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Raw: 视频通美漫,开局盘点十大英雄(全本) Author: 绝地逃亡 Synopsis: Traveling to a parallel world, Lin Lan, forced to make a living, is invited by a dimensional platform to be creative—say anything, just edit the video, and you could win reward. With a trial mentality, Lin Lan edits Marvel and uploads a video titled “Top Ten Super Hero.” Unexpectedly, it causes a commotion in the Marvel Universe! Iron Man: I’m the one who finally snapped my fingers...! Captain America: Standing shoulder to shoulder with the gods with a mortal body, I lifted Mjolnir...? Thor: You said you never practiced secretly! Wait, that chubby guy clearly isn’t me! Spider-Man: What! Except for me! There are two Spider-Men?! In addition, videos like “Top Ten Super Villains” have appeared. Since then, the entire Marvel universe has undergone surprising changes! On the other hand, Lin Lan is also astonished: “The Infinity Stone given to me by someone named Loki is actually real...” Read more chapters here: bit.ly/Candra12 Please donate: paypal.me/andicand

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Wakanda Forever

"My brother, you actually died twice in the future."

At this moment, Shuri's face is filled with surprise, sadness, and helplessness.

She couldn't imagine that her brother would go through so much in the future.

Not to mention the immense blow of their father's death on her brother; the fact that he almost died alone was already disappointing.

However, her brother didn't choose to retreat. Instead, he chose to keep standing.

The image in Shuri's mind has changed.

A superhero, a superhero who protects Wakanda.

When T'Challa hears this, his face doesn't show much sadness because he always believes that death is not the end.

Being able to protect the people and things he values before death is the most important thing. And he did it.

Wakanda did it too.

He is proud not only of himself but also of his people.

In the face of disaster, everyone in Wakanda is a fighter.

They don't retreat.

"In our culture, death is not the end but the beginning of a journey to a foreign realm, so even if I die, it's just a new beginning."

T'Challa looks at his sister.

At least in the video, there is no scene of Shuri dying.

This makes him very happy.

The video's creator actually said that some choose to defy death and bring back the heroes?

Although T'Challa is not afraid of death, he wants to know if it can be reversed in the future.


On the other side.

SHIELD headquarters.

At this point, Nick has come to a conclusion.

Both Black Panther and Spider-Man died because of that finger snap.

"Unfortunately, the Titan named Thanos has obtained the six Infinity Stones."

Nick's heart is heavy.

From these three videos, he understands that the Titan named Thanos may have achieved his goal, eradicating half the population of the universe.

Spider-Man and Black Panther perished in this battle.

"Are we really going to lose? What should we do?"

Tony dismisses his cynical expression.

Not long ago, he was still thinking of protecting Papper.

Now it's known that Thanos may have obtained the six Infinity Stones; his heart also sinks.

What will he do if Papper dies too?

Tony is restless.

He always feels the need to do something.

He can't sit idly and wait for death.

"Fight him together."

Captain America next to him speaks.

No matter on which screen the video is played, he believes they can change the future.

"You've seen such a powerful enemy. The six Infinity Stones are no joke. We'll surely lose. Are you still saying this?"

Tony starts to feel uncomfortable. However, Captain America always looks at him firmly and says calmly:

"Then we'll lose together."

Whether it's success or failure.

As members of the Avengers, they will face it together.

Tony no longer argues. Instead, he grabs some snacks and starts eating.

Good to distract the mind.

In the video, the creator suddenly says that someone will defy death and resurrect these heroes?

Their eyes are drawn, and they gaze at the screen.


The video continues.

Many people in the universe are holding their breath.

They even want to scold the creator.

First, he uses Black Panther to entertain them, then kills him, making them sad, only to resurrect him and show them the heroic qualities of Black Panther.

Just when everyone thought nothing would happen again. When the war broke out, Black Panther perished.

How dare this creator do this?

Every ebb and flow stirs their emotions.

Although many are angry, many eyes are focused on the screen.

Subtitles appear on the screen.

"Hulk x Black Panther, special episode."

Many speculate if Hulk saved Black Panther.

In the image, the figure of Hulk begins to appear.

It is soon known that this is Hulk after Banner and Hulk reached an agreement.

The perspective moves downward.

Hulk's hand holds a red-colored mechanical hand, and above it, the six Infinity Stones bloom with a dazzling light.


Many people in the universe inhale sharply.

They never expected the six Infinity Stones to be in Hulk's hands.

Many suppress their doubts and inner joy.

Hulk wears a mech adorned with the six Infinity Stones.

Immediately, power surges, directly from his palm to his entire arm, and because the energy is too frightening, it instantly burns and turns black.

"Hiss. Hulk. My hero."

"Oh my, this creator really puts his heart into placing this special chapter here. It not only reflects the courage and bravery of Hulk but also tells us how Black Panther and Spider-Man come back."

"Right. Does this mean in the future, they will succeed?"

"Yes. Surely."

The video continues.

Hulk groans in pain; he doesn't stop because of the pain. He raises his right hand strongly, then flicks his fingers hard.

A snap is heard.

The screen suddenly goes black.

A quiet and silent place with ruins everywhere.

One by one, orange circles appear in people's eyes.

When the black figure appears, their tears have long been uncontrollable.

Soon, they see that behind the black figure are countless Wakanda warriors.

Only seen in the video, Black Panther crosses his arms and roars.

"Wakanda Forever."

"Wakanda Forever."

The scene freezes as Black Panther leads everyone from Wakanda to run out.

The closing song also begins to play.

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