Master Bai! This Celestial Fox Spirit Is Asking For Divorce

Dangerous Omega Series #1 After dying in a horrific hate crime, Suki, a certified Fudanshi and a covert celestial fox spirit living in the human realm undergoes a mysterious transmigration. He was unwittingly transported into the very world depicted in "Their S-Class Affairs," an intense, hardcore and smut-ty BL manhua. The story that he was reading before his untimely demise. Suki, as the legendary nine-tailed fox, would have an easy and comfortable life if he possessed a body of a nameless extra. He could watch the betrayal and messy lives of the characters in the Manhua without throwing himself into the eye of the storm. However, fate proves harsh for a demon spirit like Suki as he unexpectedly becomes the omega husband of the enigmatic alpha and wild stallion ML, Bai Tingfeng. In the panels of the manhua, Bai Tingfeng harbors no affection for his vain and irresponsible husband. Suki, who now assumes the identity of the renowned model omega, Shen Yuan, knows this all too well. There's no way in hell that he can rely on the S-Class alpha's help in consolidating his new body. Since Suki can't acquire help, he doesn't want to be affected by whatever drama that the ML's halo would attract. Who would want to get all the trouble without reaping the benefits? No one. Shen Yuan/Suki decided to stand on the sidelines while munching popcorn, ready to watch the drama. Let Bai Tingfeng unleash his beastly nature and become the notorious f*ck boy in the city. Suki/Shen Yuan doesn't care about that. All his concern was to be separated from this difficult man! Will the husband and husband fall for each other? No one knows. Only the electronic billboard asking someone's WIFE for a coffee date would do the talk. #omegaverse #alphaxomega #MPREG #dungeons #magic #transmigration #powercouple #childraising #beast #nonhumanMC #supersmutBL #misunderstanding

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Episode 1.1 The Fox Is One Of Us!

6:00 p.m. Rush hour. Metropolitan Tokyo.

A hellish time of the day for commuters especially if you are living in the city center. Hundreds of passengers are currently huddled in the subway.

High school kids, college students, office workers and virtually every person who is out to make a living are gathered on the platform, each intending to go to places where they would rest their tired bodies.


Well, clubs and pubs are also an option but for Suki, he just wants to go to a place where he can read in peace. Not like this where he needs to be mindful of how he tilts his phone.

Truth be told, he almost mastered how to properly tilt his phone so that no one could see whatever "things" he was doing with his phone.

It feels like he is committing a crime…

Whereas he is not. He's just relaxing his mind after a whole day of hard work.

Every time Suki scrolled down the pages of the manhua. His heart was pounding.


Like how the "gong" is working out his hips.

Every panel that he is reading makes his pupils tremble nonstop.

Like how the "shou" is shaking, spasming as he reaches the peak of well, ecstasy.

Suki covertly closed his phone and took a deep breath. No one knows what is going on inside his piercing dark eyes. Not that anyone in the crowd would look at him twice because his current vessel is an ordinary-looking office staff with an unexceptional build.

However, that is none of his concern because as a fudanshi or a rotten boy, his mind is somewhere else. Particularly, to the knee-weakening smut he just read with relish.

'That is dangerous. I almost expose my ears and tails!' Suki silently reprimanded himself.

On the other hand, he also couldn't help but gush, 'Their S-Class Affair added a new legendary episode!'

"But seriously, Creator BlackPussyCantSleep, you sent a bomb my way. It is not reasonable to just leave it at that, right?" The young man whispered to himself. He turned to reach for his phone once again. That is when he saw the woman with a four-year-old toddler in her arms.

She was looking at him with a suspicious look. It's as if he is eyeing a criminal.

"Ah?" Suki tilted his head in question. But then he remembered his words earlier and realized how dangerously misleading his words were. She might have accidentally heard his whisper earlier since she was just standing behind him.

"I'm not someone sketchy. I was just reacting to my favourite author because… the action scenes are pretty cool so it's a bomb. Haha." He awkwardly explained.

"Okay…" answered the woman, doubt still lingering in her gaze. "You said it."

'Should I cast a charm at her?' Suki silently pondered. 'No, I'll just leave it be there's no need to uselessly consume my mana.

The human realm in this world has little to no mana at all so it will do him more bad than good if he uses a spell.

Suki's eyes strayed to the little child who was reaching for something in the air. "Hiro! Don't move too much. You're making it difficult to hold you."

"Fox! Fox! Pretty white fox!

The young man stood frozen in his place. 'Don't tell me…' Suki squinted his eyes at the boy. This is the reason why he loves and hates children. They are cute and lovable but they are too troublesome!

While they are young, children's sixth sense is so active that they can see beings that are not seen with the naked eye.

Like angels, demons and spirits. Or in Suki's case, a celestial fox spirit.

Yes, he is a kind of mythical fox creature that was discussed in legends for hundreds of year, and on top of that, he is the legendary nine-tailed fox among the fox clan.

'I only used illusion spells in order to conserve mana. But this child really had to ruin it!' Suki thought while maintaining a cheeky smile at the child.

He utilized his magic and cast a complete transfiguration spell on himself. In an instant, his nine-pure white tails and pair of fox ears vanished. So is the part of mana that he is saving.

