9 Chapter 8

As I hovered in the sky, clad in bright flames, I couldn't help but wonder if there had been a better way to diffuse this situation. But to be perfectly honest, I didn't care.

The feeling of the wind on my body as I twisted in the air and turned my limbs into forms that were becoming more and more fitting for murder was simply the best. And so was the close calls I got whenever one of the metal shards Magneto sent towards my way got too close for comfort.

I guess I was a battle maniac. Learn something new about yourself everyday.

"This is getting tiresome." Magneto declared as the iron shards around him fell to the ground and instead purplish arcs of electricity started to fly out of his hands and then rushed towards us.

"Electromagnetism." I muttered as I flew a little back in order to avoid the crackling arcs and looked at the master of magnetism as he sent more and more attacks towards Storm in the sky.

It was impressive, the sheer amount of power the old man was throwing around with a power that most idiots would have scoffed as being a very big magnet. Yet the holocaust survivor had used his power over magnetism in order to branch out to the other fundamental forces of reality!

"Enough of this! This battle helps none of us!" Magneto yelled, even though he was still sending lightning at us, looking like he wanted to do another speech.

Obviously I ignored his renewed speech since it seemed that the speech wasn't important enough for him to stop attacking. But it also had to do with an unfortunate fact that I was forced to accept.

I wasn't going to win this way.

No matter how powerful I was at the moment, the way reality seemed to be bending backwards for Magneto's powers was telling me that I couldn't just slap away this guy like the most well known burning Martian, Fernus, could. So with that unfortunate truth hammered in my head by the purple lightning and metal shrapnel flying around, I decided on my next action.

I completely stopped thinking about logical ways to fight and flew towards the master of magnetism with a speed that would make an airplane jealous and had my right arm turn into a flat surface in fire as I pulled it back and then…

"Fuck you!"

…I slapped Magneto away!


Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, could only stare in disbelief at the sight she had just witnessed as the lightning that was gathered around her fingertip dispersed in her shock.

The new mutant they had found, Damian Owen, had not only helped her in a battle against Magneto, arguably the strongest mutant she knew, but had also just; for a lack of better term, slapped him away with an arm that was transformed into a giant panel.

"Kid, you are officially my new hero." Logan said as Damian descended down along with her in front of the remaining three on the ground.

"Well, that would have made my pain worth it if you weren't a dirty door kicker." Damian said as he rubbed the wrist of the arm he had used to swat Magneto away.

"Though if you are hoping for him to be dead or something, I will have to disappoint you. Hitting that guy felt like hitting a steel door, how the fuck did he do that anyway." The young mutant growled and Professor wheeled up to him.

"Erik is a very strong mutant with incredible control over magnetic forces, being able to reinforce his body with it might very well be possible for him." Professor said, his tone very similar to the one he used in lectures.

"Sounds like bullshit." Which Damian didn't seem to care at all as he walked towards the girl who had claws like Logan and turned to them from beside her.

"So… my house is kinda broken. Are you all gonna pay for it?" He asked with a smile as he raised an eyebrow, which made Ororo chuckle before answering.

"Unfortunately, we can't. But we can offer you a place at a very prestigious boarding school, with the tuition and living expenses already paid." She said with a smile and for the first time since meeting them, Damian laughed.


"Guess there is a first time for everything." Magneto muttered as he slowly got up from the small crater he had ended up in, he wasn't even sure where he was at the moment. What happened against that boy, he wasn't sure if he would ever experience something similar to it again.

When the boy's attack had neared to him, Magneto had stopped using his power to make himself float. He had also stopped trying to control any of the metal around him and generating the high voltage through electromagnetism as well. He had put all of his concentration on two things.

Firstly, he had used magnetism in order to influence the way gravity affected him; which had allowed him to raise his body's durability to superhuman levels. Secondly, he had thrown all of his remaining mental strength into creating a powerful shield made out of magnetic force around himself in order to protect his life against that hit. It was a decision he had took without thinking, all in accordance of his survival instinct that hadn't been needed to save him for years.

Yet a newly awakened mutant had caused them to go haywire in order to save him. His dear Magda had been right, the world was vast with unknowns that could surprise any fool who thought that they knew all that they needed.

Still, he felt happy. The emergence of a powerful mutant was always a nice thing, even if they seemed to be on the side of his naive friend Charles. But there would be more chances to convince him of the side he truly should be with, much like the other students of Charles. Until then, Magneto was content with them simply being there to protect mutants from the more obvious threats; he would deal with the subtler ones.

In the end, it was all for the future. And homo superiors were the future.



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