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I do not own anything from Marvel or Naruto. I just enjoy both universes. So content warning first, this is a fanfic of hot steaming garbage. I hope you enjoy it. I will most likely put in bad words, fights, gore and maybe some smut. Or maybe I won’t, we will see how this goes. This story is my attempt to write some fanfiction that I won’t hate, which is still up for debate. ------------------------------ Let us follow the MC as he is pushed into the world of Marvel with his own special super power made up from the world of Naruto. This will be close to the MCU, but let's call it Earth-199999-AU. AU is for the author's universe. MCU, check. X-Men, check. Doom and the fan-4? Double check. Other stuff from comics,  also check. From Naruto, eye powers? At some point, so check. Tailed beasts and summons? Nope. Chakra and ninja powers? Check and check. ------------------------------ At least one chapter will be posted weekly, possibly more if I write enough. This is posted on RoyalRoad, Scribble Hub, Fanfiction and now Webnovel. I also now have a p@treon set up under Pewpewcachoo go check it out if you want.

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00084. Another 6 month time skip.

After a week of training with Tao and Agatha, Theo changed up his routine. He would make all of his clones at night instead of the morning. Most would still go do projects at both bases, but a handful would stay back and study magic or work on a coding project. There would also be a single lucky clone that would sleep in Theo's bed till he switched with it.

Theo spent most of his time training his body and chakra control techniques. Mostly he just used the rock wall he had made, since it was the best way to practice both and he was too small to properly use any of the weight equipment yet. Speaking of the wall, he enjoyed it so much that he made another one in the gym area of the main base so other people could use it.

It was massive compared to his personal wall and took up one entire side of the gym's walls, making it well over a football field in length. The height was even increased to more than double the original at close to nine hundred feet tall, but they had the room since that part of the base was over half a mile underground. The same pool of water was built below it and Tao even added the same spells.

It took about a month for his clones to finish everything and everyone questioned why it was even needed in the first place. But once the younger kids were able to try it out, it quickly became one of the most popular things in the gym. Even the adults started to enjoy it, which made Theo come up with a cool way to track progress on the wall.

His clones set up a bunch of cameras and sensors which would track whoever was climbing the wall. That info would be fed into a computer program he made that would show anyone interested, that person's climb in real time or the recording of it. It would also give stats, how long, how high, number of moves made, difficulty of the section being climbed along with a bunch of other information.

It pretty much made the climbing wall into an unofficial sport for the whole base. With only two people having climbed up to the top, Steve and Alexei. Bucky, Mikhail and Logan were the next highest and have only made it about three quarters to the top. Everyone else was less than halfway up. Logan did make it to the top once using his claws, but then Theo's clone chewed him out for ruining the wall and having to fix it. Which made a new rule that you could only use your hands and feet to climb the wall.

Besides the climbing wall, Theo's clones finished all the work that was planned for the base after six months. Even the massive running track that turned out to be a little over five miles long was finished. It started in the gym room and was about a hundred feet wide and twenty feet tall. It snaked around the entire underground base once and ended in the gym room where it began.

In that same six month period, Xavier and Magneto were finally brought into the proper fold of the operation. Fury still wasn't that happy with it, but he was the only outlier when it was voted on. Mostly because he still didn't trust Magneto much or even Xavier.

But then again Fury didn't trust most people so Theo and the others weren't really worried about it. Magneto was still the face of the organization that the world knew about, but he now knew who he was really working with.

Speaking of which, it was nice to see the faces of Xavier and Magneto when they met the Captain. Ezekiel took a picture of them both and has it hung up on the wall in his personal work area. Since they were both brought in, things have streamlined a bit more and a few of their team has even been allowed to come to the main base.

Mostly it was Storm, Raven, Beast and Sabertooth. Sabertooth was only allowed into the base after he met with Inoichi though, which helped to calm him down a little bit and also made him not want to fight Logan or Laura any time they met each other.

Another thing of note to happen at the base was one of the reformed widow's trying to court Coulson. Theo wasn't sure how it started, but she liked Coulson and made it very clear to him that she liked him. For the past three months whenever he was in the base and she wasn't busy with her duties. She would find him and follow him around till he had to leave. She would even sit in at meetings next to him or would watch him when he was practicing the mystic arts.

At first Coulson tried to be diplomatic about the whole thing, saying he appreciated the gesture but didn't have time for any type of relationship. When she made it clear she was already happy with the weird little thing already going on, Coulson just gave up and let it happen. He even embraced it a little by making sure they would always share a meal together whenever he was in the base, much to the exasperation of Fury.

