded his assistant and most trusted right-hand man, Su Yifan.

"Understood, Guildmaster." Su Yifan immediately responded and moved to mount the driver's seat.

This is their usual drill.

Su Yifan perfectly knows that the Guildmaster of one of the top hunter guilds in Country C, Bai Tingfeng, doesn't like to have his car's door opened by other people for him.

The powerful president of the Baihu Guild made it to a point that he is not superfluous. Meaning, he would do things if he can do it himself.

Su Yifan flashed a smile through the rare view mirror and opened his mouth to report.

"Guildmaster, the agents of the A Country are "extending their invitation" to discuss the recent incident of the sudden appearance of a dungeon in the Roseely Park," unintentionally or not, the assistant stressed the "extending their invitation" part since his boss is one of the few respected S-Class hunters in the world. Even nations are careful in interacting with them since they are practically heroes whom they will ask for help in the future.

"They wanted to meet Master Shen Yuan to know more about the incident-"

At this point, the handsome man who's sitting in the passenger's seat of the car cuts Su Yifan off.

"Assistant Su, stop going in circles. Just say that the Hunter's Association of A Country wants to bring Shen Yuan for questioning since they are thinking that he instigated the appearance of the whole ordeal." Bai Tingfeng coldly said, expressing that he understood the gist of the situation.

Feeling a little embarrassed, the assistant awkwardly scratched his short black hair.

"That is indeed the case, Guildmaster."

"Decline it. If they want to know more about the incident then direct them to "that" Manager Yu Xiao Jin." Bai Tingfeng spoke the person's name with distaste. Yu Xiao Jin is the full name of Shen Yuan's manager and publicist. The close brother of his husband in the paper.

It's obvious that man is shady. He could never understand why Shen Yuan likes to keep that beta as a companion.

"He is with Shen Yuan the entire time of the photoshoot and there are others who are part of the crew."

Bai Tingfeng laid his back against the leather seat and heaved a deep sigh.

Recently, there has been this awakening stone circulating in the black market that promises to unlock the user's potential and turn normal people into awakeners. And if an awakener uses it, there will be a possibility that they will be reawakened with a stronger combination of powers.

However, in reality, it is nothing but a hyperactive mana stone. Something that is widely used in energy processing plants.

The notable characteristic of this material is that it has a slim chance that it may attract a spatial rift and trigger the formation of a dungeon gate once it is handled in a certain way.

Well, considering that the person who did that will be forcibly bathed in chaotic mana then theoretically, it is indeed quite possible that it will trigger someone into Mana Overload.

And now, the H.A. of the A Country assumes that the appearance of a dungeon in Roseely Park where Shen Yuan's photoshoot is happening is related to the awakening stone and they are eyeing Shen Yuan as the main character behind the incident.

All because that stubborn omega happened to have Mana Overload when the incident happened.

What a pain in the neck.

Doing all this mess then suddenly pulling off an amnesia card.

He could only sigh.

Bai Tingfeng's mind is a mess thinking about his estranged husband. Truth be told, he hated Shen Yuan for selfishly running away from him, for treating even their son coldly and for not giving their fixed marriage a shot.

Shen Yuan is far worse than a robot.

An apathetic snub whose only redeeming qualities is being part of an affluent family and perfect beauty that is lauded by everyone.

The expressions of the unfamiliar Shen Yuan suddenly popped up in his head. That is for sure a different Yuan that he came to know.

If he changes and becomes different then maybe they can…

Bai Tingfeng's eyes landed on the folder that was lying on the other side of the passenger seat.

He crossed his arms and played with his lower lip using his index finger.

For once, Bai Tingfeng found himself uncertain about what he should do right now.

"I just want to ask, if I could provide Master Shen's condition as a reason for refusal?" Su Yifan inquired while starting up the car's engine.

"You don't have to. We are in their turf so they will know about Shen Yuan with a little prodding."

The boss and assistant's conversation was cut by the ringing of Bai Tingfeng's phone.

Su Yifan started driving their way back to the hotel.

The handsome S-Class hunter swiped the phone's screen and placed it in front of him.

An attractive tan-skinned man appeared on the screen. He's got a soft facial feature that's been altered to become even more alluring over time.

The man has a slimmer build and seemingly looked physically weak to most men which is natural since he is an omega.

"Hello, Dad." Bai Tingfeng greeted Rong Suyin.

"Tingfeng! Why didn't you call us when you arrived in the A Country? We are worried!" The loud voice of his dad sounded through the phone's speaker.

He is mad. Bai Tingfeng knows it as a son so in fear that his dad will run off his mouth due to agitation, he swiftly connected the airpods and listened to his Dad talk through it.

"I'm sorry about that. I rushed to the hospital since I received a report that Shen Yuan's Mana Overload is getting more intense."

Rong Suyin gasped, worry painted on his face as clear as the day.

"How is Yuan? Your husband? God! That child seriously! Is he okay? Did you inform the Shens about this?"

Bai Tingfeng watched as his dad panicked on the other side of the screen. His face doesn't show any emotion, just flatly staring at the omega who gave birth to him.

"Why are you silent?! You jerk!"

Bai Tingfeng had to pull the AirPods in his ears or else he would be deaf because of his Daddy's scream.

A deep-sounding laugh was heard on his Daddy's side. It is his father. "Why are you overacting? Bai Tingfeng is calm. That means Yuan is fine."

The open-mouthed Rong Suyin is displayed on Bai Tingfeng's screen.

Frankly, he looked stupid but since this is the person who brought him to this world, Bai Tingfeng left it to describe as adorable.

"Is that true?"

Only when his son nodded did Rong Suyin breathe a sigh of relief.

"He finally regained his consciousness and looked better than before." Bai Tingfeng cleared his throat. "However, he is currently suffering from amnesia."


"That is only natural since Mana Overload messed with his body," his father Bai Weisheng chimed in.

"But he is okay now." Bai Tingfeng immediately added up seeing that his daddy is about to burst into tears.

"Just okay?! Bring him home so that we could nurse him to his best health! If you need to use the divorce papers that you prepared to convince him to go back then do it! Yanyan already misses him so much!"

"Dad! How-" Like a criminal that got caught red-handed, the serious Bai Tingfeng almost jumped to his seat.

On the other end of the line, the view became messy.

"Since we have found out that Yuan is fine. Then we will go now." His father, who never showed his face in the video call, disconnected the connection.

"What… How?" Bai Tingfeng was left staring at the black screen of his phone. How did they know that he prepared a divorce paper if Shen Yuan still refuse to come back for their son's sake because of their messed up marriage?

Ting! A notification popped up. It was from his daddy, or rather a message written by his father and sent using his husband's account.

[We are scheduled to leave for a trip tomorrow. Yanyan is staying with the Shens. Go figure out how to bring Yuan home quickly. Your son is looking for him every night.]

At the same time, Su Yifan called him as their car halted.

"Guildmaster, we have arrived."

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