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Alex sat around in his bunker and played around with his newest power, which he had gotten from SCP-137. The object itself was just Euclid, but the reward? The reward was in a class of itself.


[Ding! Congratulations to Host for getting the Ability: Flash Forge!]


The ability was amazingly useful, straight-up something a superhero might have. The ability was simple: He could instantly create small, non-complex objects out of thin air! Sadly, they only lasted a few minutes.


Apparently, paper with text on it was simply enough, which meant that he could instantly conjure up documents and then scan and upload them. Significantly cutting down on some of his work times.


Other than for doing paperwork, the ability could also create small weapons such as knives. Guns had proved a lot more difficult to make. They seemed too complex; however, after enough time trying, he had been able to make a cool-looking old-school revolver where he could make the bullets separately.


He figured it would look pretty cool if he ever got into a gunfight. He would just stand there in his O5 suit. Calmly conjures a gun and loads it bullet by bullet while uncaring about the enemy assault before slowly walking around and killing his opponents.


He had only learned that he was surprisingly good at throwing knives and shooting. In fact, he didn't think he was any worse than Deadeye, not sure about ranged combat. While playing around with all kinds of weapons, he found that he was skilled in many of them.


Swords and spears, in particular, felt like he had used them for half his life. He really felt that he was starting to unravel some great mystery surrounding his own past.


In other good news, he was also seeing great progress with Natasha. She hadn't been with Shield for that long, so her loyalty wasn't yet as strong as it would be by the time she became an Avenger.


Overall, he felt that he wasn't doing too badly. For one, he was still alive, and the world was still spinning like normal. Things could change very quickly in both the Marvel and, even more so, the SCP universe, much less this mix.


He was also slowly becoming stronger, even if very slowly. His collection of Avengers was also slowly starting to take shape. He would properly be able to survive the coming Marvel trouble with the amount of power he had gathered around him now. Which just left the SCP deathtraps.


With a sigh Alex threw a dagger across the room and into a target on the opposite wall without looking and sat straighter, leaning forward to continue his work. With the push of a few keys he was soon looking at a map of Foundation SITEs.


With another few keys hit, he overlayed the first map with another one, showing the position of active Foundation assists, meaning the many agents out in the field and the many undercover agents.


This kind of information he had before him was only available to members of the O5 council. This information could very well cause the downfall of the Foundation if it reached the hands of their enemies.


Thankfully it wouldn't ever reach their hands as it was all but impossible to access this information outside of a few locations on earth, and only by even fewer people.


Yet that still wasn't enough for Alex. His fingers continued to dance and push ever more keys. Overlaying yet another map that showed the paths of movements for the assets. All this information allowed him to trace their search for a few SCP objects.


The more dangerous objects, such as 469 and 1295, were among the ones he paid the most attention to. Looking at the map, he saw dozens and dozens of spots searched by Foundation agents and MTFs.


Even a good part of the US roads had been marked off recently as they looked for Meg's Diner. With the progress they were making, it should take more than another week before they either found it or confirmed it wasn't in the US.


A guarantee he wouldn't be able to get with 469 given the countless possible caves around the world it could be hidden away inside. For all he knew, it could be right inside the Wakanda great mine right now. Slowing fighting war against those tech thieves until it destroyed their entire kingdom before going on to the rest of the world.


'No, don't think like that, everything is fine, it's fine,' Alex tried to assure himself as he shook his head and looked back at the map, his eyes sharp with focus.


"Let's try this." Alex whispered after a few minutes of looking at the maps, and with more clicks and taps, another overlay appeared, this one showing the logged locations of every SCP object the Foundation knew about.


This didn't just show objects currently in containment but also ones not, like Talokan. The list wasn't complete, though, since none of the objects in his bunker were listed; neither were 006 or 2000 listed on the list.


There were also a few SITEs missing from the map, which was rather strange given that members of the O5 council knew about them and only O5 members could even see that map, to begin with.


The amount of secrets and paranoia of the Foundation never stopped to amaze Alex. Looking at the map once more, following the lines of assets and objects. He noticed that there was a layover between an object and a group of assets.


"That's the red sea object, SCP-093. Getting that will help me deal with Pym more easily. Perhaps I should even pay him a visit, now that I have my suit, I can do that without worry." Alex mused as he kept scanning the map for other objects that might have been found and would enter the containment soon.


'Quite a few will be contained over the next few days… guess I can see about the rewards before making any new moves. I mean, the few I have already help to make me a lot more mysterious and cooler.' He mused as he made a note on expected containment for a few Objects, including 3008. Whose containment had been delayed due to the mass disappearance of people inside it.




