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The MCU is already a perilous realm, fraught with danger at every turn. But for a crimelord like myself, it's a whole other level of risk, especially with heroes lurking around every corner. And if that weren't daunting enough, now I have to contend with the added uncertainty of encountering at least one completely random SCP every month. How many of these anomalies would it take to trigger an XK-class event? Well, here's hoping I get some favorable ones, allowing me not only to survive but also to flourish in this treacherous environment.

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The Protector Emerges -29


"So it's finally starting, eh? Would have liked some more time, but guess it had to happen sooner rather than later." Alex said to himself as he got a report about a possible sighting of SCP-204.


Well, it wasn't a report sent straight to him, really, more to SITE-19, which happened to be the closest SITE to Chicago, where it was suspected that an instance of the object appeared.


As head of the entire Foundation, Alex could read all reports coming in, which was something he did from time to time. Reading the headlines, at least. Reading them all was well beyond him.


Thousands were coming in every day from the vast amount of personnel he had under him. Which in of itself was impressive considering the low amount of SITEs and SCPs around currently.


Yet the Foundation really liked their paperwork, ensuring everything was properly documented. Trying to read them all would be impossible for a single person like him.


Even just reading the headlines was time-consuming, so he had to give up on that idea quickly. Now, he filtered the lowest-level reports out unless they were sent higher into the system. Which he took as a sign they were important.


It wasn't always the case, or at least it wasn't always the case he found those reports important. To his SITE directors, it might be different. They did, after all, have an interest in recruiting more staff. Alex just had to pay in the end.


Something he always did; after all, he knew best how smart the people of the Marvel universe were. So even though it wasn't names he remembered, he still allowed them to enter the Foundation if they passed all the standard checks.


It might be expensive, but he was sure that it would be worth it down the line as they might be able to come up with ways to contain some dangerous Keter class SCPs.


After reading this report, which had the keyword SCP-204 inside it. Alex had quickly checked the system tool, which now indicated a 1. Hinting towards the fact that a single instance of the protector now existed out there.


"We've just received a fresh update from our correspondent in Chicago, Dave. Let's tune in to his report on the chilling murder case involving a police officer, tragically found deceased right outside the precinct where he served," the newscaster announced. Alex, partially distracted by work, glanced intermittently at the recorded news broadcast, catching glimpses of the unfolding story.


"Good evening. I'm currently on-site in Chicago, adjacent to the cordoned-off vicinity of the Near North police facility. Earlier reports confirmed the grim discovery of a police officer's body right here, at the threshold of his place of duty. The murder, marked by its sheer brutality, has sent shockwaves through the community, though specifics of the crime remain tightly under wraps.


In a startling development, authorities have just unearthed another victim, fallen to what appears to be an identical modus operandi. This worrying pattern has prompted law enforcement to widen their investigation, bracing for the possibility of a serial perpetrator prowling the city streets.


In light of these events, police are urging residents to exercise utmost caution: remain indoors this evening if possible, and maintain a heightened awareness of your surroundings when venturing outside, especially when encountering strangers," the journalist detailed, his breath visible in the frigid air. He stood before a stark white tent, erected beside a police cruiser, the scene bustling with investigators piecing together the night's harrowing events.


Alex didn't have to rely on the regular media for his information. The agents inside the police nationwide allowed him to get his hands on more information, including about the state in which the poor officer's body was found.


Everything indeed pointed towards SCP-204-1 having done this. He was pretty sure they had managed to find out about this object relatively soon after it appeared. He didn't check the system location tool every day. But he knew for sure that it hadn't been around a week ago.


'The heightened scrutiny surrounding this case could inadvertently hamper my team's mobility and operational discretion. However, should this media frenzy persist, it may paradoxically grant me the opportunity to deploy additional undercover assets,' Alex pondered, contemplating the delicate balance between visibility and strategic advantage.


'The likelihood of external intervention, particularly from unaffiliated agencies, remains slim. The local law enforcement's reluctance to embrace outside assistance, including that from federal bodies like the FBI, is well-documented. They prefer to assert their jurisdictional autonomy, resisting the notion of external influence.'


'Yet, there's a potential wildcard: SHIELD. Given the extraordinary nature of this case, their involvement could become inevitable. Should they initiate an inquiry, it might just provide the opening I need to weave my operatives into the investigation discreetly,' Alex speculated, recognizing the strategic implications of aligning with or leveraging the resources of an organization like SHIELD.


As he delved deeper into the case, Alex's attention was drawn to a photograph of the recently discovered victim, gruesomely bisected. With a sense of foreboding, he juxtaposed this image against an older, worn photograph from his collection – displaying someone after having run afoul of Captain America during the Second World War.


"Remarkably similar, indeed," he murmured to himself. The eerie resemblance between the two cases would probably be noticed by others soon enough. Once that happened, he was sure this already remarkable case would gain a whole new level of attention.