"Awww." The naughty little kid pouted.

Looking pained and relieved, Suki fished his phone out of his pocket and waved it to the boy's mother, "Haha. I will send her a gift."

Just that. He turned his back and faced his phone. He scrunched his face, expressing distraught at his loss today. What a troublesome tandem of mother and son.

'F. This isn't a bad omen, right?' he thought as he eyed the end of the platform.

As he opened his phone, the sight that welcomed him was the plump backside of the "gong". This is the reason why he loved staying in the human realm.

All hail BL!

Suki, the "fudanshi" nine-tailed fox gulped a mouthful of saliva as he looked at the almost realistic drawing of the gong's ass. That is the burger that he wanted.

"Damn, Bai Tingfeng. I already know how trashy you are but your assets are really uhm!" He pressed the gift-giving option 5 times. And 12,000 yen flew out of his bank account at the drop of a hat.

"Guess, I'll be commuting next month. Again." The young man smiled in a way that said he cared nothing about the world.

He is already restraining himself from using mana so why would he stop himself from entertaining himself with material things

Before exiting the reading app, he first went to the book's front page and wrote a lengthy review.

He postponed it for quite some time, thinking that he hadn't read enough. Now, he is more than ready to do it.

"Their S-Class Affairs" is his favourite book for a moment and he likes how things are going, especially the smut.

So he wrote.

FoxybitchInYourArea: The story and the art are both five stars. I must admit, this work really made me addicted. It's immersive and a really good read. I also love the setting of the manhua where the dungeons exist and magic and superpowers are a thing. The mana must be rich in that place. How envious. Of course, I also like the omegaverse. I am digging in on that genre.

The only thing that I found off-putting was the sleeping spree of the ML. I mean, while it isn't explicitly shown to avoid gaining the distaste for us readers, can't Bai Tingfeng just settle with one partner? Like, let him be with the MC.

Let's start with divorcing his good-for-nothing omega husband!

Please creator-san work on that. It's a pain to both love and hate the ML at the same time.

I love your work! Kiss. Kiss. Their S-Class Affairs is one of the best hardcore smut BL novels that I ever read!

Suki finally stopped tapping and hit the post button.

"I didn't overly demand right?" He thought belatedly. This is his concern as a reader and fan. While he wants to see his request materialize, he also doesn't want to pressure his favorite author.

Suki wants her to create stunning BLs with ease.

"Well, whatever," Suki just said and directly put it down without locking the screen.

The undercover celestial fox spirit accidentally reopened the manhua, showing the smutty scene where Bai Tingfeng is mounting his ride.

Suki was about to put his phone in his pockets when he heard a commotion unfolding.

"Waaah! Waaah!" A loud wailing of a little boy broke near him.

"F*ck! I just happened to bump into this boy's shoulder. What a crybaby. You're not gay are you?"

His exceptional sense of smell already received a sickening sour smell.

The smell of alcohol is terrible but to pair that to an unshowered body? That's lethal, especially for his his sensitive nose.

Suki grimaced. The downside of being a fox spirit, huh?

"Waaaah!" Suki turned back and saw that it was the mother and child. But there was an unwanted addition among them.

The source of the disgusting smell. As a vain fox spirit, Suki has little to zero tolerance for unsightly things. It's easy for him to blow off his hat once he's been triggered by a pig who lacked the proper training for good manners.

A disheveled middle-aged man who's holding a bottle of liquor, already intoxicated. He obviously cut the line in order to go to the front and land a seat once the train came.

"Mister! Please do not touch my son!" The woman cried.

The drunken man who's still in his office attire is cupping the face of the little boy. "Are you gay, huh? Are you gay? I will kill every gay in the world!"

"Hey, mister." A young man's voice interrupted the man's outburst. It was Suki.

Suki is holding his phone near his ear.

"Please stop bothering the child or else I will call the police."

The drunken middle-aged man looked visibly shaken, "You!"

In a short moment of mental clarity, he scanned Suki's body and upon seeing that he was short and as slim as a bamboo, he once again felt bold.

"Go on and call them! I will make sure to beat you up with this little damn gay!" The man raised his hand to hit the child and everyone gasped at that.

A slapping sound broke followed by a clack of something that dropped.

At the same time, the sound of the approaching train sounded.

Everyone is looking at the commotion meanwhile Suki is looking at the ground where his phone lies. A long crack is seen on its screen.

Suki's dead eyes look at the blinking screen and he doesn't know if he should worry that his hobby of reading BL is exposed or laugh then cry.

Bai Tingfeng's ass is split into two.

He wanted to laugh because of the sight but upon seeing the crack once again, a seething fury crawled in Suki's chest.

"I don't care what your mid-life crisis is. But did you know? I got that phone using an instalment plan and I still have 16 months to pay?" Suki said, his hands that stopped the slap of the stinky man were trembling. Not out of pain but with anger.

If he buys a new phone, then how is he going to settle the bills? The food? Staying in the human realm is too costly even for him who is a celestial fox spirit who attained nine tails!

"Are you looking for trouble, human?"

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