15 Chapter 14

"I think that you are getting rather too comfortable with invading my living spaces." I said with a groan as I followed after Logan, who had just barged into my room with Laura behind him and told me to prepare to go out.

"Trust me bub, I ain't exactly thrilled with going into the room of a boy who can slap Magneto through the sound barrier." Yes, keep praising my accomplishment. My ego is pleased but it also wishes to have more nourishments in the form of adoration from sexy female mutants, preferably those in sexy tight tights.

"It's about your clothes, the guy who makes them needs to see your powers firsthand in order to properly make them."

"And simply sending a recording of the fun I and Laura had in your so called room of danger does not suffice because…" I trailed off, trying to convey my desire for Logan to explain the reasonings behind this with my gaze.

"I don't know. Science or some shit, I don't really deal with that."

"So, we have to go do some… science or some shit cloth shopping. And they are sending you?" I asked with a raised eyebrow and Logan simply put a cigar in his mouth.

"Yup." And then lit it.

"I am starting to see why exactly the cueball's dreams are still in dream stage if this is the way he plans." I said with a sigh and Logan glared at me with tired eyes.

"You're a real little shit, aren't you?"

"Those are some funny choice of words coming from a guy barely over five feet." The former Weapon X did not raise to my bait, but he also turned around and was walking away so I would consider this my win.

"You mind telling your feral friend to come out, we really should move out."

"Yeah yeah." I said as I looked behind me and watched as Laura got out of her hiding place. I had known that she had been following us, Martian senses, and guess Logan did too. Something that she didn't seem very happy about going by the adorable scowl on her face. Must. Not. Pinch. Cheeks.


"This is fascinating!" Thank you for the compliment, Hank McCoy two point zero. Improved with stretching abilities but unfortunately had sacrificed fluffy appearance and became the namer of a trope of uselessness.

"Yeah, let's just get on with the tests." I said with a sigh as I looked at the excitedly vibrating form of one Reed Richards. Who was looking through a video of my fight in the danger room, something that Logan had claimed that they had sent him two days ago.

"Oh, I am sorry. It's just I was busy redesigning the flying car that this had completely slipped my mind." The so called smartest man alive said with a chuckle as he stretched towards a table with many devices. I couldn't believe that Laura and I were wasting our day with this dumb genius.

"You mean our car that was already perfectly fine." Then again everything had its own silver lining. Like a certain female member of the Fantastic Four, who was going around in a skin tight blue outfit.

"That does not mean it can't be better." Richards said from the desk, not even bothering to look towards us.

"Is he always like this?" I asked to Susan who merely sighed as she massaged her temples.

"No, sometimes he gets hard to deal with." Heh, Invisible Woman had jokes.

"And here I thought that I was finally done with your kind after that poker game." And then there were the other members of the Fantastic Four, the Thing and the Human Torch, who were standing a little further away from us with Logan.

"You got something against mutants?"

"I meant Canadians." And the giant rock man has just becomen my new second favorite member of the Fantastic Four, can't really beat the hot blonde in tight tights.

"Okey, I am ready Damian!" Richards explained with a smile as he came back to us with a remote that he used to open a door that I could swear that hadn't been there a minute ago.

"Just go into the room and we will see exactly how strong your abilities are. Then we can design your unstable moleculed clothing." And I went to the room like a good rat, leaving Laura behind and depriving myself of the presence of the cute cinnamon roll murder machine.

The things that I do for modesty.


"Ok Damian, I need you to demonstrate your shapeshifting abilities. The more complicated the better." Reed said into the microphone and Susan could see the young man nod at her team leader's words.

To be perfectly honest, she hadn't been sure on what to think when Charles had called and told them that a new student of his needed clothing made out of unstable molecules.

They were one of Reed's most impressive, and insane, inventions. Having someone, even if that someone was a good friend, just ask for them out of the blue for a student who wasn't even a part of the X-Men… it had been a weird experience for her.

But now that she could see this student's powers in action, she understood why he needed clothing like theirs.

When somebody said shapeshifting, Susan tended to think along the lines of looking like someone else. She had thought that his complex transformation would simply to become someone vastly different from himself. Instead Damian had turned into some sort of eldritch horror with tentacles that had razors or even spun like drills.

"Good, now I want you to use your fire. Make the temperature as high as you can, we will warn you if it gets to dangerous levels." Thankfully, it hadn't gone to that point. The fire Damian had created was impressive but the dangerous levels Reed was talking about was the level of heat Johnny could produce, which could go almost as high as that of a star's.

After that there were several other tests. Things like strength, speed, durability and reaction times were tested along with other powers like invisibility, and hadn't that been a shock to her, and telekinesis. After a while she could see Ben get somewhat concerned at the ease the young man was lifting the weights he would have struggled under, which likely meant that her friend would soon start to train even harder; great. Johnny on the other hand…

"So… he is super strong, can stretch, make fire appear and has invisible force powers." The young mechanic said as he tilted his head to the side before turning to her.

"You sure that the kid's a mutant and that he isn't a clone of all of us created by Doom?" He was being an idiot as usual.


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