The resurgence of the case in national headlines was swift and sensational, with the media now liberally brandishing the term "serial killer" following the grim discovery of three additional victims. This escalation brought the confirmed death toll to five, across what was clearly multiple incidents.


The sensational coverage was designed to capture and retain public attention, sparking widespread alarm and fascination in equal measure. The appetite for such macabre stories proved insatiable among the viewers, who were drawn to the unfolding narrative like moths to a flame.


The Foundation had also called upon their resources in the underworld to look for further clues, after all SCP-204-1 was well known to bring 204-2 into danger, which for a child often meant gangs.



As the investigation deepened and the body count rose, the media's fervor reached unprecedented levels, with each development adding fuel to the fire of public interest. The narrative took a particularly sensational turn when rumors began circulating about a child potentially being behind the heinous acts.


This shocking possibility captivated and horrified the public in equal measure, propelling the case into the spotlight with renewed intensity.


The case took another twist with the revisitation of Officer Bentley's murder, which was sensationalized as the "first" victim. Officer Bentley, emblematic of integrity and the embodiment of the American dream, stood in stark contrast to the prevailing narratives of police misconduct that dominated headlines.


His clean record and commendable service painted a picture of a man who was not just a public servant but a genuine hero in the eyes of the community. This revelation about Bentley added layers of tragedy and intrigue to the case, endearing him posthumously to a public craving for stories of genuine goodness amidst a sea of negativity.


Alex, like many others, was taken aback by the purity of Bentley's legacy. In an era where cynicism towards law enforcement was rampant, Bentley's story was a rare beacon of hope and integrity. His untainted reputation and the circumstances of his untimely death contributed significantly to the case's magnetism, turning it into a larger-than-life saga that captivated the nation.


Bentley's murder, framed within the broader narrative of a possible child perpetrator and a series of brutal killings, transformed the investigation into a complex tapestry of horror, mystery, and an almost mythic quest for justice. This blend of elements ensured that the case remained at the forefront of public consciousness, becoming a sensational phenomenon that transcended the usual crime story boundaries.

As the investigation unfolded, the narrative took an even darker turn with reports suggesting an entire family, including a child, might be involved in the spree of heinous crimes. This theory, coupled with the discovery of more victims, injected a new level of terror into the public consciousness.


The randomness and brutality of the attacks left the community reeling, with fear escalating as the festive season approached. The thought that anyone could be the next victim, and the sanctity of one's home offered no guarantee of safety, cast a shadow over what should have been a time of joy and celebration.


Amidst this growing panic, the media's penchant for sensationalism did not wane, coining evocative and chilling monikers for the alleged serial killers. Alex, observing the frenzy, couldn't help but note the media's creativity in naming the perpetrators, a grim reflection of society's fascination with the macabre.


The peculiar nature of the murders, particularly the disturbing details surrounding the victims, caught the attention of SHIELD. The involvement of such a high-profile organization highlighted the case's complexity and the potential threat it posed.


The forensic evidence suggesting cannibalism added a layer of urgency to the investigation, propelling SHIELD agents to join the manhunt in significant numbers. However, their advanced skills and technology seemed insufficient in the face of such a perplexing case, especially given their lack of insight into the true nature of the perpetrator or perpetrators.


The local police forces, feeling increasingly marginalized as SHIELD took a more prominent role, expressed their frustration and dissatisfaction, creating the perfect chance for the Foundation to insert themselves into the tension between agencies.


Despite SHIELD's resources and expertise, they found themselves forced to work tightly with other agencies, the secretive nature of their agency hampered their efforts which forced them to work undercover.


In contrast, The Foundation, gladly took the opportunity to take over the investigation armed with more specific clues, they were able to use both SHIELD and the police to aid them in finding clues that only they had the ability to properly understand.


Alex was pushing the investigation hard as he was hoping to capture the instance of SCP-204-2 before more instances appeared. Hoping that it would not only bring the terrifying spree to an end but also yield significant rewards.


 SCP-4255 was another thing that was drawing Alex's attention these days, and how couldn't it? After all, it was Santa! Even if it's just a time-traveling normal-man version, didn't diminish the allure of this object.


Even if capturing and containing him was pretty much impossible and he wouldn't get any reward for the expenses incurred in containing the secret. Still, Just the fact that he could say with 100% confidence that Santa was real was something he found incredibly amazing.


The world outside the Foundation had no way of knowing that Santa would soon make his visit. Only innocent children would believe such a thing. Adults would humor them while believing they knew the truth. Yet thanks to the system, they were the ones believing a lie.




[With Bruce Banner]


Amidst the relative lull in activity concerning the more traditionally perilous SCP entities, the Facility found itself with an opportunity to allocate additional resources and attention to a particularly enigmatic subject under their care: the Hulk.


