5 Chapter 4

Nicholas Joseph Fury was not a happy super spy at the moment. The world was changing and he could do nothing because of dumb politicians and their mother fucking agendas.

There had been reports of people hearing about gun shots around the district which was quite honestly, not important enough for SHIELD to take an interest in but he was literally ordered not to investigate it by the Executive Board.

Did those idiots actually thought that they were keeping things hidden or that they were being sneaky? All they did was to tell the leader of the world's biggest spy organization NOT to spy on a certain place.

He knew that the politicians were dirty but he was now wondering how were they this stupid while somehow keeping their positions.

In the end Fury decided that the board's decision was a stupid ass decision so he elected to ignore it.

Sure he couldn't do it openly since SHIELD actually needed those stupid politicians to keep funding them in order to protect the world. But fortunately he was the leader of a SPY organization, meaning he had many operatives who could investigate without being found out.

And since the board had pissed him off, he decided to go overkill on the case and sent Natasha, the fucking Black Widow who was an Avenger, to investigate it.

Which seemed to be the right decision since she had just reported that Xavier was also near the scene. A man that Fury was not allowed to spy on since the good professor had connections that seemed to keep the board away from himself and Fury couldn't even do what he did with Natasha this time since the man could fucking read minds from away and the eggheads they were paying for some reason still hadn't managed to come up with something to protect their agents' minds.

Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered with all this shit.

Especially since now he had to pull Widow back. Whenever Xavier went around for his recruitment shit, the magnetic asshole tended to be close. And SHIELD couldn't fight Magneto until he managed to convince the board that weapons with no metal in them was necessary.

<POV Return>

Laura was adorable. That was the one truth in the universe that no cosmic entity could change. Especially while she had enough food in her mouth to look like a chipmunk. I had a half mind spending the rest of the time watching her eat.

It certainly would be easier than worrying about all the world ending shit this universe had to offer in its stead. Unfortunately I was living in that universe so I would be dealing with them.

Though those pesky little decisions were all postponed as somebody knocked on my door. So I went to see who I had to hurt for not leaving me watch Laura be adorable while Laura followed after me, no doubt ready to pop out her claws and go all Deadpool slices dicey on whoever was on the door.

I shouldn't have worried about it since I was doubtful that she could slice and dice an old man in jail while a literal goddess and a short Hugh Jackman was with him.

"Hello young Damian, my name is Charles Xavier." Professor X smiled up at me with a grandfatherly aura around him. There was only one response to that.

I shut the door down in their face.

<POV Change>

Admittedly this reaction was not exactly the worst response Charles Xavier had gotten throughout his recruitment history. Though normally the reactions would come from the parents of the young mutants after he told them that their son or their daughter, sometimes even both, was a mutant.

Most of them denied it, some of them accepted it well, and some of them tried to pull a shotgun on him. The last ones were very rude.

"Not exactly the worst scenario." Xavier said while his faculty members looked at him with deadpan gazes.

"Even so we must speak to him. A young mutant living alone can have disastrous results for him, we need to calmly explain it to him." Ororo, always the voice of reason, made Xavier proud with her reasoning. He knew there was a reason he brought her here with him.

Logan on the other hand…

"Yeah you do that." The short man said gruffly before kicking the door down.

"We gotta talk, bub." Logan, always the eloquent one among them, said before he was tackled by what appeared to be… a butt naked young girl with a pair of claws that were very similar to Logan's own.

"Laura, please, at least put some pants on." Exasperated voice of the young man they had came to recruit came out of the house as the young Damian walked out of the door while pinching the bridge of his nose.

Unlike when he had shut the door in their face, now Xavier could take a good look at the young man and he was… impressed.

Damian Owen was the tallest member of this little get together they were having as he stood at, or maybe even over, two meters with darkish red hair and muscles that made him look even bigger than he actually was.

All in all, Charles Xavier was impressed by the young man in front of him and was not surprised at the dark red hue on Ororo's cheeks, especially since young Damian was going around without a shirt.

Though Xavier should have stayed a bit more vigilant, if he did so he would have realized the young giant of a man he was analyzing was now right beside him with a less than pleased look on his face.

"You people gonna pay for my door?" The young man asked gruffly and Xavier realized that they probably didn't make the best first impression on this young mutant.

He tried to say something, anything, to the young man but before he could; the young mutant's arm stretched towards the ongoing fight and became gigantic, wrapping itself around the young girl and entrapping her in a prison of flesh where only her head, arms above her elbows and legs below her knees were free of the prison. Which also had the fortunate effect of protecting the young girl's modesty.

"I should have stayed in the bed this morning." The young man grumbled and Xavier could feel both of his colleagues had the same opinion as they looked upon the giant appendage keeping the young lady with claws under control.

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