Marvel-ous Ninjutsu

I do not own anything from Marvel or Naruto. I just enjoy both universes. So content warning first, this is a fanfic of hot steaming garbage. I hope you enjoy it. I will most likely put in bad words, fights, gore and maybe some smut. Or maybe I won’t, we will see how this goes. This story is my attempt to write some fanfiction that I won’t hate, which is still up for debate. ------------------------------ Let us follow the MC as he is pushed into the world of Marvel with his own special super power made up from the world of Naruto. This will be close to the MCU, but let's call it Earth-199999-AU. AU is for the author's universe. MCU, check. X-Men, check. Doom and the fan-4? Double check. Other stuff from comics,  also check. From Naruto, eye powers? At some point, so check. Tailed beasts and summons? Nope. Chakra and ninja powers? Check and check. ------------------------------ At least one chapter will be posted weekly, possibly more if I write enough. This is posted on RoyalRoad, Scribble Hub, Fanfiction and now Webnovel. I also now have a p@treon set up under Pewpewcachoo go check it out if you want.

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00008. New family member!

The next few days passed pretty quickly while I stayed with my godparents. My father came home and visited a few times, mostly to shower, change clothes and check up on me. After three days both my parents came home with a baby carrier. Both my mother and father were extremely happy when they picked me up and took me home. The first thing my mother did was give me a long hug and kiss on the cheek. When I was released from the hug, my father picked me up and sat me down next to him on the couch. My mom picked up a baby out of the carrier and after she settled the baby in her arms she looked at me and said. "Theo sweetie, I would like you to meet your new little sister. Her name is Emily Mercer."

I looked down at the baby my mother held, and I couldn't help but smile. She was currently sleeping peacefully in my mother's arms. As I looked at her I noticed she looked a little different than me. The little bit of hair she had was the same reddish brown hair that my mother had. While I had dark black hair, kinda like my father. She also looked slightly like a mix of my parents, at least it seemed like it. She mostly looked like a baby.

I looked at both my parents as they smiled at me and I said, "You realize that she will probably be a lot more work to take care of than I was."

My father laughed a little at that and looked at my Mother and said, "I win."

My mother just let out a sigh as she gently rocked back and forth with my sister in her arms. She looked at me, then my father and said, "You know if she is a handful, you are the one who will have to take care of it most of the time. Especially if it's in the middle of the night."

My father just smiled at that and then my mother looked back at me and said. "Normally I wouldn't expect a child your age to help out, but you don't really act like a child. So you are going to be helping us to watch over your little sister. Can you do that for us, Theo?"

"Yes mother, I will do my best as an older brother."

"I knew I could count on you."

My father patted my head and said, "If you just treat her like you do Peter, I am sure you will be great."

The rest of the day passed quickly with us hanging out as a family together with our newest family member. I was right, she seemed to be really fussy and was going to be a handful for my parents. But that's fine, both my parents are delighted any time they interact with her and I admit, I am also. She might be fussy, but she is also my little sister.


Life turned into a new routine for our family, after a small party with my godparents, and Peter's parents. The new routine was me and Emily in my room after my mother finished her maternity leave. She ended up being a big handful and likes to wake up in the middle of the night at least once. Most times it's closer to two or three times a night. She has a crazy set of lungs too, I have never heard a baby that was so loud when they cry. It's been over two months since she came home and my dad has been getting run ragged. He gets maybe 3-5 hours of sleep a night, since he has to take care of my sister once she wakes up. My mother helps out on the weekends, but during the week it is my father who takes care of Emily at night.

I have tried to help out a few times before she starts crying, but nothing I do seems to help. She likes to wake up and then instantly start to cry, so most of the time I don't even have a chance to act. I think most of the time it's because she needs a change. But sometimes she just wakes up and starts crying, the only thing my father can do is make her some warm milk and rock her back to sleep. Those times she normally doesn't wake back up because she and my father fall asleep together in the rocking chair. My mom always comes into the room and has the biggest smile on her face when she sees Emily and my father like that. I have to admit it's a very cute sight. Emily is resting in his arms, his head is tilted to the side on his shoulder and he has a bit of drool coming out of his mouth. Mom has taken a few pictures of it, and one of them is now sitting in a frame down stairs.

