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Masking it with a smile


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Strong young Female lead. The story features instances of selfharm, depression and molestation. Do not proceed if you are triggered by such content. ************************************************* Depressed doesn't always mean a sad face. "How can you be depressed when you are eating right and smiling?" "Don't be such an attention seeker." "It's just a phase. " "Come on, you are just overthinking." Not only these, but there is a long list of sentences we hate. Just pure hate. ************************************************* The rapping of the ruler,  the random chit- chats of the students,the  fluttering of pages, the sound of opening and closing of lockers, halted when the sound of flesh meeting concrete ground echoed abruptly in the atmosphere and everything fell... deathly silent.  Crimson blood, flowed in trails, staining every single grain of concrete. On top of that pool, laid she, lifeless. I wonder if she was ever alive? Even after two years of that heart wrenching incident, everyone talked about it...like a 'story' worth telling. She was a story, she always was. When she was supposedly alive, she was a sad story  and after death, she became a tragic one. Some said she was going through a lot in her life, some pitied the girl, while some simply denied even seeing her around. And then there was this group of people stating, she was a COWARD!!! A girl who was too weak to handle her life that she found death more alluring than life. Humanity screamed at one corner. Emotions died.                                                            

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