36 36. A Fanboy

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White flags were soon hanging over all the German bunkers, forts and troop camps across the Winter Line. 140,000 German soldiers surrendered to 240,000 Allied troops. The best part was that the Allied also won a lot of tanks, ammunition and guns.

The battle had just started and a few casualties had already occurred, 5,000 US soldiers lost their lives, while 11 thousand Germans died. But, in the end, the Italian campaign was utterly successful.

With Italy under Allied influence, they could start bombing the hell out of Germany now, Berlin was in their reach from here, and they could also start preparing for the French campaign. But Hector didn't want to drag the war for too long. He was only waiting to get results from the Manhattan project, once that happens, he will lay siege to Berlin, not giving the Red Army a chance to do it, as they burnt too many things in their conquest.

The news spread far and wide, then back home, the people found another thing to feel happy about their president they didn't vote for. This at least reduced some voices that were against his social reforms. After all, a lot of people who were against the reforms were hardcore religious folks, now, if Hector was achieving one victory was another, wasn't he blessed?

In reality, this rumour was spread by Roosevelt, acting smart he thought this was the best way to reduce the voice of anger. Roosevelt was absolutely the best bro of Hector at this point.


Inside Rome once again, the Allied command took over the city after cleaning off the german camps, arresting all soldiers and sending them to the Prison camps. The thing was, there are no ready-made such camps, and whenever an army surrenders, the army itself is made to make that camp.

This keeps the mind of the soldiers off of anything sinister, all they have to do is work, eat and sleep.


Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Eisenhower took his office in Rome, he was the second-highest-ranking officer in Europe, Hector came above him, in fact, Hector came above all. Patton was also praised for using his brain and not launching a stupid attack on the Germans when they started to gain victory, it was later found out that it was a trap to lure the Allied forces in. British and Canadian generals were also in plenty.

Basically, most of the top brass of the Europe front was here.

All Generals grouped inside Hector's office, which used to be Mussolini's office. He stood in front of his table while the rest of the Generals sat on various chairs.

"Well, good job, make sure you all sign all the letters of recommendation for medals for the deserving soldiers. Next, focus on preparing for the France campaign, I want to end this war as soon as possible before the Red Army does because they cause more destruction in their path. Remember, if we want to make sure that there is not another world war in the recent future, we can not leave Germany as it is after this war ends.

"And let's not forget, we also have Japan to deal with. Dismissed." He ended his meeting with them, taking some reports from a few Generals.

However, he stopped Eisenhower and Patton from leaving because he had a bigger role for them. He first addressed Patton, "I want you to head to the Pacific, MacArthur is the Supreme Commander there, your job is to do a study and make a plan for the invasion of Japan. I want straight numbers without all the cluttering."

General Patton saluted him, "I will head there immediately, Grand General."

With that, only Eisenhower was left, Hector laughingly talked to him, knowing that he had stolen this man's future, he who would have become the US president in the future was probably just going to retire after the war.

"You and many generals probably feel annoyed by me, Dwight. This tall president came out of nowhere and is taking away all the military achievements himself." Hector said.

Eisenhower shook his head, "You will be wrong there, Mr President, you are the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Military. You have every right to order us around, it's in the constitution. The fact that you are fighting alongside us, in places where even I, with my old bones, can't go to, you have mine and many others' utmost respect. Above all, you are saving so many lives."

Hector patted his shoulder, "Sit, my friend. Let's share a bottle of whiskey. I will be heading back home tomorrow, too much stuff I need to keep an eye on. We have enemies even in our backyard. Hitler just tried to woo the Mexican Prime Minister, offering them Arizona, New Mexico and a part of Texas.

"Besides this, I am working on a few projects that might change the direction of this war."

"The Manhattan Project? The top brass has been talking about it, we have no idea what it exactly is but it must be deadly." Eisenhower interjected.

"True, and false. The Manhattan project will take time, what I am doing is my personal work. If we succeed, it will help us tremendously in the Pacific. While the war in Europe, I will end it soon after we start taking back France. I will drag Hitler on the streets of Berlin myself." Hector confidently proclaimed, Eisenhower did not doubt that the sonofabitch will do it.

"What are your orders for me in your absence, sir?" He inquired.

Hector seriously replied, "Help Brigadier General Phillips in any way you can, Hydra and Schmidt are a bigger threat to us than Hitler. He may have created bombs that can decimate entire cities in one go. SSR is focused on stopping them. So if they ever ask for anything, such as funds or manpower, give it."

General Eisenhower frowned, he just realised what danger his home country was in, and now he realised why the President gave so much importance to a mere Brigadier. "I will keep that in mind, sir."

"Haha, good. Take care then, General." Hector left the room to find Moony and head back home.


Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

Inside the House of Representatives, "Ehm... pardon my words but, FUCK YEAH! The President, Grand General Washington just won us Italy, and I would like Congress to award him with a medal of honour. I know... I know he already has two of them, but HAVE YOU SEEN THE PHOTO? Oh lord, such a badass. He is the living embodiment of the American Spirit."

Hector had no idea who he was, nor did Roosevelt, he was just some representative, a fanboy of Hector for some reason. He was the one who suggested that Hector be given a military rank as well.

"Do you want Congress to award the president a medal of honour? A medal that he would have to sign before giving it to himself? It sounds absurd but, ALL THOSE IN FAVOUR, SAY AYE!"


"All those not in favour, say nay!"

Absolute silence took over, however, there is always one mood spoiler, "Nay!"

It was a woman, one of the first-ever female representatives to enter Congress, who when everyone glared at her, defended herself, "I cannot and will not condone violence in any way."

Well, she was also the only person in Congress to vote against declaring war on Japan after Pearl Harbour, her life had been made a hell already. But she didn't learn her lesson it seemed. Her social justice ideologies were making her too much of a braindead zombie.

Still, the House of Representatives passed it, the Senate would also pass it, and there was no denying, because unknown to others, the Senate was under the absolute influence of Hector.

Hector WAS the Senate.


Funhouse Dimension,

Erskine had found new life in this weird hellish place, he couldn't say he liked it but he did appreciate the silence and safety. He could just spend his time doing whatever he wanted, which was mostly studying or experimenting.


All of a sudden, two bodies and two heads dropped outside the Castle from a portal. He went out and found that the heads were alive, but he saw a note stuck to their foreheads, "DO NOT ATTACH THEM!"

"Hmm, I wonder what he wants to do with them?"


The world had changed a lot, Hector's various policies, defence reforms, creation of reliable helicopters and fast-forwarding the Manhatten Project, the killing off all German and Soviet Spies in the US, thwarting Pearl Harbour, all this had changed the timeline of World War Two entirely.

This occurrence troubled a single entity in this universe a bit too much, one that took safeguarding her realm seriously and was obsessed with the timeline, "Why can't I see anything about this anomaly? He's a blank dot in the infinite pathways of time, yet this empty blank has altered everything. How can anything have so much influence on a universe? Unless... he was not supposed to be here!"

Reaching this conclusion, she tried to put more focus on this being, wanting to see if she should remove this existence so the damage can be contained.


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