11 Chapter 11

When I went into the kitchen, I noticed that there was a bottle of expensive wine on the table. Half-empty. And the girls somehow suspiciously quieted down after my arrival. Sarah looked at me with determination in her eyes, and Vika looked at both of us with the expectation of something very interesting. I went to the table and sat down on an empty chair.

— Is something wrong?" - I'm asking.

"No, Jimmy, nothing like that," the nurse smiled, " it's just that Sarah wants to tell you something.

- Yes? And what is it? — I know it's strange to pretend that you don't understand anything, but in fact you know everything, but I'm wondering what the blonde will say.

- James... I ... - the girl began quietly, but then she shook her head and said with readiness for everything, - James, I like you, I have long realized that I have not only friendly feelings for you, but something more. So would you agree to be with a girl like me? I know I've already been married and I even have a child with him, but…

— Do you know that I'm sleeping with Victoria?" I said suddenly, which silenced her for a while, and made my sister frown.

— I ... guessed, — the blonde said after a while — " but after your words, I only confirmed my conjectures.

— And what do you think about it? I know that Vika herself put you up to confessing to me, "I looked at the brown-haired woman —" But I don't know why.

"Well, I have no idea how to treat this yet," my interlocutor said uncertainly — " But I know for sure that I like you.

— You have the word, sister, - realizing that Sarah would not say anything more, I turned to another girl.

- Brother, I know what you're thinking right now, so I'll say right away, this is not a test or some other nonsense. Sarah really loves you, and I, as her friend, can't look at the suffering of that one. Therefore, I decided that she could join our family, because during this time I was able to get to know her very well — "Victoria's words were surprisingly very sincere —" Especially since nothing will change dramatically from this. In bed, you are a real monster, and after that experiment of yours, I can no longer fully satisfy your libido, so I could use the help of another assistant in this matter.

"Hmm, so I've decided..."

- Oh, that's enough already! I know how you look at her yourself, so don't tell me anything about the fact that everything was decided without you, "the brown — haired woman threw up her hands," If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't even stutter about your relationship.

And that's what to say after that? I am not a saint, and my sister knows this, because we have been together for a very long time. And also in society it is very reprehensible that one man has more than one girl. Although I somehow don't care what some passerby from the fifth house, the sixth apartment thinks there. Then why am I so reluctant to turn our relationship into a polygamous one?

Most likely, it's the mentality of my past world that one man should have only one woman, and I subconsciously believe that no girl will want to be with a guy who has another passion. But here before me is the subject of what can happen and both girls agree with the presence of each other. Okay, then…

- Sarah, I agree to translate our relationship into a romantic one — - I began and the girl looked at me hopefully, - But do you really not mind that I will have someone else?

— If it's Vika, then I agree — - the blonde blushed.

— I was talking not only about my sister — - oh, how they both looked at me — - Hmm, let's say now Victoria has decided to include you in our family, but what prevents her from doing the same in the future, only with another girl who will like both her and me? And if I decide to do it and only I like it?

Rogers hesitated and lowered her head.

— I will still be the main wife! — and this is exactly what I didn't expect — I don't care how many girls you will have, because you have already made me happy by accepting my feelings, and now I want to do the same for you. And if you need to start a harem for this, then I will help with this… After all, I will be the main one anyway! - well, everything is clear with my sister.

— What do you say?" I turned my head to the other girl.

— Who else will need a widow with a child? - she smiled sadly, - And you didn't even say about it, as I was afraid, you care about what I think and feel. Here you even offer to make a choice yourself. Where else will I find such a good man?

— So you agree? I went up to her and touched her chin, lifting her head so that she looked straight into my eyes.

— Yes, I agree, - the blonde stretched her lips to mine.

A moment later, we merged into a sensual kiss, which Victoria watched with a strange expression on her face. I put my arm around the girl's waist and after some time, when the girl was already beginning to choke a little, I pulled away a little, but I did not let her out of my hands. A thread of saliva hung between us, and Sarah's eyes looked at me with lust.

— Is that what you want?" I asked quietly and hoarsely.

"Yes, ah ..." she moaned sweetly with a sigh.

I turned my head in Vicki's direction and noticed how she was looking at us now. Holding out his palm in her direction, he asked:

- Are you jealous? Then why don't you join us? - after my words, the brown-haired woman stood for a while, thinking for the sake of appearance, and moved towards us.

Now I was surrounded by two girls on both sides and both needed to be paid attention, so we began to kiss in turn, then I was with Sarah, then with Vika, then they were together. The blonde could no longer think normally and when her sister herself reached out to her for a kiss, she answered her. Watching the two girls kissing, my excitement increased even more.

But I didn't stand there like a statue and stare at them, no. My hands were already wandering all over their bodies, and I paid special attention to Sarah. It looked so innocent and at the same time desirable that I wanted to spread it out right there. But we were in the kitchen, so I decided to wait a little until we all got to our now shared bedroom together.

Victoria seemed to feel my condition and pulled away from the face of the blonde, who was already flushed and wet from excitement — I felt this when my hands got into her panties. After that, I picked up both girls and carried them to the room. At this time, they both began to slide their hands over my body, inflaming my arousal.

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