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Marvel: Reborn As Gilgamesh


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| Release Rate: 2-3 Times A Week, Undecided Days. | --- | New Author in search of betterment, so please understand that the latest chapter released, will alway be better than the first ones, give it a try until the latest chapter to see if you enjoy my fanfic or not. | --- You wonder what this story has in it for you? The simple answer is Action, Romance and above all, Growth. be it from the main character or his very own Author. So, follow Angel, a modern day young adult mind of about 21 years old, that gets transmigrated into the body of one of the most known and most powerfull kings to ever have walked the earth, Gilgamesh. But how can this junction affect the universe of Marvel, you ask? Well, only one way to find out! ----- | No Mongrels Were Harmed In The Making Of This Story | ----- | Marvel Au (616, Mcu) | ----- | Any images/gif's used to describe characters are not mine and are often from searching on google. Beside My Oc's and built 'by me' plots, I own nothing of the stories and their respective lore. All rights go to the Authors and Directors of the respective works, Marvel And Fate. |


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