16 Chapter 15

"You know, this day is actually going rather well."

"Why are you talking to me?" I asked as I looked down at Johnny Storm, who seemed to have decided that I'm his new best friend. Which is a good choice for him as I would never allow my best friends to get hit by a civilian using a bottle full of flammable liquid while knowing that you could burst into flames.

"I mean seriously; we did some science, Ben didn't get drunk or lose his money to Wolvie again…"

"Screw you, matchstick."

"…you showed some very impressive results in the simulations, not as impressive as mine obviously but still. And most importantly, nobody attacked the Baxter Building because of some sort of weird grudge against Reed!" He cried out triumphantly, what kind life was this guy living?

"Johnny, you know that it's only Victor that has a grudge against Reed. Most people we fight didn't even know Reed before our first battles." Susan said with a shake of her head while her brother remained stubborn.

"I'm still not convinced that most of our enemies are not somehow connected to that armored prick." Johnny said with a grunt while his sister just rolled her eyes at him, true siblings.

"You are just being dumb again, which makes me question how you managed to graduate with top marks, isn't that right Reed?" Susan said with a grumble before asking to the local stretching man with a smile, completely ignoring the offended look her brother was sending her way."

"Huh, oh sure, just let me do this and we can do that." Richards said without looking away from the countless gadgets in front of him, his answer making clear he hadn't been paying attention to them and his current act making clear he had no intention of changing that. Something made a certain blonde woman very annoyed.

"Why do I even try?" She asked with a sigh, not likely expecting an answer; though Johnny didn't seem to get that memo.

"Because you just can't accept the fact that Stretch is the single most asexual man on the planet and does not feel any attraction towards anything that does not involve science so complex that it would make men with several doctorates cry." The living matchstick said with a smirk before his eyes widened as he realized that he was now hovering in air and before he could say anything, he was thrown out of the room by an invisible force.

"Hmph." Which definitely had nothing to do with a certain someone who could turn invisible of course.

"I'm guessing this happens often." I said with a raised eyebrow and Susan sighed.

"If you mean my brother being an annoyance, it is a rather unfortunate defect that he was born with." I actually had meant how she had thrown him out of the room with her powers but sure, let's go with that.

"I'd say we should just put him in an iron box and then put a big pot over the box. That way not only we wouldn't have to hear him, he would also be actually useful outside of the times some weirdo comes and wreck our stuff." Thing said with a smile on the rocky visage of his face and then chuckled.

"Still, the matchstick did have a point at the beginning. Today has been pretty damn great, with no weirdos trying anything. A day of peace." He nodded with a satisfied smile.

So of course that was the moment the sound of glass breaking echoed throughout the building, followed by a bellow.

"Fantastic Four, face me! And learn the dreadful power of Dreadknight!"

While the others simply rose from their positions and looked ready to go fight whoever this guy was, even Johnny who had gotten back to the room as the glass breaking sound reached our ears, I merely sighed and looked at Thing and deadpanned.

"You just had to jinx it, didn't you."


"So, who is the Dreadknight bozo anyway?" Damian asked as they ran through the halls; except only Ben, Logan and the girl that had came with them were actually running. Reed and her were going fast inside a force bubble she had conjured while Johnny and Damian were flying by their side, her brother in flames and Damian was flying while staying vertical for some reason.

"His name is Bram Velsing, a Latverian scientist that used to work for Dr. Doom until his ego ended up making him claim that he was the genius behind the technology of Victor's armor along with some of his other inventions." Reed said while looking at the small computer on his wrist in order to pinpoint Dreadknight's exact location.

"And I'm guessing mister armor and cape combo did not take kindly to that." Damian said with a raised eyebrow as he crossed his arms over his chest and Reed sighed.

"You can say that again. Victor was enraged to the point he welded a mask on Bram's face much like his own, claiming that going by Bram's words all he needed was a mask before he was Dr. Doom." Reed said with a shake of his head and Susan could feel herself wincing at the mental image his explanation had created.

On one hand, Victor's reaction was inhumane and needlessly cruel; which fit him like his metal mask. But on the other hand, what exactly had this Grimknight been expecting while making claims like that in Latveria, Victor's kingdom where he knew everything going on.

"And Dr. Douche still acts surprised when we reject his 'generous' offer of pledging our allegiance to him." Johnny scoffed, his voice having an echo as it always had when he was on fire.

"Question is, why is this guy attacking you if he has been hurt by your number one enemy?" Logan asked gruffly.

"I am not sure. No matter how much I think I can not think of any kind of logical explanation for him to attack us. He gains nothing." Reed said with a sigh and Susan was glad that Ben snorted in their leader's way cause if he hadn't she would have.

"The guy is going around in a knight armor and calling himself 'Dreadknight'. There is nothing logical in his head." The heavy hitter of Fantastic Four said with a grunt, right before the ceiling above them was broken apart and the topic of their conversation came in on a horse with bat wings and a silver lance in his hand.

"The day you all have dreaded has come!"


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