Master Bai! This Celestial Fox Spirit Is Asking For Divorce

Dangerous Omega Series #1 After dying in a horrific hate crime, Suki, a certified Fudanshi and a covert celestial fox spirit living in the human realm undergoes a mysterious transmigration. He was unwittingly transported into the very world depicted in "Their S-Class Affairs," an intense, hardcore and smut-ty BL manhua. The story that he was reading before his untimely demise. Suki, as the legendary nine-tailed fox, would have an easy and comfortable life if he possessed a body of a nameless extra. He could watch the betrayal and messy lives of the characters in the Manhua without throwing himself into the eye of the storm. However, fate proves harsh for a demon spirit like Suki as he unexpectedly becomes the omega husband of the enigmatic alpha and wild stallion ML, Bai Tingfeng. In the panels of the manhua, Bai Tingfeng harbors no affection for his vain and irresponsible husband. Suki, who now assumes the identity of the renowned model omega, Shen Yuan, knows this all too well. There's no way in hell that he can rely on the S-Class alpha's help in consolidating his new body. Since Suki can't acquire help, he doesn't want to be affected by whatever drama that the ML's halo would attract. Who would want to get all the trouble without reaping the benefits? No one. Shen Yuan/Suki decided to stand on the sidelines while munching popcorn, ready to watch the drama. Let Bai Tingfeng unleash his beastly nature and become the notorious f*ck boy in the city. Suki/Shen Yuan doesn't care about that. All his concern was to be separated from this difficult man! Will the husband and husband fall for each other? No one knows. Only the electronic billboard asking someone's WIFE for a coffee date would do the talk. #omegaverse #alphaxomega #MPREG #dungeons #magic #transmigration #powercouple #childraising #beast #nonhumanMC #supersmutBL #misunderstanding

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Episode 1.4 Bai Tingfeng's Cannon Fodder Husband Is Me?!

The atmosphere inside the VIP room was as stale as spoilt bread. The doctor that the hot yet unpleasant man called through the intercom arrived to check his condition.

However, Suki or he might as well assume the name of Shen Yuan since he can't recklessly use his demon name for various unspeakable reasons, used the opportunity of undergoing tests by this blonde middle-aged man Dr Jean to learn more about where he is.

To say that he wasn't astounded by his realization was a blatant lie.

Because firstly, he found out he is not in the same human realm where he lived for hundreds of years.

He is currently in a place where magic and superpowers are normal. People who have this ability are called awakeners.

Fortunately, Shen Yuan is one of them. This will give Suki an excuse if he ever used his magics in the future.

"The mana inside Patient Shen has settled down well and he could be released the soonest once he gets over the fatigue," the doctor whose blonde hair is on the verge of extinction said to them. "But as for the amnesia, we are not sure when his memories will come back. Maybe it will. Maybe never. It all depends on the patient and his luck."

"So he was telling the truth?" The stoic man widened his eyes a little but his voice remained chilly. The jerk remained sitting on the couch, posturing like a king.

Their two eyes instantly connected and Suki slash Shen Yuan could feel the electricity coursing through that stare.

It made him feel warm and ticklish.

Probably the man felt it too so he dodged his gaze away from the stare down and shifted his position.

What the hell is that? He couldn't help but find that feeling odd.

However, Shen Yuan brushed that off since he is more hanged up with the fact that this man whom he doesn't even know the name is passively attacking him.

"Why are you acting as if I did something surprising?" The high and mighty nine-tailed fox in Shen Yuan's body crossed his arms at the man. "I am as honest as what one can get. You just don't know me that well."

He uttered that sans any guilt.

He must admit that tricking people and lying is the same as breathing for him.

He is a fox spirit. What else should he say?

However, being confronted for something he didn't do is an absolute no-no for him.

Like a broken scanner, he scrutinized this man whose surname is Bai from head to foot and vice versa.

Shen Yuan must admit, he is nine over ten his type.

Too bad he's got the worst first impression of this man.

He looks like an actor who could star in an action film and flaunt his washboard abs but his attitude is not worse than that of a bitch.

"Why don't you ask yourself, Shen Yuan?" The jerk faced him once again but he only raised his thick sword eyebrows at him, challenging him.

Shen Yuan flattened his lips. He will never like this man. That is set in stone. No one can erase that.

The doctor saved them from full-blown arguing by obliviously interrupting their silent war.

"S-Class Hunter Bai, please refrain from forcing him to regain his memories. It will do more harm than good. There is also a possibility that his memory loss was due to trauma. Because as we all know his terrible incident-"

"I understand." The man interjected, his tone was evidently dismissive to the doctor's last statement.

Shen Yuan paused for a moment upon realizing that a juicy controversy is laid in that doctor's statement.

What incident is this balding doctor talking about? Since it concerns his new body, the fox spirit couldn't pull himself away from the allure of intrigue.

But he pressed it down for a while since based on the actions of this man, he will not let a word escape in his presence.

Another minus point for this surnamed Bai.

He never liked anyone who stood in his way of satisfying his curiosity. May it be his boss, the great Yama or this self-proclaimed husband of his new vessel.

Feeling that he made a mistake, the doctor quickly read the test results and added, "His pheromone level is slightly elevated but this is normal considering that he got exposed to his alpha's pheromones before the time of the test.''

Dr Jasper Jean remembered how thick the alpha's pheromone in the air was by the time that they arrived at this VIP room.