The very next day, SCP-093 did indeed enter containment at SITE-98. As a result, Alex was greeted with a ping from his system.


[Ding! Congratulations to Host for the successful containment of SCP-093! Rewards are being given out!]


[Ding! Congratulations to Host for getting the object: Temporal Compass!]


[Ding! Warning! Host a SCP has appeared in the world and is outside Foundation control! Host is asked to deal with the situation and follow the Foundation's goal of Securing, containing, and Protecting!]


'An object this time?' Alex thought as he watched a small item materialize right in front of his eyes and drop down into his outstretched hand.


It was a small compass, which looked exactly like he assumed a normal hand compass did. He wouldn't know, it wasn't the type of item he normally dealt with.


Thankfully the system did prove helpful in this case, as it informed him about the ability and nature of any SCP object within reach. An ability that was so insanely useful he wished he could use it more.


However, as a member of O5, he wasn't really supposed to be around objects, even less objects that weren't already well understood, so while the ability was useful to the extreme, he couldn't use it for much.


Still, it did allow him to know about this object. An object that was counted as an SCP object, so he began to write down an SCP file for it; doing so would allow him to contain it and get a reward for containing his reward.


[SCP-10047 – Temporal Compass]


[Object class – Safe]


[Special Containment Procedures: SCP-10047 is to be contained in a stand secure locker at SITE-009 or any other available general containment SITE, with the preferred alternative being SITE-19. The locker is to be situated in a geomagnetically stable chamber to prevent interference with the object's anomalous properties. Access to the object is restricted to level 3 personnel and above, with the use of the item for field operations requiring approval from at least two level 4 personnel. 


Due to the object's nature, the area within a one-mile radius of its containment must be constantly monitored for unexpected events or anomalies. Any significant deviations from normal activity patterns or unexpected occurrences within this radius are to be reported and investigated immediately.]


[Description: SCP-10047 appears to be a standard brass naval compass, with no distinguishable markings or features that would differentiate it from non-anomalous counterparts. However, SCP-10047 does not point toward magnetic north. Instead, its needle points towards the location of the most significant event (classified by potential impact on its immediate surroundings or individuals) that is about to occur within a one-mile radius of its current location. 


The definition of "significant" appears to be somewhat subjective and influenced by the potential for change in the local status quo, whether positive or negative. Events predicted by SCP-10047 have ranged from vehicular accidents and natural disasters to unexpected personal revelations and encounters. 


SCP-10047's accuracy in pinpointing events decreases as the magnitude or impact of the potential event increases. For relatively minor events, SCP-10047's directionality can be precise to within a few degrees. However, for events with far-reaching consequences, the compass provides only a general direction, and its needle may oscillate within a wider arc, reflecting the vagueness of its prediction.]


[Addendum 10047-1: By order of O5-1, normal containment procedures are waived at SITE-009. Instead, level 3 personnel should be watching object at all times to take advantage of the anomalous property and ensure the security of SITE-009.]


Reading over the entry a few more times to ensure he was happy with it, Alex finally nodded and added it to the database. Once more getting reminded of the joy of making entries. 'Should probably do some more, plenty of things I could add in, and it is good fun.' He mused as he felt that this kind of work was some of the most enjoyable, he was dealing with these days.


 With the file added, all that needed to be done now was to follow the adjusted containment procedures and he would get some points to go with it. Even if the thought of letting his points pile up again wasn't too reassuring.


He had done that once before, and it hadn't worked out all too well with the sudden addition of 28 new SCP objects to the world, including a few very dangerous ones. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


Looking at the compass, the needle slowly moved around, no doubt because of the event it was pointing towards happened, and it pointed towards a new one. He did hope that once a big event was about to happen, it would point towards it for some time in advance. Allowing the clue to be used.


Well, the truth about the objects would hopefully be fully revealed as the item was tried and tested by use. After all, even Alex's SCP senses could only do some much when it came to a concept as difficult to grasp as time.


"Had the range been bigger it would be a lot more useful, that's for sure." He mused as he closed his fingers around the object and took the elevator up to his room. During the short trip, he looked at the compass and saw the needle was pointing directly forward, almost like it was pointing toward his room.


Alex didn't expect much. Why would he? As a member of the O5, his every move would make waves. Even him stumbling as he walked across the room could be conserved as a significant event.


And really what could possibly happen in his own room? That place was under guard by Alpha-1, some of the best-trained and equipped men and women in the entire world.


Yet, as soon as the elevator door opened, his eyes met a striking green pair.



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