1 Abilities and Restrictions

"It seems I died quite peacefully," James muttered while looking at the beautiful lady standing in front of him. Calling her beautiful would be an understatement; she looked otherworldly, like an angel that descended from heaven. Well she in fact was an angel. In human terms she was the head secretary of the almighty God.

"Yeah, it seems," she replied to James with an alluring smile on her face.

Even though she looked breathtakingly attractive and had a fascinating figure, James didn't feel about her that way. No, it wasn't because James was impotent or something. The angel had a warm motherly aura revolving around her and anyone in her presence would feel quite quite comfortable and forget all his worries.

"So you are giving me a chance to transmigrate into the world of marvel with few abilities? If so, do I have a say in those abilities?" James questioned her.

"No you won't have a say in the abilities as they are already fixed. Also the timeline in which you will be transmigrated into the world of marvel is also decided," The angel said.

'Well I can't complain. I am already lucky enough to have a chance to live in one of my favorite movie universe.' James thought.

"You are quite sensible," the angle smiled.

James was not too surprised that the angel was able to read his thoughts.

"Anyways, now I will provide you an explanation with respect to the abilities that will be granted to you. Also there will be few restrictions attached to some of the abilities," The angel explained.

James nodded in agreement and urged her to reveal the abilities to be granted to him.

"First ability is 'The Deva Path.' As you have watched 'Naruto', you won't need any information regarding the ability; but since its my job to provide you the details, I will give you a brief explanation about it. The Deva Path was regarded as Pain's most powerful and cherished of the six Paths. Its main abilities revolved around gravity manipulation, allowing it to repel or attract objects or people. However, it could not perform these techniques in rapid succession, leaving it vulnerable for a short period of time after each use. This period of time between usages varied from five seconds to several minutes, depending upon the force of the repulsion or attraction that the Deva Path had used. And the last ability of Deva Path is Planetary Devastation. The user can create a black sphere between their hands that they hurl into the sky. When the sphere is activated, it generates powerful attractive force, pulling everything in the vicinity to it until a large satellite is created and the user can control how large the satellite becomes. With increase in the proficiency and level of the ability, many limitations of Deva path will be reduced further. ," She elaborated.

"Will I have Rinnegan then?" James asked.

"No you wont have Rinnegan. I will modify the ability so that you will be able to use the Deva Path without Rinnegan," the angel answered James's query.

"To summarize, under Deva path you will have three powers- 1)Attract, 2)Repel and 3)Planetary Devastation," the angel said.

James nodded his head in confirmation that he understood the gist of the ability.

"Second ability is 'Immortal body.' You will have a strong body and physique. Also you will be able to heal any injuries to your body based on the proficiency and level of your ability. The greater the level, greater will be your strength.," The angel explained.

"So is it possible to get as strong as Hulk?" James asked.

The angel just nodded and smiled mysteriously.

"Third ability is 'Psychic Shield.' You will be highly resistant to all mental intrusion, including psychic or empathic powers, Hypnosis, Mental Hallucination, deception, etc. You won't have any telekinetic or telepathic powers. Its just a mental shield to protect you from illusions, etc. and also your identity as a transmigrator. This will be a passive ability and you won't need to actively control it," The angel explained.

'Quite useful,' James sighed in relief.

"Fourth ability is 'Chakra.' In order to use the Deva Path and the healing power of your immortal body, chakra will act as a medium. The Deva Path and healing power of immortal body are completely dependent on Chakra. Without chakra you wont be able to use them. You will be granted Kage level chakra as a starting point. With increase in proficiency and level of chakra, total amount of chakra may increase up to maximum of a nine tailed beast. Chakra will also actively help you sense any person and any attack within an area of 20 meters surrounding you," The angel explained.

"Sorry to interrupt again, but in the case of immortal body, I will need chakra only for the healing power and not for the physical strength, right?" James asked.

"Yes, your physical strength won't depend on the chakra," The angel answered.

"Fifth ability is 'Teleportation.' You will be able to teleport anywhere within a distance of 10 meters depending upon your original position. This ability will also depend upon chakra and yes 10 meters is the limit. You can't teleport beyond the distance of 10 meters. Also you can teleport only one person along with you at a time," The angel elaborated.

James was about to ask something but the angel gestured him to stop.

She said," The abilities granted to you are divided in two types that is; the abilities that can develop and get stronger and the abilities that cannot be developed or get stronger. The Deva Path, Immortal Body and Chakra can be developed and increased in levels and proficiency. However Psychic Shield and Teleportation Ability cannot be developed or increased in levels. Also the chakra granted to you can only be used to perform the ability of Deva Path, Healing power of immortal body and Teleportation ability. You can't use chakra for any other purpose such as using various jutsus shown in the anime."

"If I am right then these are the restrictions you mentioned earlier." James said.

"You are absolutely correct," The angel smiled.


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