Marvel: Rise of the Undead Monarch

Waking up in a crappy prison cell right in the heart of Asgard was the last thing Johnny expected. And to make matters worse, he found himself right in the thick of all the madness as Odin and Hela wreaked havoc across the Nine Realms! But you know what? Johnny's got a little something up his sleeve – the undead system. He can summon the undead like it's nobody's business. And here's the kicker – with every enemy devoured by his undead, Johnny and his army grow stronger, bringing him ever closer to fulfilling his destiny as The Undead Monarch.

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32 Chs

New Life

Johnny found himself in a state of bewilderment.

"Where... Where am I?" he muttered, his confusion palpable.

Just moments ago, he had been living a carefree life, enjoying the comforts of home and indulging in action movies. Then, suddenly, a missile struck, reducing his existence into mere ash.

Now, he awoke in a dim, cramped dungeon.

"Transmigration? Can't be..." Johnny shook his head, trying to make sense of his surroundings.

"But even if it were, someone better clue me in on what's going on here!" he exclaimed, his frustration mounting.

Before he could unravel the mystery, the sound of footsteps echoed in the dungeon, drawing Johnny's attention. Clad in gleaming armor and armed with imposing weapons, a group of guards passed by his cell.

"Whoa! Armor and spears? Have I stumbled into a different era altogether?" Johnny wondered aloud, his confusion deepening.

"Hey! Guards! I demand to see a lawyer!" Johnny sprang to his feet, rattling the metal bars of his prison and shouting after the passing guards.

His outburst caught the guards' attention, but Johnny sensed he might have made a misstep.

The guards exchanged puzzled glances. "Wait a minute... Wasn't there a fiery creature locked up here? How did it turn into a human?" one of them muttered, eyeing Johnny with skepticism.

Two towering soldiers loomed over Johnny, blocking most of his view from the cell door.

"Excuse me, could you tell me where I am?" Johnny asked tentatively.

Faced with the soldiers' aggressive demeanor, Johnny immediately relented.

"This is Asgard, the great divine realm! Human, speak quickly, how did you manage to infiltrate?" demanded one of the soldiers, his gaze sharp and a hint of coercion emanating from him.

Under the soldier's imposing presence, Johnny's legs felt weak, and his mind raced. Asgard? Wasn't that the realm ruled by Odin, the Allfather, and Thor, the God of Thunder, in the Marvel universe?

"Infiltrate? I didn't sneak in. I was just at home when everything suddenly went dark, and then I found myself here. I haven't committed any crime!" Johnny protested, but the guards remained vigilant.

"The distance between Midgard and the divine realm is vast. Are you claiming you just appeared here?" the guard questioned skeptically.

"I think he's an intruder. With his majesty away leading an army, there must be a conspiracy behind this person's presence. Seize him!" declared another guard, his spear crackling with energy.

"Fuck!" Johnny cursed inwardly as pain surged through him. Darkness enveloped his vision, and he collapsed to the ground, silent.

"He... he seems to be dead..." the attacking guard observed uncertainly.

"It's for the best. Prisoners' lives matter little here. Whether they're infiltrators or not, we eliminate any potential threats. Better safe than sorry," remarked another guard, callously thrusting his spear into Johnny's body.

If Johnny were still conscious, he would surely protest the Asgardians' ruthlessness.

"It seems like he's really dead. Don't fret. Once the shift's done, someone'll haul the body out. The critters in the forest'll take care of the rest." The guard muttered, and the two figures promptly left. Losing a prisoner was just space saved in the divine dungeon.

You know, it costs a pretty penny to keep these prisoners, building sturdy prisons, providing grub and drink.

But what the guards didn't know was that shortly after their departure, strange things started happening to the lifeless Johnny in the cell.

A ball of dark energy spread from Johnny's body's depths and engulfed him. Under this eerie dark energy, the wound from the guard's spear healed fast, soon looking brand new, no trace left.

[System binding in progress! Checking physical condition...]

[It's been detected that the host's life's on the brink of death. Resurrection is starting...]

[System binding 100%!]

As Johnny's wounds healed and his senses returned, a strange electronic sound echoed in his mind.

"Is this... a my system?"

Johnny pondered involuntarily upon hearing the peculiar electronic sound.

"Seems like I landed in the Marvel world and somehow scored a System?"

Just as Johnny mulled over this, a progress bar popped up before him.

[Resurrection progress: 10%, 15%, 20%...]

"Am I really coming back to life? Terrific! Being alive trumps everything else!"

[Calculating based on host's physical condition...]

[Calculation done, host can currently summon one creature: a Specter.]

As the system's voice chimed, Johnny's mind swiftly grasped something. A ton of information. All this info flooded his mind, and he quickly grasped its gist.

The System, can summon undead creatures like Specters of varying numbers and strengths to battle, based on Johnny's power level. These summoned undead creatures possess different strengths, but they share one trait - devouring.

After devouring, the Johnny's strength can increases, and the devoured person's abilities can be copied and transferred to the Johnny!

Besides devouring, the Specters also boasts their own race's unique ability. They lurks in shadows year-round and are invisible to the naked eye. They only become visible when attacking. 

"It's time to get that guard who killed me," Johnny seethed with anger.