6 Chapter 5

After revealing my shapeshifting, or control of my flesh whatever, to the audience and breaking up the fight between Laura and her father; I decided that we could all talk inside the house so that random passerby would not see, and more importantly, hear us talk about homo superior based conversations.

Now we were sitting around my table; Logan staring at Laura, Laura glaring at Logan, Xavier being all calm and shit and lastly Ororo looking between me and Laura with a slight blush on her cheeks. Which was understandable even if Laura had put some pants on and I had gotten a shirt.

"I believe we started off on the wrong foot." Professor X said with a serene smile on his face. "My name is Charles Xavier, and I would normally ask whether anything strange happened around you recently but I believe we all know the answer to that." The man in wheelchair chuckled.

"Is he gonna pay for my door?" I asked with a less than impressed gaze in my eyes as I pointed at Wolverine who did not deign to notice me, he was still focused on Laura.

I didn't know why I was so bothered by the door situation, I did not even plan to stay in this house for too long. But kicking the door down somehow pissed me off. Something Xavier seemed to be very amused by.

"Not him exactly, but WE would be willing to reimburse you for our less than pleasant first impression IF it is still needed after our talk." So he believed that he could convince me to join his school slash child soldier program even after his teacher tried to break in to my house. Gotta admire his self confidence.

"Ok, talk then." I said as I crossed my arms, not bothered by the displeased frown on Storm's face. I wasn't a student yet so I didn't need yo kiss the teacher's ass. Though I wouldn't mind kissing her on other places.

"Yes of course. You, mister Owen, are what is called; a mutant." And then Xavier started to talk about the teachings of his cult. How mutants were persecuted for simply existing, how he believed that this could change with some effort from mutants and his dreams about mutants and humans planting flowers while singing songs about sun and joy.

Well not exactly but that was the gist.

Don't get me wrong, Charles Xavier's dream for the future of the mutants was a beautiful one, not to mention much saner than Magneto's 'mutant supremacy' ideas which were far too Nazi-like for an actual holocaust survivor, not that I would never say that to the man's face unlike a certain energy manipulating Avenger. But Xavier's dream had one glaring issue when it came to humans coexisting with mutants.

Humans were not even able to coexist with themselves.

They persecuted others for anything from believing in different religions to having a different skin color. The hate boner they had for the mutants were just the newest trend for their hatred. And in my opinion, the mutants being the only ones making an effort for coexistence was that 'turning the other cheek' nonsense. If there was going to be peace then the effort should come from the ones who did the persecution rather than the people who got persecuted.

Which was never gonna happen. There may be individuals who were worth a damn but when individuals became a group, their IQ became the IQ of the dumbest of them divided by their number. And that was the real world.

In Marvel an average normal person was far dumber than those in my old universe. Example, people who smashed beer bottles on Johnny Storm's head during the Civil War event. If someone attacks a guy who can burst into fire that reach reach the intensity of a star with a weapon that contained flammable liquid that can splash onto themselves when they use it, we are better off killing that guy so that his stupidity does not get inherited by any child he might have.

These were the people Xavier was trying to convince that mutants and humans could live together in harmony.

"...and that's why I would like to offer you two a place in my school for gifted youngsters." Xavier ended his speech. It was a pretty good one even though it was filled with bias. He probably would have easier time advancing his dream as a politician, then again as I have already explained, people are idiots.

"That is... interesting." I said as I tried to think of a satisfactory answer, for all parties.

They saw Laura pop out claws like Logan so there was no way at least Wolverine leaving us alone, not when there was a chance that Laura was family. Also for my plans for the future I would need some support from strong people ad where to find strong people better than a school full of mutants? Not to mention... oh that motherfucker!

<POV Change>

Charles Xavier was not exactly proud of his choice of invading young Damian's mind. But the... air around the young man genuinely caused fear inside his heart. Not fear of something evil but something more... wild. The boy felt like what he saw inside Jean's mind long ago when he first met his redheaded student.

In the end his curiosity got better of him and he fell back to old habits, mind reading.

Only this mind was like none he had seen before. Everything around him was on fire! An unbearable heat that should not exist inside a mind was practically cooking him alive!

"You shouldn't have done that." And then Damian appeared in front of him but he looked different than the gigantic young man he was just talking to. His brown eyes were now pure red, even the sclera, giving the young man's eyes a demonic look and his hair was now replaced by raging fire.

And then Damian started to change. His shoulders widened even further, his hands turned into claws, his head and face lost their human look as they turned into a diamond shaped mass of flesh and then all of his skin turned a coal like black that turned a burning orange as his form burst into flames.

"GET OUT!" With a mighty yell that sounded far too demonic, Charles Xavier was pushed out of the minds scape.

As his mind comprehended exactly what happened, Professor X gasped with cold sweat running down his face. Something that his colleagues noticed as they went into alert and young Owen started to grow bigger in front of their eyes, his muscles bulging out and his arms elongating while ripping his shirt apart. An act that was followed by Storm getting into a battle ready position and both Logan and Laura popping out their claws, ready to pounce.

"Now." Damian started speaking, his voice a mix between his normal voice and the demonic one Charles heard before being pushed out of Damian's mind while his eyes glowed in a bright red color.

"Would you like to explain what you were thinking?" Damian Owen said with an air of anger around him and Charles noticed that even his teeth were now sharp much like that of a sharks.

Charles realized that Professor X may have just made a very big mistake.

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