4 Reincarnation Pool

The Reincarnation Pool, revered as the pinnacle creation of the Angel's supreme deity, possesses unparalleled capabilities. Each year, it can spawn one high-level Angel, equivalent to the third tier of divine power, along with twenty mid-level Angels, matching the second tier, and a staggering 500 low-level Angels, akin to the first tier.

Through fervent devotion and significant investment of faith, one can unlock and elevate the formidable King Rank Angels and Angel Armaments, enhancing their celestial might.

It's no exaggeration to say that with access to the Reincarnation Pool, establishing a sanctuary and dedicating a decade to nurturing its power could rival Asgard's dominion, even in the absence of Odin and Hela, following extensive losses among their elite forces in battle.

With a century of dedicated growth and the strategic elevation of several King Rank Angels, dominance over the Nine Realms becomes assured, far surpassing even the three paramount empires of the universe, establishing unparalleled supremacy over all existence.

"My King, I challenge your verdict," declared Caesar calmly, a touch of disdain coloring his tone.

"What?" gasped the assembled crowd.

"What does he aim to achieve?"

"Is he prepared to endure eternal incarceration?"

Odin's fury surged, only to be swiftly quelled, leaving behind an icy resolve in his gaze.

Frigga noticed something awry, and Odin's countenance turned thunderous.

"Your Majesty," Frigg interjected, shooting Caesar a subtle wink, "Caesar is just a young child, prone to rash talk."

Simultaneously, she motioned to the guards, urgency in her voice, "Quickly now, seize the prince and confine him to the forbidden chambers. Let him ponder his words!"

Although Odin's decree threatened Caesar with a millennium-long imprisonment, Frigga knew there was room for reconsideration once Odin's fury ebbed.

After all, Caesar was not just anyone; he was Odin's own flesh and blood, the Prince of Asgard and heir to the throne. His burgeoning powers were undeniable, making his fate too weighty to be sealed behind bars for a thousand years.

The courtiers in the hall murmured amongst themselves. It was clear to them that a feeble prince would never command the throne, but a formidable one like Caesar might one day rule over Asgard.

Thus, they pleaded for clemency, recognizing the importance of fostering a favorable relationship with Caesar.

Odin observed from the sidelines, offering Caesar a final opportunity for redemption.

But Caesar, defiant, forcefully shoved aside the Asgardian guards who dared to apprehend him.

"I refuse your judgment," he declared adamantly, his voice echoing through the hall. "From this moment forth, I shall be my own arbiter. No one but myself shall pass judgment upon me!"

"I shall exile myself, renounce my birthright as Odin's son and heir to Asgard, and depart from theis realm!"

With unwavering resolve, Caesar announced his decision.

Indeed, Asgard was a realm teeming with riches and guarded by Odin's might, offering unparalleled security. Yet, it also confined Caesar in a gilded cage of expectations and limitations.

Bound by his lineage as Odin's son, Caesar found himself restrained from pursuing many avenues of self-improvement. Countless treasures lay beyond his reach, their allure dulled by the weight of his princely status.

Even without the foresight of his remarkable destiny, Caesar had resolved to venture beyond Asgard's borders in search of untold power.

He refused to be shackled by the chains of fate, condemned to a life of unchangeable despair.

As the gravity of Caesar's words settled upon the hall, a profound silence enveloped the chamber.

It was a silence akin to the stillness of despair-laden waters, stifling any hint of conversation. All eyes turned towards the serene figure of the God King Odin, awaiting his next move.

Even Frigga appeared desperate in this critical moment.

On one side stood her husband, consumed by rage, while on the other side stood a determined parent and child.

With a heavy heart, she knew she had no choice.

"Fine, so be it. If relinquishing your status as Odin's son and forsaking Asgard is the trial you've chosen for yourself, then so be it," Frigga uttered with resignation, her voice laced with sorrow.

Caesar's response was composed, devoid of emotion."Very well, it shall be as you command."

But Odin's composure shattered as he finally lost control of his emotions, bellowing in anger, "That's it! Leave Asgard! You are no longer my son! You have no sanctuary here! Begone!"

With a weary sigh, Odin declared, "I need to rest," before vanishing from the throne of Asgard.

The hall emptied quickly, even Heimdall departing after casting a sympathetic glance at Frigga.

Left alone in the hall, tears welled up in Frigga's eyes as she gazed at Caesar.

"I'm sorry, mother," Caesar whispered, his own eyes reflecting her sorrow. "I have my reasons for leaving Asgard. You will always be my mother, and I promise to return to see you."

Caesar departed Asgard, determined to acquire the power necessary to change the course of events and safeguard Frigga's life.

Caesar faced a daunting decision. He could have chosen to remain in Asgard, enduring a millennium of imprisonment. Yet, even after a thousand years, he would emerge more powerful than Thor at the start of the Marvel saga. But would that strength be sufficient?

Could he prevent the dark elves' assault with sheer might alone? And what of Thanos' catastrophic snap?

To gamble on a fifty-fifty chance was unthinkable. Caesar refused to stake his fate, Frigga's life, and the lives of all those he held dear on such uncertain odds.

He could only envision one solution: to confront and eliminate Thanos before he could wield the Infinity Stones.

But the task was daunting. Even a fully empowered Thor, armed with Stormbreaker and supported by the Avengers, could only match Thanos in battle. In the end, it was the snap of Thanos' fingers that sealed his fate.

The risks were too great, the odds too slim.

Yet, Caesar's very existence had already set in motion a cascade of butterfly effects across the world. In the face of such uncertainty, could that one-in-ten-million chance still manifest?

Caesar dared not take the gamble.

His only recourse was to strengthen himself as much as possible before the pivotal moment arrived – to become mightier than Thanos and thwart him before he could assemble the Infinity Gems.

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