56 Chapter 56: Completing the deal

As soon as Law entered the portal, he appeared back in the mirror dimension where his body was which was being guarded by Ancient One who was silently drinking tea.

His astral projection entered his body back. He started sweating and breathing heavily as he was exhausted and tired. He had used too much of his Reaitsu while applying his spiritual pressure on Dormammu.

He had forgotten one fact that his spiritual pressure would be equal to the amount of his Kisuke Urahara's template which was less than 40%.

He thought that he would be able to surpress Dormammu with his spiritual pressure easily but that was under the assumption that his spiritual pressure would be what Kisuke had at his peak. But he still managed to at least make Dormammu wary with his spiritual pressure.

Ancient One did not disturb Law and did not say anything as she could see he was exhausted.

Once Law had rested enough, he looked at Ancient one as he made the victory sign with one hand and with the other hand showed a transparent blob which was tainted by blackish energy to her which was the part of her soul.

Before she could recover from her surprise or ask him questions or thank him, Law jokingly and half seriously said "Let's combine the soul before the connection with the dark dimension is lost from the soul. If it gets too late you can say bye-bye to immortality and life."

Ancient One without saying anything nodded.

The ritual was similar to a dark arts ritual where you combine your soul with a demon which makes the body a host for the demon. It's complicated stuff but Law and Ancient one managed to mould it to their needs.

The ritual was performed successfully as both the souls of ancient One were combined successfully. Ancient One not only got access to the dark dimension powers like before but the power of her spells also increased.

There was no side effects aside of the mark of dark dimension appearing a little more brighter. She even looked a few years younger.

"Damn, You look more young and beautiful, if you just had some hair on your head I might add you to my non existent harem." Law said

"Harem?" Ancient One asked not understanding what harem meant

'Guess she is not an otaku' Law thought

"Well anyways thank you for the complement and thank you for upholding the part of your deal." Ancient One bowed in thanks.

"Now tell me what deal you made with Dormammu. I hope you did not make an outrageous deal with him." Ancient one said while looking at Law with suspicious eyes.

"Hmmph! Dormammu was so scared that he couldn't even argue with me. He even called me master and was willing to make me the ruler of dark dimension but I had to refuse since I am very busy." Law bragged as he puffed up his chest.

Ancient One glared at him not believing a single word about what he said. She could agree that he was strong but not strong enough to make Dormammu call him master.

"Fine. Fine. I might have flirted with Dormammu's niece and he might have gotten a little angry. But since he is going to be my in-law in the future, I decided to make a deal with him so that he would give me your soul as well as leave Earth alone."

Ancient One looked at him as if he is the most stupid guy in the universe "You hit on his niece and he didn't obliterate you?"

"He tried to but heyyyy, shouldn't you be asking what deal I made with him?" Law said a little angered that she thought that Dormammu could obliterate him.

"So what deal did you make with him?" Ancient One asked

"Nothing much, he just asked that you would have to marry him and give him 3 babies." Law said with a serious face

Ancient One's expression was a sight to behold, she now looked older than younger.

"Hahahaha, Look at your face. Just relax, I made a deal to give access to 5 non important planets to him so that his dimension could absorb them. Hahahahaha" Law couldn't stop laughing as Ancient One's bald head got red in anger. She just left the mirror dimension not wanting to deal with Law's nonsense anymore.

Law believed that she would have obliterated him if he had made such a deal with Dormammu.

The next day, Both Ancient One and Law had acted as if nothing had happened.

Law along with Ancient One help led Dormammu to the five planets that he or rather the dark dimension would devour.

There was no need for sadness or pity for these planets as three of these were lifeless while two of them had mindless beasts like animals. And there was no sign that said 'No Killing Animals' or 'Save wildlife'

Atleast with this Earth had an immortal protector who is not going to die any time soon at the same time Law secured himself a magic expert as an ally.

They were done in a week. They had completed their part of deal. Dormammu would now leave Earth alone for the next century.

Since Law has learned most of the things from Kamar Taj, he decided to go back to his home. Though, he would still visit Kamar Taj's Library since he had not touched even ten percent of the books present there. The one thing Law likes more than joking/taunting with his enemies was to gather knowledge.

"Alright so learning magic and runes is done. Now next is gathering materials for the SENTINELS. I would take a break for a few days and enjoy my time with Emma and Gambit as well as my highschool friends. Should I confess with Gwen? If I don't do it, Peter is going to steal her from me." Law grumbled under his breath.


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