Marvel: The Gene Collector

Alex, a seemingly ordinary guy, woke up one fateful day to find himself in a perplexing situation. He had been inexplicably transmigrated into the body of a teenager who shared his own name, Alex, but with a heart-wrenching twist – this Alex had perished in the unforgiving confines of a Nazi concentration camp. As the bewildered Alex tried to make sense of his surreal circumstances, a chance encounter with a boy known as Eric, who also bore the alias of Magneto, thrust him into a world beyond his wildest imagination. To Alex's astonishment, dormant within him was a unique genetic collection system, a latent power that had awakened with his newfound identity. It allowed him to wield an unparalleled advantage in his new world. As long as Alex could obtain a strand of the target's hair or any sample of their DNA, he possessed the uncanny ability to replicate and even enhance their extraordinary talents. With every strand of DNA he collected, Alex's powers grew, and the stakes soared ever higher. In this intricate dance of powers and principles, Alex's journey promised to be an electrifying tale of transformation, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of power and justice in the marvel universe where the extraordinary was the norm. But one profound question always troubled in his mind. "What will happen if I tie up Sebastian Shaw and throw him into an aquarium."

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1962 (Edited)

Time flowed like an arrow, and the sun and the moon seemed to dart across the sky. In the blink of an eye, it was the year 1962. Jessica had been residing in Alex's home for some time, becoming the second woman in his life within just half a year.

Discovering Raven's involvement with Alex, Jessica couldn't help but display a hint of jealousy initially. However, Alex skillfully managed to assuage her emotions, and she reluctantly accepted the situation. Resistance against Alex's charm proved futile, and gradually, a connection formed between Jessica and Raven through shared experiences.

Even Emma, succumbed to Alex's unique charm. The title "White Queen" was a moniker Alex bestowed upon her. Though Jessica and Raven initially opposed this decision, their objections faded over time.

Emma, different from the others, had a unique perspective. She didn't concern herself with the number of women in Alex's life, confident that she held a special place in his heart.

One fateful night, Emma's father, aware of Alex's status as Howard's adopted son, entrusted her to Alex's care. Alex provided her with the necessary medication, marking the beginning of Emma being Alex's girlfriend. This decision severed her ties with her family, and she chose to follow Alex wholeheartedly.


More than a decade passed, and Alex, now in his twenties, found himself lounging lazily on a sunbed by the pool at the sprawling Stark Manor on the outskirts of London. Charles, seeking his attention, asked Alex to look at his paper while he enjoyed the view.

In the expansive pool, a graceful, blond woman swam like a mermaid, another striking woman with long black hair exuded confidence, and a third blond woman, clearly irritated, basked in the sun.

"Hey, Alex, quit ogling the ladies! Pay attention to me, will you? Haven't you seen enough over the years?" a playful kick interrupted Alex's gaze.

"Hmm? What?" Alex reluctantly shifted his attention from the trio of beauties and turned to the brown-haired youth. "The paper! My paper! Come on, man!"

The brown-haired youth waved a folder in front of Alex, clearly exasperated.

"Ah, your paper... sure thing!" Alex responded.

Shaking his head with a helpless expression, Alex's eyes twinkled with mischief as he added, "Charles, in the midst of this blissful vacation, you choose to bring up that paper? Don't you find it a tad bit disappointing? Besides, I must admit, the three enchanting ladies before us are far more captivating than your paper."

"Hahahaha, Charles, you're yet to grasp the finer points of style," chimed in Raven, her laughter reminiscent of tinkling silver bells. Sauntering closer, she planted a playful kiss on Alex's lips, then leaned comfortably against his muscular frame.

"Charles, let that paper take a backseat for once!" Emma, lounging in the water, couldn't resist joining the fun. She made her way toward Alex and Raven, playfully splashing water at them. A cascade of water droplets inadvertently showered Charles, drenching the paper he held in his hand.

"Emma! I was talking to Alex. Can't you rein in your lady, Alex?" Charles fumed, his frustration evident as he looked at the disarrayed papers.

Alex chuckled, raising his glass and gesturing to Charles, "Come on, Charles, my dear friend, let the papers go, and embrace the joys of life!"

"True, I might not see it your way right now, but mark my words, it's all connected!" Charles tossed the waterlogged folder aside and settled beside Alex. "You're a Neanderthal, Alex…"

Feigning offense, Alex quickly added, "Alright, Charles, I promise I'll read your paper. I genuinely understand the significance of Homo sapiens supplanting Neanderthals. Your paper is well-crafted!"

"The inevitability of Homo sapiens replacing Neanderthals…" Charles sighed and exchanged a knowing glance with Alex. He pointed to himself, then gestured to Raven, Emma, and Jessica, "Don't you think our existence parallels Homo sapiens replacing Neanderthals?" The playful banter took a contemplative turn, inviting a moment of reflection amidst the laughter and joy.

"Isn't that just evolution? A natural course of events?" Alex mused, taking a sip of his drink and regarding Charles. "Charles, my friend, this wine is exquisite. Won't you give it a try?"

Charles, considering the implications, responded, "But have you considered this? If the current humans are eventually replaced and extinguished, it could lead to inevitable conflict and war! We must put a stop to it!" He raised a clenched fist with the fervor of a revolutionary.

Alex, maintaining his composure, countered, "Alright! You want to defy the laws of nature? Halt evolution? You're not a deity, Charles. And you've been preaching this rhetoric to me for two or three years now. You know me; not all mutants are eager for battle. Perhaps some simply yearn for a peaceful haven, free from indifference and harm. I'm one of them, mastering my abilities and coexisting in society. Understand, my friend?" His voice held a serene tone as he calmly expressed his viewpoint.

(End of this captivating chapter)


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