Master Bai! This Celestial Fox Spirit Is Asking For Divorce

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What is Master Bai! This Celestial Fox Spirit Is Asking For Divorce

Read ‘Master Bai! This Celestial Fox Spirit Is Asking For Divorce’ Online for Free, written by the author Imsuperberbs20, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering R18 Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, MAGIC Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Dangerous Omega Series #1After dying in a horrific hate crime, Suki, a certified Fudanshi and a covert celestial fox spi...


Dangerous Omega Series #1 After dying in a horrific hate crime, Suki, a certified Fudanshi and a covert celestial fox spirit living in the human realm undergoes a mysterious transmigration. He was unwittingly transported into the very world depicted in "Their S-Class Affairs," an intense, hardcore and smut-ty BL manhua. The story that he was reading before his untimely demise. Suki, as the legendary nine-tailed fox, would have an easy and comfortable life if he possessed a body of a nameless extra. He could watch the betrayal and messy lives of the characters in the Manhua without throwing himself into the eye of the storm. However, fate proves harsh for a demon spirit like Suki as he unexpectedly becomes the omega husband of the enigmatic alpha and wild stallion ML, Bai Tingfeng. In the panels of the manhua, Bai Tingfeng harbors no affection for his vain and irresponsible husband. Suki, who now assumes the identity of the renowned model omega, Shen Yuan, knows this all too well. There's no way in hell that he can rely on the S-Class alpha's help in consolidating his new body. Since Suki can't acquire help, he doesn't want to be affected by whatever drama that the ML's halo would attract. Who would want to get all the trouble without reaping the benefits? No one. Shen Yuan/Suki decided to stand on the sidelines while munching popcorn, ready to watch the drama. Let Bai Tingfeng unleash his beastly nature and become the notorious f*ck boy in the city. Suki/Shen Yuan doesn't care about that. All his concern was to be separated from this difficult man! Will the husband and husband fall for each other? No one knows. Only the electronic billboard asking someone's WIFE for a coffee date would do the talk. #omegaverse #alphaxomega #MPREG #dungeons #magic #transmigration #powercouple #childraising #beast #nonhumanMC #supersmutBL #misunderstanding

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This tale takes a unique spin on the trope of celestial beings inhabiting human bodies, resulting in a hilarious and surprisingly heartwarming story. The plot follows the celestial fox, known for his witty and mischievous nature, as he transmigrates into the body of an omega named Shen Yuan. Shen Yuan's life is already complicated, with a seemingly aloof husband, Bai Ting Feng, who has never shown much interest in him. However, when the fox takes control of Shen Yuan's body, the dynamics in their relationship take an unexpected turn.


giving my work a 5 star review, because why not! Welcome to my second book and the start of The Dangerous Omega series! I hope you all like the start of the comedic and sexy duo of awakeners in this universe!


I like Suki and I think your precise descriptions are superb, I admit I was hooked right away. Keep up the good work author because I look forward to reading more.


Hello!!!Congratulation for your new work!I will definetely support you throughout this journey and wish you best!👍Keep going!


plz keep up the good work I need more chapters i will be waiting for updates


I like animals hahaha so a spirit fox is counted! What can I say, the originality of this book is superb! I can't imagine what is going on in the author's mind to create something as beautiful as this. Webnovel should have more original stories like this.


Interesting story. keep up the good work and please try to update frequently.


Now, this is what I call exciting and unique. It is not always that you will find a plot and characters like this in Webnovel. So for me, it is quite exciting. But I just hope to read more chapters. I know it is a new book and I will wait.


this story is great, the details of this story is insane. so far, this was the second book I read that I can say, you gave the efforts in making the details.


If I transmigrated like this, I would over the moon. Yuki is one lucky fox to live like that. Ahhhhhh now I am wishing the same for me🤣


A reader's review that didn't appear! Just posting the screenshot.


I love everything about this story. Highly recommended. Thanks for making us explore your unique imaginations.


This novel is hilarious and very well written! I was laughing at every chapter but at the same time, I feel that there is something more to Master Bai's feelings which I couldn't wait to read. I can feel that this proud man has a soft heart that he is hiding or so I wish! HAHAHA! And I hope he will show that to Suki and make him fall in love with him. I just couldn't wait for all the juicy things that will happen in their future!




humor and potential romantic tension between the characters, as well as some comedic misunderstandings, although you should work on minimizing the blurb a bit it will look more professional that way


Another review that was not posted for some reason


I appreciate the covers and the graphics .This is just fantastic


what's not yo love about this superb (het it... nudge nudge) story! it's very well written!


It's really an awesome novel. I only read a few chapters but it's really nice.its really a page turning book.highly recommended .everyone must read it.i will keep reading it .


Ahhhhhhhhhh, I never realized the two books I'm reading are of the same author. No wonder they are both so good.❤️❤️❤️


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