Today marked a significant milestone for Bruce Banner, as he was poised to conclude his intensive research on SCP-1555, with the unique chance to share his personal discoveries with a distinguished audience. This assembly of his peers, a conclave of esteemed scientists, researchers, and other intrigued personnel, would today be graced by the presence of SITE Director Noah Tremblay himself.


"Good day to all of you, and thank you for granting me the honor of your attention," Bruce began, his voice imbued with a mix of gratitude and anticipation.


"It's been quite some time since I've had the privilege to engage directly with my peers in this manner, to delve into the intricacies of our work and share the fruits of my labor. Today, I'm here to discuss SCP-1555, also known to us as 'The Facility,' a designation that belies the complexity and intrigue of this Euclid-class object."


Bruce proceeded to outline the foundational aspects of SCP-1555, noting its multifaceted structure and the phenomena that emanate from it, particularly the target range and the spontaneous generation of objects containing genetically identical mouse clones.


"The Facility's primary components, the cannon and The Cave, present a duality of enigma and challenge. The cannon's transformative nature and The Cave's ominous one-way passage underscore the Euclid classification's appropriateness."


He shared his fascination and the primary focus of his research: the biological marvel of the mouse clones. "As a biologist, the perfection and scale of this cloning process captivated my scientific curiosity. The existence of such flawless replication, absent of any genetic deviation across countless generations, stands as both a marvel and a mystery."


Bruce detailed the exhaustive nature of his study, having dissected over a thousand mice, only to confirm their cloned origin without uncovering any anomalies. This realization steered his investigation towards the objects themselves, leading to the hypothesis that SCP-1555's attempts at cloning extended beyond biological matter to inanimate objects as well.


"My research suggests that SCP-1555 is engaged in an ambitious, albeit flawed, endeavor to replicate not just living tissue but the very fabric of physical matter. This pursuit, however, has not met with success when it comes to non-biological items, a conundrum that challenges our understanding of cloning's complexities."


Concluding his presentation, Bruce unveiled a comprehensive theory developed from his findings and the partial insights gleaned from the heavily redacted SCP-1555 file.


"While the full exploration of The Cave and the inner workings of The Facility remains beyond our current reach, the theories we construct in the face of such unknowns are crucial to advancing our understanding. I invite you to examine the compiled data and theoretical framework I've prepared, and I welcome any questions or insights you may have."


With that, Bruce opened the floor to his colleagues, ready to engage in a deep and meaningful discourse on the enigmatic SCP-1555, its implications for the field of cloning, and the broader mysteries that yet lay unsolved within the SCP object.


SCP-1555, despite its classification as a Euclid object with a relatively low danger level, had captivated Bruce Banner's scientific curiosity. It represented not just an object of study but a milestone in his career with the Foundation, marking the first SCP he had ever worked with and known. The object's inherent mysteries and the opportunities it presented for scientific inquiry made it an ideal subject for someone with Bruce's passion for research and discovery.


Having worked here for a time, he had learned of quite a few different SCP objects, some of which truly had him curious and wanting to study them. While others he didn't know where to even start. They just seemed so random, so anomalous, that he couldn't see how science could even begin answering those questions.




As he finished answering the last questions, people began to mingle or leave. He got talking with SITE director Tremblay, and he learned that they were apparently going to be busy soon with a Keter class object.


Even if he had never worked with an object of that class, he knew that they were supremely dangerous. After all, he had been allowed to read the File of SCP object 169 and shown some pictures which were contained within, which were shocking and baffling.


The revelation of another SCP object stirring trouble initially sent a wave of apprehension through him, until he was reassured that while the entity posed no direct danger, it was deemed impossible to contain—a nuance that piqued his interest further.


Seizing the moment, he ventured to inquire more about this enigmatic object. The site director, with a twinkle of mischief in his eye and a smirk playing on his lips, posed a question that took Bruce by surprise.


"Say, Doctor Banner, do you happen to hold any belief in Santa Claus?" The playful tone in the director's voice was laden with amusement, suggesting the prelude to an unexpected revelation.


"Santa? Surely, that's not possible," Bruce responded, his voice tinged with disbelief and astonishment. The director's question and the subsequent laughter that filled the room seemed to have achieved its intended effect, lightening the atmosphere with a shared moment of mirth among colleagues.


With a few congenial pats on the shoulder, the site director imparted a cryptic clue, "4255, that's all I'm going to say," before departing with a sense of enigmatic finality.


Bruce scanned the room, searching the expressions of his coworkers for any hint of clarity. The collective response, a blend of knowing smiles and intrigued glances, only fueled his determination. Realizing the urgency of his curiosity, he excused himself from the gathering, driven by an irresistible urge to delve into the SCP-4255 file.


The prospect of uncovering the secrets behind this reference, intertwined with the mythical figure of Santa Claus, propelled him towards the archives, hopeful for access and eager to unravel the mystery that had been so tantalizingly hinted at by the site director.