The last thing of importance to happen in the main base was Ava and her progress in the mystic arts. Tao and the other masters who were acting as teachers took Ava and Coulson to the hidden island to practice making portals. Which both of them were now able to do, while Fury and the other students still needed some more practice to reach that stage. Coulson was now in the base a lot more often and also acted as a shuttle for Fury until he could portal himself around.

Ava's theme park adventures happened within a few weeks of her perfecting the portal skill. Ava and the kids little adventure outside of the base made Ezekiel and Fury go over all of the security systems in place and they ended up changing a lot of minor issues. They also added a few new security features and had a small monitoring team always on duty. It was a fun two weeks for Theo's unlucky clone, but the base was a lot more secure and the kids had a little less freedom now.

Speaking of the kids, all of them were given extra duty around the base for two months and Ava wasn't allowed to learn any new magic for three months. She could still practice and focus on what was helping to keep her stable, but that was it.

Ezekiel did press the importance of coming to him or someone else if the kids had any issues. He also reinforced that no matter what the request or issue was, Ezekiel would consider it fully. Even if the request was something silly, like someone wanted a pony…

The incident also made him look into how much it would cost to rent out a theme park for the day for the kids around the base and the kids from Xavier's school. It turned out you couldn't really do that, but Theo was gonna figure out something so the kids could go have some fun besides the hidden island they used.

Maybe he could just build a theme park on the hidden island, but then he would need to find people to run it. Maybe his clones could? The more he thought about it the more issues he found in his plans.

Meanwhile the social media platform Theo created was slowly getting more popular. He had already created the perfect operating system for smartphones, he just needed someone to create an affordable smartphone and he was sure they would blow up in popularity.

He had some plans to look into contacting someone soon to start the process. He was going to ask Hank about it, but the man was still tirelessly working to find his wife. Hank and his team were still in the process of building the quantum tunnel and wouldn't be finished for over a year or more, since almost every part needed to be custom made from scratch.

As for the platform's his video service was the most popular platform currently and was increasing the fastest. It also had two new stars that were becoming popular. One of them was a random kid from the Xavier Institute who recorded and uploaded the aftermath of Kurt's first video. It was pretty much Kitty chasing after Kurt with a sword for about ten minutes, but it blew up because of Kurt's popularity and how funny it was to watch.

The kid was still uploading new videos but most of them were just random funny things that happened at the school. Apparently people loved to watch meta-humans who couldn't fully control their own powers, since half the time something funny happened while they used them. He would even do short interviews with anyone he filmed so people could learn more about them.

The other rising star was also from the school, but it was an all girl band led by Dazzler. She was the singer and used her powers to do amazing light shows. The other girls in the band also had similar powers to enhance their performance. One of them was Jubilee who would shoot out random fireworks as she ripped on lead guitar. The drummer who went by Fog, had a power to pretty much produce and control fog. She would cover the area above and below the band in fog which would help enhance Dazzler's lights and Jubilee's fireworks.

The last member was the bassist named Aurora, who had a power to produce something similar to the Aurora Borealis. With all of them combined performing it made a spectacular show which was causing them to become popular.

The only thing holding them back was they were currently a cover band and had no original songs yet. But that wasn't a bad thing, since people who enjoyed their videos could vote on the next song they would perform and record.

As for Theo's home life, the only thing important that happened besides some birthdays in which Peter and he turned five, while Milly turned four.

It was Jonathan Pangborn and Sara were married at his family's shop one weekend. The whole affair was semi private with only Theo's extended family, and the immediate family of Jon and Sara, along with a handful of friends. It was a pretty fun experience overall for Theo since he had never been to a wedding before.

Jacob BBQ'd for the entire wedding party which was a little over fifty people. It was part of his wedding gift for both of them including a month of paid vacation for their honeymoon. Ben's gift was paying for the rest of the party, the cake and a pair of plane tickets to Europe. They were planning to travel around the place for their month-long honeymoon.

The wedding itself was pretty fast overall and wasn't too fancy compared to a normal one. While everyone was slightly dressed up, it wasn't formal with tuxedos and dresses.

Jon wore black colored dress slacks and a nice looking blue collared shirt. Sara wore a pretty teal colored dress that stopped at her knees and highlighted her now blue colored hair. After they finished their vows it just turned into a pretty normal party except for the wedding cake.

Speaking of the wedding cake, when Milly saw it her eyes lit up and she told her mom in all seriousness, "Mom! I need to get married!"

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here is the first chapter for the week. ---------Fog and Aurora are made up characters, in case you try to look for them.

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