Anyways, our new family routine is after we wake up. Mom goes to work early, dad finishes getting us ready. Mostly it is my sister, I get myself ready. Then we walk over to Aunt May's and get dropped off. My father leaves for work with Ben and we start our day at May's. Normally Peter, MJ and Jean get there not long after me and we hang out. I use that very loosely, it's more that we are sitting close together and might do stuff together. Mostly I try to teach them to read, Peter is the only one who likes to try and learn. MJ and Jean are now talking, but they are a little slower with learning than Peter and I. It's mostly because they don't like to focus like me and Peter do.

Spending the day goes pretty much the same as before, reading and learning with Peter as I practice with my blocks. Then lunch, story/nap time. Then I try to climb stuff with Peter, MJ and Jean don't follow us most of the time and even when they do. They don't normally climb things with us. Not long after that, my father comes home with Ben. My father will come home and clean up. Once he is done, he will come pick up Emily and me. Then it's us in the kitchen with him as he cooks dinner. My father and I chat some while he cooks, while I also try to play with Emily. My mother gets home around the time when dinner is done. We eat together, then my mother spends time with me and Emily while father washes the dishes.

After that it's family time for a while, then we do story time. They have been reading books they already read to me, so I can help read them also. We all take turns reading from the book to Emily. I think she enjoys it, at least it seems like it when she giggles/burbles at my father making all his weird noises. After story time, we are normally put to bed and my parents stay up for a while and spend time together.

I normally take this time to train myself more, mostly doing tree climbing on my crib bars. I can now crawl/climb with my arms and legs. If someone came into our room at night, they might think they are in a horror movie with me climbing on the walls and roof. It's actually kinda funny when I do it. Another thing I have learned from this is to use my chakra to sense things around me. It is a very short distance for now, only a few inches from my body. But with practice and more chakra I am pretty sure I could sense anything around me from a very big distance.

I actually stumbled upon it by accident. Normally people who are sensors, sense chakra from other people. But since I am the only one who has chakra, I thought it would be useless. But it looks like it works with the way I will use sage mode. Since I will use universal energy for my sage mode, I can use my chakra to sense universal energy and since it is all around me I can sense things around me. It's a little weird, but what happened is I was trying to crawl/climb on the wall with my chakra. I didn't want to break the drywall so I was trying to stick to the dry wall and wall stud behind it. The issue is I had no idea where the wall stud would be.

It took a while, but by using my chakra and some different sensor skills I figured out a way to sense things from my chakra. It's still in the early stages and only works if I put a lot of concentration into it. But with practice and refinement I should be able to use this to help me out a lot in the future. I think once I figure out sage mode it will be even better. But that is for the future, right now it is horror movie baby time! I mean practicing chakra control while I climb on the roof.

Speaking of chakra, I have a lot of it now. I admit I am not using anything that is too heavy chakra wise. But it takes me using it with my different practices all day and at night to finally deplete it. I have been looking for different ways to deplete it easier, so far water type jutsu seems to be the safest thing I can use. The only issue is I would be making a mess with the water I create or control. I have thought about wind a few times, but the issue with that is most of the wind techniques are worse than the water ones. I do have an idea, use the shadow clone jutsu. My issue is that it splits your chakra, between yourself and the clone and also takes a good bit of chakra to use. I have no idea if I even have enough to properly make one right now.

I know what you are thinking, why not the normal clone or henge jutsu? Or even the substitution jutsu? Well I have tried, they don't use enough chakra. The chakra amount is so small it wouldn't be worth it with the time I have to train alone. Also I don't want to wake up my little sister, so things that are quiet are the best option. It's fine for now, the wall climbing helps to wear my body out from all the exercise it gets.

That is how my daily routine is for now. I can't wait till I am older, then I can go play out in the backyard at Aunt May's and practice earth jutsu. I already have a few in mind that will work great and no one should be able to notice I am doing them.