It's as if the well–known S-Class Hunter Bai Tingfeng was marking his territory.

Maybe the rumors that he is estranged from his supermodel husband Shen Yuan were false.

On the other hand, Shen Yuan thoughtfully took note of this information. He is currently in an omegaverse world as an omega and he thought that being an omega fits him perfectly as a bottom.

He's got no choice, he needs to be on the receiving end since he needs human fluid to consolidate his human body once in a while.

Actually, he is excited to be in this world as it has a lot of points that resemble his favorite BL manhua, "Their S-Class Affairs."

Everything seems to be waving at him, cheerily welcoming him to experience the fun of superpowers and omega sex (books described that as mind-paralyzing so he must experience that!) But it just so happens that there's this one party pooper.

"Then that means we are free to go now?" Asked the "alpha" man.

"Ugh… if patient Shen Yuan is feeling well then he can," the doctor reluctantly said. "But shouldn't he take the awakener's examination since there is a possibility that his powers have changed since he might have reawakened after conquering Mana Overload?"

"He will but it's in our home country," surnamed Bai answered without looking at Shen Yuan.

Open-mouthed, the celestial fox looked at the handsome man whose mood and attitude came from the gutter.

You're so deep in acting the role of the spouse that you forgot to ask the opinion of the main person involved, huh?

Shen Yuan scrunched his face. No matter how cozy this VIP room was, he felt like he didn't want to spend more minutes if this guy remained there.

Seeing that Bai Tingfeng was dead set on discharging the patient, Dr Jean didn't say anything anymore. He just reminded them of the dos and don'ts before leaving.

The moment the door of the exclusive room closed. Total silence reigned the room.

"Shen Yuan, I don't care if you forgot who you are or whatever. I will not delay my flight back home for you. I will be taking you with me no matter what. If I need to drag you to the airport then I will gladly do so. If you stubbornly insist on staying here in Country A, then I will not hesitate to fit you in a box or luggage just to make sure by the next day, your feet will touch the soil of Country C."

The tall sophisticated man stood up and was about to head for the door when Shen Yuan's next question stopped him.

"Why are you so eager to go back with me anyway? You're acting like a husband who missed his spouse dearly but in reality, you despise me through and through," Shen Yuan pointedly said. He simply couldn't sit idly while he is being hated for reasons that he doesn't know.

It frustrated him so he made a thoughtless blunder, "It's not like there's something important waiting back home, right?"

The celestial fox hastily concluded since it was evidently a loveless marriage. There's no way that they will have a child with this kind of unpleasant relationship.

It doesn't matter if the two are a pair of alpha and omega. With the level of hate he is seeing from this surnamed Bai, he should have problems making it stand up.

A suppressing feeling suddenly radiated from the man's body, making Shen Yuan stop his blunders.

"It must be great to just forget everything right? You must be happy that you can obliviously face the mess you made without feeling any guilt," the man clenched his jaw.

It might be in his imagination, Shen Yuan thought he saw a white tiger growling at him.

The man turned his face away from Shen Yuan and said, "I promised Yanyan, our "son" that I will save you and bring you back home. He was bawling once he saw on the news that his Daddy was caught in an accident so even though I don't care about you, I had to fly here."

Shen Yuan's jaw dropped and his eyes trembled. He assumed way too soon. Setting aside the biting words of the man, guilt washed in his chest when he remembered what he said a while ago.

It will appear to the man that he isn't concerned even for a bit with his own son!

And Shen Yuan's guess was right.

"Not a big deal, huh? With or without memory, you never really changed. You are the same self-centered omega that I abhorred," the man faced him and slowly walked toward him.

The man reached to touch Shen Yuan's neck and his index fingers played with his pale skin. That familiar lavender scent assaulted his nose and it's making him lose his cool.

"Bai Shengyan, mark that in your pretty little head, Shen Yuan. I don't mind if you forget the name Bai Tingfeng but never ever forget our son's name." The man dangerously whispered. Goosebumps suddenly broke all over his body and his heartbeat started to pick up at a speed that is close to that of a racehorse.

Bai Tingfeng? Shen Yuan felt like he was struck by lightning upon hearing that. The man's name, their so-called son's name and his new vessel's name swirled around his head.

Bai Tingfeng is the ML of "Their S-Class Affairs".

He's got a vain and irresponsible omega husband that he hated named Shen Yuan.

And finally a son named Bai Shengyan who's pet name was Yanyan.

Countless F-words started popping up inside his head. Denial could be his go to but obviously, it isn't the best option to pick.

The facts are dangling in front of him, threatening to slap him if he remained dreaming that everything isn't true.

"Try to hurt my child and I will make sure to ruin you and your reputation. Even your headless fans cannot save your career once I expose how vile and selfish you are."

After saying that, Bai Tingfeng turned his back and left.

Shen Yuan can only watch as that wide back of the man disappears as the door closes. But before that, he looked down and saw the signature round bubble butt of his favorite manhua's gong.

A chill crept in his back making him shiver.

If he was in his fox form, then his velvety white fur would stood up in all directions.

That's how shaken he was.

"Holy demons, did I just transmigrate to the world of "Their S-Class Affairs" and worse as the cannon fodder husband of the male lead?!"

For the first time in hundreds of years, Suki, the legendary celestial fox spirit felt like the world was flipped 180 degrees.

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